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Relief after school

When I was young and slender and the local girls in my village used to giggle and wolf whistle and shine their torches up to my bedroom as I was doing my homework,I would wave at them and there would be a huge squeal of excitement,then they dispersed.I was the local 'looker'.I had the long blonde wavy hair,blue eyes and sun tan from working the local farm with just my shorts on.I always had a sun tan in the summer.
I was still at school and got extra money working on the local farm during weekends and days off.
Sometimes when I got home in the afternoon from school I got bored and ventured down a local lane way down to a hay stack in a huge barn.It was about half a mile down the lane.Wasps and bees and butterflies would come around me,no one was around just the wavering heat shimmering off the fields and horizon.A year later I would loose my virginity to a visiting girl down this lane.
I was young and virale but without a partner.I used to get urges to get rid of my sperm.I had too much of it and felt I had to masterbate at every opportunity.
I clambered up onto the hay bales in the covered stack and stripped myself of everything .What made this exciting was if I got caught then what would I say?I felt great naked in the fresh air and I rubbed myself up and down and then lay down and started to fuck the crack between the bales.I came over and over and I felt great.I really liked my own body, people told me that I would make someone very happy one day.That day I made myself very happy!

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