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Wake up Call

I was lying in bed at 6AM on a Sunday morning when my doorbell rang. I walked downstairs to see my friend's beautiful 22-year-old wife at my door alone. She worked down the street and somehow got to work 3 hours early. She didn't want to stay at work for 3 hours, so she came to my apartment. I told her she could chill, but I needed to sl**p. She didn't hesitate to get into bed with me. She told me she wanted to film some amateur porn with her husband. I told her that she might need to rehearse before getting in front of the camera. She, then, pulled down my jeans and shoved my cock in her mouth. I thought about how bad of an idea that was and I pulled her off my dick. She took off her shirt and shoved my face in her tits. I didn't care anymore. I bent her over my bed, pulled her pants down and fucked her tight hole until I came inside her. She came back to my place every day until her husband found out.

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