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College Roomate - Part 2

After junior year in college, the roommates situation totally changed. Two of the five dropped out. Two more, Tim and Chuck, joined the fraternity that had a house right behind our apartment complex. That left me, and I found a 2-person apartment in the same complex that I shared with a fellow theatre major.

My senior year was exciting, but I still did not have any sexual outlet. How I wish I knew then that the library restrooms had numerous glory holes that were very active! I only found this out years after graduation! I would run into Tim several times on campus, but other than a quick “how ya doing?” we had no contact. So it was a surprise the cold November evening just before Thanksgiving break when Tim called me.

I had just finished my mid-term exams; my roommate had already left on break, so I was hanging out alone, happy to have the grinding studies behind me for at least a full week. When I answered the phone, I had no idea who it was at first. There was a man on the other end who simply said, “So what are you doing?” Confused I asked who it was, and the man’s voice slurred, “I’ve got a nice hard cock for you!”

“Who IS this?” I demanded, feeling both excited and fearful. Who might know I wanted a hard cock? My heart raced when he simply said, “Tim”. In a brief conversation I learned that Tim’s frat b*****rs were all mostly gone, that he was alone in his room, stoned and horny. He wanted me to come over and have some beers with him, because he was lonely. I knew what this meant, and my cock was hard, my heart was racing and my mouth was totally dry. After the massage therapy of the prior year, Tim had made no mention that it had ever happened. I had convinced myself that he had been so stoned that he had no memory of it. Now I knew differently. It was being stoned that gave him the courage to act on his desires!

I agreed to come over right then, and I nervously walked the very short distance to his frat house. The fraternity was not really in a house, but rather a new apartment building in the same complex. It had the same layout as my building, so I easily found his door and knocked. I heard him tell me to come in.

Entering, I heard music playing in the background. The dark incensed-filled room was lit only by a streetlamp that came through the curtain in the living room, and from the hallway light. I could see Tim sitting on a couch, wearing only a karate robe that was in fashion then. When I closed the door, he told me to come on over and have a beer. I dropped down on the couch next to him and opened a can. Nervously I chugged quite a bit, while he just watched. So far, I had said nothing.

“So, how ya doing?” he asked, and I tried to get a basic – and boring – conversation going on midterms, studies being behind us, and leaving for home tomorrow. He didn’t want to have a conversation, however. He simply said, “My roommates are all gone” and simply opened the white cotton robe and pulled it off, dropping it to the floor.

He stretched out his legs, dropping a bare foot onto my crotch, and let the other leg drop to the floor – effectively shooting me his beaver, as it were. His cock was soft and floppy, hanging over his hairy balls. I gazed with lust at how his dark curly hair covered his crotch area, yet above his navel there were only a few stray strands. The contrast between the dark curly below and the white skin above was exciting. He lifted his cock to scratch his balls, staring me in the eyes, while his foot dug into my crotch again. “I’ve been thinking about how good your mouth felt” he told me.

I wasn’t going to wait for an engraved invitation, so I reached over and put his cock in my hand. It was hot, it was heavy, it was thick and starting to engorge. I slowly jacked my hand over his cock, cupping his balls with the other hand, as he grew harder, and I could hear his heavy breathing. “Yeah,” he almost whispered, “suck it. You need it too, don’t you?!” How could I argue with his logic? I leaned down and put his cockhead to my lips.

I kissed the head, licking all around it, then licked down the shaft to his balls. I loved the smell between his legs; funky, manly, sweaty. Very sexy. I loved the taste there too. His cock was now fully hard, and I went back to it, taking it into my mouth. I swore it was fatter and harder than I had remembered. Could he have been so d***k and stoned last time that he was not fully hard then? Whatever the case, his cock totally filled my mouth and I stretched my lips wide to suck up and down that thick shaft.

Now Tim stood up, and I quickly backed off his cock, not certain what was going on. “Don’t stop!” he said, pulling my head back to his cock. I leaned to his crotch as he stood in front of me, next to the couch. When he took my head and started to fuck my face I understood why he got off the couch. He was going to participate in this! Not just lie there and be done.

His hands were actually holding my head lovingly; he caressed my hair, my ears, my neck as he fucked my very willing mouth. Meanwhile I drew him even closer, pulling his ass toward me. I wanted a better angle, so without losing his cock, I kneeled on the floor at his feet. Now he leaned fully into me, his stomach on my forehead. He was murmuring sweet encouraging words as I sucked him deep into my throat.

My hands were caressing his hairy ass and his balls at the same time. My fingers on one hand were slipping into his hairy crack while the other hand cupped his hefty sack. I loved feeling his balls and ass while his cock was sliding in and out of my mouth! And to have him holding my head, making love back (in his own way) was thrilling too. But I was so confused at the same time.

