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Britt Jensen "Big Titty Fucker." pt.1

Mrs. Jensen recalled the last time she had had a good fuck.

It was a little over a month ago and it was not with her husband, but with her son's friend. The boy had visited for a short time over the summer and Mrs. Jensen had enjoyed him well. The last time having been in the bathroom of the train station where her f****y had seen the young man and her son off.

She remember being bent over the sink, her jeans shoved around her knees, her panties stretched between her thighs, and the boy's firm grip on her naked hips. Holding onto the sink for dear life as the boy pounded her from behind, his pace hard and fast as they did not have a lot of time.

She remembered being disappointed at how quick and quiet they had to be, but she also recalled catching herself in the mirror. Bent over unceremoniously, still clothed.

Damn it was hot!

So hot in fact that the image had caused her to cum hard on the boy's cock. His big cock. His big young cock. Young cock.

Snapping out of her daze, the real world came rushing back to her, yet the vision of hard young cock remained.

She sat in her office recalling that day, disappointing on so many levels. It had been the last time she had a good fuck, but also the day she had to say goodbye to her son again as he headed back to school.

As upsetting as it was, the timing was actually perfect. Mrs. Jensen had been expecting her training sessions to start up again, however her trainer Dan had decided to prolong his vacation indefinitely.

With no personal training session, nor a regular fuck, she had little tying her to the house every day. Plus all that had given her more energy and drive, so when a full time position at her work opened up, she took it.

She had been working part time at the company for little over a year and the new position was really the same thing she had been doing all along. She suspected she came a lot cheaper than anyone else but she didn't mind, she enjoyed the work not to mention the opportunity to show off her new body.

Nothing inappropriate, just a few sexy pant suits, the occasional tight skirts and a revealing blouse. Every so often she liked to pull her hair up in a tangled mess, and wear her sexiest pair of glasses. She couldn't help it; she felt good and was enjoying herself.

She had been working for a few weeks when her manager offered her one of the open offices recently vacated by a few layoffs.

"This is getting fun!" she thought to herself.

She quickly moved into her office, feeling a bit more appreciated and enjoying some of the privacy not available with a cubicle.

She was enjoying her privacy as she thought back on that hot quick fuck in the bathroom of the train station. Snapping out of it she turned her attention to her computer.

Clicking at the program she needed, she sat waiting. Visions of the good hard and young cock she had been enjoying still flitting through her head.

Looking back at the screen, her program had not opened. She clicked again, nothing happened.

"Uggg, I hate this." she moaned, getting up and heading to her door.

"Is the IT guy here?" she asked a coworker.

"Uhh, no he's not." they answered.

Mrs. Jensen went back into her office and grabbed the phone. The only other person who seemed to know much about computers was Dirk. He worked in marketing, and since he was the youngest employee in the office he became the backup IT guy by default.

He was also very cute, she thought, as she dialed his extension.

"Geez, will you get young boys out of your head." she thought to herself, just as Dirk answered.

"Hello?" he answered.

"Hello Dirk, its Victoria, I am having some computer trouble, could you come by and help me out." she requested politely.

"Sure." he answered, and in about a minute he was there.

Knocking on the doorway, he slowly entered.

"You needed some help?" he asked.

She looked up to the young man, seeing again how cute he really was. He was tall, a bit unshaven, and a little more masculine then the 2 young men she had recently been with. Dark hair and light eyes, damn she was getting wet.

"Uh yeah thanks," she said, getting up from her seat.

"The program won't open, I have no idea why." she added, allowing him to sit in her seat.

"Hmmm?" was his only response as he clicked away at the computer.

Looking down at the handsome young man, she watched his fingers work, watched his arms move in his shirt; she could tell her had a good body. Feeling the moistness in her panties she made up her mind.

"I am going to fuck this young man." she thought.

The only question now was when. She assessed herself, not really being dressed for the occasion she decided to put it off, but not without a bit of flirting.

Placing her hands on the desk, she leaned in a bit.

"Sorry for making you do this, but IT is out and I have no idea what I am doing." she pouted slightly.

"Oh no problem," he began, then glancing over at her.

She was closer than he had thought, and he could almost see down her blouse.

"Easy guy, she is old enough to be your mother." he thought.

Clicking away,

"There you go, I think you're all set." he said, standing.

