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Rachel: Fire & Innocence- Pt.3 - Toys R Us

Rachel - Fire & Innocence-Part3-Toys R Us

I started to get up when I saw Harry head to his private shower. Rachel grabbed my arm and pulled me down to her side. She had a warm, wistful look on her face, and she tilted her head and smiled at me. She told me that Uncle Harry had said he thought I was a special person. She said she could see why. She thought I was special too, kind and cute and fun to be with. In fact, I was the first person her age that she ever had sex with.

As she ran her finger up and down my thigh, I thought about what she said. It was true that she was only a little less than a year older than me, but she seemed so much more mature and worldly wise. She’d already been around the world modeling, but she was refreshingly down to earth, and was neither pompous nor pretentious. Still, I felt like a gangly newborn colt trying to run with a thoroughbred.

Rachel suggested we take a shower together in the main bathroom, so we got up and almost trotted down the hall, hand in hand. I felt like pinching myself to see if this was all for real, but I was afraid I might be dreaming, and if that was the case, I didn’t want to wake up. We soaped each other up, and playfully teased and rubbed and embraced under the steamy hot water. As I toweled off her smooth, flawless body, she turned away from me, bent over spread-legged, and put her hands flat on the closed toilet lid. I worked the towel down her back, over her ass, and between her legs. She wiggled and giggled, but she maintained her position. I dropped the towel, and began to massage her smooth, tight ass with both hands. She groaned quietly. I knelt down and ran my tongue down her crack and over her pussy lips, finding her clit, and twirling the tip of my tongue over it madly. She inhaled deeply, and spread her legs wider.

Sensing that I was reading her body language correctly, I spread her ass cheeks and tongued around her hole in a circular motion. She jumped a little at first, but she settled in quickly, and bent over a little further so I could get to her pussy. I was more than happy to oblige, and my tongue attacked her pussy and clit with renewed vigor. Her groans got louder, and I heard her tell me to finger her. She didn’t specify which hole she wanted me to finger, but it didn’t seem like a good time to be asking questions. So, I plunged a finger in each hole. I think she was surprised, because her knees buckled involuntarily for a moment. She regained her composure quickly, and started pushing her ass back onto my fingers in rhythm with my sharp thrusts.

I could feel both her holes contracting against my fingers, as I increased the pace, and then she astounded me once again by telling me to fetch the back brush that was hanging in the shower. Of course, I had to stop fingering her in order to get it, but I’d already learned that Rachel got whatever she wanted, when it came to all things sexual. The hard, plastic brush had a long handle that was rounded on the end. I turned toward her, and she still maintained her same stance, bent over, hands on the toilet lid. She ordered me to shove the handle up her pussy, and give her a good thrashing with it. I happily complied, but I wasn’t sure how much longer I could keep my throbbing cock in check. Harder, deeper, faster seemed to be her mantra. Just as I worked up to a good solid tempo, she took over the brush handle herself, and barked at me to stick my cock in her ass. I thought it sounded like a great idea, and I pulled her cheeks apart wide, and completed my mission on the first strike. Her knees buckled once again, but she recovered her composure and took both intruders with equal fortitude.

I held on to her hips, and fucked her ass with all my might. The image of her fucking herself with the brush while I was taking the back road, was just too much for me, and I lost control of my load deep into her rectum. The feeling of my hot teen cum filling her ass must have put her over the top, because her intense orgasm erupted almost immediately thereafter. Her body jerked and bucked and shuddered, for minutes, and I wondered if she was having a seizure or something. Finally, her wild movements slowed down, she let go of the back brush and it slipped out of her oozing pussy and dropped to the floor. I pulled the remains of my cock out of her steaming ass hole, and we stood up and tried to support each other. She rested her head on my shoulder as our legs regained some strength, and I couldn’t imagine having another experience for the rest of my life that could top this one.

We showered again, and went out to the dining room to see what Harry cooked up for us. I guess we were gone for a long time, because he had a whole feast laid out on the table. As we thanked him for such a beautiful spread, he winked at us, and said he had something special for dessert.

We must have worked up quite an appetite, because we all gulped down our food like we hadn’t had a meal in a week. Rachel chatted excitedly about how much fun she was having, and how we had the rest of the night, and all day tomorrow together. Harry and I nodded in agreement. She seemed genuinely happy to be in our midst, and I thought about pinching myself again, but decided I didn’t want to tempt fate.

