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Lizzy Seducing Her Step-Dad, Part 1

This isn't very sexual, it's the build-up for Lizzy's first intercourse.

So Lil Lizzy wasn't always a degraded slut. She just made a "mistake". A pleasant mistake that she loved. But indeed, she started this sexual slavery she found herself in. She decided to seduce her step daddy. Which would set off a further chain of events.

Having just barely turned 18, she was still no stranger to sex. But her cherries (vaginal and anal) remained untouched. She wasted little time as a freshman experimenting with boys and girls. From sucking cock, to eating pussy, she had done it. But she refused to go all the way. Explaining to her school friends that she was saving herself for "someone special". Even going as far as to using pads instead of tampons. She had a big thing with keeping her hyman intact. She knew EXACTLY who was going to snap it for her.

It was the man who married her mom. She'd known him since her early teen years. He was considerably attractive to many women. Brown, full hair. Brown eyes, a look of Brendan Shanahan meets Rocky. He stood 5'10" with an average build. So he was no mountain, but no small guy either. But he struck the fancy of this young girl. Enough for her to spend much time in her teens masturbating to him. Spying on him whenever she could. Stealing homemade movies of him and mommy for her and her step-s****r to watch together. It wasn't "wrong", it was "curiosity". But she knew good sex when she saw it. She knew her mom's bell was getting rung every time. As if hearing them through the door at night wasn't enough to tell. But SEEING it Doing things they only saw in porno movies. Which they didn't have much access to. It was probably there that she gained her love of domination. She saw her mommy (and her friends sometimes) put through some pretty hot stuff. Maybe it was this which made her believe her orgasms would be most intense if she allowed herself to be abused by her man. And who better to do this than the man who put her mommy through it?

In the meantime however, she quenched her sexual thirst with her classmates. She preferred girls because they were more on her level. Boys were of course less mature, less orally skilled, and with no desire to stuff their cocks inside of her, they served little purpose. And it's not even as if she expected a horny teen boy to be able to work it that well anyway. It was just in case she wanted the occasional dick to suck. But her eyes were on her step dad. Who she KNEW for a fact could work it. Her mom had the pleasure of knowing.

So gears were set in motion when she had a weekend alone with him shortly after her 18th. Her mom and steps****r were going to an all-day concert in the city. It was a festival of bands she didn't care much for. Like Nickelback, Creed, shit like that. So despite being offered, she was able to say no and not look suspicious. Because she would have found a way to say no anyhow. She wasn't passing this opportunity up.

"I think I'm going to bed, darlings." Colleen said as she got up off the couch. "You should follow shortly, Shanni. We got a long day ahead of us tomorrow".

"Yeah I'm actually starting to get hit anyway. Hell with it. You want the bathroom first?".

"No, it's good, sweetie :)" As Shannon gets up and goes to use the bathroom. "You guys gonna be all right here tomorrow by yourselves?" Will the house still be standing when we get home? Haha".

"Not if I have anything to do with it!" Lizzy jokes. Her daddy grabs the top of her head playfully and turns it facing him. "She'll be on her BEST behavior tomorrow, I guarantee it!"

"Ooh daddy, I'm just playing!" As she wraps her arms around his and rests her head on his upper bicep. Big grin across her face. "You're a little demon seed, Lizzy. I gotta keep my eye on you".

"Oh that's totally fine with me, daddy." She winked. "Um, hehe" He laughs nervously. "I always thought Lizzy had a lil crush on you, haha". Colleen said, playfully punching Tony on the shoulder. "You have no idea" Lizzy thought to herself. Almost wanting to say it. Shannon comes out of the bathroom. "All yours, mom". "Ohh, gimme a kiss, baby. Said Colleen. "Neither of you will most likely be up when we leave tomorrow, so have a good night and day." Tony kisses her. "Goodnight darling, have a good time tomorrow. Love ya". Her and Lizzy exchange goodnights as well, then she walks to the bathroom. Shannon comes out of the bedroom with her nightgown on. "Night daddy", as she hugs and kisses him. "Goodnight, my baby girl." Have fun tomorrow." Receiving her salutations. "Night freak" she says to Lizzy and laughs. Lizzy throws popcorn at her. "Night, ho!" 'Hey, now! hahaha." Tony says, mediating the girls playful exchange before Shannon goes off to bed.

And they are alone. Lizzy and daddy, finishing up The Notebook. Not a favorite of Lizzy, but it was Shannon's night to choose the movies, and her and momma loved it. Her arms still wrapped around her daddy, her head still on his bicep. It turns to the scene where the main characters are finally having sex after rediscovering their love for each other. She looks up at her dad, who's smoking a cigarette and watching the movie with a natural look on his face. She giggles. "What's up, hon?" As he looks down. "I was just thinking about how I want my first time to be, hehe".

"Umm...ok" Daddy says uncomfortably. "I just know it'll be great, with a great man. Who can turn me on".

"Ooh ok, Liz. This isn't the kind of thing you share with me." Replies daddy. "Oh I have feeling we'll be sharing a lot more with each other, daddy" She has an enormous grin on her face. "Uuhhh..." he's dumbfounded. and shifting in his seat. "Oh daddy! Look how easy you are!" As she kisses him on the cheek. I guess I'll get to bed too. I have a long day as well". Knowing exactly what she means. "Uhh, haha." He laughs, trying to play along. "Goodnight, hon". "gooodnight, daddy :)" *kiss*

She brushes her teeth and slips in to her cozy bed. She tries to relax, but she can't contain herself. She knows what tomorrow holds. And she's like a little k** on Christmas Eve. Tomorrow, she was going to seduce her step-daddy. She was soaked just thinking about it. But she didn't want to play with herself. She wanted to let it build up. Let her pent up sexual aggression release when her daddy's cock was inside her. She knew it would make her cum like a maniac. She she avoided the temptation....almost. A couple times she rubbed her clit, but stopped before any orgasm was achieved....

So morning came in, and Tony was lying in his bed. Still in a light sl**p. It was around 8AM. And he feels small, female hands on his cock. Rubbing and stroking him through his underwear. "Mmmm, baby". He utters in his waking state. His arm across his eyes, as he sometimes slept to block out the light. The massaging of his cock hardening it for him. "I Thought you'd be gone by now, hehe". Then he feels a mouth licking and sucking him through his underwear still. "Ooooh Colleen, this is a nice change of pace". A sudden pause, and she continues teasing him to hardness. Suddenly pulling down his underwear and freeing his throbbing thick six inches. A kiss to the head, and she sinks her warm mouth down on the entire length. "OOh fuck, that feels great, baby". Slow, deep sucking. Noisy, slurping, covering his cock in her warm spit. He feels like his k**neys are being sucked out through his cock. "F-F-F-Fuuuuuck baby, DAYUMMMMM". She's gulping his cock down her throat, her lips sucking around the base, while the head is being massaged by her throat. He loved a good blowjob, especially one that felt better than a tight pussy. More manipulation through the mouth. His eyes still covered, he's not even concerned with looking yet. Just enjoying the amazing feeling he's getting at the pleasure of this wet mouth. I don't need to tell you what's coming next. As he nears cumming, he starts moaning louder. She takes that to mean suck even faster and more intense. He's on the brink of blowing and he frees his eyes and looks down to see the top of Lil Lizzy's head. "LIZZY! FUUUUUUCK" He wants to shove her away but he cums instead. Lost control. Shoots his load right in to her waiting mouth. She looks up at him with precious doe eyes and begins moaning as she happily takes his deposit. "Mmmmmm *GULP*". She swallowed his load. Releasing his cock from her mouth, she smiles at him, then runs out of the room....

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