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Lust's What The Doctor Ordered

Chapter 1

Lying on the soft leather couch, the lovely young redhead licked her dry
lips and stared blankly toward the ceiling. Sitting at the head of the
couch, A. B. Prinz, MD, Ph.D., smiled down at her as he repeated the
question to the woman in the deep hypnotic trance.

"Describe what happened between you and your father on that night,

Denise Powers struggled inwardly with the vision and she spoke
hesitantly of the secret she had kept locked inside her mind for nearly
ten years. "He ... he'd been drinking. Momma had gone to her s****r's
... gone all week."

"Yes, go on, Denise," Prinz told her as she paused.

"I came downstairs and found him sitting in the big chair in the living
room ..." she said softly in a little girl voice. Her face was pale and
the expression was something less than that of a person relating a
traumatic experience that had occurred during her fifteenth year of

"He called me over and made me sit in his lap ..." she said and
swallowed dryly as her hands fluttered at her sides.

"Then what happened?" Prinz asked her as he looked at her full breasts
and lower, to the gentle mound of her pubis that was revealed by the
soft material of her short skirt.

"He told me how much he loved me ... and ... and he put his hands on me
..." she said thickly.

"Show me where he put his hands on you, Denise."

Slowly, the attractive young woman lifted both her hands to cup her ripe
breasts and she began to massage them as she went on. "He ... he told me
that he had always wanted to do this to me ... that he loved me, and
then he begged me not to tell my mother."

"How did you feel when he played with your tits, Denise?"

The woman rolled her head from side to side as he posed the question, as
though fighting some internal conflict yet to be revealed. Then, she
spoke in that tiny voice again, "I ... I liked it ... he unbuttoned my
shirt and touched the nipples of my titties ... and I liked it."

"Show me, Denise--show me exactly how he touched your titties," Prinz
told her and licked his lips as she began unbuttoning the sheer blouse
she wore. His pulse pounded heavily in his temples as the woman revealed
her soft, naked tits and began massaging them lewdly as he looked on.

"What did he do next, Denise?"

"Ohhhh," she moaned lowly, then said, "He put his hand on my leg and
began rubbing it ... he kept rubbing it and I could feel him moving
higher and higher. He lifted my skirt and touched me between my legs."

"Where did he touch you, Denise? Show me." Prinz told her.

Slowly, the woman inched her hand down her body to lift her skirt. As
she did, Prinz stood up and walked to stand beside the couch as she
moved her hand between her legs and began rubbing her pussy through the
thin material of her panties. "There ..." she moaned as her fingers
moved in and out of the cleft of her pussy and Prinz watched in

"Did he do anything else?"

"Oh, yes!" she exclaimed as she continued stroking herself obscenely.
"He ... he unbuttoned his pants and asked me to hold his ... to hold

"Hold him where, Denise?" Prinz asked softly and drew down the zipper of
his trousers to reach inside. He pulled out his pulsing prick and
swallowed thickly as the woman replied.

"His ... his penis ..." she sucked her breath, "His prick!"

"How did it feel, Denise?"

"Oh, it was so big! It was warm and soft and hard at the same time!" she
said breathlessly.

Prinz reached down and lifted her hand from her tit and wrapped it about
his throbbing prick. "Is this the way it felt, Denise?" he asked her as
she began manipulating the soft flesh of his prick.

"Oh, yes ... it was just the same!"

Sitting beside her on the couch, Prinz held her hand tightly on his
pulsing prick and lifted her skirt to fold it about her waist, then he
took hold of her panties and dragged them down to her knees. "Then what
did he do, Denise?"

The woman shivered slightly as Prinz ran his hand over her dark-red
pubic bush, and, as his fingers played over the damp lips of her pouting
pussy, she shuddered and told him, "He played with me while I played
with him ... and he sucked my titties!"