"Oh thank you so much." she replied, touching him gently on the arm.

She stared at him a bit longer than typical, and then slid down into her chair suggestively. The young man's eyes were glued to her.

Knowing she had his attention she turned back to her computer.

"Thank you Dirk, you are very helpful," she began "your girlfriend must be a very happy." she added.

"Huh? Oh no, no girlfriend." he replied.

"No?" she asked, given him a little glance and a smirk.

"What about the cute girl you brought to the company picnic." she added, turning back to the computer.

"No we broke up." he said, trying not to leer at the MILF.

"Oh well, maybe she was a bit young for you." she said again looking to him with a mischievous smile.

"Maybe." he said.

"Thanks again." as if dismissing him.

"No prob." he answered as he headed off back to his cubicle, visions of Mrs. Jensen now planted in his head.


The next day after kissing her husband goodbye Mrs. Jensen got ready for work.

She had it all planned out. A black pair of bikini cut panties, no nylons, and her matching lace bra.

She slipped on her tight little pin-striped skirt and before put on the matching vest, she decided on a tight short sleeved blouse. She checked to see how it would look buttoned appropriately, and then she how it would look with a few buttons undone.

She topped the look with a sexy ponytail, a pair of hoop earrings, her wedding ring, but nothing around her neck as she did not want to detract from the view. She finished the look with her sexy glasses then pulled a few strands of hair from her ponytail, allowing them to freely hang in her face.

Slipping on her sexiest black pumps, 6 inch heels, she gave herself a once over and decided she looked hot, but not inappropriate or out of place at work. The skirt showed enough leg, and her tight little vest not only accentuated her hips but also buttoned under her tits giving her a nice lift.

She received a few welcomed looks on the way from her car to the office, and once at the office she tried to settle into her routine. She was having a hard time focusing as the thoughts of what to come kept popping back in her head.

Finally the time seemed right as a few co-workers left for lunch, she knew Dirk ate late. She cleared a few items from her desk, removed her bra and headed out of her office. She kept her blouse and vest buttoned, cutting a sexy figure. Casually she headed to Dirk's cube where she found him at his desk.

Leaning against the cube wall she spoke.

"Hello there young man."

Caught a bit by surprise Dirk looked up, finding Mrs. Jensen, looking hotter than ever, at his cubicle.

She looked down at him. He always dressed so sharp, and today was no exception. His dark gray slack fit him to perfection, and his top showed how strong his chest and shoulders were. His tie was simple and sharp, giving him the impression of someone older and more successful. Mrs. Jensen felt her nipples harden against her blouse.

"Oh hello." he said, looking her over.

"I hate to do this to you again sweetie, but I am having more computer trouble." she said, fighting off a smirk.

"Oh no problem." he said and he moved to get up.

"Great, follow me." she replied.

She turned on her heels and walked, giving the young man a nice view of her hot 46 year old ass.

She didn't have to look; she knew his eyes were glued.

The young man couldn't look away. He always found Victoria Jensen attractive, especially for such an older woman, but right now she never looked better.

Once at her office Mrs. Jensen stepped aside and allowed the Dirk to pass her and sit at her desk. Once he did she closed the door and locked it, quietly.

Sitting, Dirk looked over her computer as she walked to his side and sat her round ass on the desk next to him.

"So what seems to be the problem?" he asked, glancing at her sexy legs her skirt up around mid thigh.

"Same as last time, it just won't work for me anymore." she said while leaning forward, pretending to look at the screen.

Mrs. Jensen was really trying to get the boy to look at her cleavage as she had stealthily unbuttoned her blouse all the way to the top of her vest, which was pushing her tits up and on display.

This was far from lost on the young man, as his eyes locked on her instantly. He looked up at her, this sexy older woman. His eyes trailed down her slender neck, which showed signs of age but it only aroused him more. Down her sexy clavicle, across her chest, and to her beautiful tits.

"Ummm," he stammered, as he clicked away at the keyboard.

Mrs. Jensen just smiled down at him, her body on display.

"Everything seems to be uhh, fine." Pealing his eyes from her, click at her program.

She leaned over further to see the screen.

"Oh really, look at that." turning to the young man and smiling.

"Well thank you again, you are such a sweetheart." she said.

"Don't know how much I did, but you are welcome." he replied, still stealing glances at her legs, her tits.

