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Ludivine & Astrid, Twin s****rs

Ludivine & Astrid, Twin s****rs


We are two cute twin s****rs. We are both blond and very much alike looking. We love to wear sportswear clothes. And sneakers. We like to wear those clothes directly on our skin. It is very pleasant to the skin either with the smoothness of the fleece or with the electrostatic sensation on our hairs triggered by the synthetic apparel. We have nice pussies that we do like to touch with our small fingers. We discovered how to please ourselves in our teenager years, as from 14 years old, knowing that we are now 25!

What pleases us most is to masturbate in our common bed. We sl**p together since 14. Our parents understood that it was not possible to do otherwise. We like to touch each other body. Our breast is one of our most centre of pleasure but also our pussies. They are constantly wet, day by day and night by night. We touch each other under the belt. Light kisses are also exchanged during our plays in order to arouse ourselves more if needed. We cum just when we look each other in the eyes. It is sufficient to think to the other to come! But titillating our clitoris is the most powerful source of orgasm. We do have them very noisy!

One time we were in a shop looking for new clothes, we played together while being in the fitting room! Aren't we crazy? During our school years, we were always in the toilets together during the recreation times. We had to cum, it was not possible for us to wait till the evening in our sl**ping room!

Nobody in the school has ever known that we did things together! It was our secret of crazy tweens. We liked to fondle each other still clothed, the noise made by the contact of our synthetic sport gear being very pleasant to the ear.

Under the shower with the body wash and our fingers, we came at each time! How wonderful and the noise of the shower covered our cries of pleasure!

Ludivine & Astrid

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