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The Best Friend's Daughter

I look up from my newspapers and our glances meet. Her long, dirty blonde hair brushes the tips of her shoulders. She’s wearing a white blouse that subtly shows the indentation of her small, pert breasts, and a short black dress, which compliments her bum perfectly. In the air is a coconut aroma that is emanating from her milky white skin. Although our glance was brief in definition, it told me more. She was no longer my friends little girl, she had matured into a wonderfully sexy young lady, who right now, as I sat at her Father’s breakfast table, I’d began to lust over. My moral compass had never wavered from the side of right, but today, on this fine summers morning I was beginning to question whether sex with a sixteen year old, the most beautiful sixteen year old I had ever seen was worth my marriage, my friendships, or my career.

As we sat there in silence the question I longed to ask held its place on the tip of my tongue. “Do you want to go upstairs?” The time approached 8:20am and Dave, my best friend since college had asked me to drive her, Lucinda to school before I went to real estate agents, so she wouldn’t be late for school again. I was happy to oblige, but I didn’t want to take her to school today, I didn’t want to go to the real estate agents, I knew that would mean I would have to move out. At 8.30am I was just about to put my newspaper down and tell her to get her school bag when she said “I saw you last night” the fear and embarrassment rushed over me. I knew what she was talking about. It must have been evident in my face cause’ she smiled cutely and looked away from my face I’m sure was read as a beetroot. “Wha...wha...what are you talking about?” I retorted. Last night when I passed your room I saw you, you were naked, and you were masturbating. I tried to laugh the comments off and get out of there, but then she said something that made me freeze “You moaned my name as you came” Frozen to the chair I couldn’t say anything. Would she tell her Dad? What am I going to do? Eventually I regained the function of my body and stood up to walk away, but at the same time she stood up blocking my escape. “Do you want to fuck me, Dylan?” she said. “Your only sixteen” “I’m legal and that was not the question. Do you want to fuck me?” she said, again. I pushed passed her into the living room, picking up my cars I walk to the front door and from behind me she said “I want you too” I stopped dead in my tracks and turned to face her. “I’ve wanted you to fuck me for so long now” she said. Looking at her standing there so beautifully, I succumbed to the concerns of my marriage, my friendships, career, and walked to her holding her in my arms. I look into her beautiful blue eyes before kissing her. Something happened to us both. I spark had lit inside us and we were undressing each other. Before I knew it we were naked and my hands were caressing her breasts as I kissed her those luscious lips that tasted of raspberry lip gloss. Her hands had found their way to my penis and balls. Massaging my balls, whilst stroking my penis, I let out I groan. “Sit down” she said. I sat on the sofa as she knelt down between my legs and took my cock in her mouth. She gripped my balls with her left hand, and stroked my cock with her right, as she blew me. Every inch of my penis was being satisfied. I moved her hair behind her ears, so I could see her blue eyes as she blew me. Words could not describe how I felt at that time – horny, in love, guilty, and satisfied all rolled into one emotion. After minutes of the perfect blow job I started to feel as though I was going to cum. I lifted her head from my cock, kissed her on the lips and said “It’s my turn now, baby” I placed her on the sofa, and buried my face in her pussy. Her pussy was tight, I could barely get my tongue inside her, and with her constant contractions giving her head was challenging but rewarding, because after several minutes she came with a roaring orgasm. She wiped sweat from her forehead and simply said “Wow!” I had giving her first orgasm, but it wasn’t to be the last.

As we entered her bed room it dawned on me how old she was. Justin Timberlake and Usher posters were spread over her newly painted pink walls. Before I could say anything I felt her arms come from behind me and attach themselves to my waste. I tuned to face her as she kissed me so passionately, just as she has done in the living room only twenty minutes earlier. I picked her up. She wrapped her legs around my waste as well fell to the bed. I grabbed her hands above her head as I kissed her lips, her neck, and her breasts. “Fuck me!” she pleaded. As I spread her legs and positioned my cock to enter inside her I hesitated. “What’s wrong?” she said “Nothing” And I slowly inserted my cock (7 Inches) into her virgin pussy. Her moans are what spurred me to fuck her harder and faster. The louder she moaned the harder I fucked her. I kissed her neck as I fucked her, inadvertently leaving a small hickey on her collar bone. I’ll worry about that later I thought. After several minutes of me on top she rolled me onto my back and began to ride me. Slowly at first, but then it was like she was trying to show me she could fuck me as hard as I could fuck her. Groaning and morning she fucked me as I caressed her breasts. Then her head went back, her eyes closed, as she came. She bowed down to kiss me. She got off of me to position herself so she could take my cock in her mouth one more time, this time not only blowing me, but licking my shaft and balls. Moments later I positioned her into doggy style and inserted my cock into her moist cunt again. Grabbing her shoulders, I fucked her so hard. She was begging for more “fuck me, fuck me fuck me!” she pleaded. Then I felt it; I was ready to cum. I pulled out, grabbing her face I said “Open your mouth, baby” I shot a load of cum into her mouth and all over her face. The falling onto the bed exhausted.

I stayed with my friend and his daughter for several weeks after that day, always finding an excuse not to go to the estate agents, so every morning we could fuck. But as good as the following sex was it could never compare to that first time we shared together. Now she’s a twenty one year old college student, she often comes by my apartment for old times’ sake. And she is just as sexy and horny.

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