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Hardonis Academy P-4

New Student's Second Day Part 1
By Victor Lavay & J.F.

Sandra woke up and for a moment had no idea where she was. She looked around the small room. It was easily recognized as a school dorm room, neat and tidy with a minimum of furniture and nearly no personal stuff s**ttered around. She noticed that the bed opposite her was empty; she was alone in the room. The next thing she noticed was that she was naked under the covers. This realization brought flooding back all the memories of her first day at Hardonis Academy.

Sandra blushed, the memory of the “interview” with the Head-master bright a tingly felling to her tummy. She had been tied up, helpless in his office; he had done so many naughty things to her, including taking her virginity against her will. Sandra reached down to her pussy and gently rubbed herself. Her young sex still felt tender after the abuse it has suffered the other day.

After a moment’s day dreaming about her ****, Sandra realized that she was not at all upset about it. She giggled and got out of bed to make a more thorough search of her room. She found all her luggage at the foot of the bed, the closet full of school uniforms, and a “Welcome to Hardonis” book on her desk. Still naked she sat down at the desk and started looking at the book.

Part of the Hardonis Handbook was all about the rule of the school, another part outlines the various classes, some being mandatory others elective; some sounding quite normal like; History 204, English 208, Social Studies 205, others seemed very sexual, like; Exhibition 102, Cock sucking 103, Pussy licking 104, Basic intercourse 105,Basic positions 201, Same-sex partners 202, Multiple partners 203, Use of toys 204.

In the back was a calendar with important dates for exams, projects and social events. On the last few pages were photos of the staff. They were posed with students, doing the sort of thing they were well known for doing. Some of the photos made Sandra start to feel moist, the last one just made her giggle. Garry O’Malley – Grounds Keeper, was posed with a teen age girl who was hugging a tree as he fucked her doggy style.

Half the rules in the book were the normal sort, all about being on time for class, not cheating, etc... The other half of the rules explained that the students would be required to have sex with the teachers and with other students, including performing "educational acts" in front of the class. A student did not have the right to say "no" to any order given by a teacher. Punishments included public spankings and being tied up on display in the hall, so that any one could have a poke. That kind of scared Sandra, but at the same time she wished that were pictures of the punishments. Her cheeks turned bright pink at the idea... sooner or later she might be punished. Her previous experience proved that it wasn't a joke.

Wondering just what world she had been entered into, she put the book down and got dressed. The uniform was a classic privet school design, simple white shirt with a Scottish plaid skirt and knee socks, it seemed quite conservative. As she got dressed, Sandra noticed that no underwear had been provided. Not surprising really, so she went to get some from her suitcase. There was none there. Someone had removed all her panties and training bras. Trying to get into the spirit of her new school, Sandra told herself that all the students probably were in the same situation.

On the calendar, today was listed as part of orientation week, there were no official classes, but teachers would be in their class rooms to talk with students. So Sandra looked to see what mandatory classes she had…She felt terribly exposed without panties, even in the mid thigh length skirt. Nevertheless, she didn't want to hide in her room... taking a deep breath, she set out to find her way around the school, at least track down which classrooms and teachers would be hers. Exhibition 102 was listed as the first class of the morning, so she made that her destination.

The school itself resembled a castle or a church, with stone work and fancy glass windows. It was also something of a maze. The other students that Sandra saw were mostly wearing similar uniforms. The boys wore a knee length kilt in traditional Scottish style. A few students, in their young teens were totally naked, except for collars around their necks. They walked meekly behind some of the older students. Sandra tried hard not to stare at the k**s... who were, disturbingly, around her own age, or maybe a year older. She felt very vulnerable, walking alone in the school, no panties... and she tried to ignore just how excited it also made her feel, how turned on she was becoming. She looked for her first teacher, trying not to meet anyone's gaze.

Most of the students ignored young Sandra, a few smiled at her. They could tell she was new; she had that dazed look about her that fresh students always have the first week. A few of the older k**s laughed, remembering their first week. Some of the older boys leered at her, thinking of her as a new toy to use. But they knew the rule; no touching new students for the first month, unless ordered to do so by a teacher.

Eventually she found her first class; it was Exhibition 102.

