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Seven days, seven women-Part #1

Seven days, seven women-Part #1
By csn61 ©

Chapter 1: the storyline:

I want to describe the incredible fortune I have landed in terms of being able to make love to different mature rich woman, every day of the week without any catch, any obligations, without spending a single penny!

I am a 21-year-old young computer scientist, presently unemployed. My main occupation now is to satisfy the sexual libido of my seven rich mature beautiful women lovers, day 'in' and day 'out '(pun intended) who love to take care of my expenses and I have now no time to work or nor the necessity to earn money with a job else where.

NO, Don’t take me as a gigolo or a male prostitute. My lovers and me are sincere people who are passionately involved in our relationships and the whiff money is not even remotely present in the scheme of things. It is just love and passion all the way

It all started this way....

I have had a couple of girlfriends in my life, but I was always curious about having sex with a mature, rich middle aged lady in 30s to 40s. I have been fascinated with their big juicy boobs, soft big and cushiony buttocks and of course my imagination of their rich, experienced deep and wide pussies, which will be so unlike the teenage girls and their tight and small cunnies

My theory of such imagination has been compounded by the fact that richer they were, idler, they will be with many a servant to take care of domestic chores, their time and money giving them the freedom to enjoy rich food lavishly and all affordable cosmetics to take care of their physical appearance, complexion and beauty. But if their husbands could earn that kind of money, they would most certainly working their asses off, leaving their women with all comforts but little companionship.

I have now seven such women to take care off and I have allotted one day of the week to each one, without revealing about other six to any of them, of course!!

They are as follows:


Mrs. B- She is a rich millionaires and a widow of 38 years, a buxom and full-bodied juicy woman, almost a nymphomaniac in bed. Her ass is big and curvaceous and her pussy is soft and hairless and takes a lot of pounding without getting tired.

It is unbridled pleasure to be in bed with her and come litres of man-juice in her warm pussy.


JL- a Female wrestler 36 years old, a single divorcee, she owns gymnasium in swanky uptown and makes loads of money through it. It is a unique experience to be caught by her in a 'bind' or cinch in bed, as her well-toned hard body and her stamina well worthy of her wrestling profession makes her a dominating and voracious bedmate.

The number of times she makes love to me, drains me and satiates me is phenomenal and the experience is just out of this world.


JM- She is a 36-year-Old cabaret dancer who acts in movies, unattached to anyone and very surprisingly a virgin at that age, when I met her. She is a big voluptuous woman with incredible soft and large breasts and curvaceous buttocks and a juicy honey hole with wet fat flapping outer lips on her pussy.

Needless today she saps my virile energies thoroughly to make amends for the years she missed out on sex.


SD-A dark skinned 40-year-old divorcee with lots of cuddly flesh all over and absolutely insatiable in bed, which is in stark contrast to her decent ‘social worker’ image built up in the elite society she moves in. She likes nothing better than showing her trimmed leaky cunt tucked in between her abundant thighs and make her big melon like hips jiggle seductively as soon as I and enter her home and close the door behind me.


MRS.Jay – She is a retired legendary film actress, very rich, easily billionaires without husband or c***dren. She is also into charity and takes care of a film training Institute as its CEO. She is a woman who I love to fuck as she is submissive in bed and I make violent love to her almost r****g her till we are bathed in sweat and our hearts would be hammering wildly and uncontrollably in the aftermath.


Saritha- She is a dark skinned widow, not very rich and woks as a part time Secretary to Mrs. Jay.

She is a voyeur who saw me once humping Mrs. Jay, her boss on her Board table violently on a Friday that she herself seduced me into screwing her on Saturday in the office on the very table, doing a lap dance on my thighs in her boss's seat. She is very innovative and a kind woman who takes care of me in many ways. That she has formidable tit pairs, sensitive very-erect nipples and can come a hundred times in one day with me socking it to her inviting accommodating womb has something to do with my kind impression of hers!


It’s a special day as I usually visit any one the above six woman above of my choice and have sex with me in a manner that I have fantasized for them and not the way I do it to them on their regular days.

For example I violently hump and **** the woman with whom I usually make tender love. I have public sex with uninhibited ness with the lady who has sex only in the confines of her bedroom in darkness otherwise or it could be the other way round for another lady. I mean on Sundays, the Monday lady could get what Tuesday lady usually gets, Wednesday lady getting what Friday lady usually gets and so on. So many combinations, so much thrill.
We can be as innovative as we can dare to be!

It gives me incredible strength, variety and satisfaction to rotate strike and have choice sex on Sundays.

All this in detail follows in the coming chapters!! Or should I term it as cumming chapters?

Chapter 2- Monday lady

I got a call from my Mother who lived in the neighbouring city asking me to meet Mrs Bindu (B, in short) a wealthy millionaires living in swanky uptown here who was in need of some computer services.

I met her at the mansion and if anything B was beyond my wildest (s)expectations about a mature rich woman. She was at least 6 feet tall, full bodied, buxom with abundant rich curves all over, a sign that her body knew nothing about hard work and she was living a life of unbridled luxury.

Her V-neck heaved up and with her movements amplifying the size of mouth-watering tits.

She gave me a broad smile and invited me in and soon I was in her Networking room. I was told that she had suspicious looking computer files where her accounts was saved and may be I could do something about it. She was concerned and said that her staff was defrauding her, especially her accountant.

I had studied accounts in my commerce course. It took me a half-day to study all her files and I was in the meantime served with some tea and snacks. B would come in some times, stand close enough to smell her pleasant body spray, her long well muscled thighs showing between her skirt pleats and her rosy white jugs straining against her gown tops as if they would pop out with a little help. All this did my cock no good and I was sporting an almost distracting erection and I fought hard inwardly to concentrate on the job.

Finally I managed to nail the fraud; it was a siphon off to a private bank account in Switzerland to the tune of a couple of millions. When I explained my findings, B was as startled as I had been and showed keen interest in the modus operandi and appreciated my shrewdness in tracking it down.

She thanked me a lot and next we thought of countering the criminal with these evidences the next day.

On that day she welcomed me personally at the front door, wearing a shocking red sari, an Indian robe with sleeveless blouse. She looked good enough to eat in that dress what with her soft luxurious curves mysteriously hidden as well as revealed tantalizingly. My heart was thumping when she made small talk and we waited for the accountant. I cast a hungry look at her ripe breasts jiggling around in her blouse. As I suspected no bra could hold her melons in place comfortably and she was not wearing any either.

The small hawkish accountant was anything but a gentleman and shouted at us when he was showed record of his crime. Finally when B fired him from the job, he was red faced and turned to me and screamed," I will see you soon and her too in rotting hell".

We thought nothing about it further, B complimented me profusely
" Thanks N, You were just great. You saved me millions of dollars this way. My advocates will take over this case now to see that he rots in hell. Not to worry ".
The words somehow had providential feel to them.

She laughed with relief and her ripe melons jiggled with her laughter. When she turned back her soft melon like buttocks swayed seductively on her behind making my pussy-hungry cock go turgid with excitement.

