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Mature lady next door.

When I was growing up I played with the nabor k**s like any other k**. The Girl next door was a couple of years older than me and during our games of truth or dare me got to finger her pussy a few times. I got to see what a girl looked like. Then one day I was over at her house swimming in her pool when her mom came out in her bathing suit. She had a good body slim and petite, but the thing that stood out most to me was the hair sticking out of both sides of her crotch area I couldn’t keep my eyes off it. Then she dove into the COLD swimming pool and when she got out her nipples were fully erect. This sent me on a trend of liking both hairy and mature women. Now that I had seen what I sought I had to see more so I started sneaking over at night to look in her bathroom and bedroom window. When I first sought her fully nude it was like haven. She was part Native American so she was trim with a thick black bush and tight ass. One day I worked up the courage to go over there when she was alone I just knocked on the door and she let me in. She had known me since I was young but what she didn’t know was that now I had the needs of a man. We watched TV and then I told her the story of the pool and how I had been dreaming of her naked body for a long time. She seemed a bit alarmed at first but I knew she had needs as well. She had been a widow for many years now. I told her it could be our secret and she agreed and asked if I was ready. I said “yes” she unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock and started sucking it. It felt so good it wasn’t long until I felt the urge to cum. The she pulled my balls up and started to suck on them. Once she went back to my dick I had to cum so I let loose a load I her mouth and she just swallowed it like a pro. I was still hard as a rock so she undressed me and took her cloths of in front of me and led me to the bedroom with my cock in her hand. She lyed on her back and I started in on her pussy I loved finding her lips and clit in all that hair. I tried to get my tongue as far up into her vagina as possible until she told me she was ready to fuck. I shoved my dick into her pussy and got to work it felt so good and at the same time she would suck on my tongue as if it has a cock. I felt the urge to Cum again and I told her I was going to cum soon and she said to do it in her and I asked her wont it get you pregnant she simply said I cant get pregnant so I came all up in her pussy and it felt like noting I had ever felt. The memory of her will stay in my spank bank forever.

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