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Racial Swap-Night 3

Chapter 5

Eddie drove to his afternoon group unable to concentrate on anything
but the memory of the wild night of uninhibited sex with Sally Dunn.
She could still feel her lips around his cock sucking him dry as he
parked his car. She had sucked every last ounce of sperm from his cock
like she was dehydrated in the desert.

Suddenly the woman that he could see in his mind's eye stuck her head
out of the rear of the pro shop and called, "Eddie, you're wanted on
the telephone."

"Okay, Sally, thanks," he called loping across the parking lot to the
telephone in the pro shop.

"Yes," he said into the telephone, "Eddie Frampton here."

"Eddie it's Nina Marsdale. I'd like to have a little talk with you
today. What's your group schedule like today?" "Well, let's see," he
said uncertainly. What the hell did Nina Marsdale want with him? "I
have a group in a couple of minutes at one, and then one at two, and I
think that's it. I should be through here by four at the latest. What
is it?"

"I don't wish to discuss it on the telephone, Eddie. Why don't you meet
me for a drink about four. How about the Carlton Hill Hotel cocktail

The mysterious tone of her voice and the urgency she projected to him,
her words surging through his consciousness, held him absolutely
intrigued .

"Well, all right, Mrs. Marsdale, if it's important, I'll be there.
Carlton Hill at four."

"That's a good little boy!" she said and then she hung up.

"Did I hear correctly?" Eddie asked himself stunned that the wife of
his boss would be so flippant with him.

He didn't have time to dwell on it. He had a group to teach and then
there would be the matter of breaking the news that he wouldn't be home
again this evening to Alyce. Things were certainly getting busy for the
young tennis pro.

Between his next group lessons he called his wife.

"Alyce," he said. "I won't be back for dinner tonight. They're having a
board meeting tonight and deciding whether they can expand the club
facilities and I have to be here. I don't know how late it's going to
be so don't hold dinner and don't wait up for me."

She was instantly suspicious. Two late nights in a row. Just what was
happening with her husband? But the young wife still felt a bit foolish
about thwarting her husband's advances and she didn't want to start a
row so she choked back the angry tirade that threatened to rush forth
from her mouth.

"Okay, Eddie," was all she could manage. "I love you."

"Oh, Alyce, I love you too. Now don't go getting all worked up because
we're separated once in a while. Why don't you call up one of your
friends and go to the movies or something?" he said trying to distract
her from his guilt.

"Maybe I will," she said none too convincingly. "See you later, dear."
* * * *
For some reason after his last private lesson before his meeting with
Nina Marsdale, Eddie took a long soothing shower and shaved. He patted
on some after shave he kept in his locker and carefully dried his hair.

Now, he was glad that he had as he sat side by side with Nina Marsdale
in a booth in the dimly lit cocktail lounge of the Carlton Hills Hotel.
Eddie decided to have the same drink that Nina ordered, a dry martini,
and over their drinks they sat chatting of trivialities as they became
acquainted with each other.

Eddie was struck by the petite, yet exotic beauty of the woman. There
was the Oriental mystery of her slanted eyes, her jet black hair cut in
a precision style flattering to straight hair, the fashionable fit of
her dress, revealing her petitely perfect body, the vivacity of her
smile, and her animated stimulating conversation. Why had she chosen
this place to talk to him and what was it she wanted to talk to him
about, for she still had not revealed to him an inkling of the nature
of their meeting.

"Eddie," she suddenly became serious, "what are your future plans at
Marina? Do you aim for the board or do you want to be a tennis bum all
your life?"

Wary now and even slightly angry at her boldness, he said, "Are those
loaded questions?" "Well, I haven't told a single soul this, but I
would like to move onto the board. You know I took a degree in business
administration in college and I have worked in public relations before
coming to Marina. I took the job because I couldn't stand sitting at a
desk, nine to five, anymore, but now I'm wondering how long these legs
are going to stand up in say another ten years? I would like a future
with Marina, definitely."

Nina listened attentively, then cut in, "So you do have some ambition?"

"Yes, I suppose so," he said, "don't most of us want to get somewhere
in life."

"And what do you want out of life, Eddie? Surely more than just a
chance at a new position."

"Well, I'd like to have a f****y. Of course, Alyce and I have only been
married for a couple of months but ..."

"But what ... you're not having such great luck in the sack, is that
it?" she asked dropping the bombshell on all the previously innocuous

The handsome tennis pro stared at her open mouthed, not knowing what
this Oriental woman was getting at ... what was she hinting at?

"Why ... Alyce is from a very religious Mormon background and she's a
little uptight, but we're working it out."

"And while you're working it out," she questioned a lewd little smile
playing about her lips, "you've found some new outlets for your sexual

He was really getting hot under the collar now. How dare this woman who
was practically a stranger to him make these insinuations. "Just what
are you driving at Mrs. Marsdale," he asked coldly.

"Don't be coy, stud," she whispered hoarsely, "I saw a little video
tape of you and Sally Dunn with your cock rammed down her throat. Now I
don't know whether you're aware of it up 'til now but at Marina we
usually share and share alike."

"Jesus Christ!" he gasped a scarlet flush creeping up from his neck.
Then he saw the smoky light smoldering in her almond shaped eyes and he
guessed what was going to be her next pitch.

"What do you want with me, Mrs. Marsdale?" he asked already knowing the

"You, stud," she said, her voice low, throaty, sexy, placing a hand on
his thigh and moving it in small massaging circles inching upward to
his cock.

Eddie's prick was instantly alert, the bl**d racing to engorge it, his
scrotum tightening below, as her hand caressed him, making him feel
that he was in some kind of weird dream. It couldn't be reality. How
could reality be his boss's wife sitting at a booth in a cocktail
lounge massaging his cock to a throbbing, jerking, almost instantaneous
erection when he hardly knew her?

"Me? Are you sure?" he said stupidly with the excitement rising in him.
"I mean, you're Clay's wife and all ..."

Her eyes rolled upward and she stated coolly. "Clay and I are adults.
He has his affairs and I have mine. The arrangement works out

"But what about the videotape?" he asked.

