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King University New Slut Part 1

It was my first day at King University as a freshman and I couldn't help but to be nervous. I knew this was going to be a totally different experience than high school. I had went to a catholic school back in the suburbs of Boston and I wasn't the most popular guy in the school. I was your average dude with a few friends here and there. I had messed around around with a few chicks but unfortunately nothing sexual.

Since it was a strict school many girls wanted to save themselves for marriage. (Yeah I know bummer) Fortunately for me, I was Bi, I was more into guys then girls. Like any normal bi dude, I lusted over many of the guys. I was a slut in my mind but since I was closeted I would never act out my fantasies.

I walked down the long winding pathway getting stares from all the guys as I walked by. It wasn't because I was so fuckin' sexy but more because I stuck out like a sore thumb. King University was an all black, all male school in Atlanta. I was the only white dude (at least from I know).

It wasn't my intention to go to this type of school, but I was majoring in Film acting and from I hear, they were one of the best at the cheapest cost. Of course my parents had a problem with my going to an all black college, coming from an all white catholic school system with few scarce black population, it was a little too much for them. After long and intense persuasions they finally excepted my decision. Along with that I had highly exceptional grades the school allowed me to enroll.

So here I was having all these really attractive black men staring at me. Many with mixed reactions but most of them seemed positive.

I finally made it to class and the room was already full. I hunted down a seat luckily next to a really hot looking guy. He looked at me as I sat down and smiled.

"Finally some diversity." he whispered. I smiled back and shyly say, "Hi."

"I'm Jamal Hendricks." He reached out his hand and I grabbed it to shake. He was surprisingly smooth.

"I'm Tyler James." I respond.

"Is this your first year?" I ask putting my books down.

"I'm a sophomore, its a tight school. Everybody's cool. You a freshman?" He asked.

"Yep, my first day, I'm still kinda nervous cuz it is a math class and I hate math." I say.

"I feel You." He says showing his TV commercial smile. He turned, giving me a chance to check him out. He looked about 6ft, dark skinned, with corn rolled braids, about 18 or 19, he had an average figure like me which is sexy to me.

I was about to ask him a question when the professor walked in saying, "Good afternoon class."

Wow he was hot too. "I'm professor Donald Morris, this MATH 2015 Intermediate Algebra, if your in the right class... I feel sorry for you." The class laughed at his joke and while he talked I checked him out.

He looked to be in mid to late forties, he had a sexy bald head his face had a trimmed goatee that surrounded his big red lips. I couldn't tell about his body because of the suit and tie. I looked down and noticed a wedding ring. I wanted to be turned off but he was so hot. I could see this was gonna be an interesting year. All these sexy black men in my class, it was going to be hard to pay attention.

For the next two hours or so, he lectured and of course my mind couldn't take it all in. All I could do was stare at him. I could feel my A.D.D kicking in, but before it took control I received a note from Jamal. It was a tic-tac-toe game he made up. I look at him and he mouthed, "Wanna play?"

For the next hour we played a few games. He was fun and sexy what a great combination.

Unfortunately for us the professor assigned the class an assignment to work on about the subject. "You can pair up with someone if you'd like as long as you put your name and your partners on it." He said. I was happy to hear that because I wasn't paying attention to one damn thing he said.

"You wanna work with me." Jamal asked. I was actually hoping to work with someone who was paying more attention, but since he's so nice....

"Yeah sure dude.... Do you know much about this stuff?" I ask.

"Yup, this is my second time taking it." I didn't know if he was joking or not so I didn't laugh.

"Really?" I say.

"Yeah I was involved with someone and they kinda got me off track that last month of class." he said.

"Oh... Damn that sucks." I say feeling bad.

"Well... it sucked that I had to do the class over, but he sucked."

I was confused. I glanced at him and saw a crooked smile grow on his face. My eyebrows raised, why did he just emphasize "he sucked"? Then I got it.

Changing the subject and feeling embarrassed by his awkward come on I stammered, "So... umm... what page are we on?" I look up at the chalk board and find the number and look through the math book. Suddenly I glance over and notice his hard staring. This dude was checking me out. A sweat broke out on my face, this was all happening a little too fast. I try to f***e my concentration on the math problem, but I feel his eyes still baring on me.

"How bout we start with this problem..." My eyes and voice trailed off to his hands moving down to my leg. I couldn't believe this was happening, I wanted to say stop but my mouth wouldn't move. I watched his veined, dark ,smooth hand reach closer between my thighs, all in a slow movement. My eyes traveled up his arms riding each vein that coursed through him. Then to his biceps and finally to his face. I finally met his big brown eyes which were glistening in anticipation. "Fuck" I say to myself. He was hypnotizing me.