I was asked to come next week to check out her computer network and install firewalls etc making the network more secure and safer.

I was just entering her portico the next day morning when I saw a dirty looking rascal run away as if he had been caught doing something fishy from near her gleaming Blue Rolls Royce car. I was about to chase him down when she walked out in her Sports tracksuit to get into the car.

I was in two minds where to go to, to her or the suspicious character now darting away at a distance. In a flash I realised that something was wrong and that she should not board the car. I ran madly and clutched her bodily with both hands threw ourselves onto the ground, rolling all over each other as far as possible from the suspect car. We fell away from the car to a pavement and rolled together into a ditch. Almost immediately the car exploded into a huge fireball and as I was now lying down in the ditch, my body fully covered her soft, cushiony and gasping body.

The exploded parts from the car flew high and wide and some landed searing my back causing bad gashes and burns all over. I grated my teeth, wincing with pain and held on to he firmly my body pressing down onto hers into the stone floor of the drain. Her soft tits mashed against my chest and she screamed as she realized with a late shock at the blast we were just witness to. It took a couple of minutes for us before we stood up shakily, groggily looked at each other in wonderment that we two were actually alive and then at the burning debris of the Rolls nearby.

She knew for sure that I had saved her then from certain death and was not finding words to express her gratitude. Both of us were spellbound by this sudden shocking incident, which had thrown us in together

The Police were called in soon after, all her domestic staff gathered and soon we walked back into the mansion and got into a large airy private room where B made me lie down on a soft satin bed and sat close to me. Her sports suit was torn and badly soiled and her hair still dishevelled and her body shook with the after shock. She asked me in a husky wonder filled voice thus:

“N, My dear, How could you risk your life thus for me? If some thing horrible had happened to you here, I would not have forgiven myself"

I raised myself on elbows painfully aware of the injuries on the back and said, "So would I, if that same horrible thing had happened to you!”

The intensity and the truth conveyed therein from my words made her gape at me in still more wonder and growing affection.

We discussed about the accidental bomb blast that could have taken her life today and we came to a conclusion that it could very well have been the handiwork of the frustrated accountant who was caught red-handed just the previous week over the fraud.

The Police came and went about their work like a routine drill.

Soon after everything had settled down and we were alone in the room, she asked me to roll over to see my injured back. It appeared that there were a couple of deep bleeding gashes and a no of small burns
B was very sympathetic and made genuinely concerned noises. She said ‘its all because of me’, many times over in the next few minutes

She told me with assertion that it was her duty to look after me, as I was alone in this town and I relented after some polite protests and partook her hospitality and unknowingly the goodies and delights that awaited me in the coming days proved that this was the best accident one could have gotten into!

B took personal care of me in the next few days and I was made to take full rest in that room. I was served everything in the room. She used to apply ointment s and balms personally to my injured back sitting close to me on my lying form on the bed. Her soft hands would knead my muscles and she would whisper me to relax. All the parts of my body would obey the command except the naughty pecker, which would perk up and look up to see if there was any possibility of some action for it. It was not disappointed for too many days.

I tried hard to cover my straining organ away from her eyes, but that proved to be futile. She knew what she was doing and she used to smile knowingly.

I knew by now that she was a widow from last eight years and was not attached romantically to anyone. Sometimes when she bent down to apply balm on my lower back her soft tit globes world press against my waist and lower back causing my cock to leap up inside my jocks and press down into the soft cushions making me squirm as I felt I would come then and there. I would press my loins down in to the cushion and gasp and she would giggle and ask me naughtily and knowingly, like'
‘What’s happening, N?’
‘ Not very comfy, are you?’
‘Do you want to take off those tight briefs, then do so by all means’?

I did not know whether to take her seriously or not. I did not press on, as I was still a little afraid to take the first step to a right royal seduction.

On one such occasion I had had enough eyeballing of her succulent boobs that looked to be almost tumbling out of her tight shirt and wide, large thighs clad in terribly short ‘shorts’, that I took the so called 'matter' into my hands.

She was wearing a white translucent T-Shirt and Denim shorts. It was a hot Monday afternoon and her breasts were swaying teasingly over my face and right in my eyes as she applied pain balm on my legs. I was wearing shorts too and my cock of eight inches strained majestically up and she was nudging my pole with her elbow, pretending to be accidentally causing me spasms of pleasure and she was giggling at what she was doing. I thought the moment had arrived. This was too much. My heart was thudding erratically, my throat was parched and my hands were shaking with uncontrolled lust. I did not care any more if anything untoward happened and she reacted badly.

I just grabbed by her two ripe titties on their braless T-shirt and dragged her up over to me. She fell on me with a gasp and moaned passionately as my hands squeezed her ripe tits rhythmically one by one. They felt so heavy, yet soft and heavenly in my smallish palms. "Oh God "she whispered and lowered her face to mine and our lips met magically in a wet sloppy kiss. Our tongues fought white-hot twirling battles in the hot cavity of our mouths. It looked as if our hearts stopped beating for a moment and then started synchronously together in step.

Her soft and big thigh was now over my cock and my hard precumming shaft was literally poking into the crook of her knee. She squeezed her knees back over it and my cock barley survived the pleasant deathly squeeze that made my balls boil with hot seed churning inside them.

I gasped, "B, I Love you and I’m mad with lust for you...I want you now”

She looked at me in wonder and smiled in acceptance. " I have fallen in love with you also N.. But I am sorry, as I am not your age to be your girl friend. I am fifteen years older than you. "

I gave her no more time to explain as I clamped down on her juicy tits which I had extricated from inside her T-shirt as she was talking. I took her hot juicy meat into my mouth at once feeding the softness into my waiting hot mouth, my teeth sc****d on the sides and the tip of my tongue poked her erect nipple right in its milk aperture.

B gasped. "Oh I Love you.. I wanted to thank you today for saving my life and…" the rest was an indecipherable gasp and moan as I tongue lashed her engorged nipple repeatedly with the flat of my tongue.

My cock was deliciously trapped in the soft cushiony junction between her welcoming thighs and it was twitching away to glory, the bulbous head poking out from under the uncircumcised foreskin. I covered her abundant bottom with my palms and tugged her jocks down roughly.

She helped me by raising herself and her jocks were swiftly down over her smooth knees. I dragged her down on to the bed beside me, her big tits with engorged tips scr****g over my ribs, pulled her luxurious thighs apart and leered in wonder at her mature rich million-dollar pussy, which had tormented me in my fantasy all these days.

As she lay with her thighs spread open, her left leg crooked, her soft trimmed pussy hair covered moist outer lips of love cave smiled at me invitingly. I ran my hand all over her waist, hips, thighs, pinching here and there as she slowly peeled away my jocks to expose my raging 21 year old manhood into the air-conditioned environs of the room, it stood out straight and hard like it was carved in eight inch hard granite stone and it looked as if it had a mind of its own and was bent on invading the soft innards of this beautiful millionaires’ womb today.

My mouth kissed her sweet mouth repeatedly, biting her soft juicy lips, playing with her wide wet tongue. We were hot and slobbering over each other.

