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My Friends Step Uncle.

I was 13 years old and I had a friend that lived up the street that had a step uncle that lives with his parents. His step dad had lots of pornos and playboys laying around. My friend and I would get them out when they went away and would j/o while watching porn or looking at the hot woman in Playboy.

Well My friends step uncle would always wanna push the porn on us and sit in there while we watched it. We never truly felt comfortable when he did this. One day I went to see my friend and he wasn't there or were his parents. His step uncle was there and he invited me in. I was reluctant but i was curious at what he was getting at.

well of course he asked me if I wanted to look at some playboys. I always loved playboys so I did go ahead and look at it. Well while I was looking at the playboy my dick got hard. well I felt his hand run over my throbbing 7" fat cut cock. I pushed his hand away but he tried to comfort me. After his persistance I gave in and he unleash my fat cock and started to jack me off. Wow it did feel good but I did feel a little awkward but I just keep right on going. Well I had never came before so when I felt that feeling building up in my balls I didn't know how to act.

I started to moan a little and started to fuck his hand and I started to shoot my load. Fuck was it thick. he just started to jack me hard until I was done. I really felt weird now but fuck that felt awesome. I pulled up my pants and thanked him and went back to my house. about maybe 3 minutes went by and my friend called me and asked if I wanted to cum to his house to hang out. LOL I went back up there not knowing what to expect.

Stayed tune for my next true experience I will tell you about the time I spent the night with my friend.

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