Leaning forward, as he fingerfucked the woman softly, Prinz licked her
turgid nipple, then took it fully into his mouth as she moaned lowly and
stroked his prick of her own accord. He kissed her tits laviciously and
noticed that she had raised her legs to remove her panties as he eased
his finger into her tight cunt fully.

"Did you like what he was doing to you, Denise?" he asked as he looked
up at her face.

"Oh, yes! His mouth was so soft and warm and his finger in my ... in my
cunt was so good!" she said and writhed sensually as he fingerfucked

"What else happened that you haven't told me about, dear?"

The woman rolled her head from side to side in the trance and her eyes
blinked several times as she spread her legs to his hand. "He ... he
asked me to put it in my mouth ... just the head of it, he said ... he
just wanted me to kiss it a little bit for him."

"And did you do that?" Prinz asked her as she squeezed his prick tightly
in her soft hand.

"Uh huh ..." she replied in that little girl voice, "I let him put it in
my mouth and I kissed it for him.

"Did you like to do that for your father?"

"Oh, yes ... he really loved me for it--and he told me that Momma
wouldn't do that for him--ever."

Prinz reached down and touched the lever that controlled the head height
of the couch. As it lowered, he moved up toward her head, then told her,
"Here, Denise ... show me how you put your father's prick in your mouth.
Show me how you sucked him."

"He ... he kissed mine too ..." she said as she turned her head towards
his pulsing shaft.

"Oh, yes!" Prinz replied and leaned toward her as she ovaled her lips
obscenely and took the head of his pulsing prick into her warm, wet
mouth. "Yes, my dear ... that's it ... suck your daddy's prick for
him--show me how much you love your daddy ... use your tongue ... oh,
yes ... that is nice!" he told her, then lay beside her with his head
over her exposed pussy. He lowered his head and inhaled deeply of her
feminine odor, then spread her legs a bit more as he licked out with his
tongue to touch the hair-fringed lips of her pussy wetly.

The woman moaned as her psychoanalyst sucked her cunt and thrust forward
with his hips. She wrapped her hand about the base of his thick prick
and tongued the head wetly as he began a slow fucking motion with his

Between her legs, Prinz lapped her cuntal area with the flat of his
tongue, and as he did, he heard her moan low as she raised her body to
his mouth. Frantically, he sucked her clit into his mouth and nibbled it
as she began to grind her hips against the soft leather of the couch. He
felt his prick moving in and out of her wet, warm mouth, and he had a
sudden desire to watch her as she sucked his prick.

Sitting up beside her, Prinz faced the woman as she continued licking
his throbbing shaft. He swallowed thickly as her mouth was stretched
wide and his prick was sucked into her throat. "Yes, Denise ... suck it
deep ... take it all the way in ... all the way!" he told her.

The woman lowered her head slowly and took the entire length of the
doctor's pulsing cock into her throat. Deep in her trancelike state, she
envisioned her father sitting there urging her on, and she tried her
best to please him. Slowly, she raised her head and withdrew her mouth
from the throbbing flesh, then plunged downward again as the sound of
his deep sighs came to her.

Prinz ran his hand over the woman's pubic bush as she went down on him
again. He eased his finger into her wet pussy and stroked her clit
gently. He felt her raise her hips again and he knew that she was about
to orgasm, despite the fact that she was in deep hypnosis. And as she
pulled off to the swollen head of his cock again, he felt the slick
trickle of saliva ran down the length of his shaft and he shuddered,
just a breath away from coming himself.

He inserted a second finger into the woman's clasping cunt and began
fucking her furiously as she bobbed her head up and down on his
throbbing prick. "Ughhhnn ..." he moaned, "yes ... suck it, Denise ...
suck my prick ... I'm going to come ... swallow my cum, Denise!" and he
placed a hand on the back of her head to f***e her lower as he felt the
first spasm that was followed by a strong contraction.