"Don't worry about it, there's a lot of tape floating around the club
that has nothing to do with poor volleying on the part of the new
students. There are other things to occupy your mind, now."

He reached for her thigh, lying warmly beside his, but she put him off
with a gentle hand.

"Not yet," she warned, her eyes promising him a future with her that
looked very, very rosy. "We can get a room here."

"Okay, let's do it!" he said huskily.

Instantly, they rose, threading their way through the lounge; he
grateful for the subdued lighting, as he walked with his hand in his
pockets, trying to hide the obvious bulge of his hardened erect cock,
inside his pants.

In minutes they had gone through the farce of registration with a
disinterested hotel clerk and found themselves in a rather plush suite.

Eddie was to find this a day of surprises for the Oriental woman went
straight to the telephone and ordered room service to bring up a bottle
and a cocktail shaker. It was obvious to the young man that Nina had
done this kind of thing before.

As she went into the bathroom he watched the ripple of her buttocks
under the tight dress, her thighs clearly outlined under the tight
material, the contour of her body exciting him, and he felt the
familiar surge of bl**d into his cock. Christ! He'd never had a Chinese
woman before.

He answered the knock on the door and let in the room service clerk who
was wheeling a cart with ice bucket, bottles and glasses. He tipped the
man not daring to look at the bill he had just signed.

Shit! What the fuck am I doing here in this swanky hotel with my boss's
wife? This little setup is going to cost me a week's wages. I'm really
flipping out. First, Sally Dunn and now Nina Marsdale but it's Nina
that can really jeopardize my job even though she was the one that
initiated this whole thing ... And what about Alyce? This is hardly
fair to her. We've only been married for three months, for Christ's
sake and already I'm screwing around on her like mad.

Eddie was so caught up in his guilty thoughts that he had not even
realized that the Oriental woman was back in the living room of the
hotel suite, until her voice came to him from the center of the room.
Apparently, she had taken it upon herself to mix the drinks already and
now she had two glasses in her hands as she moved toward him.

"You didn't have to wait for me. You could have done the drinks," she

Dumbly, he took the glass from her hands. Her words meant nothing to
him. He could only stand and stare at her dumbly.

She was incredibly beautiful. She wore a tightly fitted, floor length,
Oriental costume of white silk brocade, shining dully in the soft glow
from the muted lights of the big room. The dress shimmered and played
over her body as she walked sensuously toward him, and he saw that the
garment was split from floor to waist, exposing and hiding her legs
alternately with each step. There was something forbidden but exciting
about the high, mandarin collar that enfolded her neck, covering her
chastely as indeed, the entire dress did, except for this sleekly trim
legs which were hidden from his view entirely, only when she stopped
before him.

Nina stood, looking up at him, the smokiness in her almond-shaped eyes
revealing her mood. She reached out to put a hand on his athletically
muscular arm.

"Eddie, I'm so glad that you could meet me," she said a trifle that sing-song voice of hers.

"So am I, but I'm ... uh ... a little embarrassed about this. I mean
even what you said about Clay and his affairs ... and all ... still ...

"For God's sake, Eddie. Let's get over that shall we. I didn't come up
here to discuss our respective spouses. That would be too dull for
words. Now let's make a little excitement, shall we?" she said after
her eyes glimmering like two hot slits.

"Agreed," he said.

The Chinese woman sank gracefully to the floor pulling the cushions
from the sofa onto the floor to sit on. She arranged herself on the
pillow with her legs tucked underneath and sipped her drink and
motioned for him to sit beside her.

The young tennis pro took a huge swallow from his glass and sat down
awkwardly on the floor. He wondered, as he lowered himself, whether or
not she would have anything on under that fabulous dress she wore.

"What a lovely dress," he said.

"Thank you. I bought it this afternoon when I knew I was going to be
seeing you."

"Oh, Nina," he groaned, "you're fabulous. I want you so much. I can't
help myself."

With that he reached for her and she came eagerly into his arms, her
lips searching for and finding his. Their mouths welded together and
their tongues probed, tasting, savoring and exciting each other. His
big hands explored her small, exquisite body; her curves under the
material of the dress he found unencumbered by other garments. He felt
her breasts, massaged them, feeling their smooth firmness under his
hand and reveling in the feel of them, wanted them free and naked in
his hands now.

Upwardly, his hand slid on her back to her neck, found the zipper,
grasped it and gave a long smooth pull to her waist. She shrugged her
shoulders and the garment fell forward, exposing her whole body to the
navel. He feasted his eyes for a moment upon the golden loveliness of

Instantly, his mouth was on her, kissing and caressing those
magnificent, mounding orbs of her femaleness, as his hands kneaded her,
grasping a nipple and teasing it to erectness in his fingers.

The Oriental beauty lay back upon the cushions forcing him to follow.
With a deft movement she removed the dress from her hips and legs, and
she was completely nude before his lustful gaze, the swell of her hips,
the long tapering legs, those supple dancer's legs, exciting him even
more. His cock jerked inside his trousers, making its bid for freedom.

"Let's get those clothes off of you," she said.

Her small, cool hands were efficient, they moved with sure knowledge on
his body, and he was soon stripped of his clothing, revealing his
manhood, stiffly alert, throbbingly engorged.

"Fantastic!" she said, reaching out to fondle the hardness and length
of him, moving the slack skin, experimentally to expose the bl**d-red
head; then she lay back, suddenly, pulling him on top of her.

His cock came naturally to rest in the soft, hair-lined furrow of her
cunt as she captured it, forcing the length of him to lie huge and
thick against her, its pressure seeming to arouse her instantly.

"Do you want to fuck me?" she asked.

"Christ, yes!" he gasped, his breath beginning to come heavily,

"Well tell me, then. Tell me what you want to do!"

"I really want to fuck, Nina," he said, his rough hands digging into
both her breasts, squeezing them through his fingers like they were
bread dough.

"How do you want it? How do you want to fuck me?" she hissed
lasciviously into his ear.

"I want to fuck you so you scream for more!" Eddie vowed with

"Yes, baby. Kill me with your big cock! Fuck me hard till I scream!"
she whispered hoarsely.

