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A Story for my Special Friend Annie

Annie and I share stories/ This is the last one I wrote for her when she returned home from work.

Hi Annie, you finally home from work? We kiss hello as you walk into the kitchen after an afternoon shift at work. How was your day? I have a surprise for you. You tell me about the people you saw at work and which ones were worth watching. We laugh and discuss the variety of shapes and sizes of the people you saw during your shift. Then you ask “What is the surprise I mentioned earlier?” I take your hand and lead you into the bedroom. You get excited thinking what we might be going to do together. We get to the bedroom and I have laid out an outfit for you. I tell you we are going out. You ask in this? I have laid out your black knee high boots, a short leather mini skirt and a light lace top for you to wear. You put on a nice lace bra to wear under the top so you are not totally exposed but not much is left to the imagination. You get dress and come back out to the living room where I am waiting for you. You ask me how you look? I am in awe looking at you. You look amazing! I walk over to you and kiss you long and deep. I hold you close. Looking at you in your outfit I get a tingle between my legs and I am getting a little wet hugging you and kissing you. I have to break off or I will take you right then and there and that would spoil the surprise. We get in the car and drive to our favorite night spot. As we enter you are still unaware of the surprise I have in store for you. We sit so we can see the dance floor. We order your favorite whole grain chips and bean dip since you haven’t had a chance to eat since you have gotten home. We order some fruit drinks so we can enjoy our evening. Then in walks my surprise. She is a friend of mine I have known since college. She comes up and says hello. You have never met her so you are still unaware of what is in store. She sits down and joins us. We start talking and my friend scoots in closer and closer to me and you realize she is rubbing her hands inside my thighs. You give her a glare and she notices. She asks you if you are jealous you quickly stammer and try to hide your feelings. She asks you if you would rather her be rubbing you. You are at a loss for words. I quickly speak up and say sure. Give Annie the treatment. She and I quickly switch seats. My friend is sitting next to you and much to your surprise she starts to rub your thighs like she was rubbing mine. You do not know how to react. She is getting you wet but you do not what to show how much she is exciting you for fear I will be upset. I keep you guessing as my friend continues to cress your thighs working her way higher and higher until you can’t take it anymore. You want her but you don’t want to upset me. I finally let you in that this friend is your surprise. You are relieved and not know that you are free to enjoy yourself. You open your legs and my friend Sarah goes for it. She continues rubbing you until she reaches you moist panties. She slips a finger under your panties. You shiver with excitement hoping she will explore you more. She obliges she is now rubbing your pussy lips up and down. You bite your tongue so you won’t start moaning out loud. After making sure you are totally moist she dips her fingers inside you. You quiver. Sarah pulls out and then searches for your clit. She rolls her thumb and pointer finger over your clit. Your body tightens in response. Then much to your dismay she stops. You are wanting and wondering why did she stop? I turn to you and say this is just a taste of what is in store for you tonight. I grab you hand and grab Sarah’s hand and say lets go. It is time to go back and get serious. I lead you back to the car. Sarah gets in her car and follows us back to our place. All the way home you are asking questions. I say nothing. You reach between my legs and find my panties drenched. This only increases your desire. We get back home Sarah follows us into the house. Before we take five steps into our place Sarah grab me and kisses me deeply and says is it OK. I say yes so Sarah turns her attention to you Annie. Sarah leads you to the couch. She sits you down and bends over and kisses you on the lips. She says you are in store for something special. You lean you head back exposing your neck. She kisses and sucks her way down and around your neck. You moan a little with the warm feelings. Sarah reaches up and caresses your breast. She lifts your lace blouse exposing direct access to your breast only being held by your lace bra. Sarah continues kissing you across your chest. You press your chest up to meet Sarah’s kisses. I settle back in the chair across from the couch to watch every move Sarah makes and exactly what causes the most pleasure for you. Sarah unsnaps your bra and frees your glorious breast. She begins sucking and nibbling on your nipples. You have forgotten all about me at this point. You grab Sarah’s head and start directing her downward. Sarah is more than willing to go down on you. You spread you legs wide to give her total access. Sarah dives right in. She licks you up and down darting her tongue in and out of you wet hole. She fucks you with her tongue. You feel the fire building inside you until you cannot contain it anymore. You explode gushing wave after wave of sweet love juice. Sarah laps up every ounce. She kisses her way back up to your lips giving your breasts and nipples one more once over for good measure. You kiss each other deeply and passionately. Then as the embrace breaks Sarah says to you. Did you like Sue’s surprise for you? You look at me on the chair and I just smile at you. You say oh yes it was perfect. Sarah tells you now you have to find a special surprise for me now. We all share a bowl of fresh fruit and laugh about the sounds you make as you cum. After a short while we say our goodbyes and as we wave farewell to Sarah and close the front door you grab my hand and say it is time for you to tank me for the wonderful surprise. You lead me back to our bedroom to have your way with me.

Now for a visual picture of this story. I just found this after I wrote this story. Watch this video.

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