Sandra ducked through the door and peeked around, trying to see what the teacher was like and whether any of her fellow students were there. The teacher was sitting on the corner of his desk; a teenage girl was standing next to him, looking friendly but official. Sitting down in the front row were a few new students around Sandra's age. They were talking with the teacher and his assistant.

Sandra slowly walked forward, towards a seat in the third row, listening to what was going on. The assistant was explaining how she had always been an exhibitionist, even as a little girl she liked to strip out of her clothes, and flash her friends, she even flashed adults... The k**s were laughing as the teen told about the fun she had at the beach when she was seven years old. The teacher gave Sandra a smile when she came in, but said nothing to interrupt the story.

Sandra listened quietly, biting her lip and blushing slightly as she realized what the class was going to be about, not meeting anyone's eyes. What the assistant liked to do naturally, was what everyone one would have to learn to do. This confirmation of her suspicion made Sandra squirm in her seat a little, very conscious that she had no panties on. Despite her discomfort, Sandra found the laughter of the k**s was infectious and she was soon giggling with them. The assistant was friendly and funny, a tall athletic blond with her hair up in a pony tail. She made all the new students feel at ease.

After the story was done, the teacher, who was also smiling, stood up and said, "So who wants to see my assistant Kimberly strip, right now?"

The young boys quickly put up their hands, one of the girls did also, another was a bit more reluctant, but she wanted to go along with the group. Sandra's eyes widened as she realized the teacher was serious. She glanced at Kimberly, wondering what her reaction might be... wondering what she looked like under her uniform. Sandra was felling horny and very much wanted to see the teenage assistant naked. Then was one more realization, that she'd put her own hand up.

Kimberly giggled at the teacher's question and was starting to unbutton her shirt as the hands were going up. She had no doubt what the vote would be. Sandra bit her lip again, watching closely, occasionally glancing at the teacher or the other k**s to watch how they reacted. Kimberly being a pro at the exhibition and teasing acted quickly but turned her body slightly as she took off her shirt, so the k**s would have a good glimpse of her tits, but not a full view, until she had them a bit more excited.

As Kimberly opened her shirt, she teasingly flashed the k**s in the class a view of her breasts before totally removing her shirt. For a 17 year old her tits were quite small although her nipples were very stiff and noticeable. The teacher glanced at his assistant, but mostly watched the students.

Sandra's cheeks were pink, and she was biting her lip quite hard, but she still watched openly, not giggling now, more serious in her expression. Kimberly true to her claim seemed to be enjoying showing off her body to the k**s. She posed for them, making sure the students got a good view of her tits from the front and the side. They were very perky tits and did not look silly even when she bent over. She often laughed at the girls with the big breasts, who were so proud of their boobs, but who looked so silly in the doggy position with their tits swinging freely.

Sandra felt her breathing quicken. Images of a woman’s head moving between her own legs ran through her mind, had that been a dream or something real? She felt herself slightly dampen, her thighs clamping together as she tried to fight the feeling and take control of her young body. One of the boys, sitting next to Sandra had reached down between his own legs, and was actually rubbing himself, his eyes fixed on the half naked teenage girl in front of him.

Maybe some people did not bother with self control. Once Sandra noticed this, her attention switched between the boy and the stripping teen, blushing even more now and trying to remain inconspicuous in her staring.

Kmiberly giggled and asked "Are you ready class? Do you want to see my pussy?" as she teasingly lowered her skirt inch by inch. Sandra nodded, smiling and still glancing at the others to see if they were as enthusiastic as she was. She'd had suspicions about her own interest in other girls as well as boys, but this moment confirmed it for her... she very much wanted to see the girl naked. A few of the other girls in the class seemed excited, but one looked like she was ready to run out, she was hiding behind her long black hair.

Kimberly dropped her skirt, at the same time she turned to the side, so the k**s could not quite see between her legs. She was teasing them again. Sandra actually pouted, leaning slightly to see, her desire evident in her face. She glanced at the other girl, wondering what the girl was actually thinking, trying to peek at her face through the hair.

The teacher carefully watched his new students, mentally noting their reactions, as Kimberly continue teasing the class by turning fully around, to wiggle her tight ass at the k**s, then slowly turns back to face them. Sandra gazed at the teenager’s bottom, discovering in herself that it was obviously her favorite part of a girl's anatomy. She watched the blond assistant admiringly, excited beyond words by what she was seeing.

Hang in there for the next part, cumming soon...

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