" Any doubts about our pair bring not right?" I asked teasing her left nipple with one forefinger pressing it in and twisting the other bud with my other hand using thumb and forefinger grip and twist the nub clock wise and counter clockwise alternately nestling my palm all the while on her velvety accommodating yielding breast globe.

"NoOOOO… You darling, Please make love to me .. But, are you sure you want it, I am many years older than you, I am no young woman and I am not slim and attractive like them”

Continuing to poke my cock into the wedge between her big soft underbelly,

I muttered, "Oh You rich honey. Why do you assume you are not desirable any more? You are a godsend answering my lusty fantasies…
Just wait and see how I devour your supremely delectable body".

My pre cum leaked out wetting her underbelly into wet patches as my balls tightened in anticipation. But I was not done yet. I wanted to taste her, devour her where it mattered most... Her wet and inviting womanhood, beckoned me with glistening lips above and smiling asshole below.

I bent down to the crook of her thigh junction and felt heady smell of her secreting womanhood welcome my thirsty parched mouth. My face buried in her soft big pubic mound as I poked around the innards of her cunt with my forefinger and thumb, widening it and pinching them together back firmly in a rhythm which made her hot juices spill out from her 38 year old mature but hungry womb, I pressed my lips to her two vertical vaginal lips and poke my tongue in her wet interiors lashing them with teasing strokes and she was now thrashing around on the bed, bed sheets twisting into a mess. My cock was quivering in air and I could wait no longer too, my face came away from the honeycomb of her juices on her mons and underbelly as I now aimed my hot eager precumming organ into the wet womanly oven whose taste still lingered on my tongue

I drove into the soft jelly of her womb inside which was steaming with years of pent-up lust, her outer lips big and gaping wide and her slick walls eating up my cock sides as it slowly sank into the oily wet well inside. My balls touched her outer lips as I fully expanded in her womb and set up a slow teasing rhythm of ‘In and Out’ movement. My young 21 year old waist drove firmly into the 38 year old mature’s waiting welcoming flesh below as her breasts shining with my saliva jiggled up and down like jelly on her ample bosom.

B embraced me, covering her hands on my back taking care not to rake my injuries loving and watchful even in the extreme heat of the moment. My cock softly split her pussy deep and wide, my knees resting the middle of her wide accommodating thighs, slapping them with fleshy thuds, my sweat mixing with her own as we climbed the sweet steps of ecstasy building up the tempo in a****l ardour.
The union drew unbearably to a sweaty and heady climax as B urged me to spend within herself,’ her gasps OOOHing’ and ‘AHHHing’ punctuating the talk all the time. By balls tightened and my hot seed filled the engorged head of my cock and I sank deep into her marshmallow of her big wet cunt and finally with a big cry of ‘ONGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH’, I came again and again and again in the deep confines of her safe and secure womb

We lay in cosy embrace basking in the aftermath of intimacy and satiation a wonderful, copulation always brings about.
I had just had my first BBW and the experience was beyond my wildest dreams
This was how we ended the first day of passion, but what followed was equally wonderful. This woman is so carefree in her manners and behaves like she is insatiable as long as I am within her arms reach.
She really milks every drop of my seed out of me, in the 16 hours we are awake on those Mondays. I would be barely able to walk with trembling windows back home late on Monday Nights.

I can never have enough of handling her soft rounded tits, licking and biting on sensitive buds of her nipples or licking and sucking the wet walls of her juicy ever-ready pussy.

Tomorrow is Tuesday and another heart beats for me and another willing woman waits on her doorstep. I have my hands full of work cut out there!!

I’ll see you On Tuesday...That’s tomorrow!!

2.TUESDAY lady-


JL- a Female wrestler 36 years, single, owns a gymnasium in swanky downtown and makes loads of money through it. It is a unique experience to be caught by her in a 'bind' or cinch in bed, as her well toned hard body and her stamina well worthy of her Wrestling profession makes her a dominating and voracious bed mate.


I was returning home from a concert one night from the city and I could not get a taxi in time, being a rainy night. Cursing my fate, I started walking till as far as I could get a taxi.

There was a noise behind me and when I turned I was shocked to find there, criminal looking characters stalking me menacingly with their cigarettes burning on their lips. Before I could cry out for help, they were upon me and I was hit about my ribs, stomach and something hard like a baton crashed down on the back of my head and I went down crying on the lonely pavement like fused electric bulb.

The next thing I noticed was that I was lying on a soft bed in an unknown room and Lo! There was beautiful mature lady looking benignly down at me.

She was wearing tight fitting body suit that accentuated her full figure and her 6 ft tall stature was stunning to say the least. I asked her weakly where I was etc.

She explained that her name was JL and that she was professional wrestler till recently and now owns a hi-tech gymnasium in the downtown. I was told she was passing by after a party too on the road when she saw me lying helplessly u*********s on the pavement with rain beating down hard on my prostrate body. She and her driver lifted me last night (now it was morning 9 AM ) and had a doctor examine me while I was still u*********s and had given an intravenous analgesic. I was waking up just now. Of course I had lost my wallet, wristwatch and a gold chain from around my neck before she had reached me.

I stared at her while she recited the night's happening. My eyes even in that weak condition did not miss much. She was as I said earlier about 6 ft tall built solidly and with abundant curves and strong muscled thighs and arms expectable of wrestler. Nerves stood out boldly thickly on her biceps and legs, which could be seen through the skin-tight body suit she was wearing. She had strong face nice features; dark-probing eyes and he tits were big, juicy and in all, phenomenal.

They were wide rounded and filled out her frontage majestically with a 3-inch deep cleavage that ran like a grand canyon in between. I could see her big nipples make dents on the front of the suit despite her bra and they were probably not even erect as yet!!

I thanked her profusely and explained that I was a budding lyricist for a musical group and prided myself as a poet in making. She was very pleased to know this and said that she had great regards for people with artistic talent and brain and berated herself that she was just only brawn and no brain.

I casually praised her that her looks could give film stars a run for their money and that I liked her. I also said I was in awe of her as she was so strong and courageous to be a wrestler and I couldn't lift a finger even to protect myself and here she was protecting and taking care of me too!

Our friendship grew over the next few weeks and she grew very fond of me. I made no secret of my own feelings of her and coined a couple of poems on her praising her inner beauty (while I was actually thirsting over her 'outer' beauty). To make things easier for me she was unattached.

She told me on one d***ken Tuesday night as we sprawled on her plush sofa with her spread out in between the V of my legs, my semi hard cock tight against her big back and booze-sozzled brain thinking nothing but seducing her then and there. But she was somehow in a pensive mood and wanted to confess. She said she had few friends and many men were disinterested with a big female wrestler like her, as they felt intimidated. She had not enjoyed tenderness and love and wondered if it was there at all in this life for her.

