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Fantasy, Dreams, Sex, danger and adventure

sooo.....I've been having these re-occuring dreams. I'm with a group of friends and we are being chased by some good looking, gorgeous tall broad bad guy who wants to kill us and if he catches up he will definatly kill us. No shit. He usually has a weapon on him such as a knife or a gun to make it more interesting. Normally in these dreams one of gets cornered, usually me. (Theres a surprise) I have to first Find my way out of the situation. Push my chest forward, to show him I mean buisness and fix my eyes on the growing bulge in his pants. I begin touching myself so that he can see I'm getting wet. The bulge in his trousers was getting bigger. He didn't look like he had any more room in his jeans and they looked as if ready burst open any minute.

I offer him my body in return to let my friends go. I tell him to use me and do what ever he wanted.

A particular dream I remember quite well. we were in a car park of a shopping mall and there was a vending machine. He did me up against that. We were grinding together so violently, not a single thought for each others pleasure only our own, but it was perfect, in our own selfishness we collapsed in earth shattering orgasms. His cum filling me and him disgarding me afterwards. Walking away, without another word said.

I would love to have my husband carry this out. I want him to hunt me down one night, while walking back from somewhere, threaten to kill me, I'll plead on my knees with him to let me go. Then i'd be f***ed to let him have his own way with me, the rougher the better. I love the danger of it all and the adventure. Its such a turn on

Heres a story i wrote based on this fantasy. The names of the people in the story are entirely made up. also the good stuff comes at the end so be patient and enjoy the story

People in the park out walking there dogs, joggers and walkers all turned for a second as a girl with red hair huge tits and in a beautiful, just below the knee, purple, silky dress came running through the park in stilettos. People looked all around there was no one near she wasn't being chased. They just shrugged and got on with there own business. The girl continued tearing through the park and headed straight for the wood. she was late for party, her own in fact and this was supposed to be the short cut. It was just about still light but the mist was making it a bit harder for her to see. She took a minute to work out which direction to take. while standing here for a minute she bent down and rubbed her ankle it was painful and kind of hard to walk on now maybe she had twisted it on the way. Those shoes went meant for running in.

After a while as the darkness set it, she got the feeling that she was being followed. Her heart began to race. She squeezed through a tight gap very carefully so not to tear her expensive dress. She looked over her shoulder and she squeezed her self fully through the gap. She saw the figure of a man standing in the distance she couldn't make out is face he looked like he was wearing a hood but maybe not it was kind of hard to tell.

She came to an opening by a river. By the river there was a wall with steps beside it which lead straight down the middle of the woods. No way would she go this way normally, she running terribly late. Thats what happen when you fall asl**p in the bath.
By now her ankle was hurting pretty bad. She sat on the steps by the river, grasping her ankle between her hands and massaging it with her soft fingers.
Lost in thought the girl turned and saw the man again he was defiantly wearing a hood she looked in to the hood but saw no face. He was wearing mask. she ran up the steps, she hid behind a big tree that was just behind, she was hoping her hadn't seen her, but he ascended up the stairs and walked right past her but stopped she put her hand to her mouth so he wouldn't hear her deep breathing. He was defiantly after something and she now got the strong feeling It was her, as he had came the same way as her and its funny how when she hid he was looking like he had lost something. she had a dilemma if he turned round he would see her, and she didnt wanna run for it for fear her foot would slow her down. The man stepped a little further forward. She tried creeping back down the stairs quietly but her shoes were making too much noise. She decided she had to at least try and make run for it, of course he noticed her straight away and began tearing after her. He was much faster than her and caught up pretty quick.

she closed her eyes. He didn't try to make a move for her. She opened her eyes he was still looking at her. She could see the whites of his eyes now but still no face . With nerves she began tapping her foot on the floor. she grew with in confidence as the guy remained still.
She had to speak. she was now running very late and needed to get away fast.
" what is it you actually want. you followed me you chased me now your just staring at me, whats with you."
she stared waiting for an answer. He wasn't gonna give her one.
"can you even talk?"
She said rudely getting very impatient.
"If your not going to talk i'm off."
She hesitated maybe thinking he'd stop her from going.
"your very ignorant arn't you."
she stormed off.
she stopped in her tracks.
"Did you just say my name."
He said nothing
"seeya, fucking weirdo"
He spoke again
The voice she heard sounded very familiar it was warm she had expected to hear a cold and rough sounding voice. This one was very subtle and gentle. It made her feel strangly safe. but still very confused. What was this guy playing at. The man began to walk slowly to her getting closer and closer and stopped just in front of her face. He reached for his pocket and pulled out something and put it behind his back, then he showed it to her. A knife. A very nice decorative knife at that. He flicked the blade out of its interior and began backing her in to the tree. She screamed. She tried to run but he was to close and grabbed her wrist, he backed right against the tree. He put the knife back in to his pocket. Put his face right against her face. She twisted her head away from him it was all she could do he had her in a position she couldn't get out of and such a firm grip. He had his shoe underneath the gap of her shoe where the heel was and the sole met. If she tried to run he would trip her. Scarlett found her mind going back to some dreams she had had before. She had been with her mates. In some situation with a bad guy and they had all been so close to death but she always ended up confronting the bad guy and offering him sex so that her mates could get away and the guy had always accepted. Always got his way and treated her badly and used her but in the dream it felt like the best sex she had ever had. Hrd, fast rough and f***eful.

