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Step daddy, daddy and I

My parents got divorced when I was twelve because my mommy thought my daddy was cheating on her. She found dried up cum on the bedsheets and his boxers and hickeys on his neck. They were in a bit of a dry spell when she saw it so she knew he was getting sex from someone else. What she didn't know was that the hickeys and dried up cum was coming from me. At that time, my daddy and I wasn't having sex, we was only doing oral and using toys. The day I found out about my parents plans to divorce was the day that my daddy and I fucked for the first time.

My parents' divorce was finalized the summer I was 13 and my mommy was dating before then. She was a woman who didn't like being without a man's company too long. Being without a man's company means she doesn't like being without sex. It was only 3 weeks when the divorce was filed that my mommy was sneaking men into the house and having sex with them. I could hear it through my s****r and I bedroom walls because our rooms was right next to each other. I didn't meet any of the men she slept with; only saw them creeping out the house early in the morning

My b*****r, s****r, and I finally met one of my mommy's friends, he was our soon to be step-daddy. His name was Tony, he had four c***dren of his own. The girls were 10, 12, and 17. My future stepb*****r was 18 while my real b*****r was 15 and my younger s****r was 12. When we met him and his c***dren, they were already dating for 5 months. His c***dren and himself stayed the weekend at our house so we could get to know one another and hopefully become a f****y.

I took a liking to him immediately. He was handsome, with big green eyes and Italian. He had black curly hair that reminded me of a movie star. When night came, the girls and I all stayed in my room. It was like a slumber party. The room was a little cramped and I had to sl**p on the floor, but it was okay. I fell asl**p quickly, but woke up to the sounds of moaning. I looked around the room and the light from the outside street lamp reflected in my room and I saw that the girls were all sl**ping. I got up and went into the hallway and pressed my ear against my mommy's door. It was then I heard the moaning sound. I turned the knob of the door a little and saw it was unlocked. I peaked in a little and saw Tony giving it to my mommy doggy style. They were facing the door, but my mommy's face was buried into a pillow. I became immediately wet watching them and stuck my hands into my panties. I opened the door a little more and that's when Tony saw me. I opened my mouth as to scream, but he put his finger to his lip to give me the be quiet signal. The rest of the time, he fucked my mommy harder and watched me the whole time. I never cum from masturbating before, but that was the day I burst a load all over my panties and myself. I fell to the floor and Tony must have been ready to bust a nut because my mommy was screaming like crazy and he was slamming her. He pulled out and turned her over, cumming all over her tits. My mommy had nice, C cup tits and I was in heaven watching. I had my own cum sliding down my legs and ran to the bathroom. It was there I knew I had to have Tony.

Fast forward 8 months in the future. My mommy and Tony get married and life is pretty great. We move into Tony's big house and I have a room by myself. I still think about Tony, but so far nothing has happened. My daddy has visitation with my s****r, b*****r, and I every other weekend and some week days. We are still fucking every chance we get.

One Friday afternoon, my b*****r, s****r, and I come home from school and get our stuff ready to go to daddy's house. I go into my mommy's room without knocking and find Tony laid across the bed, watching tv. I asked where my mommy was and he said she went to the mall with my step-siblings. This meant that he had the house to himself. I was still dressed in my uniform and saw Tony eyeing me. I knew now was the perfect opportunity to have him. I closed the door and started unbuttoning my blouse. I saw the rise in Tony's pants immediately. I walked over to the bed and took off my training bra. Tony took his shirt off and that's when I noticed he was just in his boxers. His dick was coming out of the hole in his boxers and it was pretty big, 8 inches is what I learned later.

Tony told me that ever since that night he caught me peaking at him and my mommy he couldn't get me out of his head. We kissed and he picked me up and put me on the bed. He was gentle in taking off my skirt and green and pink cotton panties. He put the panties to his nose and sniffed my young juices. I was so wet watching him do that. I helped him take off his boxers and took his dick into my mouth. I heard him moaning and he felt him leaning against the bed. His legs were shaking and I knew I was doing a good job. I heard him ask me where did I learn to suck dick so good. Before I could answer, I heard the voice of a male say, "from me". I whipped my head up quick and saw my daddy standing there with his hands on his cock. He closed the door behind him, locked it, and told us to continue.

I continued sucking Tony's dick, with my ass up in the air, I felt my daddy come behind me. He was jerking his dick on my ass and I stopped sucking Tony and turned around to suck my daddy off. I made his dick sloppy wet and turned around to Tony. I was on knees and so was Tony. He was jerking his dick in my face and my daddy was pushing the head of his dick inside of me. My daddy is 11 inches of greatness. I immediately started moaning and not long before my juices were squirted all over the head and a little of my daddy's cock. My daddy told me I was such a bad girl for cumming so fast. Tony pushed me to the side and he started sucking my daddy's dick. He said he wanted to taste my juices on my daddy's cock. I later learned that Tony was bi-sexual and do know that my daddy is not, but that day, my daddy let him. Tony was able to take all 11 inches of my daddy's cock into his mouth and I thought that was amazing. After Tony finished sucking, he said he wanted to feel my daddy's dick in his ass. I think my daddy was so turned on watching me play with myself that he stuck it in there fast and hard. This was the first time I ever seen two guys fuck and it was the hottest thing. I had cum again for the second time.

My daddy took his cock out and Tony asked him was it okay if he stuck his dick inside of me. My daddy said sure and Tony started fucking me like a wild person. He kept saying how amazing my daddy's dick was inside of him. I definitely believed him because he was moaning and screaming like crazy. I was jerking his dick while my daddy was fucking him and I felt some of his pre-cum slide down my hand. While Tony was fucking me, with me on top, my daddy had put his dick in my mouth. I was sucking it the best way I could and for the 3rd time, I had cum, this time all over Tony's cock.

I got off of Tony and let my daddy fuck me again, this time he was on top. I was shaking with some dick inside of me. I was screaming and moaning. I watched Tony jerk his dick while rubbing my small tits and rubbing my daddy's back. My daddy started speeding up and I knew he was ready to cum. He pulled out of me and started playing with my wet pussy while jerking his dick in my face. Tony also got in my face and was jerking his dick. He started playing with daddy's balls some and five minutes later, they both had cum all over my face and hair. I was so turned on and had cum again. My daddy got down to lick my pussy out and Tony was licking my daddy's and his cum off of my body. Once they finished, Tony licked my daddy's cock clean from his cum and I saw both my daddy and Tony get rock hard. I sat back and played with my pussy with a dildo that was in the dresser drawer as my daddy had Tony bend over and fucking him in the ass. Tony was yelling so much, moaning about how amazing it was. My daddy was ready to cum so he pulled out of Tony and I opened my mouth to receive his cum. I swallowed to huge load his presented me and turned to Tony who was also ready to cum. He gave me an even bigger load, but I also swallowed that.

Soon I got dressed and went off with my b*****r, s****r, and I to my daddy's house, where we fucked later that night, both having the memory of the previous day in our head.

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