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My first time ( true story)

My husband and I had been involved in swinging for several years, having tried several things. We had swapped partners and had several threesomes with other guys and came to realize that what we both enjoyed the most was me fucking other guys while hubby watched and took pictures and cleaned me afterwards. After a few years of me cuckolding hubby he brought up the idea of me fucking a blackman. I had heard the stories and admit that I was curious but had never seriously thought about fucking black. I figured hubby would really freak out if he thought I wanted to fuck a blackman, but here he was bringing up the idea. We had several serious talks about it and I realized he was very serious about it. I agreed to place an ad and see what happened.

Wow! I couldn't believe how big the response was. We narrowed it down to three guys and after writing and exchanging pictures with them we picked out one that sounded like what we wanted. Gene was a truck driver who went through our area every week, was experienced with couples and was willing to do everything he could to make my first time good for me.

We set up a public meeting with Gene to make sure that this was what we all wanted. When I first saw him I knew rght away that he was going to be my first. He was very good looking, dark and really polite. After about 30 min. of geetting to know each other we all agreed to meet the next week at our home. Hubby was to pick Gene up when he got to town and bring him to our home to fuck me.

That was a very long week. I was so nervous and at the same time excited. I had never even kissed a blackman and here I was planning of fucking one for the first time. Hubby and I talked about it alot that week and decided that we would go into it with open minds and the only rule would be if I said no to something it meant no.

When the night arrived Hubby went to pick Gene up while I waited at home. Hubby was going to tell Gene that this night was all about him and me and that anything we wanted to do was ok. I really liked the idea my husband was telling this blackman he was to enjoy me anyway and all he wanted.

When they got here Gene joined me on the sofa and hubby made drinks for us. We enjoyed our drinks and made small talk for awhile and I started to relax a little. Gene was so nice and realized how nervous I was and was taking his time. When hubby went to make more drinks Gene pulled me into his arms and kissed me. Wow! My first kiss from a blackman and I loved it. It felt so good being in his arms as we kissed and I knew I was going to enjoy this night. As we enjoyed our second drink Gene and I kept kissing each other and I was getting hot. I could tell hubby really enjoyed seeing how I responed to Gene's kisses. I went to the bathroom and when I came back I sat so close to Gene I was almost in his lap. As I sat down I let my short skirt slide up to where it was barely covering my panties. I leaned into Gene and kissed him. I let my hand rest on his cock as we kissed and soon felt his hand on my bare leg. As we kissed his hand started moving up my thigh and I let my legs fall open for him. As his handwent higher I started rubbing his cock and could feel it growing and getting hard. Gene's hand was now rubbing my pussy through my panties and I was getting very wet. I squeezed his cock and let my legs fall open wife for him. I felt his hand slide into my panties and he slipped a finger into me. As he fingered me I undid his pants and shoved my into his shorts and around his big cock, and it was big. I had never had my hand around a cock that big before and he was stilll growing and getting harder. I couldn't beleive it. Here I was on my sofa with hubby watching as I was making out with a blackman for the first time in my life and all I was thinking about was having Gene inside me. I stood up and took Gene by the hand, "Take me to bed now!" I led him to my bedroom with hubby following us. As soon as we were in there we were in each other's arms tearing our clothes off and we were both completely naked Gene laid me on my bed and pulled me tight against his body and kissed me. I was so hot and excited just being naked in my bed with a blackman. At that point I wanted Gene more than I had ever wanted anyone before. He kissed his way down my body until he was at my pussy. I watched as he buried his face in my cunt. I loved seeing his black face between my legs as his tongue expored my pussy. Hubby had to love this, seeing his wife with her legs spread wide as a blackman was eating her pussy. It wasn't long until I had my first orgasm and was shooting my juices all over Gene's face.

"Fuck me now! I want to feel your big cock inside me. I need fucked!" As I guided his cock to my cunt Gene kissed me and let me taste my juices on his face. He was so thick that we had to work to get it in me. I rubbed his cock all over my pussy as he pushed forward and finally the head of his cock was in me. God! He was so big and was stretching me way out. He slowly worked his cock into me until He was buried in me. I now had about 9 inches of black cock buried in my cunt and I loved it. He held it still in me letting me get used to the size and I was soon going nuts. I wanted fucked!

"Do you like that Katie"?

"Oh god yes! Your are so big and feel so good in me. Fuck me Gene! Fuck my married cunt"!
As he fucked me, driiving his big cock deep into me over and over I was having one orgasm after another. I had never felt anything so good before and knew I was going to want alot more of his black cock now.

"I'm getting close Katie, where do you want me to cum"?

I looked him in the eyes and said: "cum inside me".

"You want me to pump my black seed into your hot cunt"?

"Yes! Cum inside me. I want to feel you shoot your black seed into my married cunt". With one big thrust he held his cock deep in me and started shooting his cum in me. "Yes! I love it! Fill me with your cum"! As I felt him shooting blast after blast of his seed into me I had the most intense orgasm I have ever had. He jusst kept shooting cum into me. I didn't know anyone could cum so much. He flooded my pussy and I loved it and wanted his cum in me.

I held him tight keeping his cock in me as I let his cum soak into me. I was kissing Gene and telling him how good it was and how much I loved it.

