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My wife the porn star

I was a thirty year old man that had ED which was cured not by taking little blue pill, or, visiting doctors, but rather watching my wife being screwed by a foreign exchange students.
I was thirty and having male issues, to be blunt, I could not obtain an erection. I went to my doctor and he gave me the blue pills. They did not work so he suggested that I go to a urologist.. The urologist ran all kinds of test and they came back negative. He said that sometimes it is a psychological issue. Sometimes, we are all under a great deal of pressure and we can not relax. He stated that something will happen or you will see that will stimulate you and you will be back to normal.
My wife Nicki was very understanding during this tough time. We tried different thinks to get me excited again. We watched porno films, she applied creams and lotions on me, we tried kinky things but nothing worked. Nicki loved to suck my cock but even that did not work. She tried to play various roles but nothing would get it hard.
One night in bed, we were watching a program regarding sex. The theme was "How to stimulate your sex life". A guy called up and he stated the way that he got his sex life back when , he watched from the closet, as his wife was being nailed by her boss. He said it was a turn on for him as well as for her. I started to look at my wife, Nicki said, there is no way. She laughed, my boss is close to seventy and your boss is a woman. She said there would be no way that she would making love to someone while I was in a closet watching. She said that she was desperate but not that deseperate. I didn't say a word but I thought it was kind of exciting. The matter was forgotten but my problem still persisted and Nicki was coming more frustrated.
Things were very tense in our house. She was on the phone with her girlfriend. She said to her, things have become desperate. I must do something that will get him hard again. I need a cock and I need it bad, s I'm not sure what it is but I have to do something.
Nicki worked for small production company that did short films and documentaries. She set up the camera's, lighting and what was needed for the film. She was virtually a person crew. She seemed to be very deep in thought. She said that she had a lot on her mind as she was planning a new film but she was not sure if she could pull it off. There were many issues involved and she would in the film.
As it turned out, I had a business trip and was going out of town for a couple of days. I reminder her that Charlie (our landscaper) was sending someone over. Charlie was an old friend of mine that owned a landscaping company. He hired foreign exchange students at the college. Nicki asked "who is Charlie sending"? I think he is sending Bjorn. Bjorn was from Sweden and I think that Nicki found him hot but of coarse she denied it. Bjorn had blonde hair, blue eyes, very broad shoulders and was probably 6'2 or 6'3.
I getting ready for my trip that morning, when I went to the living room. There was Nicki setting up camera's in all parts of the room. I could tell that she was nervous about this particular shoot. I reminder her that I had called Charlie (our landscaper)and he was going to send Bjorn over to finish the yard. I said maybe I'll cancel him because he may get the way. She said, that will be fine as I'm sure that he will not get the way. I reminded her that he should plant more flowers, trip the hedges and take care of that bushes.
As I walked out the door, I heard her say, I'll be sure that he take care of the all the bushes
When I returned, she was very excited to see me. I said that she looked exhausted and she said that the shoot was more that she anticipated. She said this was a very cutting edge type of film for her. She laughed, you could say that I gave everything that I had. I encounted things that I was not sure if I could handle but once I did, it was fantastic. She also said that the footage was very difficult to get. She said the scenes were only shot in two rooms with five cameras in each rom for the proper shot.. She said that the lighting was also an issue but she managed to overcome it. In fact you could say that I was satisfied on a number of occasions.
She said the goal with any film is to captivate the audience and you know that the end of the film I asked, What kind of film is it? She said you could say it is an action movie. I can't wait to show you as ,I edited the film yesterday and today. Nicki said that she wanted to show me the film later tonight when we were in bed.
She decided to have me watch the film alone and then come in after the film was over.. The film began and it was called "The New Marriage Lifestyle"
The first scene was of my living room and the door bell ring. My wife came into the room in a tee shirt and jeans, and yelling for Bjorn to come in. . As Bjorg came into the room , Nicki gazed at his body with a big smile on her face. Nicki instructed Bjorn on the work that needed to be done the yard. She watched his every move through the window. It was a very warm day so Bjorn took off his shirt. My wife never moved from the window as she just watched his every move.