She recounted her violent c***dhood and that some hoodlums had ****d her while she was a weak 16-year-old teenaged girl. With a ruthless challenge to avenge and overcome her physical helplessness, she had taken to bodybuilding and then onto wrestling only to find an outlet for her simmering boiling anger and hatred to men in general and v******e on the ring was a great reliever. She was wronged and hurt and she was pouring out her feelings to me. She told me that she felt safe and comfortable with me only because I looked weaker than her and almost like a c***d needed protection from her. That’s how it had been from the day she had seen me on the accident spot. I was somehow the centre and focus of all her sympathy, friendship and affection.

It was obvious that this 36-year-old lady with that superb body really and badly needed all the care and love and I was craving from the bottom of my heart to give.

I slowly put my hands over her big gorgeous body and started kissing her eyelids drinking in her tears that ran down to her cheeks and softly licking her cheeks and I put both my palms on her soft boobs, felt their heaviness by weighing them up in my palms and letting them flop back on to her majestic chest. We were in her living room on her couch watching some television, a wrestling match actually, which she pretended to watch it with interest but her body was alert to my ministrations. She sighed softly, sobbing her sorrow back and lifted her strong wrestler arms like a signal from me to take off her tight tops, which I did in a jiffy. My heart was thudding against my ribcage wildly, my mouth dry and my cock straining against the front my jocks aching for release.

I drank in the view of JL's impeccable 40-inch size tits covered in her a dark big bra, the tops of soft dark globes heaving with a sweat beads tricking down the valley in between. I turned her sideways and sank my face into the big globes and used both my palms to cover them and squeeze them affectionately.
With both my palms I could hardly cover half of her big hemispheres. But the squeeze evoked a sigh and a sexy moan
“ MMMMMMOOOOO” and she affectionately ruffled hair at the back of my head as I continued to munch her soft globes over the black bra itself. The back. Her skirt with frills was now over her strong knees exposing her wrestler strong big thighs I ran one inquisitive hand up the hard muscled thigh feeling the tautness and strength of those trained muscles .She sighed and said “OOOOH, Darling , This is so nice and loving...No one ever did this to me before..”.

I used my two thumbs of both hands to part her bra out forcibly and out poked her berry sized dark nipples sniffing the room air. She had big aureole and had goose bumps already on them as I eagerly licked the surface and teased the hardening nubs of her nipples. I sucked and bit them alternately causing commotion in her athletic body as her strongly muscled thighs parted in an anticipation of the inevitable that she had been denied all these years.

I tore her bra out, throwing it down completely with a flourish making her gasp at the audacity with an 'OOOhhhh..'

“Stand up JL”, I commanded, she stood up breathing heavily towering over me physically, an undoubtedly Amazon with passion-crazy looks in her eyes.

When I undressed, I looked small, bony and contrastingly weaker against her strong big athletic body with those well-toned bulging ebony muscles shining in their healthy glory.

I took vicarious pleasure in being a 'man' then, albeit an unlikely match for her stronger and much bigger body but became the aggressor safe with the knowledge that she wouldn’t wrestle me now and so tore away her skirt , throwing it away .She stood her eyes half closed not knowing what to do in such an occasion when someone was attacking her but she was liking it, wanting it to go on. So much unlike wrestling. I bent down kneeling to her against thick smooth thighs and my nose nestled against the black panties that had a wet spot at the front widening slowly giving away her excitement.

I sniffed at her groins, inhaling her intoxicating we core of her femaleness. I covered my both hands against her bulky waist hugged her soft wide stomach close to my face. Her stomach itself was three times wider than my face. I played havoc on her luxurious behind, kneading the big globes, fingers skirting below the panty lines teasingly. She was so big soft and strong in different areas, that I was going crazy trying to do justice loving them caressing them adequately. I parted her big trunk sized thighs apart, which balanced themselves perfectly, her athletic muscles rippling to adjust her weight as she threw her hair back with a flick of her neck, abandoning herself to the worship of her womanhood that was to follow.

I peeled down her panties away from over her bulging butt globes pinching them enroute wickedly not having enough of her as I bared the supremely lush body, down the wide marble expanse of her thigh plains. Her pubic hair was very thin, trimmed, may be the trade dictates of wearing skimpy costumes in the ring and covered her swollen pubic mound barely. I sniffed her already juicing pussy and used both hands to part her heavy nether lips, exposing the shining slick vulva within. I licked the juice between her well-developed thick pussy lips, parting them using my forefinger and thumbs for wider access to the treasure cove within.

Her large body shivered as I continued to pay lusty attention to her moist pussy, she was towering above my relatively small kneeling form, shaking like a big female elephant in pangs of lust. Her whole big-muscled body and those sinews were rippling as she uttered a primordial cry like a female Tarzan,

The cry came from the depth of her guts, a signal of the volcano of female pent-up lust of years was now aching for release. Her hands gripped her swelling boobs squeezing the melons out of shape, trying to control her surging and maddening passion that I had sparked off but in vain.

I licked her pussy thoroughly with love and care taking care to cover each and every crevice of her biggish pouch, pulling with my teeth her outer labia out as far away as possible from her pussy making her cry wantonly and she leaked her copious juices down her thighs as my fingers and naughty tongue- teeth combination played havoc to her waiting eager womanhood. She was tasty and heady and I licked her nectar as they poured out of her big womb copiously. My tongue flicked her clitoris bud ‘in and out’ and sideways’ making her stomp her feet madly next to my kneeling form unbearably as the need to get fucked properly burned in her lust –hot body.

My cock was over erect, dribbling pre-cum down between my thighs to the floor below. I was rampant and mad with lust to tear this Amazon’s wet cave of womanhood with my hot raging throbbing cock in a frenzy of fucking, the first and the most memorable of such a kind in her 36-year-old hard loveless life.

I stood up, realizing again that physically though I was no match to her but the only salvage for lust ravaged Amazon body my cunt-hungry cock, my libido and my capacity to whet her what could be a huge appetite.

I hugged her, kissing her mouth-to-mouth, her pussy juices mixing with her hot saliva and our tongues danced in the cavity of her mouth as my head reeled with wanting like never before.
My 8-inch long hard throbbing cock probed her wide soft expanse of her underbelly below her small but deep navel.
I made her lie down on the soft couch, getting ready for the final act, even as she continued to blurt out “OHHH Darling…. Sweet lover… Umm…. Ahhh… I never knew so much love and care” in between our wet slurping kisses.

I opened her majestic thighs wide, lowered my waist, my aching hard manhood sniffing the inviting soft V- valley between her parted legs. Her wide big gash of the pussy shone from the lubrication from her excitement. As my fingers parted the wet squishy mass of her pussy lips languidly, I lowered my hard cock to wet inviting cavern below. She was so hot and wet inside that the penetration must have caused some of her liquid lust to overflow over the brim of her cunt lips down to her prominent ass crack in a trickle and coated the hot sides of my sinking cock.. Her response to my penetration should have been seen to be believed. She reared up at me at once, grabbing me with her strong athletic hands over my bony frame squeezing me down on to her soft and strong torso and stomach with scream like “OIII..MAAAAAAA”, that echoed across the big living room.