"Oh, yes, yes, baby, baby," he grunted, trying to recapture her lips.

"You'll do anything I want?" she queried, her eyes closed, breath
coming in little short gasps.

"Anything you want ... anything," Eddie promised.

"Then do it now!" she said, a moan coming deeply from her throat. "Fuck
me! Ram your gigantic piece of meat into my cunt and fuck me like
you've never fucked before! Fuck me now!"

And with that, Nina raised her legs, obscenely flexing them, and
reached down between their loins to grip his huge, bl**d-engorged prick
in her tiny hand, guiding it expertly between the lips of her warmly
ready pussy, where she moved the knob of it up and down in the moist
furrow, parting the soft, dark hair of the vaginal opening with the
throbbing cudgel and moving the foreskin back and forth several times,
until he felt it grow even harder in her hand. He could wait no more.

Firmly, with demanding pressure, he moved his hips against her. She
felt the strength of him and placed the cowled head of his cock at the
cunt-lipped opening of her, the tip of it resting just inside. She was
ready for him now, and he drove his gargantuan rod of flesh long, deep
and hard into her female softness.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... Eddie ... oooooohhhhhhhhhhh!" she groaned beneath
him as he felt the vaginal muscles give way with the onslaught and his
cock was in her carnal canal, the warm, elastic, inner lining slipping
wetly along his length, clinging to his hardened flesh, clasping him,
claiming him and absorbing him to the hilt, his testicles swinging
below, slapped against the cheeks of her upturned buttocks, as he
rammed the giant phallus into her throbbing, widesplit cleft without

She screamed with the first entry of it, as Eddie struck bottom, his
cock flicking past her cervix. Her hips twisted under him, screwing
them back and down to escape the sudden penetration; but, he thrust all
the harder into her, trying to cram the last bit of his massive prick
up into her soft, pliant pussy.

Momentarily, he stopped, letting her cunt adjust to him, resting on top
of her with his huge, fleshy rod skewering her to the floor. She opened
her eyes wide, smiling smokily up at him now, the feeling of being
stuffed once again with cock pleasing her immensely.

"Oh, you're so huge," she moaned. "I adore it. It's so marvelous to
have a big cock in your cunt!"

Her hips began to move under him, then; first, in tiny circles,
tantalizingly, changing to longer back and forth strokes, screwing her
ass back, forcing withdrawal, only to move forward again, her cunt
sliding and climbing up his giant pole, as she impaled herself fully on
the thick length of him; finally, she moved with wildly gyrating
buttocks, the smoldering sensuality blown to a raging furnace in her

The adulterous husband was in a rapture of his own. Eddie felt the fire
of her, the wonderful feeling of her moist, clasping pussy moving
around him driving him wild. He braced himself on his knees and elbows
above her wildly thrashing body, letting her hungry cunt slither itself
up and down the rigid length of his cock at will. A couple of times he
bucked forward on her upstroke, driving the growing head of his member
almost through the back wall of her womb.

Then he began to move with her, grinding his pelvis onto hers, his cock
moving in and out rhythmically, and she strained back at him, finally
matching her movements to his, so that he pistoned her smoothly.

Nina moaned in ecstasy beneath him, welcoming his pounding pelvis,
lifting her ass up to him, arching off the floor to meet him, her legs
opening and closing around his waist, fucking back at his rampaging
prick in the chanting rhythm of sexual surrender.

"Harder ... deeper ... fuck me ... fuck me ... harder ... come on ...
deeper ... get in farther ... farther in my cunt!"

Her words bit into him, driving him on to plunging insanity, as he
fucked into her, ramming and cramming with redoubled effort.

Nina's mouth gaped open and her head flailed from side to side as he
went in deeper, faster, his cock growing each moment, filling her
vaginal tunnel with its rock-hard maleness. He pulled her knees up to
her chest, her crotch exposed, vulnerable, inviting him to plumb her
sexual depths.

"I want more! More cock! Let's do something different!" she gasped.

"Just tell me what you want," he panted.

"Come, my big handsome stud, let me up and I'll teach you a new way to
fuck!" she promised.

He pulled out of her and rolled to his side, as she scrambled lithely
to her knees, kneeling on a soft pillow, presenting her with her
luscious backside, waggling it in his face teasingly. He could see the
slightly spread lips of her softly hair-lined pussy smiling at him, and
above, the tight puckered ring of her asshole was beckoning
lasciviously to him.

Her voice was shaky. "Kneel behind me, Eddie!"

Excitedly, he moved into position, his cock jutting impatiently out
toward the soft, quivering crevice. She reached back between her legs
and grasped his prick, guiding it to her cunt lips where she dipped the
head of it in the moistness of her, lubricating it well; then she moved
the great bl**d-engorged tip to the entrance of her tiny, brownish-
colored anus, smearing the viscous liquid on that opening to prepare it
for his giant-sized spear's penetration.

"Spread my asscheeks with your hands. I'll guide your cock in my
asshole!" she whispered.

Eddie reached down, grasping a smooth, trembling cheek in each hand and
carefully spread them apart, revealing the vulnerable brown opening of
her tight, flexing anal passage.

"Now, gently, slowly, put it into my asshole," she instructed him with
bated, excited breath.

Softly, with her fingers she pressed the large, smooth head against the
rubber nether ring and he strained, moving slowly and with constant and
increasing f***e, until with a faint popping noise, the head slipped in
and he could feel the tantalizing, elastic muscles clasping him
strongly, the tight, yet soft, sponginess of her back passage giving
him a series of sensations that he had never before experienced. His
sensitive glans were trapped, almost painfully; then he felt her anus
begin to relax inside.

"Okay! Shove it in all the way!" she hissed at him, lowering her
shoulders to a cushion and swiveling her head to look back at him.

Eddie flexed his pelvis and shoved harder, the length and breadth of
his cock disappearing completely inside. Instinctively he paused not
moving to allow time for her rear passage to adjust to his invasion.

"Uuuuunnnnnggggggg ... now ... pull it out ... all the way out," she
said with excitement mounting in her voice.