The next scene opens up with my wife in tight shorts and button down, low cut blue blouse. which showed off her beautiful breasts. She had the first button open. and there was plenty of cleavage to be seen.
Bjorn came back into the house as he was greeted by Nicki. It was now Bjorn who had the big smile on his face Bjorn asked, where is MR P? Nicki said that he is out of town and she got his water. Bjorn said" it is very warm outside". At that juncture, Nicki said why don't you come over onto the couch and I will get you some water. She came back with the water and sat next to him. He tried not to be obvious but he could not help but staring at her breasts (36c) She asked if he had a girl friend over in Sweden. Bjorn said that he had a girlfriend but had not seen her for months. He said that was one the bad things about the exchange program that it becomes very lonely.
He smiled, the only thing that you get to do is study. She laughed, so you have not got lucky since you have been in the United States. Bjorn asked "What is get lucky"? I don't understand American slang. My wife laughed, you will, you will. She was seducing him and he didn't know it.
Nicki got up to get some fruit from the kitchen. The camera caught Bjorn's watching my wife's tight ass as she walked away. As Nicki came back with the fruit, she had opened a second button on her blouse. Bjorn was able to get a full view of her breasts as she approached him. Nicki was able to get a full view of his boner through his jeans. She began feeding him strawberries as other hand rubbed his broad chest. He did not make a move as my wife was in total control She placed a strawberry in her month letting all the juices run down her face and down her chest. He just watched the juice run down her chest. She gave him a towel to wipe the juice off her chest. I thought he was going to explode as he touched her breasts. She looked down at his hard on through his pants.
I think we are ready? Ready for what, Borjn replied with a puzzled look on his face.
Did you finish in the yard? Oh yes said Bjorn, My wife gets up, I believe that you have one more bush to work on. Bjorn's says, I thought I did everything. No not quite, there is a bush in my room that you need to work on. As the scene ends, she is walking away towards our bedroom

The next scene opens with my wife standing by the bed in a short shear black nightgown. She called Bjorn to come into the bedroom and Bjorn could not believe his eyes. He stood there and stared as if he was in cement. My wife removed the nightgown and touches her bush. This is the bush that you need to work on as she touches her lips. She had shaved her pussy with only a thin line of hair. It took all of 2 seconds for Bjorn to undress as the camera shows my wife's face with a large smile. The camera shifts to Bjorn's with his hugh cock which was both long and thick.. . My wife walks towards him and drops to her knees. She started kissing the tip of his cock. Her month slowly took her lips and placed his cock in her mouth. She placed one hand on the bottom of his cock and the other hand on his balls while contining to suck every inch of his cock. Her head was going back and fourth taking every inch of that cock in her mouth. She ran her tongue from the base to the tips of his cock. Bjorn then grapped my wife off her knees and placed on the bed. He was finally able to begin kissing those beautiful breasts. His tobgue played with her nipples until they began hard. His hand slipped down and reached her moist pussy. He made a curiculiar motion with his hand on her pussy. She began to moan as she enjoyed his touch. Nicki then pushed Bjorn on this back. She got on top of him and was going to place his cock inside of her but instead came foward. Nicki said " I told you that I needed my bush to be worked on" She then proceeded to sit on his face. His tounge began to lick the pussy. The moans became loader and loader from Nicki with each stroke of his tounge. There was my wife who is a concertive woman having a strange young man with his tounge in her pussy. Bjorn took his hands and played with her ass. The moaning that was coming from Nicki was a sound that I never heard before. She was like a wild woman. She went back and placed in cock inside of her. The camera zoomed in and his cock was in full view of going in and out of Nicki's wet pussy. Nicki must have had her second organism. They then changed positions so that my wife was in the doggie style position. Bjorn then slowly placed his cock back inside Nicki. Bjorn's thrust became harder and harder with each one. Nicki was yelling with pleasure with head going from side to side.. By the look on this face, he was ready to cum. He pulled out of my wife and dropped to the bed on his back. She then proceeded to place his cock back inside her mouth. Her head was going up and down as he let out a large yell. She pulled her head up slowly as he was cumming all over. She wiped a some cum from her mouth. They both collapsed onto the bed
I could not believe what I saw. I watched a porno film and my wife was the star.
The movie was over and Nicki came into the bedroom. She took off her robe and I saw that beautiful pussy.
Nicki said "well I was able to captivate my audience" as we saw my erect cock as through my boxers. She immediately placed her lips on my cock. Those soft lips took every inch of my cock. It did not take long for me to be in pleasure. I felt the build up of my cum, and I yelled I'm cumming. She never moved her head and she took my entire load She smiled, that was great!!! She went into the bathroom and came back. We started kissing and placing our hands all over each other. I worked my way down to her waiting pussy lips. My tounge entered her and with each stroke of my tongue she yelled. In our years of marriage, I have never felt her so wet. It was funny that I could not get hard for months and now I hard for the second time within minutes. I rolled on top of her and placed my cock inside of her. She was so wet and It felt so good. You don't realize what you missing until you don't have it. The warmth of her body next to mine was a fantastic feeling. Nicki was moaning in pleasure as she came. I felt the build up beginning and I tried to hold it but it was like a damn that burst. I don't think that I had every come for so long.
The doctor was right, once I was able to overcome the initial problem, I was back to normal. In fact, Nicki and I lovemaking has never been better.

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