My cock now ploughed her mature well-developed soft and big pussy almost violently stabbing deep within her touching off her nerve centres sending electric sensations in her body. She was covered with goose bumps all over as gasps and loving moans became continuous as my hard cock pushed deep into the entrance of her womb and back again, the sides of cock shining with her come which was now making a small pool on the fabric of the couch below her shining ass globes. I spanked on her well formed fat ass cheeks occasionally with sounds like “Chatt.!. Phatt,!,,Slappp! Thudddd!”, the little hard slaps exciting me and her both causing us to speed up ..coming from them, as she picked up rhythm and her soggy cunt gobbled my cock deep into her honeyed pussy chamber, no sooner than it came out of the steamy pussy for air. Her ass cheeks reddened and the imprints of my fingers shone between the pink welts but her bums quivered and responded without a break. My balls were slapping hard on her massive soft ass cheeks lustily and were soon covered with her stream of discharge now flying around like a spray from between our sweet junction of groins. It was even hitting my stomach and waist and her hands that covered my bony waist as she powered it back and forth into her juicy pussy chamber. Her well-developed pussy lips clutched my cock strongly in spasms rhythmically as I pounded her mature wanton womb with lusty abandon.

My cock built up the tempo and reached the pinnacle in good time her cunt already pouring forth a litre of come, a sign of the dam of her control bursting in her, the decades of abstinence and suppressed passion now finding a delayed but welcome release. I came in her, not bothering to pull out, without a care on possible pregnancy as she had expressed her dream to be a mother some day. Who better than the first penetrator to impregnate her big well-developed womb of 36 years than me, I thought and squirted my molten seed deep, deep into her waiting parched womb.

We lay long after on the couch kissing and exploring our bodies mutually and I even managed to come in her mouth albeit weakly a half hour later.

This is only the first of my unions with her on Tuesdays. A simple kiss on the neck or palming her wide tits once can make her so madly passionate and hungry that she can take hours of pounding from me later on her bed, on the kitchen table, on her Treadmill in the gym, in the bathtub anywhere, anytime of day, noon or night. I always make it a point to be at her doorstep at 6 AM itself on Tuesdays and won't think of leaving her alone till midnight.
Because coming in late would mean actually ‘coming’ late, you see!!

After the first time of thunderous, explosive sex with JL, little could have separated us for at least a week for even a few minutes. We were clearly obsessed with each other and although now she happens to be only my Tuesday Only lady, it was not so during the first passionate week of our relationship.

JL practically begged me to be with her all the time at her place and as I had just started with her and needed to explore all her vital assets thoroughly for mutual pleasure, I agreed heartily and we were indoors most of the time only sometimes we ventured out to her big pool where we splashed and screwed around there too and also in various interesting and satisfying positions in her personal gymnasium where no one but us was around.

Let me explain the second day of our passion play to you in detail now.

We were sitting in front of the TV and she was watching her favourite wrestling match and was a fan of one of the participants. As she was absorbed with the match, I took this opportunity to seduce her slowly and leisurely this time around. None of the hurry or anxiety this time like the first time; it was connoisseur’s time now.

She was wearing a loose fitting nightgown with only a bra hiding her majestic plump breasts, ineffectually. I suspected if she was wearing panties inside. It would be good to find out.

I was wearing shorts and nothing else and the thoughts of our earlier passionate sex flashed in my memory as I started a slow caress of her face and neck to start with. I caressed her long dark smooth hair first kneading her skull in circles expertly and I got a satisfied “UMMM…” from her that I was doing right.

I came down over the nape of her neck slowly massaging the neck muscles as I moved her around a little forward on the couch so that I could move behind her for better access. Now my hands and arms moved slowly over her shoulders and I bent forward and licked her back of the neck circling my tongue crazily on the sensitive skin and she whimpered like, ‘Hurmfffff’ etc and little shivers shook her big athletic frame. Still she was watching TV avidly and not concentrating on what I was doing. Which was good for what I was planning as a slow seduction.

I slowly massaged her strong well muscled shoulders and rubbed her blades briskly generating some body heat and she leaned back to me and said,” OOOO.. darling what are you doing , still watching TV and clapping the moves of her Wrestling hero in action. Now slowly I undid the laces of her tops and slipped the fabric down over her arms till her armpit level. She was dark skinned I have told you and her ebony skinned wrestler body was now bare in front of me in all its healthy glory.

Taut skin, big well formed hard muscled shoulders and rippling biceps, all that.

She had taught her muscular body only physical growth through hard workouts and not brought it up with a diet of love or affection. It was time to make amends for those sins and I was planning to do exactly that.

I kissed her shoulders licking her taut skin raising some goose bumps along way and she mumbled “ UMMMMM” satisfyingly. She was relaxing now, her body was watching and welcoming my moves with interest while her mind was still occupied with the wrestling action on TV. I scratched on her upper back teasingly with my fingernails drawing a circular crazy pattern going all the way down to her bra straps.

She was breathing hard now, swallowing and moaning sexily in between. My cock was 100% erect now and I had to open my fly and it sniffed the room air eagerly, its head bobbing with a surge of bl**d to my groin.

I slowly unhooked her bra and slowly slid it away and away for her luxurious body and it came away with satisfying ‘plop’ sound, her big boobs jumped forth from its confines, jiggling a little.

She now turned to me and said ,” UMMM darling…What you are doing is heavenly.. Can we go to bed now”.

I smile and said, “ Nothing doing.. You watch TV, relax and enjoy.. This time we take it easy. .OK?”.

She shifted her attention back to TV as her wrestler launched a new assault on his well-matched opponent.

I kissed her back as my palms now covered her big sumptuous looking boobs, squeezing the soft globes a little and then tweaking her hardening nipples softly at first and then firmly next. I played a game of rhythmic tweaking first on the left nub pulling it out of the breast with forefinger and thumb and then pushing it back in to the areola till its disappeared in the soft flesh, while my other hand pulled and tugged the other helpless but eager nipple of the right breast.

This went on for while as I my own hungry cock was now touching her soft and muscular waist and smearing drops of precum on the pliant flesh there. Now all this caused a little more anguish to my darling JL who now was caressing my thighs with her left hand and her own right hand covering my hands playing madly on her ample tits. Her dark big hands on my bony leg were an exciting contrast in colour and size as was my bony lean frame to her amozonesque form next to each other on the couch.

I dipped my head into her armpits sniffing the mixed odours of sweat and perfume making me heady and licked the shaven skin licking and chewing on the small hair roots there.

“AHHHH..UMMMM” , whimpered JL getting slowly excited and half turned toward me her left leg climbing back over the couch next to my left hand.

I put my hand on the glorious thigh thus exposed and moved the rest of her gown away and when it got stuck below her big hips, I tore it away, the tearing sound making us both shiver with escalating lust temperature in us. I threw her gown away with a flourish and mouth fed on her kneecap raised near to it licking, kissing and biting ravenously. She growled, “OHH… MAAA” and moved her other thigh away exposing her glorious expanse of underbelly and the smiling crack of her humid cunt to the TV screen as though showing it off to her wrestling hero there.