After we cleared the table and started the dishwasher, Harry led us to his studio. Neither one of us was really surprised to see the room transformed into Uncle Harry’s famous party room. Rachel let out a shriek, and ran over to the swing, and climbed aboard. She took a position on her back, with her legs straight back over her head. She implored her uncle to strap her down quickly, so we could get started. I was distracted by the vast array of toys lined up on the long table. Some of them I recognized from last week’s party, when I was the special guest. But I liked this setup even better. Here was this gorgeous young model just itching to get her pretty little holes filled with the toys of our choosing.

Once Harry had her securely strapped into the vulnerable position she chose for herself, he motioned for me to start the show, while he busied himself with his camera adjustments. I leaned over Rachel’s exposed crotch, and licked everything she had, and she squirmed under my tongue strokes. When I had her lubed up, I selected a soft, pink dildo of moderate size. I worked it easily into her awaiting pussy, and went about slamming it with some f***e. In between groans, she blurted out, is that all you got? Harry’s camera was shooting away, as I put wrapped both hands around the pink shaft, and drove it deep into her love canal, stroking her pussy faster and faster. Rachel exclaimed how good it felt, as she reached under her body and spread her own ass cheeks nice and wide. She demanded that I fuck her ass with something too. So, I bent the long dildo in half, and plunged the other end into her impatient ass hole. She bucked against my advances, and her legs kicked and thrashed wildly in the air. The flash of Harry’s camera kept firing as he took shot after shot of his niece being violated by so much rubber cock. I was driving both ends of the toy to the hilt, and I felt her pussy tense up, then release her hot flowing juices all over the dildo and down my hand.

She had barely settled down, when she told me to grab the riding crop and sting her with it, all over her body. I obeyed her command, and gave her a few sharp whacks on her ass, as the leather end of the whip met her pure skin again and again. Her body tensed up with each blow, and she begged me to sting her juicy pussy and her aroused nipples. As I worked her pussy over with the leather riding crop, Harry put his camera down, and joined me by my side. He had grabbed the hard Black Monster from the table, and teased her ass hole with the large tip of the menacing dildo.

Rachel squirmed with delight, as she recognized the feel of her old friend pushing into her shiny hole. It’s been so long, she said to her uncle, as she commanded me to slap her tits with more f***e. Give it to me like you mean it, she challenged me. I went about making her breasts bright red, being careful not to leave any lasting marks. She was a model, after all, and she had that innocent image to maintain for her adoring public.

Rachel grunted like a wild a****l in heat, as Harry plunged her ass f***efully with the big black intruder. As she was preparing for yet another creamy orgasm, I switched back to her glistening pussy, and stung her clit rapidly and unmercifully, until she yelled out, and squirmed uncontrollably, squirting her love juices out with some f***e.

I looked over at Harry, and he was sweating, and smiling, and his cock was as hard and twitching as mine. Rachel regained her composure enough to ask her uncle to release her from her bonds, so they could “Double Down”. I didn’t know what she was referring to. It sounded like something one did in a card game, but Harry knew exactly what she had in mind. He unstrapped her from the swing, and she took a kneeling position on the floor, head down and ass up. Harry stood me over top of her vulnerable ass, and guided my cock into her quivering ass hole. I was so turned on that I began pumping her ass with reckless abandon, holding onto the small of her sweaty back for dear life.

Harry then surprised me by kneeling down behind Rachel’s body, and with one smooth motion, slipped his eager cock right under mine, in her same hole. What an amazing sensation! We both fucked her ass together, and the three of us developed a timely rhythm that took us to the brink of exploding. Just when I couldn’t imagine a hotter scenario, Rachel demanded that we both pull out of her. As we complied with her command, she whipped her body around, and knelt facing our erupting cocks. She grabbed our shafts and pumped each one vigorously, and in a flash, Harry and I were spurting our loads all over her waiting face, and down her tits. It was truly a beautiful sight to behold, as we spewed more and more cum onto her angelic face, and watched as her tongue whipped around, trying to drink in as much of our gooey offerings as she could reach. Wow! I thought. What a wild c***d she was! As Rachel busied herself with capturing any remaining cum from our spent cocks, I thought of all the new things I was experiencing, and I now had a clear understanding of the true meaning of “Double Down”.

As we all slumped to the floor in an exhaustive heap, we smiled and laughed and congratulated ourselves on another well done sexual adventure. Harry stood up first, and announced that he had enough for now, and he bid us goodnight. It was well after midnight by then, and I had to admit I too was finished. Rachel thanked us both (she thanked US??) for a great time, and asked me if I would mind sl**ping with her (MIND??). We headed down the hall to the shower once again, then, jumped into the guest bed together. Rachel finally had her desires sated, at least for now, and she curled up close to me, and we fell into the deep sl**p of the innocent…more deep than innocent, I suppose. My last thought before passing out was an eager anticipation of tomorrow’s festivities.

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