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First time and second with her mum

my first time was when i was 16 abit later then normal round here cos most have k**s but thats not the ppoint

it was january 19th and my f****y had gone away for the week i though it be great time to get my gf over her name stacey god she was hot skinny cuvrey and brown hair everything on her was the right size well was for me. i know who is ever reading this so far is thinking what alot of shit well i can tell u this may not be very horny it was very speaical to me and to tell the story is kinda awsome so like i said it was 19th january and i got her over to myn it was rainin tipping it down she came in alll wet i told her to go upstairs and get into something try i went up stairs five minuts later and she was lied there in my underwear so tits showing and she said fancy it so we went and make out me undressing at the same time and then we hear someone walk through the door at that point im nake so is stacey we though it was somthing else so we carried on then the door to my bed room opens and there her mum and i was like owwww fuck stacey tryyed to cover herself up and i got up im standing up and then her mum said mmm u still hard chris and she told me to lie on the bed and then she started sucking my cock and told stacey to sit on my face well at that point i did not know what to do nither did stacey so we went along with it but on with the story yar i was licking stacey out while her mum is sucking my cock realy hard then she got nake and told stacey to suck her tits and then some how she tied me to the bed so im tied there hard as owt and find my gf and her mum nake on me and then she asked me if it was my first time i said yar so then she said to stacey get on him and be his first but she said up the ass which from the look of it hurt stacey which is not nice at all then once i cummed in her ass she got told to sit on my face again then her mum is riding my without a comdom on or owt and i cum in her to then after she leaves and leaves me and stacey abit well we dont know rtill this day what we felt but horrible thing was that her mum had a baby 9 months later and we dont know if im the dad or her husband is well i dont want it to be mine cos i have two daughters with stacey anyway thank you for reading this even though it dont get u off much later xxx

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