“I’ve been thinking about how you ate my ass, and I want you to do it again,” he told me. He suggested we go back to his room, and I eagerly agreed. In his room, he flopped down on the bed, spread his legs wide and he told me to take off my clothes! Quickly I did so as I watched him jack his hard cock, noticing his eyes were watching me disrobe. Once nude, I quickly dove onto the bed between his legs, and started to lick his balls. His voice indicated me how much he enjoyed my tongue as I heard him tell me to do it more. I decided to give into my own lust and give him a full oral treatment, so I lifted his legs onto my shoulders and kept licking his balls as I pulled his crotch closer to my face. His encouraging noises let me know that I could suck each egg into my mouth, licking and tasting his ballsack. Then, as I started to lick behind his balls and towards his ass, he almost screamed in delight.

Lifting his legs higher, spreading them wider, I had perfect access to his hairy crack, and my tongue dug in, tasting his sweat, his funky and exciting Tim-taste. I eagerly stabbed his asshole, and I felt it widen as my tongue licked and poked. I was eating his ass, he was screaming and begging for more, and his legs wrapped around my head, pulling me closer. I could not have escaped (had I wanted to!). I alternated licking his asshole with probing it with my finger. I would run my finger up and down his wet crack, then I would poke at his hole, which twitched open wider and seemed to suck it in. So I pushed it in to the first knuckle. I heard him exhale in a hiss, and I knew he was into it. I continued to push in deeper, up to the second knuckle, then as deep as my finger could reach. I was hitting his hot button, and he was clamping down on my finger, making all verbal noises of ecstasy.

I was able to push his legs apart enough for my head to return to his cock, and while I slowly finger fucked his ass I swallowed his cock all the way to the root. He didn’t know which way to push or pull; he wanted my finger in deeper, and he wanted to fuck my face at the same time. Eventually we found a rhythm that allowed both!

After a while, my lips were almost numb from clamping down on his cock, my teeth biting into the inside of my lips. Tim showed no signs of cumming; his cock was hard and the veins popping. This stud was either so stoned that he couldn’t cum, or he was a man of great endurance. In either case, I was so busy with my hands on his ass and balls, and my mouth on his cock, that I could not jack my cock. It was hard and dripping!

“Oh fuck me Dave. Put it in me again!” he told me. Again, this turn of events almost frightened me. But Tim again led the way, lifting his legs in the air, holding them behind the knees, and baring his ass fully to me. I spit on my hand to wet my cock, and rubbed it with my precum. His ass was already pretty wet and loose from my earlier tongue and finger efforts, and without thinking about any other lubricant, I put my cock to his asshole, and pushed.

I was going in, I did not stop, and suddenly I was buried in his ass! “Yes,” he hissed, and pulled my ass up to him, dropping his legs around my back. His legs straddled my back as though he was in a saddle, but I was in his saddle! And it felt beyond description. Hot, moist, tight. I was thinking about lava, silk, and muscle, all from what his ass made my cock feel! I began a serious pumping now, pulling my cock back to the head, then afraid I would slip out, I pushed it back in again, up to the root. More sensations than I could even acknowledge, no less remember, came to me. I surrendered to these sensations and just fucked him. It was automatic, a****listic, instinctive. It was bliss.

This went on for probably a much shorter period of time than my memory tells me. Certainly I was more excited than I had been in a long time. Clearly I was inexperienced in control or prolongment of lust. I just know that the expression of drowning in your own passion as you cum is true; it DID happen. I was cumming, and I was shouting. I was pumping and I didn’t even think about Tim as I did; I just slammed and shoved it in and out until I had long stopped shooting.

It was when I felt my softened cock slipping out of his ass that I “came to” again, noticing Tim. His eyes were glassy, shiny, and there was a faint smile on his face. His cock was still rock hard, and I moved to take it into my mouth again. As I did, it revived him and suddenly it was his turn to get off. He rolled to his side, as I rolled with him, and soon I was face up on the bed with him straddling my face. He fucked me seriously now, hard and deep – I was choking a bit and trying not to gag. But I wanted him to fuck my face! I loved how he went from pussy to stud; from fuckee to fucker. His cock was pumping and sliding in and out hard. I was groping his balls, feeling some of my cum dripping out of his ass down onto his balls and my hand. Now his balls drew tight in his sack and I knew I was to finally get my creamy reward! As he shot – hard and frequently – I noted the strong almost unpleasant taste of his cum. By then I had tasted enough to know that this was a little different. I assumed it had to have been due to the grass, or whatever d**gs he was on. But I didn’t care. This was a hot, masculine, fraternity stud who I had just fucked, and now was sucking dry! What better way to end those mid-terms!?!

Post Script: I am saddened to say that while we parted sweetly that night (we even kissed and hugged quite a bit as we both recovered from our intense orgasms), this was our last session. I had hoped he might call me again some night when he was alone, stoned and horny. But I left campus in early January to begin my student teaching semester, and he never did call in those intervening weeks before I left. And today, convinced that he is married (more than once perhaps), I am also certain that there is a dildo or vibrator in Time’s bedroom that has been used by Tim, and perhaps even by his wife on Tim! Has he had clandestine meetings with other men to get the real thing? I sure hope so!

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