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Adventures Donna-Part 4 Amanda's initiation

Adventures of Donna--Part 4 (Amanda's initiation)

And then she had an idea, but it meant leaving Mr. Fuck Stick for a few minutes and Donna didn't want him to disappear. She grabbed his cock and spat a huge gob of saliva on his dick-head. She started to jerk him off, letting the spit grease his pole. Eric thought she was getting him ready for more deep throat action, and he closed his eyes, moaning deeply. Donna expected this reaction. She reached under the bed and found the pair of hand cuffs she kept. In a swift motion she pulled out the cuffs, clamped one end around Eric's wrist and the other around the bed post. He was trapped, and started to struggle. "Don't worry Eric babe, I'm not into anything kinky," she said obviously thinking drinking piss like water was standard practice. "I just don't want you to go anywhere, while I'm away."

And with that Donna tongued his big dick a few times and left the room. In the bedroom she looked at herself in the mirror, and smiled broadly as she noticed the cum and piss all over her face, hair and tits. She grabbed a towel and tried cleaning herself up a bit; wrapping her beautiful body in a white robe when she was done.

She grabbed her keys, walked out the apartment and took the stairs one flight down in her bare feet. She knocked on apartment 16 and a young voice answered, "just a second." When the door swung open Donna was face to face with it seemed. "Hi Auntie, come on in," said Donna's niece. "Actually, Amanda, I have a surprise for you, but it's up in my apartment. Leave a note for your Mom, telling her you're with me. Hurry up sweetie, he''s getting cold."

Amanda was Donna's 11 year old niece, but in almost everyway they could have been twin s****rs.

She was slightly shorter than Donna, and her hair was a bit longer. For an 11 year old girl, her ass was incredible; smooth, coffee black mounds on either side of a long, deep crack. In an unusual twist, Amanda's titties were actually bigger than Donna's, though not a lot. They could have been twins...the 33-year old monster cock sucker and her 11-year old baby-faced niece.

However, the similarities went beyond the physical. A few months ago Donna had caught Amanda playing with her pussy. Donna never missed an opportunity, and within moments of seeing the girl's fresh, young cunt she had crammed her talented tongue between Amanda's twat lips. The little girl had grind her pussy so hard into her Aunt's face, Donna thought she might suffocate. Instead, the girl's sweet tasting cunt juice had filled Donna's mouth.

Ever since that day Donna had initiated Amanda into several more lusty sex practices. Amanda's favorite was fist fucking because she was able to take Donna's entire hand into your gaping pussy, giving her a wild orgasm. In fact, the thing that Donna found most amazing about her little niece was how big the little girls cunt could stretch. Amanda had been able to handle Donna's largest sex toys, including one called the "Devastator"...which measured 12 inches long and 7 inches fat.

Amanda came back to the door. "OK, Auntie Donna. Let's go." She took Donna's hand and the two climbed the stairs back up to Donna's apartment.

Back in the apartment, Donna sat Amanda on the couch. Donna couldn't help but notice how beautiful her niece was. The nipples on the little girl's perfectly shaped tits were poking through her white t-shirt in anticipation of what her Aunt could have for her. "Now, listen baby. I've got something for you that might be scary, but trust me...this is going to be the most incredible experience you will have in your life. Don't be afraid."

"Come here Amanda, take off your shirt." The girl gave her aunt a huge grin and slipped the shirt over her head. Donna gazed at the girl's smooth torso, and reached out to touch Amanda's silky bra cup. Donna ran her hands over the girls tit, gently tweaking her fat nipple. "Mmnn, that's nice auntie. Please suck my tits." Donna eased the bra straps off the girls shoulders, marveling at the firmness and roundness of your niece's tits. "You like them don't you? Tell me you like them Auntie." "Oh yes, honey, I do. Put your tits in my mouth, baby."

Amanda leaned forward and placed the nipple of your left tit in Donna's hungry mouth. Donna sucked on the tip, noticing how fat and long the girl's nipple was growing. She reached up with her hands and massaged the right tit. "Oh, yes auntie, suck my take the whole thing," Amanda cooed as she smashed her small chest into Donna's face. Donna opened her talented mouth wide and inhaled the whole tit, lapping the nipple hard with her tongue. She reached down to Amanda's short checkered skirt and moved the fabric out of the way, reaching for the moist spot between her legs. Donna quickly noticed that Amanda's pussy was soaking wet. She pushed her fingers around the panties, and felt the juice at the entrance to her niece's sweet cunt.

"Mmnn. Donna, please rub my clit. I want you to fuck me with your hand." And Donna urgently starting rubbing the young slit while sucking on the hard nipple. Gently she started inserting two fingers, which easily slid in. "Come on Donna. Stop playing with me. Fuck me now." Not wanting to disappoint her protégé, Donna tightened her fingers together into a salute and began pushing her hand in. Amanda's cunt juices and wide pussy made the task easy. Within minutes, Donna's entire hand was sliding in and out of her niece's deep hole.

Donna released her mouth from Amanda's tits and starred at the young girl, who had her eyes closed and was softly moaning from the fist fucking. It was hard to believe. When Donna was eleven she was busy playing with Barbie dolls, and yet here was her identical eleven year-old twin fucking her hand like a whore and loving it.

"Oh Auntie Donna. Can't you push it in more? Please fuck me harder." "Baby, I think it's time for your surprise." At that moment there was a noise in the bedroom. "What was that?," said Amanda. "It's your surprise. Come on." Donna kissed your niece hard on the mouth, playing with her tongue. She gently slid her hand out of the girl's pussy, bringing it to their lips. "Here, Amanda, lick the juice off my hand." Amanda willingly complied, sucking on each of Donna's fingers, loving the taste of herself. "That's good. Get it all. Lick it clean. That's a good girl." Donna could never get over the girl's lust. They were twins in every sense.

"Let's go. Now, close your eyes, and hold my hand. Don't open your eyes until I tell you."

Donna led Amanda into the bedroom. Eric was still handcuffed to the bed post with one hand, but his other hand was stroking his huge cock. He must have been jerking off since Donna left because his pipe was near it's peak length and hard as a rock. He was softly moaning.

"Now Amanda, don't open your eyes. Give me your hand." Donna took her niece's hand and placed it on Eric's shaft. Eric's stroking fist bumped into her fingers, and she pulled her hand away. Donna took her my the wrist. "Amanda, open your hand." She did, and Donna placed the girl's palm against the hard cock. "Close your hand honey." Amanda wrapped her small hand around the pipe, though she was hardly able to really grasped it. "Auntie Donna, can I open my eyes? I want to see. Is there someone else here?" "Yes, I'd like you to meet Eric."

End of part 4

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