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My fav ways to masturbate.

I have two ways I like to take care of my cock to give myself a short time to relax and some pleasure.

I need an atmosphere as a starter, so the perfect time is when alone at home in the evening. I am using some movies of course to turn on - I am a man after all - lol. For instance the following movie works for me very well. Mostly the second girl. She is sweet and I like when she smiles during this time.

Also this one is absolutely perfect. Even though usually I am more interested in brunettes. But she is an angel. Just take a look.

So when I am turned on, watching and massaging my cock. I am taking it out of my pants. I am taking off my clothes - I do not want to care about them when it gets messy - lol.

Then I have two choices to make it easier. One is my own spit. The second one is nivea soft. lol. So I am putting a lot of cream on my cock. Or I am spitting on it and on my palm until it is completely wet. Then I just play. Mostly around the head of my penis. Rubbing. Touching very hard. I'm masturbating until I cum. Then I play with my sperm on my cock for some time more. It's very wet around at that time believe me.

Well, this is my substitute where there is no real mouth and pussy around. But it works good. I am very relaxed after this.

I hope you enjoyed my story. Have you? ;) Do you have any other ideas how to give pleasure to oneself? Please tell me how you do it. How you do it when you're a girl? :)

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