The tennis pro's mammoth member came out of her with a rush, and she
expertly lowered it to her cunt lips.

"Okay, now inside my cunt ..."

Willing to go along with her exciting game, he moved forward, burying
his thickness deep up into the straining moistness of her pussy.

"Now, back in my asshole ... and then back in my cunt ... oohhh. Eddie
... fuck me ... fuck me ... fuck me ..."

Eddie needed no further instructions from his Oriental seductress. He
pulled from her cunt and she guided it to her anus again. This time it
went in smoothly. She was more relaxed, and he rammed it in with wild
ecstatic abandon. The woman gasped with pleasure as he pulled from her,
she guiding the cock to her cunt, where he plunged his cock in her to
the hilt, his balls slapping resoundingly into the soft, inner
smoothness of her thighs.

Now the pattern was established. He began to move in and out of her,
alternating between anus and vagina, long rampaging strokes, backed by
his powerful legs and pelvis, and she guided it with accuracy in the
alternation, screwing her hips back at him to get deeper penetration in
each orifice.

Nina mewled, gurgled and groaned, the sounds coming from deep in her
throat, interspersed with sharp gasps of pleasure as his mighty ramrod
of flesh pistoned in and out of her cunt and asshole. She was
approaching her orgasm, her breath came in fitful jerks, as he moved in
and out of both hungry holes, the sensations engulfing and consuming
her, and she was filled and fulfilled, the dizzying heights of her
climax visible to her as that magnificent stem of hardened lust
ravished her almost beyond endurance ...

"Yes ... it's marvelous ... it's heaven ... fuck ... fuck ..." she
panted in rhythm, chanting a sexual litancy. "In my ass ... in my cunt
... in my ass ... in my cunt ... fuck me ... fuck me ... fuck

She was practically screaming now, faster and faster she chanted to
him, demanding her climax, wanting it to come, but wanting it to go on
forever, too.

In moments she was transported to the fiery brink of a volcanic crater,
the smoking, steamy heat of it enveloping her, searing into her loins,
flaming through her mind, until with a groan her orgasm released her in
spasms of pleasurable euphoria, and she floated through space, down,
down into the burning depths of her sexual pleasure .

Surprisingly, to her lust-crazed mind, she was not burned at all. Her
release came and she was in the hotel suite, on the floor, Eddie's cock
still plunging into her with relentless f***e.

"Oooooooohhhh. God ... Jesus ... aaaaaaaaaa uuuuuuu ggggg hh ... I'm
cuuu mmm ii nnn ggggg ... cccc uuuuuu mmmmmmmmmm iiiiiii nnnnn gggg
..." she screamed in sensual agony of orgasmic ecstasy.

As Nina screamed, Eddie knew that he was near himself. He grabbed her
by the hips and pulled her hard back against him. He was up her
asshole, and he kept his cock there, moving faster, longer and harder
into her straining, tightly clenching back passage, ramming into her,
the sensations in him growing ever more intense. He could feel the
beginnings of his own ejaculation, as his hardened flesh fucked into
her like a well-oiled machine, the piston of him moving in her cylinder
with increasing power. Now, his sperm-loaded balls began to jerk, the
pumping action evident of the length of his penis.

Suddenly, it was there, spewing in hosing jets of white, viscous semen
far up into her rectum, while spasms of pure, a****listic pleasure shot
through him, flashing in electric jolts through his mind and shuddering
through his body in wave after wave of nerve-tingling sexuality. His
cock continued to pump for several moments as he collapsed on top of
her, lying on her back, prone, as she lay under him on her stomach.

"My god," he said hoarsely, panting for breath, "I've never had
anything like that!"

"Mmmmmmmmm ... you like ... huh?" she asked .

"I've never had a woman like you," he said, his prick still jerking in
her, "It was just the most fabulous thing I've ever had."

"Well, we have plenty of other things to try too," she promised. "That
is, of course, if you're interested."

"Interested!" he said without hesitation. "I'll be your slave if you'll
do that again."

With those words he rolled from atop her, retrieved their drinks, lit
cigarettes for them, and they stretched out comfortably on the cushions
in front of the window.

Clay Marsdale had been in the bathroom all the time, playing with his
new toy, the video tape camera. Fortunately, Nina had maneuvered his
young employee onto the floor so all their grunts and groans of sexual
abandon would be picked up by the small floor mike concealed by the leg
of the sofa. Obviously, both of them were satiated and that made Clay
happy too. Voyeurism was one of his favorite diversions. Jesus Christ,
he thought, my little wife is some woman. No wonder I'm never bored.
I've never known a woman who likes to fuck as much as my little
Oriental firecracker. She'd have a cock in her twenty-four hours a day
if she could. In her ass ... her cunt ... her mouth ...

Shit! I hope she's coming home soon. I've got a big hard cock I want to
ram into her myself. I don't think Eddie Frampton needs to have a
three-way laid on him right now although Nina certainly likes to have
two cocks in her.

The director of the Marina Tennis Clinic stretched out on the floor of
the bathroom partially in the hallway of the suite just in time to see
Nina's lips encircling Eddie's cock, manipulating him to flesh-
hardened, bl**d-engorged readiness.

I guess I'll just have to concentrate on what it's going to be like
when I fuck Eddie's wife.

Chapter 6

Alyce had not wanted to wait up for Eddie but she could not sl**p and
the sl**ping pill she had taken the other night made her feel so groggy
the next day that she did not want to go through that again. She tossed
and turned and tossed so more, every few moments looking at the clock
which seemed almost to have stopped, time was going so slowly. Finally
at 5AM when she could see a little bit of daylight beginning to filter
through the bedroom d****s, she heard him. She was too distraught for a
confrontation with her husband so she feigned sl**p; although she lay
under the blankets like a coiled spring, listening to him undress.
After what seemed like hours, Eddie crawled into bed beside her.

Still pretending that she was sound asl**p, restlessly, she moved
closer to him, snuggling into his back and throwing an arm over his
body. Eddie turned away, gently removing her arm, and moved away to his
side of the king-sized bed.

Feeling like she had been punched in the stomach by his u*********s
rejection of her, Alyce smothered her face in the pillow and tried to
keep from screaming out her sorrow.

