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The first time I sucked cock, I knew I was was addicted. I grasped his semi-hard cock in my hand. So hot and velvety soft skin. I could feel his heartbeat with my fingertips. I leaned in and giddy with excitement, I placed my tougne on the tip of his cock. The taste was like a d**g, my pulsed raced and I had to get it into my mouth. To feel his reaction, the way his cock got instantly completely hard. I knew instantly that I owned him, if only as long as I was sucking his cock, He was mine. The way his head seemed to fit on my toungr like it was always meant yo be there. I wanted to see how much of his 7 inches I could get into my mouth. As I got 3/4 of it in before my gag reflex kicked in, I conciously had to relax my throat and slowly slid down his cock until I felt his soft scrotum touch my chin. His hand wrapped themselve into my hair behind my hair. The light pain was intoxicating. He fucked my face for 15 minutes, I thought it would go on forever, as least that was my hope. I felt him twitch and could taste his pre-cum and knew he was seconds from cumming. The first jet of his cum took me by suprise with how much f***e was behind it. Yes, a little spilled out, but I caught the rest and let it pool up on my tounge. when I had it all, I swallowed it all down and loved the way it coated the inside of my mouth. Since that first time, I won't fuck someone unless they can cum in my mouth before they fuck me. I love to be fucked with the taste of cum in my mouth and after a mans fucked my ass, I want his load on my tounge and not wasted in my ass or on my back. KISSES....

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