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The cage, the strapon and the big loads!

The next morning after my wife got home, I was still in chastity and my ass was sore from the boot she'd shoved up it the previous night.

She seemed to want to go back to our usual routine, so woke me up by rolling me onto my back and smothering my with her ass and pussy. At last, I thought, things are back to normal. I licked her ass and pussy till she'd cum enough times to be satisfied, then she took me by the hand and led me into the bathroom. She told me to lean over the toilet and I leaned forward, but she told me to turn over so I was face up with my head over the toilet bowl. She then straddled the toilet, and my face, and dropped a whole night's worth of stale piss into my mouth, making sure the whole time that I swallowed the lot. I hate drinking first piss of the day urine and she knows it, but I realised I was still in for a bad day like the evening before.

After that, she told me to have a shower and make her breakfast.

As I started putting breakfast together, she came into the kitchen wearing her knee high patent boots (the ones I'd wanked onto and had been shoved toe first up my ass), a tight-laced corset and her largest strapon. She told me to carry on doing breakfast while she stood behind me with the cock pressing against my ass and back. She reached round and grabbed my balls a lot harder than I would have wanted her to, though that didn't cause anywhere near as much pain as when she slapped them the night before. She then took the cock cage in her hand and wiggled it about. That made the ring dig into the shaft behind my balls and I winced, so she did it again only harder.

She turned me round and, seeming to read my mind, slapped my balls. She then f***ed me to my knees and shoved the strapon into my mouth and throat fucked me till I puked. By this point, I realised that our relationship had started to change and that as well as being her slave in the bedroom, she now seems to want to include some pain into the mix. I'm not too sure how I feel about this, but I'll go with it and see how things are. In the past, we've tried different things and if the other wasn't happy about it (s**t games between ourselves and full sex with other people away from each other for example) then we've stopped them quickly.

I realised that while I didn't like having 2 weeks of old shit shoved down my throat on a dirty dildo the night before, so hadn't enjoyed being gagged till I puked then, I did enjoy the humiliation of her throat fucking me till I puked now. There was something about being totally at her mercy, that same as when I'm tied up by her, that felt like a total release. I didn't respond well to the pain, but I was quite happy to push my mouth as far over the strapon as I could without her holding my head and made myself puke on it a couple of times too. I think we've found a new game!!

Then, she told me to lie on my back on the kitchen floor. She opened my robe and took a key from the worktop and undid the padlock on the chastity cage, then still it off me but left the ring around the base of my balls which she re secured with the padlock.

Then she grabbed my ankles and lifted them up and pushed so my shoulders were on the cold tiles of the floor and my legs went over my head till my feet touched the floor behind my head. She wiped some of the puke from the strapon and massaged it into may ass and then roughly pushed the dildo the whole way into me. She fucked me as hard and as fast as she has ever done, with me being pushed hard onto the tiles and the kitchen curtains wide open so if the postman had come up the drive he would have seen us, for ages. The harness she was using has 2 dildos for her and with one in each of her wholes, she was enjoying this far more than I was. I love being fucked by her, I love the way I can give myself up to her totally, but this wasn't gentle at all. While I was there, I wondered how the girl from the supermarket could have got so much pleasure from me fucking her just as hard with her 2 vibes while I was just feeling pain.

Then, she reached through my legs and started wanking my cock. At that point it was as soft as it could be as my mind was totally on the pain in my ass. She started saying that if I couldn't get a hard on, then I may as well be back in the cage and other humiliating things about my cock. More things we've not done before!

After a little while though my cock reacted to her hand and I knew I was getting close to cumming. She leaned forward and made sure my cock was aiming directly down into my mouth then told me that if a single drop missed I was going back into chastity for another couple of weeks. As I came I concentrated on watching where the cum went and she must have been happy with my aim. As I swallowed 2 weeks worth of cum, loads of it and stale tasting compared to the normal taste when she drops a creampie into me, she carried on fucking me, just a little bit gentler. She rubbed the base of my cock as she fucked me and after a few minutes I was up and ready for action again. As before, she fucked me hard and wanked me into my own mouth and this time, though there was loads, there wasn't quite as much.

She pulled the cock out of my ass and fed it to me to clean, which I did, then sat down at the table to eat. I went to sit next to her, but was told to kneel under the table and keep cock sucking till she was ready for me again.

The rest of the weekend went on like this. I probably got fucked and milked into my mouth half a dozen times. I also got to fuck her a couple of times, once cumming in her ass and once in her pussy, and had to clean her out each time. She also pissed on me each time she needed to go over the weekend, even waking me up a couple of times so I could be pissed on, though I'd never see this as being in any way a chore as I love drinking her piss.

Last thing on Sunday night, she took the patent boots out again and told me to wank onto them. By then I'd cum loads of times and it took quite a long while and when I did cum there wasn't much there. She took the boot and pushed the bit with the cum on into my mouth and made me lick it clean. She then told me that this weekend was what I could expect if I ever messed with her boots again. She also told me that next weekend I will be getting punished for messing with her butt plug and harness while she was away!

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