The next day there was to be some sort of open house at the tennis club
for new members so Eddie did not have to get up early. He rose and went
downstairs to make his protein drink in the blender. Alyce was sitting
in the kitchen, tensely, going over the newspaper with blank eyes and
she did not greet him when he came into the kitchen.

Complete silence reigned although the atmosphere was charged with
vibrations so heavy they could have been sliced and packaged.

Eddie dressed and almost left the house without saying goodbye when he
remembered something.

"Oh, by the way, Alyce, don't forget we're going over to the Marsdale's
tonight ..."

"Okay," she said, not looking up from her paper.

Then he was gone. Alyce got up and watched him until he was out of
sight, then she slammed the door and stumbled up to her bedroom in a
fit of rage. At least he could have the decency to let me know what
he's up to, she fumed. I am owed some kind of explanation for his
behavior the last week. If it's another woman, I want to know. I have
the right to know.

Realizing that she was hardly going to solve any of her problems by
lying in bed, she decided to busy herself with some of the things she
had been putting off. Still angry, she began wandering around the house
picking up the dirty clothes to take to the laundry. In the bathroom
hamper she found one of Eddie's tennis shirts and covering the little
embroidered racquet in the corner was a big smear of red lipstick!

Alyce thought she almost could have rationalized that lipstick. It
could have been an enthusiastic student or something but it was the
hardened, thick glob on the inside of his shorts that convicted him in
her mind. She stared at the whitish blob of his cum and knew now
without a doubt that he had been with another woman! Eddie, her husband
of three months was tucking around !

Once again, feeling like she had been punched in the stomach, Alyce
wondered just how much she could stand. Dully, she walked over to the
sofa, not feeling like taking her husband's cum-stained laundry to the
cleaners but not knowing what else to do.

Dully, her eyes fixed themselves on the small bar. She went to it, like
a magnet poured herself a stiff tumbler of scotch and drank it off in
four gulps, feeling the fiery liquid boil into her guts, numbing her
brain and tingling through her tense body. She wanted to stop the
raging thoughts; push them into oblivion, anything to blot out the
memory, the knowledge that her husband was already involved in an
affair with another woman after only a few months of marriage.

Alyce was confident of her looks, indeed she knew that she was
beautiful and desirable. As if to check, she went into the bathroom,
removed her robe and looked at herself in the full-length mirror .

Critically, she examined her reflection, smoothing her hands over
generous breasts and the swell of hips and thighs, turning to look at
the rounded, firm buttocks and finding no flaw in her svelte figure.
She knew that she was fully developed, feminine and capable of much

Now, she examined the soft, fleecy triangle of her pubic mound, turned
to examine, in turn, the tight split of her vaginal opening; finally,
standing again, using her hands to pull up her breasts to full mounds
of femaleness, trying to pose provocatively, lewdly, obscenely. She
found the poses totally alien to her character.

Her own face came back into focus and she was startled for a second.
She had been sick with worry and her face showed it.

What am I going to do?

Suddenly the front doorbell sounded and Alyce barely hesitated. She
certainly was not in the mood for any company but she did not want to
be caught in the middle of the day still in her bathrobe. Hurriedly,
she grabbed a summer shift from the closet, shrugging it on over her
and smoothing it down over her hips and breasts not bothering to put on
panties or a bra. Rapidly, she ran a brush through her golden hair and
went to answer the front door.

Standing there his hands on his hips not in his usual tennis garb was
Clay Marsdale, her husband's boss.

She was startled. "Why, Mr. Marsdale, what can I do for you? Eddie's
already gone over to the open house."

"I didn't come here to see Eddie," he said in a very stern sounding
voice. "May I come in? It's important."

"Oh, certainly," she swung the door wide for him. "Please come in.
Forgive me. I'm a little out of it today," she said, stumbling over her

Marsdale entered and sat down on the edge of a chair and refused her
offer for refreshment, liquid or otherwise.

"Something very important has come up," he said in a very menacing

Alyce was really mystified. Why would Clay Marsdale have anything
important to discuss with her?

"What is it, Mr. Marsdale?" she began. Worriedly, she sank down on the
sofa, being careful of the manner of her sitting, aware that she had no
underwear on in front of this strange man.

Clay leered at her barely able to conceal his lust. His eyes had caught
the fact that she was not wearing anything underneath her summer shift;
additionally, he had caught the smell of liquor on her breath, and he
knew that all was not well in the Frampton household.

"Mrs. Frampton, there's no need now for beating about the bush," he
said his lips pulling back into a tight line. "No doubt, you are aware
of the fact that your husband did not arrive home until almost daylight
and that he probably offered no explanation for his behavior."

Alyce gasped and covered her face from him with acute humiliation. She
didn't answer him. Dear God, did everyone know about Eddie's infidelity
except her?

"You know, don't you?" his voice was harsh, demanding.

"Yes," she said dully.

"Do you have any idea where he was during those long hours away from
you?" he probed unmercifully, acting like some kind of inquisitor of

"No, I don't," her voice squeaked out.

"I know where he was!" He had waited quietly for a couple of moments
before dropping his bombshell.

Alyce's reaction was immediate. Her head jerked up. She stared in
horror, her face a mask of stunned hopelessness. "Where ... how can you

"I know where your husband was BECAUSE HE WAS WITH MY WIFE, NINA!"

The young blonde wished at that moment that a hole would open in her
living room floor so she could be swallowed up and would not have to
face this shock and embarrassment. She again covered her lovely young
face with her hands, blocking her from his leering gaze.

"With Nina ... your wife?" she stuttered out almost inaudibly from
behind her hands.

"Yes, in fact, I filmed the entire thing on video tape and I want you
to come over to my house to see it," he said.

"Dear God, no!" she cried and flung herself down on the couch, her
dress rising with her movement to reveal her long, smoothly tapering
legs to the lustful gaze of Clay Marsdale.

He allowed her to stay that way for a few moments, then went to sit
beside her on the couch to soothe her with words of sympathy.

"Now, now, Mrs. Frampton. I know how you must feel. How shocking it is
to find out that your husband has been unfaithful."

