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Naomi's Party

Naomi's Party


I'm a very nice looking gal, my name is Jenny. I am usually wearing sport clothes but this time I was at a party invited by my cousin Naomi who had just moved in her apartment after her school years. I wore a nice pink dress and open leather shoes. We were both 22 at this time. Naomi was very cute. I had a crush on her but wasn't able to say it to her. It was unthinkable to me of making love to a woman, so I had dismissed this silly idea and had focused on male companions but wasn't at all satisfied with those relations. But this evening, the very tight cocktail dress she wore and her sandals slipped barefooted and enhancing the lines of her ankles were beginning to arouse me. I wondered what she would say if she was able to read my thoughts. We were each discussing in a different group of party guests but we exchanged glances at several times. I was not very attentive to the chat that my fellow guests had at this time. I don't know whether it was the drinks we had and I'd rather say it couldn't, because we had a soft-drinks party, but I began to warm and my pussy was very hot indeed! I felt the liquid flow between my legs, and I haven't yet touched myself 'there'. It was very strange to come alone, not touching, just looking at a beautiful young woman, I couldn't yet imagine what could be a night with my cousin, because if I had sometimes read stories about lesbians I had never watched videos on the Internet. Not my style I would say to be a voyeur! We had music in the background, very soft but still jazzy music. I liked it very much. And since then I associate those songs with my first lesbian experience.

My cousin slided towards me and I felt so much drawn to her that I was compelled to meet her at the very centre of the living-room. The others stopped to chat and followed our moves. The moment was very spanning. She had cast a spell on me! We were now very close. We looked straight in each other eyes. I began to sweat under my dress. I saw that Naomi had redden a little. She sill seemed very composed. Was it coldness on her part? I didn't think so and still don't think so nowadays that we know each other more. What did she thought about what was happening? Our hands linked together, they were warm and gently pressing. We were smiling. Very moving glances were exchanged, she blinked several times. Our lips were touching. We were now kissing. The silence was heavy, but we didn't feel it, we were alone in our new world. This was so new to us, we were shaken by uncontrolled movements. We were French kissing, and progressively, we moved towards her bedroom.

We shut the door and she pushed me on her bed! I was completely blocked and didn't know what to do next. My cousin was less shy than me and very fast she unlocked my dress and exposed my breast that was very hard. I hadn't bra because the dress was studied to sustain my breast. My panties were still there but so wet that I was so ashamed to show it to my cousin that I stopped her. I had feared to have spoilt everything but Naomi was very gentle and, to make me feel comfortable, she proposed to crawl under the wool. I felt better thanks to her. We began to fondle and to touch each other's body. We were warm and cosy in her huge bed. Naomi had completely undressed, easy enough to her, because she wore her dress nude under! Very exciting indeed! We had totally forgotten Naomi's guests, we didn't care! We began to touch our pussies and clitoris. We flowed the bed as we were very very very excited and had cum a lot! We were fountain women! The bed was wet, but it didn't bother us. We fell asl**p. When we awoke, the guests were gone. And we laughed a lot and kissed and touched in the living room, nude and melt together in one body, the love body.

Since then, we spend as much time as possible together and profit of the life as much as possible!


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