It wasn't until the professor walked by when we broke our gaze. "Do you too need any help with anything?" he asked nicely. Damn he looked so much better up close and personal.

Trying to recollect my thoughts again, I finally say, "No... I think... we got it." Jamal smiles. at the teacher and says, "Im about to get it. Thanks to Tyler." Damn now he's hitting in front of the professor!

"That's right, your Tyler James. I was told you would be taking my class." The professor said. "Yes." I say with a quick smile. "I heard you were pretty smart guy with a 4.0 GPA. Mr. Hendricks could definitely use you." The professor said, not really catching the double sexual meaning.

I started trembling a little, there was so much happening so fast. I excused myself and sped walked to the bathroom and yes with a raging hardon that I was trying to cover up. Luckily no one seemed to be there, so I looked in the mirror. I turned the water on and pour some on my heated flushed face and then some on my dick. My breathing finally calmed down. Then I realized my ass felt really hot and sticky. I went to the stall and pulled down my pants felt my ass was wet with sweat some natural juices. This was embarassing...

Suddenly I hear the doors open startling me. I sat down on the toilet hearing the walking coming towards my stall.

"Hey Tyler?" It was him... "You okay in there man?" He asked sounding concerned.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I say quickly.

"Listen man, I'm sorry about what just happened. Didn't mean to scare you like that. You just remind me of the dude I use to mess around with." Was he trying to make me feel comfortable?

There was some dead silence for a while but I finally spoke up.

"Nobody's ever done that to me before.... Can we.... start over again?" I knew I was taking a risk asking for a redo but I did want to give him another try without the awkwardness.

"Im cool with that.... you want to go back to the math problem?" he asked. "Yeah, let me finish first." I say wiping my ass and fingers. "Alright see you in a minute." he said.

When I came back to class he was sitting there working on the problems, I took a breath and joined him. For the rest of the class we worked together completely forgetting all about earlier and the next thing I know he's walking me back to my dorm room. My room was about a 15 minute walk from the campus so we did a lot of talking, both of us sharing our interests and having fun. Once we got to the room, my roommate was standing outside the door drinking some kinda alcoholic beverage. He stared hard at us when we stopped at the elevator entrance.

"So what are you up too later on?" Jamal asked.

"I've got an English class at 4:30 to 7 but nothing planned afterwards." I say.

"There's a small party about to happen at the rec room on the other side of the school, if you want you come with me and we can hang out." he asked.

I thought about it. "Yeah... okay. I guess you can come back here and we can walk together."

"Cool check ya later man." He walked away and I walked back to my room grinning like I just made my first date. My roommate watched me as I walked by. Quinn Robinson was his name and being an asshole was his game.

The first time I talked to this guy I had to laugh because his head was damn big it looked like it would explode any second. He was an asshole and he knew it. Quinn was a basketball player, the TOP basketball player as he elaborated back in high school. In addition to that, he got more pussy than a pornstar. Yup thats what he told me the first time I met him. I mean he was a cute guy, he had really nice carmel skin complexion and really nice teeth. He definitely was groomed very well. I guess the only thing he lacked was height, he was about 5ft 7 or 8 but he had an awesome physique that made up for. This was definitely going to be an interesting year...

"So I see you found some dick huh white boy?" Quinn had a pretty heavy southern accent that was sexy but burnt cold when he insulted me. I avoided his nasty comment and walked passed him getting a whiff of his strong cologne. His cocky smile beamed through me as he followed me back to my room.

"Don't you have anything to do like... getting a life?" I say sarcastically.

"I got one, a fuckin' awesome life. Any man would love to be me." He leaned on my door, glancing at the mirror.

I glanced back at him checking himself out... it was disgusting. "I gotta sexy face, sexy body, good game..." He turned to me and said, "Good dick." I shook my head this guy is sick. I walked to the bathroom and closed the door. I hear him laughing out loud, he loved flattering himself. He was probably right though, I bet he was hung.... I wouldn't mind meeting it one day.

After I finished my shower I got ready for my next class. I heard some talking and laughing coming from Quinn's room. "This asshole's got friends?" I thought to myself. I entered his room and saw two guys sitting on his bed eating popcorn.

Both guys were hot as fuck, especially the really tall light skinned one. Quinn saw me standing there and his dark skinned friend spotted me saying, "Yo is this the white boy you was talkin' about?"

