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My First Time

I'd never considered myself to be bisexual at any point up until a few years ago, and I still don't fully know where the urge came from - All I really remember is having a burning desire to suck a cock, to see how it felt to give one instead of receiving. I wanted to taste another mans cum, not just my own, to feel it shoot in my mouth or on my face or to feel a cock twitching as I made it cum. Two years ago I had decided to see and if I could fulfil the urges I had. I was searching throughthe Gumtree website and saw an ad from a guy who seemed to be in a similar situation, keen to explore that side of life. After e-mailing each other a few times we decided to meet up.

We drove to an area just off Junction 9 off the M62 which is a site many people use to go dogging - it's kind of quiet there, not much traffic flows through there. I remember feeling many emotions that evening, I was nervous, excited, scared but extremely turned on. We pulled up and walked down a path, where one side is lined with trees. We walked into the trees and found a nice little spot. The guy I met with slowly started to massage my cock through my jeans - with seconds I was rock hard. He took it out of my pants and started to run his tongue up and down my shart - fuck it felt so good. I reached over and started stroking his cock through his pants, quickly taking it out. It wasn't quiet as big as mine but became hard straight away. We continued to wank each other slowly before I thought to myself 'this is it'. I dropped to my knees and started sucking the tip of his penis. Man it felt great. I sucked his cock up and down, as hard as I could, as deep as I could. I used the techiques that had been used on me that made me feel so great.

We continued to take turns sucking each other when I looked up and saw two men approaching, one stroking his cock. I had never experienced dogging before but I didn't care - for me they could have stood their wanking or joined in I was that turned on. My new friend wasn't so keen and zipped up until they had left.

Once they had gone I had his pants open and his cock down my throat once more, sometimes stopping to suck on his cock to lick his balls. My cock was so hard I thought I would burst!!We continued to blow and suck each other until he said he was going to cum soon. I was busy sucking as fast as I could when he said this and thought, I want this down my throat. I reached around and started to gently finger his arse with one hand and stroke his balls with the other, the entire time engulfing as much of his shaft as I could possibly fit. He started to twitch and I felt him shoot his cum into my mouth and into my throat. It felt amazing, saviouring his cum and realising how much of a turn on I had found giving head to be. When he had finished cumming he returned the favour, bringing me to the brink a couple of times before finishing me off by hand, my cum went flying across the grass and I felt weak at the knees. I'd realised that I'd have to try this again.

We got dressed and when I got home I was so horny and turned on I had a wank remembering what had just happened - I could still taste the cum in my mouth.

We've never met up since, although I have been down to the dogging site several times since and seen and experienced all sorts of action, I was even down there two nights ago - there always seens to be some sort of action there!!

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