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Adventures of Donna--Part 5 (Gagging Amanda)

Adventures of Donna--Part 5 (Gagging Amanda)

Amanda jumped back as soon as she opened her eyes and saw Eric laying on the bed. He still had his eyes closed, smoothly jerking his enormous cock. "Donna, who is that? What's that thing sticking up? Is it his penis?" "Yes, Amanda. This is my friend Eric. And that thing is his penis, but you should call it a cock. When I was younger, I had some experience with penises, but I soon realized that a penis is not what I needed. I like to have very large cocks, and this Amanda is a very large cock. I think you'll agree with me that cocks are better than penises. Let me show you how."

"OK, but you're right. I am scared. It's bigger than the rubber one we have." "Don't worry. You're going to love this. Now come back here. I want you to taste this cock."

Amanda came back towards the edge of the bed, her hard long nipples beginning to tingle in anticipation. Donna positioned her on the bed between Eric's spread legs. "He doesn't say much, so don't be concerned if he doesn't speak. But you'll know when he likes something. And by the size of his cock, I'd say he likes you very much. Now, lean down and get a closer look."

She did as she was told, instinctively reaching to hold the cock steady. With her aunt at her side, Amanda's fear started to melt away. She slid her hands up and down the shaft feeling the thick veins. It was so hard it reminded her of the water pipe in the corner of her apartment. She gently poked her index finger in his pee hole. "Is this where he pee's from?" she innocently asked her aunt. "Yes, but there's something else that comes out of there. It's called 'cum' and it tastes great. I'll let you drink some later. Why don't you lick him? He'll like that." "You mean like a lollipop?" "Yes, here let me show you."

Donna spit a stream of saliva at Eric's dick, then licked his shaft clean of the juice. She licked it hard with her tongue, going up and down the never-ending length. Donna decided to show off for her niece. She licked the shaft up to the huge dickhead, looking up at Amanda, she opened her mouth wide and started to f***e the enormous member down her throat. Amanda sat in amazement as her aunt proceeded to swallow 13 inches of cockmeat. How was she able to do that?

Soon Donna was in her own world, deep throating the cock up and down, concentrating on trying to take all 15 inches. She came up for air, jerking on the pipe. "Arghh, oh, yes...couldn't get it all...ummhh...nice and hard...." Slowly she remembered her niece, and smiled at her, spit dripping down her cheeks. "Oh Amanda. This is so nice," she said holding the hard meat between her hands.

"My god. Did you hurt yourself? How did you do that? Can I try? It looked like fun", said the small titted girl. "Of course you can try sugar. But it's going to take some practice before you're as good as me. OK, come over and start licking his shaft like I did."

Eric's schlong was almost as long as Amanda's torso. She gingerly brought her mouth to the cock and stuck out her tongue to lick it. She slowly licked the stick like a lollipop until she reached his oversized knob. Amanda was eager to show Donna that she could was just as good. When she reached the dickhead she opened her mouth as wide as possible, and tried to jam it into her face. Donna watched carefully, expecting Eric to jump when Amanda's teeth scratched his prick, but it didn't happen. Amanda got the dickhead in her mouth, skillfully shielding her teeth with her lips, except she wasn't quite sure what to do next. Donna was surprised she had gotten it in, but quickly realized her little niece needed some instruction.

"Amanda, your face looks gorgeous with that huge cock between your lips. Slowly take it out." She did. "Auntie I made it fit. It's so big, but I love the way it feels." "Rub it up and down. You'll need to hold it with both bands." Amanda held the cock in her small fists and jerked on it up and down like she had seen her Aunt do. "That's it honey. Keep doing that. Do you feel the strength in his steel pipe? Feels nice in your hands doesn't it? Well, this kind of hard cock is meant to be stuffed into little girls like you and me. Stuffed down our throats and crammed into our fat pussies. Watch me carefully."

Donna positioned her face over the huge pole. She inhaled the cock head and sucked hard on his massive knob, rolling it around her mouth. She gestured to Amanda that she should keep jerking on the rod. Donna sucked the head into her face, and out again, saliva running down the long shaft. Slowly she started to work more of the pole into her face. Donna could easily have slammed down 12 or 13 inches, but she wanted Amanda to learn. Amanda watched carefully as Donna deep throated half of Eric's cock, taking the head and about 7 inches of his thick rod into her face. She would raise up and down, 7 inches in and 7 inches out.

Donna's throat was now very accustomed to Eric's monmouth horse cock. Her face was easily sliding up and down the large dick. Handling the first 7 inches of length was no problem; the thickness did make her gag now and then, but she loved it. She came up and sucked hard on the head, inserting her tongue into his cum slit. "Ummm, honey jerk his cock hard." And Amanda put her small hands to work, gripping Eric's pipe hard and squeezing the meat up and down. "That's it babe, keep doing that. Do you see how I'm swallowing his cock? You need to control your breathing and concentrate on breathing through your nose 'cause a huge prick will completely fill your throat making it feel like you're choking. Watch." Donna opened wide and sucked in the large head while looking over at Amanda. She paused for a moment, and then slid the cock into her throat, showing her young niece how to keep breathing. "I see auntie. My arms are getting tired. Can I try to swallow him now?" "Sure, baby, but be careful...this monster could hurt you," Donna said with a smile.

End of part 5

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