The guy touched his hood with one hand securing her with the other. he pulled off his hood. He then removed the mask. She stared in complete shock.

"Happy birthday baby."
He winked at her
"How about a birthday kiss."
He held her face in his hands
" What the hell do you think your playing at."
"Just wanted to surprise you. sweet heart."
"surprise, more like humiliate."
"Theres no one to humiliate you in front of scarlet it's just you and me."
"So what was you trying to get out of this then mike."
"Just wanted to scare ay then surprise ya, give you a bit of adventure."
"well you didn't scare me mike." Said Scarlett turning her nose up at him.
"yes i did and you know it. were you at least a bit scared when i was chasing you?"
"no" scarlet lied
"What about when i pulled the knife out on you."
"Do you really wanna know?"
"uh huh" Mike said grinning
"Well i was just thinking of some dreams ive had before, where iv'e been with my friends and some bad guy had been after us and i wanted to buy them some time so iv'e offered the bad guy sex and hes treated me rough and used me and it was like the best ever."
Mike raised an eyebrow.

"so thats what you dream of in bed at night while i'm holding you." he laugthed pulling her closer. When i'm asl**p and dreaming of innocent things, this is whats going on in your mind?"

Mike pulled her near him again and pushed his whole body against hers "wanna live out your fantasy."
"would love to but were late aint we, no thanks to you,?"
"Nah i told you 7 coz i knew you would be late you don't get in from work till half 6 it takes you far longer to get ready than that.
"I did try to rush."
"we have a reservation at eight so there is still time."
"Is there any more lies or surprises up your sleeve tonight mike coz I don't think I can handle it. Shoot me now, i dont wanna live till my next birthday, first last year, me and my mum walk in to see how your getting on with decorations and your humping the corner of our side unit, now this, what next year?"
"oh i think you can handle one more."

Mikes hand went to his trousers he unzipped the fly and flopped his oversized dick out. It was already rigid and she could see all the veins. It looked kind of wet, and definatly longing to be touched.
she giggled
Mike put his mask on and his hood back up.
"No one knows its me, you on the other hand are bearing all, the one who's ass is on display. lets just hope noone walks past while your having sex with some bad guy you don't even know. No one will wanna save a dirty bitch like you, You dirty whore just think any one can come past and catch us."

Mike was wearing a very long leather coat it was too big for him. He lifted scarlett's dress above her head and surrounded her with his long coat so she wasn't really on show. Beneath the coat he pulled in to her slowly and sank deep in to her. so wet already, he couldnt help think she had been playing before she came out. Scarlett let out a moan and thrust her large tits in to him he instantly latched on and began swirling his tounge around her nipples and bit and sucked them gently with his teeth. she threw her head back in pure pleasure. He Then thrusted hard and slammed her up against the tree. she screamed blue murder.

" Remember bitch this isn't for your pleasure its for mine. I'm going to use you. have my own way with you. Then you little friends can go home. Turn away I don't wanna see your face i don't need to remember your face or your name. I just want to get my fat dick wet and I need something to shoot all of my thick cum over, Your gonna make me cum inside youy inside you right here and now."
She turned round. He covered her with his coat once again. She took hold of the tree for support.
He guided himself in again and fucked her hard from behind. she was screaming so loud, he had to put one of his hands round her mouth.
"you make another sound. and im gonna get the knife back out of my pocket and slit your fucking throat do i make myself clear." He carried on fucking her hard and fast and with such f***e she could feel his monster cock throbbing inside her she gripped the tree even tighter. She was dripping wet. she carried on screaming.
"I wasn't joking."
Mike reached for his knife. he held it by her throat. Scarlett was silent.
Mike told her to stay as still as possible so that she didn't hurt herself.
Mike then dropped the knife so he could get a better hold on her helping his thrusting. He continued to bang her from behind he didn't stop for one second he went hard and fast. groaning the whole way through until he shot a huge load inside her groaning so loudly. Her eyes were heavy with lust. She shut them and came with him at just the sound of his groaning was enough to send her over the edge, then as promised, he pushed her away coldly and asked her to cover her self up and that she was a disgrace. She could feel his cum inside her trickling out of her and getting her panties very wet. She felt so un-believabley horny and dirty. Her heart was racing.
"Hows it going to feel in front of the others when you get home with that short dress on and your panties are soaking in my cum there all gonna be able to smell me on you. YThere going to think your such a slut and you open your legs for any old stranger."
"Next time mike I want you to throat fuck me while strangleing me. Your going to cum all over my body. im going to wear your cum to work at home, where ever i go i'll smell of you and ill be counting the seconds till you take me again"
"i've never seen this side to you scarlett you really are such a kinky little slut. I can see I don't know you that well at all, not as well as i thought i did, you have to much of a sense of adventure just to keep u locked up in the bedroom, but hope you will let me experience more with you." Mike winked

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