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My Awakening

I am in my late forties, I am not ugly but I am no super model either and have only slept with three men in my life. My high school boyfriend, my first husband, and my current husband. Sex is okay with me but I have never understood what all the hubbub is all about.

My husband and I bought a small 30 room motel in a small town in Colorado that we thought we would run when we retire. I lost my job and since the k**s are all out of the house I went to run the motel.

Karen is the woman that has been running the motel and she and I got to be pretty good friends. Karen said that everything goes well but wait till hunting season, that is when the fun begins and we all make alot of money. Hunting season began and the hotel was booked solid. I noticed alot of the local women running around at all hours and asked Karen about this. She said that the local men are out hunting somewhere else and the women are here getting fucked. Also the men leave tips that we divide up after the season so everyone has some extra money. I told Karen that was crazy, Karen said that I should go with her tonight and see for myself and so I did.

We arrived at one of the rooms and there was several men there and a couple of women. I started drinking and getting a good buzz on, the were flirting and I flirted back. Two men took Karen and I into another room, karen and one man striped and got on one bed and me and the other man got on the other. Within minutes the man was fucking Karen. Karen was screaming in excitement and pleasure. I felt I had to also so I striped down. The man did a little foreplay then pulled of his clothes. His dick was small and he slid it in me and started to fuck me. It only took about two minutes for him to fill my pussy with his sperm. Again, I was not fully satisfied.

The next day I told Karen about my dissatisfaction with sex and that I thought I was messed up. She said that it was not my fault and that there was another get together in a couple of days and that I should try it one more time. Karen said that I just got ahold of some men that did not know how to please a woman.

The next party came and I was again getting a good buzz on and feeling pretty horny. Karen and I went to another room with about eight guys in it and one king size bed. There were two other women the were fairly attractive. Two men were all over me, their hands pulling my clothes off and exploring my body. Within minutes everyone was naked. I was stroking the mens dicks, they were large and hard. I looked around at everyone else. Wet pussies and hard dicks, Karen was getting fucked and sucking dick at the same time. My pussy was dripping wet and it needed some dick in it. One of the men slid his dick in and started to pound away. He withdrew and the other man inserted his dick and started to fuck me. I never have dreamed of getting fucked by two strangers at the same time, but I was loving it! This guy kept banging away faster and harder, I could feel dick swelling. I orgasimed harder than I ever had and he exploded deep in my womb, pumping what felt like gallons of jizz into me. He withdrew and the other man jumped into my soaked snatch and within minutes pumped his seed deep into my pussy. A third guy jumped into me and fucked me till he too pumped my pussy full of his DNA.

After that night I loved sex, with strangers and in groups. I became a total slut that would sl**p with anybody at the drop of hat. My husband is still in the city and I go to visit him but I cant wait to get back to our fuck motel and my friends. All it took was a really good dicken to get me to wake up and be a real woman and enjoy sex.

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