I tweaked her now erect right nipple hard enough to make her gasp as my other hand salaciously slid over the well muscled hard wrestler thighs, scratching the skin here and there en route to her juicy portal.

My cock was now ravenously hungry and was swaying in the middle of belly occasionally touching her well-formed posteriors.

My fingers conquered her treasure cove and slid first knuckle deep easily inside her hot interiors, her oily inner lips making penetration as easy as a hot knife in to a slab of butter.

I tried crazy patterns on her pussy’s inner walls making her cream more and now there was a growling a****l like sound emanating from JL like that of a hungry leashed dog unable to reach a bone kept tantalizingly away from it. My three fingers dipped in to her hot wet oven probing her deep secret chamber and more juice poured forth over my fingers as a sign of welcome.

My fingers found her prominent nub of her clit and teased the hood and the little bud hidden within it up and down , pressing it down into her soft pussy centre and allowing it to burst free intermittently.

“Ohh….. My pussy.. Its so wet.. Darling I am leaking… Can we go to bed please.. HAAA?”, she begged me , half turning toward me away from TV screen her left hand brushing my face softly as I licked one captive hard nipple round and round, my tip of tongue probing her milk aperture at its tip. She gasped as I carried on, unmindful of her request even as the action the TV screen heated up with JL’s man beating his opponent’s back, black and blue. The twin excitement of her pussy probed deeply with three digits and nipple sucked pleasurably even as the wrestling action on TV reached a crescendo, her man winning there, made her mad what with the explosive combination of lust and excitement.

She snapped and with wild lust in her eyes took my cock in her hands, cleared the droplet of precum from its hot tip and bent forward to swallow my manhood then and there. Her mouth was so ravenous that her saliva coolly ran down my hot rod’s sides and as the turgid pole vanished in to her hot confines of the mouth. She took her hard muscular arms wrapped them about weak looking lean bony frame, the contrast telling on my senses now. I gasped with pleasure as electric sparks flew from the junction of her mouth to deep with in my balls, threatening a thunderous downpour. I was mad with lust too and as she worked her soft mouth all over my hot thick shaft, I put my hand on the back of her head pulling it more to my belly, screaming indecently, “ OHH You big Fat honey.. I want to tear your pussy with my raging cock.. I will split you open today, even if your pussy is one foot deep down there.. AHHH….. You big darling. I am nothing in front of you physically..but my cock and, hands and mouth will more than make up for lack in size…”

She looked up from her passionate sucking and said:
“Don’t even think you are in anyway less than me.. You are my precious darling, I will protect your soft, small body with all my strength as I did that night..

“In fact I hate big muscular men.. I love you and your soft muscles, the tender skin and bony frame. As long as you can make love to me , nothing matters…Stay with me. I will make a will to pass on all my million dollar property to you.. You need not do any work for a living but this,( meaning fucking her all the time, of course!).. Just this all the time… she tugged my hard shaft rigidly with her hands and mewling with growing lust she stood up.

I made her recline on the couch as she finally gave up watching the TV action and I slid behind her , Opening her twat from in between her big melons of butt cheeks. Kissing her there, I slowly licked her asshole and bit on her fleshy outer lips as though they were like a slice of tender coconut.

She stomped her foot down solidly making her frame jiggle and muscles ripple from thighs to waist and back. Trying to control the raging feelings down under. Her pussy was pulsating now opening and closing spasmodically and I did not wait any longer. Tiptoeing silently I mounted her on the spot, my cock snaking its way into her hot wet chambers as if it belonged there. I thrust into her solid athletic bent frame firmly with all my might pounding her pussy into submission. How else do you tame a big Amazon in the bedroom making her submissive at least to a manageable extent?. Only by Pounding her wet waiting pussy can tame them to be in your control. Otherwise its virtually impossible. Pure mad fucking followed as my pussy thirsty cock ravaged her well-built hot womb chambers. Fast and furiously, I screwed her deep and she started humping her majestic ass back at me, swallowing my cock and ejecting out alternately from deep within its confines. I put my both my hands on the sides of her big solid waist and ripped into her as if my very existence wanted to dissolve in her juicy womb. “AHH.. You mad slut,…take this…Take this .” Emphasizing ‘This’ I pounded her deep inside not leaving her an iota of doubt that I had pinned down her big athletic frame with a smaller body but bigger passion.

She hissed with clenched teeth and streaming sweat all over her,

“Yes… Yessss Yesssssss You darlingggggg .. You are my Kinggggg…You own me. I am your slave.. Your personal bitch” .

We sweated, gasped moaned and finally after a few lusty slaps from my hands directed to her big ass cheeks threw us into final gear. I almost passed out as her pussy lips clutched my cock like a vice and I exploded like a volcano in the depths of her womb. She collapsed on the couch face first her solid frame shaking with her own climax, her athletic frame strong though it was in combats, melting away in lusty moments together with me.

I collapsed all over her my cock shrinking in size after ejaculating but getting stuck in the wet confines of her womanhood.
So such are my sensational Tuesdays.
But Wednesday is just around the corner as I wearily leave on Tuesday night from JL’s home. See you there!

3.Wednesday Lady-A wet and waiting beauty..

I was teaching Yoga and meditation to select few elite people in the downtown school and though I was young, I was quite popular. I had done Kundalini awakening of late and had started feeling lusty and was constantly bothered by stiff erections. My masturbations had increased three fold in recent time and my cock was feeling never more healthier whether in sustaining the hard-ons or in squirting profuse quantity of semen each time around.

I was also a counsellor of alcoholics and people undergoing depression. It was in this context and time that I met Mrs. Jaya Malini (JM in short), an ex cabaret dancer in Movies, presently ageing and undergoing depression and had started hitting bottle in a big way.

I was asked to call on her personally as she was reluctant to come out openly to my school because she was so well known and did not like this word to get around. It was a Wednesday and I had told her over the phone that I would visit her every week on the same day.

She lived in palatial bungalow overlooking the River in posh area. There was a beautifully maintained garden. She personally let me in. I looked, rather stared. It is not often that I stare at women thus but let me describe her and you tell me if I was wrong in doing so.

She was big and beautiful and looked like bounty in human form.

She was more than 6 ft tall, taller than my Tuesday lady JL, but had very fair and buttery complexion unlike JL who was dark like ebony.

This woman, JM was softly and abundantly curved everywhere. She was wearing a silk sari, blue in colour, with a matching sleeveless blouse with a deep V – neck from which swelled forth, delectable twin peaks of her 38-inch breasts. She had rounded face and black eyes, which looked a bit d***ken and sl**py. She made way for me to step in and I could catch her heady perfume and smell of whisky on her breath.

We talked for sometime in her living room sitting on her velvet couch, when I heard her out.
She was a loner and had been exploited during her career in movies as a cabaret dancer and unfortunately every man she came to trust had cheated her and had ill-treated her. She was a victim to the casting couch phenomenon and had started mistrusting all men as a****ls who only want to get into her pants or eyed her sizeable property and money.