Then, gently, he raised her up, continuing. "But you must remember that
I've been cuckolded too. My own wife was with your husband!"

"Of course, you're right," she murmured, "I'd almost forgotten."

"Now, Mrs. Frampton, I don't know what you propose to do about your
husband, but I assure you that I am going to take some kind of action
and soon!" he said, almost frightening her with the f***e of his words.

Uncertainty and confusion were swirling through her. She did not want
to have to make decisions at a time like this. "I just don't know. I
need some time to think ..."

Marsdale continued on. "I've had a little more time to think about it.
I'm not at all sure that I want to divorce my wife for her ... uh ...
indiscretion. I don't want to go through that at this time. But, I must
say that the need for revenge is strong in me ..."

Alyce stared at him, wide-eyed, not understanding what he was driving
at. "What do you mean?" she asked.

"I think that we should pay them back. I think that they should know
what it's like to have the same thing done to them!" He smiled at her
suggestively, lewdly, his voice taking on a seductive tone.

Alyce turned crimson, fully understanding his proposal now. "Why, Mr.
Marsdale, that's absolutely outrageous. I'm not interested in pursuing
that line at all."

"But that's the only way that we can make them see the light. Make them
confront themselves to know if they really care. it's the only way of
getting back our partners," he purred.

His reasoning escaped her, but his smooth convincing presentation of
the idea seemed somewhat of a solution. She couldn't agree with him,
but neither could she really have any way of knowing what to do in a
situation like this where she had no experience. After all, Eddie had
certainly broken their marriage vows. But two wrongs do not make a

"Oh, Mr. Marsdale, maybe what you say is right. I don't know," she said

"Of course, I'm right," he stated firmly. "Now, let's have a little
drink. I feel so uptight, I need something to relax."

"I don't think so ..." she began.

"Oh come on, Mrs. Frampton. You do have a drink every once in a while
don't you?" he asked, his gaze penetrating her.

He knows. He can smell the scotch I had before he came.

"Okay, what'll be?" he asked, automatically going for the bar and then
stopping, "with your permission, of course."

"Go ahead, Mr. Marsdale," she said, her voice disinterested, lifeless,
now all thoughts on her husband's adultery.

"Maybe we can get a little less formal. My name's Clay. May I call you
Alyce? I hope if we are contemplating some plan of action we are at
least going to be on a first name basis."

The young blonde wife was really shocked now. "You don't really mean
that you're considering ... what you suggested ... intimated ... before

"I don't see why not?" he leered. "What's sauce for the goose is ..."

She was visibly disturbed. She had no intention of pretending or
otherwise to be an adulteress.

Marsdale poured some stiff drinks and brought one over to her.

They sat and chatted while Alyce nervously sipped the glass of straight
scotch, and before she knew it the glass was empty. Clay watched her

He moved in quickly. "Another drink, my dear?" he asked.

"No, thanks. I rarely drink. Well, all right, but just a small one this
time, it's still afternoon."

The scotch was beginning to make her feel a little reckless;
additionally a small bolt of electrical energy had balled itself,
racing through her body, along her nerve endings to unleash its f***e
in a gigantic stab at her genitals. The pleasant, though unusual,
sensations produced in her naked loins beneath her dress signaled that
she was feeling the effects of the alcohol. She recognized the sensual
sensations, but she was sure that she was in complete possession of her
mind and senses.

While Clay was pouring her another drink, she tried not to let the
image of her husband copulating with Nina Marsdale take shape. How
awful! How could Eddie do this to me?

The more she thought about it the more she became aware of the
insistent, seething, sensations in her, and thought for a fleeting
second that it would serve Eddie right if she were to play at the same
game. She soon pushed that thought from her mind. No! I just can't do

Clay returned to her, handing her the tall glass of scotch. She looked
up at him, seeing him for the first time. She saw a stocky, powerfully
built man with dark hair, heavy features, and she noted the satisfied
leer on his face as he resumed the seat opposite her, lounging back in
it to wait.

That's it! He's waiting like a cat waiting for a canary!

Suddenly Alyce had had enough.

"Mr. Marsdale, I'm not going to have any part of this," she said with

Calmly he said. "It's already been decided. You and I are going to bed
and I'm going to fuck you!"

"No!" she gasped. "I won't do it!"

"Let's put it another way then. If you don't then your husband will be
out of a job."

"You wouldn't ..."

Marsdale remained as cool as a cucumber. "Just finish your drink,
Alyce. You're going to enjoy this," he said soothingly.

His words and the alcohol were beginning to have their effect on the
confused wife. She slumped back on the cushions of the couch, sliding
down dejectedly, her dress riding up to show the smoothness of her
thighs. She didn't care now. She was trapped. Everything seemed
hopeless. Let him ogle her legs if that's what he wanted .

Clay waited for a few moments before he reached for her, his hand going
out to rest gently on her inner thigh, above the knee, feeling the
silky, smooth warmth of her as his hand moved upward, slowly, massaging
the creamy flesh until he had reached the hem of her dress; then her
legs parted almost imperceptibly, involuntarily, and he moved on upward
confidently, the fingers of his hand exploring her searchingly.

Now he was up to the pubic hair, unconfined, the blonde down of her
softly curling crotch inciting him, inflaming him with hot passion.

Alyce sat, unmoving, except for the involuntary relaxing of her thigh
muscles to allow him access to the juncture of her thighs, but she was
a mass of rolling sensations. Her body had reacted to him against her
will, the sensitive nerve endings, inflamed by the liquor, had a mind
of their own. She dimly realized that whether or not she wanted it, her
reasoning mind was no longer in command. Her body was betraying her.
She couldn't help herself.

His voice came in a fog. "Let's go to your bedroom!"

He pulled her, zombie-like, from the sofa and guided her firmly toward
the bedroom.

"Get undressed!" he ordered.

Trance-like, Alyce turned her back on him and pulled the dress over her
head, then in grim acceptance, she lay down naked on the bed, her legs
held tight together, her arms folded over her naked breasts and daring
not to look at him.

"Turn over on your stomach!" His voice was getting raspy.

