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Re: cream inside the pie

Back in '07 I was fucking this chick named Diane. She was the first chick that let me blow my load inside of her. This chick in Florida wanted me to do the same thing, but I sent it down her throat instead.

Anyways, I had her over at the place where I had Snaggle Tooth, and it was a nice summer eve. She came over with a 12 pack and after we finished most of them, it was post time. Sadly, she wouldn't suck my cock in fear that i would send my load into her belly. She even threatened me and this was kind of scary to hear. So instead, I ate her out for awhile, like i said, I'm a cunnilinguist and I give great tongue.

After I got tired (and a sore mouth from 'dining') I eased my hard on into her. I'm a controller, so I set the pace. I'd start plowing her slow, then hard, I'd grab her shoulders, around her throat. I had her begging for it like a dog wanting a snack. As I'm about ready to pull out, she grabs my ass from behind with her hands and moans, "No, cum inside of me!" So I obliged and basted her pussy walls with my warm man sperm. It was the most awesome feeling!
And I didn't have to worry about becoming a daddyy, either!

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