She had taken to drinking to get over the depressing thoughts and had heard of me through a mutual friend that I was capable of helping her out. She was 38 yr old, unattached and had obviously made millions in her prime and lived well now.

She was extremely beautiful to look at and her eyes were like magnets, which captivated me. Only her soft melon like tits, deep navel below which her blue sari was tied round the ample soft waist and fully rounded big posteriors could make me look away from her magnetic eyes. She looked delicious but depressed. I wondered how a feast to my eyes in her form could be actually feeling so sad and helpless herself. I vowed within myself that I would cure her soon with everything at my disposal and assured her so in as many words. These words did become prophetic soon, of course, much to our mutual delight.

On the day One, I told her to come back wearing a tracksuit with comfortable fitting. I wanted to teach her basic yoga relaxation exercises first off.

When she came back wearing one I could barely stifle my aroused gasp. It was red in colour and accentuated her plentiful curves in all its luxury. She was a walking dream of feminine feast.

She was abundantly formed; the Maker had not held his hand back and had given her everything in plenty. Her beautiful face, soft and jiggling globes of bosom hardly contained in her suit, her fully rounded soft waist, her melon like rounded buttocks were enough to make my cock raise its lusty head inquiringly in my shorts as to what can it do right away?

I had to hand- hold her during some initial exercises and she told me to relax and not be afraid of touching her during the course. Actually they were supposed to my words, the bit about ‘take it easy’, ‘relax’ etc. With thudding heart and drying mouth and raging hard on that could hardly be concealed I applied myself to the task, teaching her bending and stretching me gasping frequently appreciating how wonderful her body looked during these stages more loudly than her who was practicing the exercise for the first time! That's what this alluring woman did to me, the first day of our meeting.

I used to crave for Wednesdays and looked forward to the day from the crack of dawn. I made it a point to be with her from dawn to dusk on that day and gradually our relationship became more friendly and intimate.

I told her to quit the bottle by reducing the intake gradually, drink lots of water, fruit juice and listen to music and even dance away (as she was a dancer herself!) till she became exhausted when such a stimulus started in her and she was doing just fine as she became more cheerful and happy in my company during the exercises. She was also learning meditation slowly and all this had telling effect on her composure and health.

She had started looking like a fresh blooming flower nowadays to my eyes and she herself expressed that she was glad that I was there for her.

It was on one of these Wednesdays that I was able to get really close to her.

I had prepared a Herbal concoction, a drink substitute for alcohol for her to drink and we were talking while drinking this sweet nectar like drink. I had not told her that it was also an eastern aphrodisiac, but I knew it was basically a health drink for alcoholics, but not really sure which was more myself.

But soon the effects of this drink made its presence felt us both. We both felt hot and sweaty and felt like stripping off our dresses. I gently asked her. “I feel awfully hot and stuffy. Do we need all the clothes now, JM”?

She stretched languidly her big pointed boobs threatening to tear down the fabric and replied, “No,,its really too hot.. I want this thing of” She smirked at the outer coat and started removing it immediately right in front of my gaping eyes.

I was soon in my shorts, bare chested and she was in one-piece swimsuit, which she had worn below her tracksuit. JM did not believe in wearing bras normally as they constricted her big breasts uncomfortably nor liked panties that tightly gripped her ample fleshy waist and the elastic left ugly welts and marks later. Her skin was so sensitive, buttery and her flesh there so full...

She told me that I was very nice and helped her a lot, but her eyes bore a look similar to a d***ken person, but this time d***k on lust due to the aphrodisiac's hot effects.

I told her that an extra ordinarily beautiful woman like her deserved much more but I was able to offer only this much.

Then her drink dropped from her hands and I leapt forward to hold it and so did she. She caught it safely but in the melee, our foreheads dashed against each other, and I was face to face with her. While rubbing our bumped foreheads in reflex, we touched one another accidentally. u*********sly I kissed her lips and her drink glass dropped to floor again with a thud she responded her silky mouth opening against mine. We were unmindful of the drink spilling, but only of our ravaged breaths and hot interplay of our mouth and tongue.

"UMMMMM," she groaned chokingly and I grabbed her shoulders and we knelt on the floor face to face mouths kissing away in abandon. My hands travelled over the shoulders to the front to meet a handful of her succulent breasts between our bodies and I handled the globes by rotating them and squeezing them gently in my palms making her groan in wanton desire that was igniting in her. My heart beats could be heard a mile away and My excitement was feverish. I moaned too feeling the softly yielding flesh of her delicious breasts.

I kissed her more cupped her fair round face with glowing eyes in my palms and praised her that ‘she was looking like an angel’ and that ‘I wanted to have her now. I was sorry to be unprofessional with her today!’

She embraced me fiercely calling me ‘ Sweet Honey. What haven’t you done for me? You have brought me from the hell back to healthy living. In fact I owe you all my life solely to you’, she said sentimentally, her eyes becoming tearful. I knew she meant it and we embraced again with maddening passion swamping us both at the moment. Her soft tits were mashing on my chest making my cock twitch in anticipation and grew probably an inch more instinctively inside my tight shorts. That it was against her lower underbelly poking her and reminding of my burgeoning desires need not have been told explicitly. She knew it. I knew it. We knew it.

"Are you sure you want me so much or are you just saying..."she started talking again drawing herself a little away to clarify something when I did a very spontaneous thing by saying,

"Look here, JM, Honey.. A man's mouth can lie but never his cock," and I dragged my shorts down my hips and thighs to prove my point. My ‘point’ proved itself very well, standing tall, the pink cock head dribbling precum already. It was a good specimen indeed and I was standing butt naked in front of her. I want you , I said and hugged her tightly. my naked cock straining against her pubis and she could feel my hardness through the swim suit.

She gasped and said, "OHH You darling, You really like me then...Ha? What did you see in me, honey, an old hag like me.. You’re so young and handsome me so older...."and again drew away.

She was confused and trying to reason, but I wanted none of that. I grabbed her forcibly with both hands drew her to me and kissed her almost viciously, making her wince as my teeth bit her lower lip making her moan and my hands covered her superb big ass in my hands and squeezed the soft globes authoritatively. Both these actions made her lose some of her reasoning and her mind give way to abandon, but not quite. She started to say something in protest but did not succeed as my hands grabbed her soft tits and squeezed them, and I dropped my head to the soft breast field and ripped away the top half of her swim suit exposing the quivering mass of twin beauties therein and I quickly nuzzled her nipples, They were pink and round nubs with a wide areola around them. As I licked, the areola darkened in colour, became more prominent on her majestic globes and next I caught one nipple after another between my teeth alternately, licking them in circles when they were captive between my teeth.

"OOOHHHH UMMNGHHHHHH" , she gasped now totally abandoning herself to the sea of sensations flooding her, her lust heightened by aphrodisiac, my manipulations and all her resolve dissolved.

