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Becca had always been the apple of my eye. From the moment she was born she was always daddy's little girl, and she knew it. Puberty hit early and hard for her. At 12 years old she was already a B cup and much fuller than the rest of her girlfriends. One night at a slumber party her friends were all comparing how their bodies were developing. All I could do was sit there and watch in horror and amazement at how my little girl was growing. Now she had graduated high school and getting ready to start college soon so she was enjoying the last few weeks she could with her friends.

My wife and I weren't in a sexless marriage, but things have cooled off drastically the past few years. I was always adventurous while Mary was more traditional when it came to sex, and forget about role-play. At 42 she was 5'3" 135lbs with 34C breasts and a very beautiful woman to say the least. But there was a piece missing that was slowly becoming a problem for me. I mean come on. At 44 I don't need it every day, but more than once a month would be nice.

Friday night a week before Becca was set to start her college experience was just like any other. Bounding down the stairs, quick kiss on the cheek, promise to be home by 1am, car horn, door slam and silence. My wife as usual was not in the mood to be touched let alone anything else. So I resigned myself to watching a little TV. By 9 o'clock Mary was already saying she was going to bed so with little more than a nod she left for our bedroom and asl**p by the time I got in at 9:30. Did I say it was a typical Friday night in our home?

About midnight I awoke to use the bathroom. I guess a few beers before bed was slowly becoming a bad idea. When I went back to the bedroom I suddenly felt awake and decided to watch TV some more, but quickly dozed off soon after sitting down.

Becca came home about 3am, and woke me up when she closed the door. At first I couldn't tell who she was. Her clothing was a mess; she was swaying a little uneasily and a strong odor of alcohol on her breath.

"You’re late", was all I could think to say. But for the first time I actually looked at my daughter for the first time in 6 years. She was only a little taller than her mother at 5'5" maybe 110lbs and I couldn't help but to notice her breasts were perky but definitely larger than her mothers.

"Sorry daddy. I couldn't help it." she responded as she headed for the stairs.

"Where the fuck do you think you're going young lady? We need to have a serious talk about the state you are in right now."

"Can't we talk about it tomorrow? I'm really tired." she said with a little pout on her face.

Grabbing her wrist I whipped her off the stair case and dragged her to the living room where we continued our fight about her appearance and the smell of alcohol.

"I just had a few drinks at a party with my friends. What’s the big deal?" she asked.

I don't know what happened. Something just snapped in me. The father in me wanted to sit her down and explain things rationally. The other part wanted to teach her by firsthand experience what happened to pretty girls who drink and party a little too hard.

Without a word I ripped the skirt that she was wearing off her waist, the button popping off in the process. I bent her over my knee and proceeded to start spanking her until there was a deep red hand imprint on both cheeks.

"Please daddy stop... I'm sorry." was all she was able to get out as she squirmed her body trying to get loose. "I'll never do it again."

I knew that last part was a lie. Having gone to college myself and knowing how parties are I wanted to make sure she knew there were terrible consequences for her actions.

"You aren't sorry Becca, but soon you will be." I remarked as I tore through the connecting fabric for her thong. "You are going to learn what could happen when you go out to parties."

I couldn't hear what she said next. I was full of anger and lust for this beautiful creature that has been living in this house for 18 years. Without warning my fingers darted for her pussy. She felt dry at first so I’m sure what I did hurt, but soon she was starting to get wet. Her body slowly caving into what was happening.

"Daddy stop... PLEASE!!!"

I didn't care anymore that this was my daughter or what I was doing was wrong. I shifted my thought from teaching her a lesson to filling the needs my wife hadn't for too long.

I continued my finger assault for a few more minutes until my arm got tired. Grabbing her by her long dark hair I planted her face into the couch cushions and removed my boxers with my free hand.

"No... please... DON'T..." was all she managed as I slowly inched my cock inside her. She felt very tight and gripped my cock hard as she was trying to push my cock out of her. I slapped her ass a couple times and bottomed my 8 and a half inches deep inside her pussy.

With every thrust she began to moan and her body loosened up. Soon her pleads for me to stop were replaced with moans of pleasure. I relaxed my grip on her hair long enough to reach around her torso and unbutton her shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra which gave me better access to her breasts and the felt wonderful. D maybe DD? I didn't really care. With every passing moment I felt my orgasm growing.

"Shit daddy I’m going to cum. Fuck me daddy... Fuck your little girl’s pussy." she pleaded.

That was the last straw. Grabbing her hips I kept my pace but started thrusting harder and harder sending her over the edge. As soon as I felt her pussy clinch my cock I couldn't hold myself back any longer. Like a tsunami I emptied myself into her. Weeks of pent up frustration evaporated instantly.

After a couple seconds we didn't know what to say to each other. I couldn't believe I just ****d my daughter. But that part of me that was in control still didn't care. My now soft cock slipped out of my daughters soaked pussy.

We both looked behind us when we heard the unmistakable sound of a throat clearing.

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