The woman paused in her sucking as she felt the prick in her mouth begin
to jerk wildly. She moaned loudly from around his prick as her own
orgasm washed over her writhing body, then she felt her mouth filled
with his warm, thick cum. She swallowed as her mouth was filled to
overflowing and her legs quivered stiffly as the doctor's fingers dug
into the soft, wet flesh of her cunt.

Prinz felt his prick erupt in the woman's mouth. He tensed as she
stopped bobbing her head, and he felt gush after gush pour into her
mouth as he fingerfucked her furiously. Then, as the contractions
subsided, Prinz sighed deeply and told the woman, "That was so good,
darling ... you've made your father very happy."

The woman raised her head with a dazed expression on her face as she
licked the last of his cum from her lips. He laid her back and sat there
for a long moment as he regained his composure. He looked down at her
long lovely legs, encased in sheer nylon stockings. He ran his hand from
her sopping cunt to her soft belly and rubbed it gently as his
fingertips played over the lacy garter belt she wore. Women's
underclothing fascinated him and he had often had the urge to wear them
himself. Prinz recognized where the desire stemmed from, and he recalled
the time his own s****r had caught him going through her dresser drawer,
simply feeling her silken under things.

He shook the thought from his mind as his hand found its way to the
woman's cunt again, and he cupped her pubis as she merely lay there and
stared blankly at the ceiling.

"How do you feel, Denise?" he asked softly, as his fingers pressed
lightly over her pussy.

She sighed deeply and replied, "Good ... I feel good, Daddy."

Prinz beamed--the transference was complete, and he knew he would be
able to have this woman at will any time in the future. "Fine, Denise
... now I want you to listen closely," he told her and moved his hand
from her pussy to stroke the bare flesh of her thigh above her stocking
top. "There is nothing wrong with what we've done. It's natural for a
father to love his daughter ... and just as natural for a daughter to
want her father--do you understand?"

The woman's body quivered at his touch and, as his hand moved back up to
stroke her cunt lightly, she told him, "Yes, Daddy, I understand ... and
I really do like the things we do together. When can we do them again?"

Prinz smiled sardonically as he gazed upon her expectant face. He leaned
down and kissed her softly as his hand moved up to fondle her ample tits
beneath the thin material of her blouse. Next time, he promised himself,
I'll have her naked!

"Soon, Denise ... I promise." and he stood up then to tuck his wilted
prick into his trousers. He inspected himself for stains, then pulled up
his zipper and told the woman, "Your panties are beside you on that
couch. Put them on, then go into the bathroom and straighten your
clothing ... then come back and lie down and we'll talk some more."

He watched as the woman obeyed. He lifted the head of the couch and
straightened his own clothing as the woman walked to the bathroom door
and entered. In a few moments she returned looking as fresh as ever. She
lay down on the couch and Prinz sat in his chair out of her sight.

"In a moment, I will ask you to awaken, Denise ... you will have no
memory of what has taken place ... next week when you lie down on the
couch, I will ask you if you're drowsey--you will reply, 'Yes, Father,
I'm sl**py.' Then, you will return to your deep sl**p ... do you

"Yes ..." the woman said flatly.

"Fine ... then you may awaken," he told her and sat back, relaxed. He
watched as the woman opened her eyes and looked around. She stretched
languidly and sat up, a flushed expression on her face. "How do you
feel?" he asked warmly.

"God, like I'd slept the clock around ..." and she glanced at the
expensive watch on her right wrist. A look of surprise crossed her face
as she remarked, "It's only been an hour?"

Prinz smiled and nodded. "You were a very cooperative subject, Mrs.
Powers ... next week well delve a bit deeper into your subconscious ..."
He stood and held out his hand to her, "Same time?"

Her face flushed brightly and she asked, "Did ... did I say anything? I
mean ... what happened?"

Prinz led her to the private exit as she gathered her gloves and purse.
"All in due time, Mrs. Powers ... all in due time. Try not to dwell on
it--but should you have another of those headaches, please try to
remember what you're thinking about just prior to having it--can you do

The woman smiled warmly and took his hand in hers. "Oh, yes--and thank
you Dr. Prinz ... thank you so much!"