"Oh you've done plenty, you are so helpful." she told him, looking down at his crotch which was showing signs of stiffness.

The young man fidgeted a bit, aware of his hard on, staring at this sexy MILF perched on her desk before him.

"I should really find some way to pay you back for helping me out so much." she said, eyeing him over her glasses.

"Oh that's not necessary," he began, "hey if you want to do something nice, tell Jerry to stop riding me." he chuckled.

"I could do that." she said softly, nodding her head.

"Besides, if anyone should be riding you," she started, staring right into the young man's gorgeous eyes.

"It really should be me." an evil grin running across her lips.

"Excuse me?" he asked softly.

Mrs. Jensen's only answer was to lean in closer when Dirk felt her experienced hand run over his hard bulge. She stayed staring at him, biting her lip as she worked her hand over his cotton clad cock.

She felt him, his size seeming promising. He may not be as large as David, her son's college friend, whose large young cock had threatened to split her in two; however Dirk did seem to be packing.

"Uhhh fuck Victoria." he moaned out.

"Please Dirk," she began as he felt his fly being unzipped.

"Call me Mrs. Jensen." as she pulled his fat young prick from its confines and lifted her legs up and behind her, kneeling on her desk.

"Have some respect." and with that she lowered her head to his lap, engulfing his cock.

She worked his head and hand over him, bobbing at a fast steady pace. Slurping noises began to fill her office, as Dirk watched; amazed at this sexy mom suck his young cock.

Mrs. Jensen pushed her fist to the base of his shaft as she tried to take the boy deep. Dirk felt himself hit her married throat.

"Oh holy shit Victoria!" he blurted out.

She snapped her head off his wet cock with a POP, and stared up at him over her glasses.

"Mrs. Jensen, sorry." he said apologetically.

Smiling brightly she went back to sucking this wonderful young cock.

She had her hands on his hips, her face planted deep in his lap, her knees on the desk with her ass in the air.

Dirk looked from her sucking mouth, across her back and to her heart shaped ass, barely covered by her tight pencil skirt.

This was all too much for Dirk to taking sitting down, he couldn't hold still any longer. Holding her ponytail, keeping her mouth on his shaft, the young man stood up. Mrs. Jensen felt this and moaned over his cock.

Still clutching her ponytail he began to press forward, rocking his hips against her face. Wiggling her ass and sticking it further into the air, the married woman positioned herself so that the boy could fuck her mouth better.

Pressing in header he bottomed out, hitting her throat. Gagging, Mrs. Jensen pulled the now dripping cock from her lips.

"Huhh, uhhh fuck," he panted.

Pushing her glasses up her nose she looked to the boy.

"Uhh, you dirty boy. You like fucking my face?" she asked him.

"Oh yeah." he answered, rubbing his cock.

"Well, then let's do it right." she said brightly.

Mrs. Jensen then rolled over onto her back, her shoulders at the edge, her heels resting on the top, she arched her back and let her lovely face hang off the side.

Dirk's eye lit up, he could not believe what was happening. Mrs. Jensen reached back, taking hold of his cock with one hand and freeing his heavy balls with the other.

She opened wide and just as Dirk got into position they heard some chatter outside the office as some people headed down the hall. They both paused for a moment, a bit nervous, until Mrs. Jensen spoke.

"It's ok, come on honey." pulling the boy toward her.

Dirk needed little encouragement as he pushed forward into her open mouth. She was open so wide that the first thing his cock hit was the back of her tongue, and once he did she closed tight around his throbbing shaft.

"Uhhhh fuck." he let out softly.

He watched her take his rock hard cock into her mouth, her slender neck stretched back. Even in this seemingly uncomfortable position he marveled at how she kept a sexy pose, with her back arched, knees together, and her skirt bunched up around her hips but still hiding her panties from his view.

Feeding her more of his cock he reached out for her tits, pulling them free. She arched further, sticking her chest out to him. He obliged the married woman and took hold. Using them for leverage he played with her soft round mounds as he proceeded to fuck her face harder.

She began to gag as he continually hit against her throat. She pushed back at his hips to give herself a moment, and then pulled him in hard. Abandoning any pretense of being gentle Dirk pressed hard into her.

"Uhhhh fuckk Mrs. Jensen." he moaned, trying to stay quiet as he entered her throat.