Quinn looked at me with his cocky smile and said, "Yeah dawg thats my new bitch... he don't know it yet but he is." The room roared with laughter except the taller guy wasn't laughing. I rolled my eyes and walked to the open kitchen for a gatorade. Great two arrogant assholes...

"Naw forreal man, I'm playin'... Imma be nice. Whats ya name?" The dark one asked.

I hesitated for a second, but I responded respectively. "Tyler James... You?" I say. "Rufus, this is my dawg Kelvin Howard." Rufus pointed at the tall guy. Kelvin was so freakin' tall he was close to touching the ceiling and he was sitting down.

"Where you goin'... dude?" Quinn and Jamal giggled at the racial undertone.

"I'm heading to English, then I'm hanging out with a friend at the rec around 8." I say getting my books together.

"Fa sho? We bought to hit the rec round 8 too. You should come wit us." Rufus said.

"We'll see. Later." I hear Quinn mumble something and I hear them bust out laughing but I didn't care enough to stay and wonder.

I made it to class and once again I was the only white guy so all eyes were on me. I was really going to have to get used to this. I sat in the back this time, and while the teacher lectured my mind went somewhere else. I thought about the incident in the bathroom and my mind switched the positive situation into a SEXUAL situation.....

The door to the stall flung open as I sat there on the toilet with my pants down. "Why did you run away Tyler?" It was Jamal he sounded creepy. I couldn't move, I sat there watching him walk towards me, towering over me. I broke my attention from his eyes and noticed his VERY noticeable bulge in his pants.

"Ah I see now.... You wanted to take this to the bathroom huh?... Alright..." He began to unzip and unbutton his pants and out popped his semi hard black dick and already drooling in anticipation. My mouth dropped and spit filled my mouth.

"This is what you wanted right?" His voice dropped deeper than before and he began to stroke his dick at my face. "Yeah I know you how you white boys are... Always hungry for some black cock."

I couldn't break my trance, I salivated more, I was getting hungry. Something was happening to me, I didn't know what it was yet.

"Yeah thats it soak it in, look at that... See that?" he waved his dick at my face.

"Thats eight fuckin' inches of black meat for that pussy mouth. Have you ever had black cock before?" I couldn't say anything so I shook my head no.

"Good I'll be the first to break you.." He waved his dick at my face, letting his hot precum land on my cheeks and nose. Then he dragged the head of his dick on my nose. I went cross-eyed, getting an extreme close-up of his shiny leaking cockhead.

"Open up." He demanded. This was my first time doing anything sexual with anybody. His cock was just too big for my mouth and we both new it. I stretched open my mouth and let him go in. "Oh God." I can't believe I'm doing this, my first black cock in a fuckin' public restroom." I thought to myself.

"Yeah take it boy, take as much as you can." he says. I felt my mouth throat expand to each inch that entered my throat. My spit lubed him up as much as possible, finally it nudged the back of my throat and I gagged.

"Yeah that what like to hear, choke on it some more." He said planting his thick cock firmly in my throat forcing my head down his shaft more with his strong hands. My eyes watered and I began to cry and whimper. I forgot to take a breath.

"Alright thats enough cocksucker." He removed his hands from my head and backed away. "Fuck! Dude." I shouted. He laughed, "I hope you didn't think this was gonna be a small dick did ya?"

I looked up at him and he smiled down at me rubbing his dick around my lips. "Alright open it up This throat is mine before the end of the day. I opened up again and he inserted his dick. He moaned aloud and said, "Yeah, just like my ex, he had a tight virgin throat like this." He pumped back and forth in my mouth while talking. "Hot.... Wet..... Nasty throat. We gonna do some nice things together. Cant wait till I make get at that ass and make it my pussy." Did he just say make it a pussy?!

I wanted him to hurry up and cum so I suckd him as good as I could. I smacked and gagged on his cock, hearing his moans and my loud sucking echoing off the walls of the bathroom. "Yeah.... Yeah... Yeah... That's it........ Shit.... Here it goes.... Fuck I'm cumming!" He took his dick out of my mouth then jacked it over my face. I watched him pump his dick it seemed to double in size, the veins pulsed and released and spit. "OH SHIT!" He yelled. He sprayed three or four shots of his hot jizz all over my face and my mouth. His cum was so hot and thick, it felt.... fuckin' awesome....

I woke up hearing everyone in the class getting up. Class is over already? I get up then realized I had a huge boner. Time to get ready for the party.

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