Clay Marsdale, still fully clothed, sat down on the bed. Reaching out
stubby fingers, he began to trace the outlines of her loveliness,
lightly drawing his hand over her back and down across the swelling
protuberances of the twin orbs of her smooth-skinned buttocks; then,
down over her legs, allowing the fingers to drift up in the inside of
her thighs, back to her smooth, white bottom, where he paused to
massage and knead, his fingers digging in on the silky skin.

His voice was soft, seductive now. "You have a gorgeous body, Alyce."

Then his lips were on her neck, kissing her wetly, his tongue tracing
along on down her back, crouching over her as he came to her buttocks,
on down her legs to the ankles, back up to the knees, paying special
attention to the inside surface of them. His mouth was hot on the
outside of her thighs, as he approached the juncture, where he burrowed
briefly into the mysterious dark crevice.

Finally, after what seemed eons of time to Alyce, he had traversed the
full length of her body, down and back up to her neck; then, to her
ears, where he inserted the tip of his tongue to tantalize a hole
there, running his wet tongue around the rim of it.

The young blonde wife shuddered. The slow burning and banked fires in
her were partially uncovered, as he had kissed her, and suddenly, she
was aware that her body was a raging inferno of fiery sensations, all
of which were being generated in her loins.

Oh no! It's starting to feel like I'm on fire down there! He's driving
me crazy. Oh, God. Help me!

"Turn over!" he commanded. "I want to see whether the front of you is
as luscious as the back . "

Compliantly, she turned to her back. His tongue darted instantly across
the tip of one nipple, his mouth dipping to take the whole aureole in
his lips while a hand stroked the other breast, cupping the milk white
mound, then kneading it hard, his thumb and forefinger teasing the
nipple to painful erectness.

Alyce felt the rampaging electricity in her rapidly moistening vagina,
and she mewled involuntarily with the pleasurable sensation, knowing
that she wanted him. Wanted his cock absorbed into her raging loins.

His tongue trailed moistly across her body, stopping momentarily to
screw into her navel, then teasingly on downward to the soft blonde
curls at the triangle of her belly and thighs.

Her legs which she had kept clamped tightly together began
involuntarily to relax, her thighs opening slightly to his probing of
her private, feminine parts. His tongue was now replaced by his hand.
He inserted an exploratory finger into the soft, hair-lined crease,
forcing it down, until he found the canopied bud of her clitoris and
rubbed his hard finger against it, grunting with satisfaction as it
began to grow, bl**d-engorged, under his titillation of it.

Dear God! What's happening to me?

Unexplainably to her, she lost control of her legs. Her thighs
suddenly, of their own volition, jerked open wide to him and his head
dropped to her cunt, his mouth exploring her until he found the erect,
pulsing clitoris in its canopy of slightly darker skin of the fleshy
lips of her vulva. She moaned in an agony of pleasure as he found and
captured the palpitating button between his teeth and held it lightly,
running his tongue in circles around it, decreasing the radius, until
at last he released it from his teeth, and his tongue concentrated on
the tip of it exclusively.

"Stop it! Please, please, it's driving me crazy!" she moaned in a
helpless plea that she knew would not be answered by clay.

The older man opened his mouth wider and moved downward. His tongue
slithered into the viscous moistness of her throbbing aunt. With his
head buried in the searing muskiness of her pussy, Clay could hear her
whimpering mewls each time his tongue swirled around the inside of her
velvety, tumescent and softly hair-lined vaginal opening. He drew her
legs up and slid his arms under them so that his shoulders and arms
were wedged between her now widely opened thighs. In the midst of
tongue-fucking her he suddenly realized that within seconds she would
be climbing the walls begging him to fuck her.

Marsdale then slipped both of his hands underneath her thighs and
pushed them up further, allowing her legs to d**** over his shoulders.
He moved his hands on up to her buttocks, feeling the tiny undulations
of them and pulled the cheeks up to him, his stubby fingers digging
into her soft flesh.

Alyce cried out her pleasure and frustration as she felt his tongue
plunge deeply into the liquid depths of her cunt. She wanted more of
it. Instinctively, she reached for the thatch on his head, grasping it,
tangling her fingers in the bristly scruff, she tried to pull his head
farther into her as the pulsing, racing sensations of her passion
engulfed her. She was helpless in its thrall, and she could but react
a****listically to the sensual sexuality of his probing, searching

She could no longer think. She knew she had to have release from this
punishing torment.

"Clay ... I've got to have it ... now! I want you to put your thing
inside me ... and do it ..." she mumbled, begging him for release from
her frustration.

Clay raised his head from her cunt to leer down at her lewdly. "Oh, so
you're getting off at last?" he stated.

"Yes ... oh, please, do it to me!" she whispered between tightly
clenched teeth, her eyes closed to shut out his obscenely ogling face.

"Say it properly, then!" he said quietly.

The insanely frustrated young blonde knew what he wanted her to say and
she cast aside the Mormon Church to get what she wanted for the first
time in her sexual life.

"Fuck me ... stick your cock in my cunt ... I want your cock fuck me
fuck me, Clay ... now!"

"Marvelous, you beautiful morsel ... now, I want you to help me get my
clothes off!" Her words were a prod of his own passion. His prick
jerked and throbbed in the confines of his clothing. He had waited long
and patiently while he had teased and tantalized this luscious piece of
womanly flesh to advanced sexual need and he knew that she was going to
be hot.

Alyce came off the bed, leaping to obey him instantly. With trembling
fingers she helped him to strip off his clothing, gasping in disbelief
as his giant cock was released from the imprisoning shorts. "No, my
God! It's too huge!" she mumbled involuntarily. She knew her own
husband was exceptionally big but this man was a sin against nature, he
was absolutely gigantic.

"Don't you love it?" he leered.

"I'm afraid ... I don't think I can take it all," she said wide-eyed
with fear.

"You should learn more about it then. Take it in your mouth and suck it
for a while!"

Instantly, she balked. "You must be mad!" That's perverted. I won't! I

"Jesus Christ! You really are right off the farm, aren't you. What
quaint little ideas you have about sex. Suck it, baby. Because I'm
telling you right now ... no suckee ... no fuckee!"