I was totally naked and her hands naturally found my raging rampant manhood which stood waiting between us and squeezed the stem firmly making me shudder as electric sensations ran up down from the depth of my balls. As I snatched her suit down her ample waist and over the big rearing ass globes, my cock spasmodically twitched up almost saluting the wealth of womanhood thus displayed. She was much bigger than me. (A foot taller and a couple of feet wider and fatter too). But I am a man who thinks, Bigger the better. You know that already.

I lowered myself to look at the marvel of the bountiful waist and firm, rounded ass globes and her firm fleshy strong thighs and her beautiful womanhood nestled in the junction of her big thighs. I separated her thighs and had my first look at her pussy.

No, it was pure Indian ‘Yoni’ in al its glory. Long and soft lipped covered with a trimmed bush her outer lips opened and her pink insides smiled widely at me.
It is an insult to call it a cunt, as it was the perfect ‘Yoni’ described in Kamasutra.

I dipped my face to her mound; the sweet fragrance of her arousal had an aroma of its own making me heady and faint. I latched my mouth on the juicy cave, lapping energetically all over it. She was gasping and moaning, hardly able to stand in this duration and stomped her feet impatiently as my tongue and teeth enjoyed the delicious soft flesh and her sweet come.

I had my arms round her delectable soft buttocks and my right hand explored the supple flesh kneading and pinching all over them, while my left hand firmly supported her waist locking her in my embrace. Her moans became continuous now as her hands squeezed her ample breasts as if to control the lust brimming within her.

She had a prominent bud-like clitoris, nestled at top her pussy lips like a crown on a deserved head. I licked and stabbed it with my tongue and she screamed,

"OHHH Darling I can't control this... Please make love to me now.. Make me your woman..OHHHH..." Guttural sounds came from her mouth as her body shook spasmodically in tune with my tongue action on her wet exposed juicy vulva.

I stood up and stabbed my bl**d engorged prick into her soft underbelly while embracing her and kissing her sweet and hot mouth repeatedly. I was mad with lust for her flesh so beautifully displayed that I started kissing her all over neck, biting her here and there, down over her broad shoulders, leaving reddening bite marks as mouth travelled downward to her big ripe tits, kissing sucking and playfully biting her there again, teeth marks appearing no sooner my mouth left the spot on her fair skin of her soft globes, catching both nipples, in my hand, twisting them once clock wise and next counter clockwise, making her moan like a chained a****l. I sucked both her nipples holding her pliant globes in my palms and then left them with a lingering bite making her catch her breath and shudder. I spent more time now on the soft swelling plains of her wide belly biting all over playfully, and dipping my tongue playfully in her deep navel. She was squirming madly. I had enough problems holding out on my own, along with stopping her from breaking away in the middle of this erotic teasing.

I now left her under belly, travelling downwards and my mouth playfully bit all over her big wide and soft thigh flesh. The skin was so sensitive and fair over there that each kiss, lick and bite of mine would leave a telling teeth impression on those spots.

I lifted her one leg up from the ground and spent time licking all over her dainty and sensitive ankles, feet and then suckled slowly toes separating them and holding each white toe up with my hand to my mouth. She was going mad with lust and was uttering all kinds of indecipherable words in throes of passion. I bit firmly on her big toe and her red nail polish shined with my saliva as I kept her foot back on ground.

By now the entire front side of her body was covered with red bite marks from my teeth and I turned my attention to her milky white soft buttocks by turning her around the waist as she stood her ground and subjected her back side to similar treatment from my hungry ravenous mouth which repeatedly kissed and bit her soft flesh of her buttocks all the way to her puckering asshole. I kissed and bit her mercilessly every where sparing not an inch of her delicious big body which I devoured like a man who was hungry for a week would to a six course deluxe meal.

I got up and my erect 8- inch long cock with its fair skin taut over the shaft shining in the semi dark room probed softly between her ample ass cheeks and my hands pulled and pinched her now erect sensitive nipples of those jutting breasts, heaving up and down on her chest with raging passions boiling within her.

"OOOHHH, you Darling, I can bear no more. Please take me. MMMMM" She groaned sultrily and looked at me with lust mad eyes. She wanted it right now and I could not delay a minute more..

I took her down to the soft velvet couch nearby and made her lie down on her right side, as I lifted her firm fleshy trunk of the other thigh up and over my chest and head, her feet and toes looking sky wards, thus exposing her wet aching pussy wide open side wards. Her soft thighs nested softly on my chest and shoulders as I aimed my hot prick with its head inches away from her almost virgin pussy, now eagerly palpitating for union with me. Her thighs so deliciously splayed thus gave me vantage view of her prefect juicy yoni even as I penetrated very very slowly into her hot melting interiors.

Molten lava like juices of hers mingled with dribbling precum of mine as I enjoyed the hot cosy grip of her deep pussy chamber, which now I teased with slow and firm 'In and Out' strokes, heightening her limits of lust, as she pinched her pink nipple bids and moaned outrageously. It was understandable as it was her first lovemaking after so many years and she was nearly out of control with the surge of feelings, she knew nothing about yet.

My control was at its breaking point as I seesawed her succulent wet pussy with firm and deep strokes of my big shaft. My cock grew in size as I humped her and soft wet splotching sounds now started coming from our hot junction. There sounded a rhythmic 'SLAP..SPLOTCH THATCH' as my flesh met her flesh as my cock pounded her deep, never ending pussy passage and my hot balls thudded against her white soft and cool bum cheeks.

Thus the temperature difference between them made me go crazy with abandon as I gripped her upstanding thigh on my chest firmly with both hands and drove my waist and my shaft forward and deeper into her now slushy interiors. Her own juices trickled out the sides of my impaling cock and cooled the sides of my shaft, thrilling me no end. We came together shortly with such f***e that I saw stars and rainbow in front of my eyes as if I blacked out. It was her first climax, and she screamed, the nerves on her fair neck standing out as she did so.

She whimpered,"OWWW..UMMMM...AHHNGHHHHHHHHHHHHH" etc a little softly now, as I fell in a swoop on her soft sweat covered body, completely spent and exhausted. Her thighs were splayed and one thigh still curved out crooked around my chest and I nibbled on her soft thigh flesh, kissing anywhere I could get my mouth to, again making the old bite marks redden at the very spots.

We capped the day session with some Yoga Postures too and made love in each and every one of them. She was ravenous for sex and I was there matching her stroke to stroke, groan to groan and we humped around all over her palatial home without a care in the world. We must have climaxed six times in the six-hour long day session itself.

I sprayed her womb with my molten seed each time, spending blissfully, unmindful of things like pregnancy, safe period etc. Later she told me that there would be nothing more fitting to our relation than to bear my c***d for her. She even tells me that 'if I try hard enough, I can make her pregnant despite her age and slim chances now'. By those words, 'trying harder', she means fucking her more than 6 to 10 times on each Wednesday is actually implied and I try to do justice to make that happen! Lucky me, eh?

Again I am dwarfed by the sheer physical size of this woman, when we stand face to face, she being taller, bigger and bulkier, but she is like putty in my hands each time we meet, so much so that we are used to fall all over each other no sooner I am admitted through the front door of her home and door shutters barely shut.


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