Prinz saw the woman out, then returned to his desk. He touched the
button on his console and spoke softly. "That's all for today, Karen ...
will you come in here a moment?"

"Yes, Doctor," the woman's honeyed voice, replied.

Prinz looked up as his receptionist-girl Friday entered, her lithe body
swaying sensuously as she walked into his inner office. "Schedule Mrs.
Powers for the same time next week, Karen ..." he said and looked across
the desk at the beautiful woman as she made note of his request. He
watched her lovely blond features as she penned the note, and he felt a
twinge of excitement rush through his body as he imagined her standing
there naked before him, her lush blond cunt exposed to his sight.

Prim swallowed thickly as the beautiful young woman looked up and asked,
"Will that be all, Doctor?"

Smiling, he gazed deeply into her eyes for a long moment, then said,
"Are you sl**py, Karen?"

The woman's eyes glazed momentarily and her head sagged to her chest.
Her hand was rigid and paused over the note pad, as she stood there
immobile. Prinz sat back and smiled at his expertise. He cleared his
throat as he told her, "There are some things I must do now, Karen ...
do you have any plans for this evening?"

She shook her head slowly as she looked up, her jaw slack.

"Fine ... be at the beach house at seven sharp. I'll be expecting you."

"Seven ..." she said flatly and stared past him into space.

Prinz snapped his fingers and the lovely blonde's head drew erect as she
stared at her note pad and saw the appointment for the following week.

"Whom do you have scheduled for tomorrow, Karen?" he asked, as though
there had been no break in their conversation.

"Ummn ... Mrs. Golden is bringing her daughter ..."

"Oh, yes ... the disturbed teenager. Of course. That will be all Karen
... have a pleasant evening." And he smiled at her warmly.

"Thank you Doctor--I'll see you in the morning."

Prinz smiled and nodded as the young woman left his office. Tonight, he
thought abstractly, and he stood to walk to the breakfront bar along the
right wall of his office. He poured a liberal amount of brandy into a
glass, then returned to his desk as he thought again of his s****r. The
Powers woman reminded him of her--the red hair, the full thighs and soft
pussy ... and as he sat there sipping the heady liquor, he drifted back
in time, and he was fifteen-years-old again.

He was standing in front of his s****r's dresser, his prick in his right
hand, and he was masturbating as he rubbed a pair of his s****r's
panties over his face. He did not hear the door open, and it wasn't
until his s****r spoke to him that he realized he'd been discovered.

"What on earth are you doing?" his s****r asked sharply.

Aurelius Prinz turned to find his s****r standing in the doorway of her
room, her hands on her hips and an angry expression on her face.

He tried desperately to hide his bulging erection, but he could not-he
had been just a breath away from ejaculation when she confronted him. He
dropped her silk panties as though they had burned his hand, and he
looked down in shame as his s****r crossed the room to pick them up
while he tried to cover his throbbing cock with both hands.

"Aurry ... how many times have I told you to stay out of my things?" she
said and waved the panties in front of him.

"I ... I'm sorry, Glenda ... I won't do it again--I promise! Just don't
tell mom, please!" he begged her.

The attractive red-haired girl looked down at her younger b*****r and
she felt a sudden twinge of pity for him. Shaking her head, she handed
him the panties and told him, "No ... I won't tell mom. You ... you can
keep these if you like."

He looked up at her in surprise as he felt the silken things pressed
into his hand. He shook his head in confusion and said, "I can? I mean,
I can really keep them?"

Glenda looked at her b*****r's stiff prick and she licked her lips
erotically as she felt a stirring in her loins. "Unless you'd rather
have a pair I've worn ..." she told him seductively, and she reached out
to touch his prick with the tips of her fingers.