He reached for her, running his hands over her breasts, tile curve of
her waist and thighs, cupping her ass, pulling her loins to his and
allowing his thick, lust-filled cock to slip between her thighs, the
bl**d-red cowl of it coming to rest on the clitoral bud as he gently
but firmly moved his hips against her in erotic stimulation .

The shock of the shiny, smooth head of his cock on her clitoris was
almost more than she could tolerate at this point. She began to move in
opposition to him, savoring the surging sensations it caused, moving in
wild abandon, her hips gyrating and her moist cuntal lips sliding along
the length of him.

Suddenly he pulled away from her and sat down on the edge of her bed,
holding his prick in one hand, he used the other to pull her to a
kneeling position between his legs; then he put his strong hand behind
her neck and drew her head to his loins, stopping only when her face
was scant inches from his massive member.

"Suck me!" he grunted.

Reluctantly, she lowered her lips to the bl**d-engorged tip of it and
placed her lips there gingerly, kissing that monstrous cock, doing as
he bid, knowing in her mind that it was wrong, but doing it because her
body demanded orgasmic release from the sexual torture he had been
inflicting upon her. Then, with deep revulsion she took the instrument
into her mouth, tasting the pungent maleness of him, surprised at the
soft, rubbery texture of the head, as she hollowed her lips in and out,
sucking it as he had instructed her.

"Use your tongue!" he commanded.

The inexperienced young adulteress touched the head with her tongue and
felt the jerking shock of it in him as she swirled her oral member
around and around, finally trying to insert the tip of her tongue on
the tiny, moistened orifice on the end. His hips began to move, shoving
the length of his farther into her mouth.

Strangely, now, she began to feel even more sexual excitement, the
pounding, crashing, rhythmic song of desire pulsing through her body
demanding its resolution. Then she felt him lie back on the bed, his
hands jerking her head upward and away from his ever-growing rod of

"Now, we'll see how my cock fits in your cunt," he said.

Alyce stood up as he moved his heavy body around to lie straight in the
bed, on his back, his cock jutting up like a flagstaff.

"Straddle me, my dear," he said, holding out his arms to her, "ride me
like a horse."

The young wife did not hesitate. She was too ready, far too far along.
Instantly, she was atop him, her legs straddling his waist. She grasped
his giant pole in her hands and guided it, unerringly to the moist
warmth of her hungry cunt. She dropped her weight back on him,
absorbing all of his prick within her in one movement, his rock-hard
flesh ramming up into her vaginal vault, filling her completely and
flicking past the tip of the cervix as it bottomed in her.

Suddenly, he flexed his hips upward, driving his cock even further into
her as he felt the silky moistness of her pussy enveloping him with
throbbing, searingly hot flesh, her body squirming above him

She began to move now with wild abandon. rotating her hips and driving
her cunt up and down his hardened cock, taking all of him in her
velvet-lined cunt with each stroke. She found that by inching her body
forward and supporting herself on her hands that she was able to move
her hips more freely, and she began furiously to pump her soft,
quivering buttocks up and down on him, faster and faster Al the
inexorable rhythm of love, locked fleshily to him by the erect phallus
between them.

The fact that this was a new position for the usually shy inhibited
wife did not even phase her. She was too absorbed in the concentration
of sensations in her cunt. The freedom to move, to command her own
direction and to set her own speed was sheer ecstasy, and she was lost
in the morass of never-before-experienced sensations. s

Bareback and bareassed, Alyce rose him as if she were riding a Brahma
bull at a rodeo, taking all of his cock with every jump, unbridled and
frantic, fucking him for all she was worth, her hips writhing and
pounding against him, rising and falling, swirling in great grinding
rotations, her breasts hanging to his chest, the nipples spiking into
him, her belly rubbing sweatingly against his hairy loins, as she
leaned further forward.

He held the thick length of his prick rigid for her, allowing her to
move on him, her wet cunt sliding on his length, out of control. He
could not match her beat, so he raised his hips higher, offering up his
manhood in sacrifice while she danced the ritual sex dance above him.
He put his clenched fists under his buttocks to raise his cock higher
to her thrusting, pummeling cunt. 150

As if going for a blue ribbon, she rode the unbridled, mad bull of a
man and it was a never-ending contest, until suddenly she was on the
verge of winning the championship. She dashed her mount into it, and
she felt it coming at last, a sort of molten lava surrounded and
consumed her, the liquid racing through, inside her, and she was at the
brink of cataclysmic orgasmic release she strived for which had been
denied to her by her newlywed husband.

Clay, beneath her, had finally found the rhythm of her headlong ride
and rose to meet her churning movements. He thrust up at her, measuring
her with his searing rock-hard cock, trying to bury his fleshy shaft
deeper into her belly, until they were one in the blazing, flashing
inferno of orgasm.

Rockets lit up her brain as she felt the whole of her quivering, pent-
up being brought to the brink, erupting in her belly like a Roman
candle shooting forth its colorful stream of sparks into every part of
her salaciously aroused body. His plunging cock brought her well-
earned, spewing reward from her wildly panting labors.

Beneath her, she heard Clay's harsh cry, frothing forth from his lips,
and she could feel the jetting flood of his seminal fluid, sperm-laden,
thickly white and viscous, hosing into her from that hardened
instrument of lust and pleasure.

"Aauugghhh! It's almost ..." And with a desperate and final squatting,
ramming motion, she f***ed his spewing prick deeply into her and she
was there! "I'm ... aaaahhhhh ... ccummingg!"

Alyce Frampton sat up, his jerking cock still moving in her. She threw
her arms high as if she had found true happiness at last.

In her dazed sexual reverie she leaned down to Clay and captured his
mouth with her own, ramming her tongue into his mouth, savoring the
taste of him, and she was supremely happy and at peace with herself.

And then she remembered something. "Does this mean that Eddie won't
lose his job," she asked timidly.

"We'll see, my dear. It depends on your performance tonight. This
afternoon is just the preliminary round. Tonight at my house with your
husband will be the real test."

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