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Birthday Treat (2)

This is a continuation of my story “Birthday Treat” posted on 19 January. Readers may find it helpful to remind themselves of the events which, for the first time in my life, drew me into a world which previously had only ever existed for me in my darkest fantasies.

By the time I had composed myself after being mauled under my husband’s nose in the restaurant I was ready to go home despite the attempts to persuade Ken and I to stay the night there.

And so it was that, after managing to drag him out of the place, we got into our car to drive home. I had not managed to recover my panties and when I slid into the seat of the XKR the feeling of the cold leather on the back of my legs was unusually erotic – so much so that when Ken fell asl**p within five minutes of our setting off, I slowed right down to pull up my dress at the back so that my still wet pussy could get the full benefit.

I drove slowly as I knew that I was probably over the drink drive limit but, apart from gently rubbing myself for some of the way home, the journey was uneventful.

When I woke up the next day, a Sunday, the events of the previous night seemed little more than a dream to me. I was part indignant at having been taken advantage of in those circumstances, and part glowing inside at having tasted forbidden fruit in the flesh for the first time.

Countless times in the past I had fantasised about being used, being held down and just fucked liked a bitch, and believe it or not this was the only time in my life that anything like it had ever happened to me in the flesh. I could get angry about it but then remembered how my body had betrayed my true feelings by responding to the attention I was getting. Maybe also I was more susceptible and responsive due to the fact that normal sex in my case was fast becoming a distant memory.

By the end of that day I had resolved to put the whole thing down to experience and never tread that sort of path again if I could avoid it. I had an uneasy feeling that the owner of the restaurant was aware of what had been going on and, for this reason, resolved not to go there again.

Monday arrived and Ken left as usual to drive to his office leaving me alone with my thoughts in our luxury detached house in the stockbroker belt outside the city. I had given up work a few years earlier since we didn’t need the money, but I still did some charity work which I could take at my own pace.
At around 11.30am the phone rang. I was shocked and horrified when a voice at the other end said:

“Hi Rosetta – it’s me Ollie from Saturday”

I said: “What? – How the fuck have you got this number?”

He refused to say at first but then asked me if I’d missed anything from my handbag. I said “No” to which he replied that one of the group had found my mobile phone which he said I must have dropped at some stage.

“Yeah, right” I said, “You mean one of you bastards lifted it from my bag”

“Don’t be like that” he said “I’ve agreed with the others to make sure it gets back to you”

His manner was very friendly and apologetic towards me and I thought maybe I was being a little harsh so I said I was sorry and asked him how he was going to get it to me. He already knew from our conversation at the dinner table roughly where I lived – rather stupidly I had let this slip at some stage in the conversation – and he said that it was no trouble bringing it round to me as he was already in the area.

Can you believe that I just gave him my address? How could I be so idiotic?

Ten minutes later when he arrived on the doorstep I was ready for him and had decided to bluff by inviting him in to say hello to Ken (who of course wasn’t there) I thought that this would put paid to any ideas he might have of resuming the activities of Saturday night.

“Oh great” he said, calling my bluff and stepping inside.

So now I had to think up another lie and told him that Ken would be along shortly so he said “Fine, is the coffee on?”

None of this was in the least threatening or intimidating and so I made the coffee, was handed my mobile, and tried to brush over the whole thing, including of course our encounter on Saturday night. Deliberately I had not asked if he knew the whereabouts of my missing panties.

Ollie had by now been in the house for about twenty minutes and I tried to bring matters to a close by saying
“Well thank you for returning the phone Ollie, but I have things to do as I’m sure you’ll understand” and moved towards the door.
Events now become somewhat blurred in my memory, but as I opened the front door to show him out, two other men suddenly came rushing in. These turned out to be Dominic (the bald guy who I’ve already mentioned) and another of that party called Rick who I had never spoken to before.

The only conversation I remember at this point was someone saying “Get her upstairs” at which I was frogmarched by two of the intruders while the third, Ollie I think, checked the bedrooms one by one and then indicated to the others which room to use.

I was then f***ed backwards onto a double bed and my arms were held on each side by Dominic and Rick. From being the gentleman he was earlier when he first came to my door, Ollie now turned into a monster and said

“OK Rosetta you bad little girl, now it’s time to finish off what we started on Saturday”

I was terrified – almost too terrified to speak at first and just shouted
“Nooooo” and tried to struggle free as one of the men holding me down said something like:
“I think it’s time we got a better look at these juicy melons” whereupon my jumper was pulled up and yanked off me, followed quickly by my bra. I was now completely naked from the waist up.

Their powerful hands continued to hold me down as they proceeded to suck , bite and squeeze my breasts, all the time laughing at my protests and making dirty comments and calling me things like a ‘sexy little slutwife’

“Well I think it’s time to see if that little pussy of yours is nice and wet again” said Ollie at which again I cried “Nooo please!” but I could do nothing as I was powerless to move in their strong grip.

My jeans were then unfastened and pulled down, leaving me dressed only in a pair of skimpy black panties.

“Oh my God” said one of the men holding me, “She’s fucking gorgeous” There seemed then to be a moment when they paused and realised what they were doing but any hopes of appealing to their better nature went out of the window as Dominic took control. He told Ollie to take over from him holding my arm and started to get undressed.

I knew that I was soaking wet again and it was just as well because the huge prick which was now waving about in the air was about to f***e its way deep inside me whether I liked it or not.

The strange thing to me was that Dominic wanted to fuck me with my panties still on and they were simply yanked to one side as he knelt between my open legs and f***ed himself into my dripping cunt as far as he could. At first he just stayed there and it was me doing all the thrashing about, but then he took hold of my hips on both sides and started to fuck me, slowly at first, and then faster and faster until he was pistoning in and out, in and out, like a demented steam engine. It seemed to go on for ever but in reality I think it lasted for five or six minutes: I was in no position to think straight.

In all my life I simply had never taken a cock that big which seemed to stretch everything inside me, including my wild imagination, to its very limit.

And as all this was happening my breasts were not spared any attention; Ollie and Rick were continuing that part of the treatment so that, with this three-pronged attack on my poor body I could feel the inevitable slowly welling up inside me. I bit my lip hard and my protests involuntarily became more of a loud “Ohhhhhhh” as I felt my climax getting near.

I didn’t care anymore about anything. I just exploded and screamed at them:

“Oh Yes,Yes, Fuck me you bastards! I want all of you . Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Don’t stop!”

And then it was gone and slowly I came back down to earth. I wasn’t being held down anymore – I was just lying there on the bed in my cum-soaked panties. Dominic was getting dressed as the other two were taking pictures of me on their mobile phones. And then they were gone.

“We’ll be in touch Rosetta” was the last thing I heard them say as they left me lying there. Downstairs the phone was ringing....................

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