"Ohhh ..." the boy moaned as her warm hand closed about the head of his
throbbing prick. "Could I ... could I really?"

Glenda felt the excitement rising in her body as the boy looked at her
with a pleading expression on his face. She knew that what she was about
to do was wrong, but the feel of his firm prick in her hand sent thrills
of pleasure through her nineteen-year-old body, and she leaned forward
to kiss him softly on the lips. Then she told him, "You'll have to take
them off of me, if you want them, Aurry ..." and she squeezed his prick
softly as his eyes widened and his jaw went slack.

The boy looked at his older s****r with awe and admiration then as she
led him across the room. She sat him on the edge of her bed, then
returned to lock the door securely from the inside.

"Mom won't be home for another hour yet, Aurry ... take off your

The boy needed no further urging. In a matter of seconds he was down to
his socks, and his clothing lay s**ttered about the foot of his s****r's
bed. He licked his dry lips as she moved toward him then and lifted the
hem of her long skirt to expose just the tops of her thighs and her
panty-covered crotch.

"Ohhh, Glenda ... you're so pretty!" the boy moaned.

"You're not bad yourself," she said and laughed nervously as she gazed
upon his well-developed body and his strong young prick. It stood out
erectly from a nest of soft brown hair and she fought the urge to fall
to her knees and stuff its hot length into her mouth. Instead, she
lifted her skirt a bit higher and told him, "If you want them, you'll
have to take them off."

The boy could not believe his eyes as his s****r exposed her body to
him. He had engaged in a hundred fantasies of just such a
situation--but, usually, he fancied her asl**p and unaware of his
advances. He looked up at her face as she smiled nervously, then he
reached out to run his hand over the flat of her belly. A chill went
through his hungry young body as his fingertips touched her nylon
panties. He ran his fingers down until they touched the soft rise of her
pubic mat beneath the thin material of her panties. He thrilled as he
became aware of the warmth and moistness of her pussy, and he longed to
see her fully without clothing.

Hesitantly, Aurry fell to his knees before his s****r and ran his hands
up her smooth calves, then her warm thighs. She moaned lowly as his
hands continued up the backs of her legs and began rubbing her
panty-covered ass cheeks. Leaning forward, the boy rubbed his face over
her silken belly, and he thrilled at the warmth he found there as he
nuzzled her.

Then, the boy raised his hands to her hips and took hold of the elastic
top of her panties. Slowly, he began pulling them down to expose the
soft flesh of her lower belly. His eyes widened as the panties went
below her mat of hair, and he inhaled deeply the sweet odor he found
coming to him. Lower he pulled her silken panties, and as her pussy was
fully exposed to him, he shuddered in anticipation and wonder at the
sight. Take them all the way off, Aurry, she whispered as she gazed down
at his awestruck face, "Then I want you to undress me, too."

He thrilled as he heard her words, and his heart pounded heavily in his
chest. He pulled her panties down below her knees, then lifted one foot
after the other to remove them.

Glenda allowed the boy a long look at her hair-covered pussy; then she
dropped the hem of her skirt and smoothed his hair out of his eyes as he
looked up at her and licked his lips.

"Don't you want to see me naked?" she asked nervously, and she f***ed a
little laugh as her own heart pounded furiously in her breast.

Nodding slowly, Aurry stood up and reached for the buttons of his
s****r's blouse. Nervously, he fumbled with the tiny things until he had
opened the garment to her waist, then he pulled it out of her skirt top.
She shrugged out of it as the boy stood staring at her full tits, hidden
from view by her wide brassiere. She turned slowly and felt his hands
fumbling with the multiple catch between her shoulder blades, then she
felt the restraining garment freed and her tits sagged an inch as he
slipped the straps over her shoulders.

Aurry looked at his s****r's naked back and he could not resist kissing
her warm flesh as his hands went under her arms and around her body to
cup her full, soft tits in his shaking hands. He felt her nipples rub
against the palms of his hands, and he chilled slightly as he felt them
stiffen under his touch.

