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Chavs use ball gag and cuff me.

I decided to see Jake again for another sex session. I wore my sexy number from last time as he really liked it. I wore purple lipgloss this time instead of red and no knickers

I met Jake at his house as it was empty. He opened the door and dragged me in. He got hold of me and dragged me up the stairs. However halfway up we just started snogged hard and fast. We could not resist and we went at it on the stairs. I was sat on the stairs halfway up and him on top of me. He snogged me and his hand went up my skirt to my wet bare pussy. He put his finger in my slit and fingered it hard and fast as he tongued me deep. He then pulled out after 10 mins of furious fingering and snogging and pulled his trackkies down. He stripped off and spread my legs apart, he put his dick deep inside me bare while he snogged me on the stairs. He fucked me hard and fast like this for a bit, my slit taking his massive cock deep inside it. My tight hole felt so good as he pounded me. He then lifted me up and had me bounce on his cock as he walked up the stairs. At the top of the stairs he pushed me against the wall, still holding me up in the air and still fucking me. I bounced on his cock, holding onto his shoulders as he pounded my pussy hard and fast. He banged me harder and faster up and down on his dick while he snogged me and sucked my neck as I was brought up and down on his cock. He is really strong so bounced my light frame with ease on his large dick. He then took me into the bedroom as I rode his cock. He pulled out and sat me on the bed and I got a surprise.

In his room was Danny. I was well pleased as he was sat naked on the bed. He got a ball gag out and some handcuffs and put them on me. I was sat on the bed naked now as they had stripped me. I had my hands cuffed behind my back and a pink ball gag on gagging me. My cunt was leaking juice.

Danny spread my legs apart and got in-between them and started to suck and lick my pussy and clit out while I was cuffed and gagged sat on the bed at the head leaning back on the headboard. I bit on the gag hard and moaned through the gag loving what was happening to me. Jake then came up to me while Danny was licking me out and pulled the gag out of my mouth with his teeth. He put his tongue in and snogged me and then put the gag back in and licked it while it was in my mouth. He said “Jade you are a bad bad girl and you are being gagged while we fuck u babe”. He then pulled the gag back out and put his dick in my mouth fucking my mouth hard and fast while Danny was fingering and licking my now dripping wet slit. I was cuffed and so horny as these two studs had me trapped.

Danny then took control and had me on my knees bent over, gagged and cuffed. He put his huge cock up my tight pussy and fucked me hard and fast while Jake played with my tits feeling them up while Danny pumped my cunt. Jake then pulled the gag out and then put his dick in my mouth fucking my face hard and fast while Danny pumped my cunt. Harder and faster he pumped my face his balls I licked as well while he did this. Danny pumped my cunt harder and faster and then had Jake gag me again with the ball gag. Jake wanked himself off watching Danny pump my pussy while I was bent over gagged and cuffed. He came on my face quick, cum all over it and I could not do anything about it which turned me on even more.

Danny then undid my cuffs and put me on my back still gagged. He put his dick in my pussy and had me put my arms around him as he fucked me hard. He had Jake cuff me so my hands were cuffed around his back. He then drove his cock deep within me hard and fast, he kissed and bit my neck and sucked bit my tits as he drove his cock deep inside me. He pumped me harder, thrusting his cock all the way up my snatch as he sucked my tits. I was gagged still and bit harder on the gag as he pumped me more and more. He then came deep inside my twat and pumped me after he came. He keep fucking me even though he had shot his load it was so hot as he is dick banged me while his cum juice was still in my tight twat. He had Jake uncuff me and pulled out then.

We drank some cider and Danny had some weed which got him hard again. He had Jake gag me and cuff me again and had me bent over the bed. He fucked my pussy hard pumping me good, he did this for 10 mins then got on his knees and licked my arsehole out. He tongued it deep and then spat on his cock to get it wet and then put it in my arse. He fucked my arse good, my screams and moans gagged by the ball gag. He had hold of my cuffed hands as he drove his dick deep inside my tight arsehole. He pumped it hard and fast and I came hard with a thunderous orgasm .

He then came in my arsehole. We got dressed, I was untied and gagged and then smoked normal cigs and drank more with them. Jake then gave me a joint to make me relax and he had me on the bed on all fours smoking this joint while he fucked my swollen cumfiled arsehole. Jake came really quick in my arse not long after Id finished the joint. We then all got really pissed and I just got away with it at home as I sneaked back in late.

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