He felt her moan against him as his cock f***ed deep into her mouth, his balls against her nose. He leaned back to see his whole cock buried in his older woman's throat, and she did her best to hold him in as long as she could, swallowing.

Eventually it was too much for her and she pushed him away, his cock dislodging from her throat, a long string of saliva connecting his cock to her mouth.

"Uhhh fuck, huhhh uhhhh." she said panting as she came up for air.

Before she could get her bearings Dirk pulled her from the desk and into a standing position before him. He wasted no time in playing with her tits, dropping his head and pulling her nipple to his mouth.

"Uhh yess baby, mmmmmm." she moaned out loud, wiping her mouth.

"Mmmmm yeah," she cooed, then "uhh fuckk!"

Dirk took hold of her hips and spun her around, bending her roughly over her desk.

"Oooo yeah, come on fuck me." she moaned.

Pulling her tight skirt up around her waist he saw her hot ass in her sexy black panties. Mrs. Jensen pulled her shoulder back and looked back at the young man just as he grabbed at her panties.

She felt a sharp pain as her panties dug into her skin, then she heard a loud, "RRRRRRiiip" as he tore her panties from her hips and tossed them aside.

"Uhhh yess!" she moaned, dripping wet now and needing his fat young cock inside her.

Neither could wait any longer and when he slipped himself inside the married woman she closed her eyes and let out a soft moan. Slowly he pushed his whole length inside her and she encouraged him further.

"Uh that's it honey fuck me." she said, feeling his hips press into her ass.

Dirk watched himself disappear inside her; he could not believe this was happening. Holding her hips and began to stroke, in and out of her dripping wet hole.

"Mmmm, harder." she demanded.

The young man did as he was told and began working faster, harder, but trying not to let the loud slapping sounds of flesh on flesh escape into the nearby hall.

With her hands flat on the desk, her ass sticking out, Mrs. Jensen began pushing back into the young man's thrusts.

"Yess, that's it!" she moaned.

"Mrs. Jensen, you have to keep it down." Dirk replied, worried someone might here.

"" she let out.

Dirk surprisingly pulled out of her, Mrs. Jensen's head snapping back to look at him.

Dirk grabbed the back of her left thigh and lifted her knee to the desk. He then did the same with the other leg so that she was once again kneeling on the desk, only this time with her ass pointed at him.

Without missing a beat Mrs. Jensen pushed her knees as far apart as possible so as to lower her hips to the right level for Dirk.

Positioning himself behind her, Dirk took hold of her hips and pushed them down further until the angle was just right.

Mrs. Jensen once again placed both hands on the desk, her shoulder back, back arched, ass high, and looked back at the boy in great anticipation.

Dirk slid himself back into her warm pussy, gripping her hips and using them for leverage. In this position her pussy felt tighter, his cock larger, and the both moaned out.

Dirk began his powerful assault on her pussy once again, watching her ass as it slid and shook over his cock. Mrs. Jensen tilted her head way back and archer her body in a seemingly impossible position, her ponytail tickling her own ass.

With one hand still on her hip, pressing her ass down, Dirk used his other hand to take hold of her ponytail. She was still in her blouse, which was now unbuttoned down to the top of her vest, so when he pulled her head back her tits pointed to the ceiling, shaking over her chest.

She was in heaven, feeling his young cock split her. With one hand she reached back for her ass, opening herself more to him. Looking down he say her manicured hand, and her wedding ring. He pounded harder.

"Uhhhh yesssss." she was able to moan out as her body was bouncing hard against his hips.

"" he said through gritted teeth.

Releasing her hips and hair Dirk took hold of her upper arms, pulling her shoulder back further, slamming his young hard cock into the mature woman's battered pussy.

He fucked her for all he was worth and she was unable to control herself, letting out another loud moan.

Suddenly and without warning Dirk pulled from her. Before she could react she felt his hand on her arm, pulling her from the desk. She was sent to her knees and pulled around to face him. As quickly as he pulled out of her pussy, he pushed into her mouth.

"Maybe this will keep you quiet." he said, shoving his cock into her wet mouth.

Mrs. Jensen just moaned over his shaft and began rubbing her clit franticly. Dirk held her ponytail but instead of fucking her throat he stopped just shy, working at a steady pace.

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