Glenda turned then in his arms and slipped her arms about his neck to
kiss him fully on the mouth. She sensed his apprehension as she f***ed
her tongue between his lips and felt his body stiffen momentarily. Then
she ran her hand down his back and reached between them to take hold of
his throbbing prick. He sighed and shuddered again as her hand closed
about his warm shaft, and he felt his prick twitch as he sucked her soft
tongue into his wet mouth.

With shaking hands, Aurry fumbled with the catch on her long skirt.
Finally, he freed it and pulled down the zipper to feel her ass cheeks
quiver slightly as he brushed them with his hands. Her tits were pressed
flat against his chest, and-he could feel her stiff nipples as he
swirled his tongue about hers. Then she retracted her tongue, and Aurry
pressed his out of his mouth and into hers. A new thrill went through
his lusting young body as his s****r sucked his tongue, and he pulled
her skirt low on her hips to let it fall in a soft pile about her feet.

Glenda stepped out of her skirt as her b*****r's hands closed on the
soft cheeks of her ass and pressed her forward and into his hot body.
She guided his throbbing prick between her legs and felt his body
stiffen as the head of his prick nudged the soft lips of her pussy.

The boy groaned as his body was filled with the warmth of his s****r's
flesh and he felt the moistness of her pussy with the head of his prick.
"Do you like that?" Glenda asked her b*****r as he drew his breath
sharply, then sighed.

"Is ... is it in?" he questioned apprehensively.

She laughed and kissed him on the nose. "No, silly, it's just between my
legs ... haven't you ever fucked a girl before?"

Aurry felt his face flush as his s****r asked him the shocking question
and used the obscene word. "N ... no," He told her and swallowed
thickly. "You're the first girl I've ... that I've ever touched," he
confessed as his prick jerked between her legs.

Glenda thrilled as she realized her b*****r was a virgin. She knew that
he had several girlfriends, but the idea that he had never actually
fucked had never entered her mind. She rubbed her tits over his young
chest and ran her hands to his naked ass as she hunched against him.
Licking his ear lobe, she felt him shudder, and she wondered if she
could persuade him to suck her pussy.

"Would you like to fuck me, Aurry--I mean, really stick your cock in my
pussy and come there?"

The boy thrilled at her obscene words and he looked into her green eyes
with admiration and awe. "God, Glenda ... could we do it--really do it?"

She rubbed her belly over his and felt his prick twitch as she squeezed
her legs together tightly. "We might," she said coyly as she massaged
the cheeks of his ass with her warm hands. "If you'll do something for
me ..."

"Anything!" he told her and hugged her to him as her tongue touched his
ear again, "Anything in the world!"

Pulling back, she looked into his eyes and smiled as a thrill went
through her. She had never had a man suck her pussy before, and whenever
her friends talked about that particular act, she always felt somewhat
left out. Her current boyfriend liked to have his prick sucked. but he
had never tried to go down on her--and she didn't have the nerve to ask
him to do that for her.

Glenda stepped away from her younger b*****r and sat on the side of the
bed. She spread her legs lewdly and licked her lips as she told him,
"Get down on your knees and kiss my tummy ..."

Hesitantly, the boy fell to his knees before his s****r's widespread
legs and he slipped his hands about her to hug her to him. His head
nestled between her full breasts and he could hear her heart pound
heavily as he rubbed his hands over her back.

Glenda placed her hands on her b*****r's head then and pushed him lower.
"Kiss my tummy, Aurry ..." she whispered and thrilled at the warmth of
his body between her legs. He lowered his head then and began kissing
her soft young belly as his hands played over her body to come to rest
finally on her heaving tits. She watched as the boy closed his eyes and
ran his tongue into the button depression of her navel, and a new thrill
went through her as she imagined that same warm tongue in her pussy.

"Lower, Aurry ..." she urged, and the boy kissed lower on her stomach.

