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My Lilyxxx (Part 2)

I lay Lily on the bed face up and admired her curves and spectacular bust with my hands, stroking and massaging every inch. She lay there moaning, arms spread wide, totally relaxed. My cock was still semi erect and growing, my balls ached recovering from the huge load I shot over her ass a few minutes before. I was so horny for her, I didn’t care; the pleasure was far greater than the sensitive pain I was in.

I reached under the pillow next to her and pulled out a blindfold. I kissed her and said hush baby as I placed it over her head. Lily breathed heavily, her vision gone. She could hear and feel me rustling around under the pillows. I pulled out two silk ties and bound each hand tight to the corners of the bed. Her arms stretched out, she smiled as i whispered in her ear to reassure her. Instinctively she opened her legs and said take what is yours.

I stood over the bed briefly and looked down on her soft curvy body. I stroked my dick, now hard, close to her breasts. She could feel the warmth and the air disturb around her tits as i wanked off over her magnificent chest. As precum leaked from the head, i wiped it on her nipples then rubbed it into her erect nipples and moistened her tits until they glistened. Lily was desperate for my cock and moaned as i rubbed and pressed it against her chest. I straddled her and wrapped her tits around the shaft and began to fuck her tits. Slowly at first, gliding my meat thru her tits and up to her lips. Lily opened her mouth wanting me to enter. I teased her with the tip of my wet cock brushing her lips, she stuck out her tongue and with each upward thrust thru her big tits I paused at her mouth so she could taste me. She said ‘i want your cock in my mouth, fill me with it, fuck me with it’.

I changed position and reverse straddled her, my legs either side of her head then lay down over her facing her pussy. I pushed my stiff cock down into her mouth to let her gorge on my meat and kissed between her legs licking her juice from her soft thighs before focusing on her gaping sodden pussy. OMG i loved to taste her...i could spend hours with my serpent tongue buried in her cunt. She writhed underneath me, my full weight bearing down on her, her groans muffled by my thick cock throbbing as I fucked her mouth. I could feel her body jerk as my tongue played with her sensitive bl**d engorged clit. I ran my hands up and down the full lenght of her legs from toe to pussy. Deprived of sight I knew her other senses were heightened and wanted to make her whole body tingle and come alive.

My cock was swelling further in her mouth as she sucked me deep and hard but I wanted her to cum first before i fucked her again. I brought my hands back up to her pussy and pushed her legs wide apart. I pulled her pussy lips wider, leaving her clit proud then engulfed it in my mouth, sucking on it, licking and flicking the exposed nerves forcing her to release her mouth’s grip on my meat to gasp for air. She tried to speak but couldn’t; i could tell she was close. I pushed three long fingers into her gaping slit; they slid in effortlessly deep into her hot throbbing cunt. Then a forth and finally my fist...Lily tried to scream but i rammed my cock deep into her mouth. She came instantly, her pussy clamped around my fist and contracted hard. I said ‘yes baby, cum for me, cum hard, soak me in your cum’. Her load shot over my fist inside her and out over my arm, she thrust her pelvis upward at the same time fucking my fist as she came.

I lay over her while she rode out her orgasm but before it subsided, I got up and moved my cock between her legs, ramming it inside her and putting my fingers in her mouth so she could drink her own cum. Her oral work on my cock left me close to cumming so i wasted no time, pushed her legs over her shoulders and plowed my cock deep inside her pushing my body hard over her. She groaned loudly telling me to fuck her hard with my big cock. ‘Fucking yes! Fuck me, fill me with your meat, fucking give it to me!’ I loved my screaming slut whore.

She had no birth control but I was determined to give her my load. I whispered in her ear...’you want master’s cum. You need my load inside want to feel it blast inside u... ‘ Each time fucking her deeper and deeper, filling her up her gasps filling the air. Her hands were tied tight...she couldn’t move, my body pressed hard against her, sliding around soaked in sweat. She begged me not to cum in her ‘please don’t, please master....’ then without warning I bottomed my cock inside her and shot my load high up her pussy.

Lily screamed..’yes fucking omg yes! Fucking cum in me, oh baby fill my pussy. It feels so warm..i can feel it pumping in me. Oh fuck master, omg, I’m cumming again’. I screamed her name at the top of my voice..the pain of such a huge orgasm but kept my meat inside, pumping hot seed into her cervix. Lily gyrated her pussy over my cock milking me for every bit of cum she could. OMG what a load, I felt 8 heavy shots pump inside her then collapsed in total exhaustion over her body kissing her passionately. All i could say was ‘fuck’ over and over. I left my waning cock inside her, muscles still pumping and i could feel her pussy muscles contracting around it.

I removed her blindfold and restraints. She wrapped her arms around my body and cuddled my exhausted body smiling at me saying she could feel my seed swimming in her body..mmmmm. It felt so good. I rolled over next to her, slid my fingers inside her senstive cunt and removed some of my seed, more followed spilling on the bed as it poured from her gaping hole. I took my seed to her mouth and she played with it before swallowing my sweet cum mmmmmmm.

My slut, my slave, my lover.....Rabid Jack xxx

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