"Do you like black cock"?

"I love it and want more".

"Will you be my slut and take care of my black dick when I want"?

"Yes! I want that more than anything. I need your BBC and cum and will take it anytime you want." Gene ended up staying the night with me and fucked me two more times filling me with cum each time. I had now been fucked by black and my only regret was that I hadn't done it years before. I was going to make up for lost time and for the next year Gene fucked me at least once a week and pumped me full of cum many times.For the next year I spent many nights with Gene and became his very willing and total slut. He gave me my first black cock anal, my first black facial and loved making my hubby clean me after he filled me with his seed. I loved it all! I loved having my husband watching his proper wife as she turned into a complete black cock slut.
One nightwhen Gene came over he ask. "Are you ready for a facial?"

"Oh Yes! I want you to cum all over my face." The thought of having aa blackman shooting his cum all over my face while my hubby watched really turned me on. Gene picked me up and carried me to my bed.

"Suck me Katie! Work my black dick and I'll reward you. For the next 30 mins. I licked and sucked his cock and balls as he watched me. I loved sucking Gene's big cock and he knew it and he liked watching me. He finally pulled out and jacked it off, shooting his cum all over my face and into my open mouth. I loved feeling him shooting on my face and loved swallowing his cum.

"Look at your pretty wife now. Her pretty face covered with black seed. Doesn't she look good?"

"Yes! That is so hot!"

"Well get over here and lick my cum off her face." Gene watched as hubby licked and swallowed his cum as he cleaned my face. "Yea Cucky, tast my black cum!" "Damm you like that nigger cum! Well try some black dick too!" Gene grabbed hubby's head and shoved his cock into hubby's mouth. I couldn't believe it! My husband was sucking a black cock. Once he had Gene hard Gene told him to give it to me. Hubby guided Gene's big black cock to my pussy and watced as Gene slid it into me. "Now watch as a real man fucks your wife." Gene fucked me, making me cum many times before taking me doggie. "Get under your wife and lick my dick as I fuck her!" Hubby licked us both as Gene pounded his cock into me. When he was ready he pulled out shooting his cum all over me and hubby's face. We all loved it.
After being Gene's slut for a little over a year he got tranfered and the fun ended. I told my husband I wanted to find another black lover and we placed another ad. After going through several replies we picked a soldier who was stationed not far from us. We exchanged several letters and pictures then set up a date. I was going to have my second black cock and couldn't wait.
When Kel arrived for our date I knew we had picked the right guy. He was much better looking than his pictures. He was about 6'2" 190lbs. and rock hard body. When he sat down by me on the sofa I could feel myself already getting wet. Just knowing I would soon be fucking someone new and getting another black cock was a real turn on for me. Kel and I really hit it off and as we got to know each other Hubby served us drinks and stayed in the background. After a couple of drinks Kel pulled me into his arms and kissed me.God! He felt so good. I want him and we were soon making out and our hands exploring each others bodies. As he slid his hand under my skirt and into my panties he felt my already very wet pussy. 'You really want this don't you?"

"Yes! I want you and have since you walked in." I managed to get my hand into his pants and around his very hard cock. He was big! Very thick and I knew I was going to love this. "It seems like you are ready also." We kissed as he fingered me and I stroked his cock until I couldn't wait any longer. "Take me to bed! I want you now!" We stood up and I led Kel to my bedroom and we stood by the bed and undressed each other. When we were naked we fell into bed and Kel pulled me tight against his hard body and kissed me. It felt so good and right being naked and in his arms pressing my little white body against his hard black body. Kel started kissing his way down my body, sucking on my tits as I laid there and enjoyed it. He worked his way down until he was kissing and licking the insides of my thighs. "Please!" He smiled at me then lowered his face to my pussy. As I felt his tongue slid into me I had my first orgasm. He just kept eating me and fingering me and I flooded his face with my juices. I was so hot and turned on and when he came up for air I took his face in my hands. "Fuck me now! I want your cock inside me."

"You want this black dick?"

"Yes! More than anything. I want you now!" I watched as he got into position and then felt his cock pushing at my pussy. He was so thick that he relly had to work to get it into me but soon he was buried in me. "Oh God! You feel so good. I love your cock, now fuck my married white cunt." I couldn't believe how good he felt as he worked that big black cock in and out of me and I was soon having one orgasm after another on his cock. "Oh god! You feel so good fucking me. I love it!" Kel kissed me as he fucked me and soon he looked at me and said: "I want to cum inside you."

"Yes! I want you to cum in me. Flood my married cunt with your seed!" He kissed me again as he drove his cock deep into me and held it there as he unload his seed into me. We were both moaning into each others mouths and he filled me with his cum. I had just been fucked by my seconf Blackman and he had shot his spream deep into my fertile pussy and I loved it. Kel fucked me two more times that night filling my cunt with his seed each time and before he left we made a date for the next week. We all knew that this was going to be a regular thing for some time. Kel told my hubby what a hotwife he had and that he was really going to enjoy giving me lots of black cock and cum. "I'm going to give your wife what she really needs and wants for as long as she wants it." I smiled at him and said: That's going to be a long time then."

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