He felt his chin brush against her pubic hair and he wondered what she
would say if he kissed her there. When he had removed her panties, he
had longed to kiss her between the legs, but he had not, afraid that she
would get angry with him for such a nasty thing.

"Ummmnn, yesss ..." she whispered, "Lower, Aurry ... a little lower ...
that feels so good ... so good!" and she placed both hands atop his head
to push him further down.

Suddenly, the boy realized what it was that his s****r wanted him to do
to her. He felt a rush of excitement as he inhaled her feminine odor and
his bl**d pounded in his temples as his mouth encountered her pussy
hair. He swallowed thickly, unable to believe his good fortune, and he
peered closely as he squatted before her and pushed her legs wide apart.

He looked at the soft, pink lips of her pouting pussy and he shuddered
as his prick twitched painfully against his leg. Then he licked out
tentatively with his tongue and touched that wet flesh between his
s****r's legs. He felt her stiffen as his tongue came in contact with
her cunt lips, and then she sighed deeply.

"Ohhhh, God, Aurry ... yes!" she moaned, "That's what I want ... eat my
pussy ... suck it--let me feel your tongue in my cunt ... God, eat me!"
she cried, and pulled his head into her wet cunt as her legs quivered
stiffly and she stretched them out alongside his body.

The boy found his face buried in his s****r's cunt, and he began sucking
her laviciously as his hands reached up to grope for her full tits. As
his fingers massaged the soft flesh, his heart beat wildly, and he heard
her cry out again as he entered her pussy with his tongue. The taste was
like nothing he had ever known, and it thrilled him to know that he was
actually kissing his s****r on her pussy.

"Ummmmn ... yessss ... oh, yes!" she said and writhed under his mouth.
"Eat my cunt you little pussy sucker ... make me come ... God,
Aurry--I'm almost there--this is heavenly ... oh ... oh ... oh, my God!"

And her entire body shuddered as the first wave of orgasmic sensation
broke over her writhing limbs. She felt the warmth deep in her cunt as
her b*****r tongued her furiously, and she held his head to her pussy as
he sucked, and squeezed her tits with his hands. Her legs shook
uncontrollably as the boy sucked her to completion and Glenda found
herself lying breathless, suddenly, with him standing over her, a
concerned look on his face.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

Glenda shook her head and realized she had lost consciousness for a
moment. She drew her breath and sobbed as she reached out her arms for
him. "Oh, Aurry ... yes--I've never been so okay!"

The boy looked down at his s****r's flushed face as she reached out for
him. He felt a sudden rush of love for the girl who had acted as an
antagonist nearly all the years of their lives, and he realized now that
he truly loved his older s****r. He lay down beside her and they kissed
passionately as her hand took hold of his throbbing young prick and
stroked him gently.

"Did it ... was it good?" he asked her as their lips parted.

She hugged him tightly and squeezed his prick as she told him softly,
"Aurry--you are the best I've ever had! You can do that to me any time
that Momma's not home ..." She giggled and added, "Or anytime she's not

The boy's chest swelled with pride as his s****r told him he was the
best she had ever had. He felt her warm body next to his, and as she
moved her hand up and down his aching prick, he asked apprehensively,
"Could ... could we fuck now, Glenda?"

"Ummmmn," she said and kissed him again. "I've got something you might
like better," she told him and sat up beside him on the bed.

Aurry watched in amazement as his s****r brushed her red hair away from
her face and lowered her head over his throbbing prick. He watched as
she opened her mouth and took the head of it in, and, as her warm, wet
tongue swirled about its sensitive head, he gasped, unable to believe
the sight before his eyes. She had actually put his prick in her mouth
and was sucking it!

He had heard the older boys talking about getting a "blow job," but his
inexperienced mind could not relate that act to what he was witnessing
now. His s****r's mouth ovaled obscenely, and she went down on him
completely, to suck his prick into her mouth all the way.

"Uhhhnnn ..." he moaned as she drew her head up and licked his prick
wetly. "Oh, Glenda ... so good!" he told her as she fondled his
sperm-filled balls with one hand and sucked him up and down slowly with
her hot, wet mouth.

Glenda thrilled as her mouth was filled with his soft, pulsing flesh and
his prick jerked spasmodically. She wanted to fuck her b*****r, but she
wanted to pleasure him too. She knew that if he stuck his prick into her
pussy at this point, there wouldn't be much fucking-she had had enough
experience to understand that boys really couldn't hold back once they'd
started. Too, she did want to taste his hot cum in her mouth. And after
the fantastic head job he'd given her, she felt she could do no less for

Aurry moaned as his s****r kept licking and sucking him and suddenly he
became aware of the danger involved--he was about to come and he could
not hold himself back as her hot mouth moved slickly up and down his
aching prick. He moaned lowly and ran his fingers through her hair as
her head bobbed up and down rapidly.

"Glen ... Glenda ..." he cried out in a choked tone, "Gonna come ... I'm
gonna come ... oh ... ohhhh ... OHHHHHH GLENDAAAAA!"

The girl held her head still as her b*****r's prick erupted in her hot
mouth. She felt the first splash of cum on her tongue and she swallowed
it down as it was followed by another thick glob, then another. His
fingers tightened in her hair as she swallowed his cum and tongued the
head of his spurting prick laviciously. She felt his body stiffen, then
shudder strongly as her mouth was filled again, and he moaned and sobbed
out his emotion.

Aurry was lost in the depths of orgasm as his s****r's mouth continued
to suck his bursting prick. He knew that he was shooting his cum into
her mouth and he sensed her swallowing as he held her head tightly. He
simply could not believe it--surely she must love him a great deal to do
that for him, he reasoned as his body shook in the throes of orgasm, and
his prick jerked spasmodically in her wet mouth. Finally, he opened his
eyes and looked down his body as she raised her head slightly and licked
the head of his prick. He saw a small dribble of the sticky white fluid
ooze out of the corner of her mouth, and he chilled slightly as her pink
tongue swiped out to catch it.

Glenda looked up at her b*****r's face and she smiled as she read the
total surprise there. She squeezed his still hard prick and laughed
lightly as she rolled her body atop his and spread her legs. "Was that
good, Baby?" she questioned.

The boy shook his head and told her, "Oh, Glenda, yes!" and his arms
went about her soft young body. "So good ... God, you actually let me
come in your mouth!"

"Did that surprise you?" she asked and kissed the tip of his nose as her
tits were squashed flat against his chest.

"Doesn't it taste bad?" he asked.

"Did my pussy taste bad?" she questioned in return.

"Oh, no ... I liked the way it tasted!" he told her emphatically.

She kissed him softly then and whispered, "And I like to taste your cum,
Aurry ..." And as she spoke, she reached between her legs and eased the
head of his rock-hard young prick into her wet cunt.

Aurry drew his breath sharply as he felt his prick engulfed in a sudden
warmth--it was like nothing he had ever experienced, and his young body
shook as his s****r began moving her hips slowly up and down and his
prick was shoved in and out of her clasping, wet cunt.

"How does it feel to fuck a real pussy?" she asked, a bit breathlessly,
as she felt him enter her cunt fully.

"Oh, Glenda ... I love you so much!" he cried and tears filled his eyes
as he was overcome by the emotion of the moment, "Love me always ...
please, love me always!" he begged her as he began a slow hunching
motion with his hips.

"I will, Aurry ... I promise I will ..." she breathed softly to him as
her mouth sought his and their lips met in an i****tuous kiss. There was
a momentary flash of his mother's face and ...

Doctor Prinz shook his head as the vision faded and he found it was dark
in his office. He glanced at the empty glass in his hand and he noticed
the bulge in the front of his pants. It was always that way when he
thought of Glenda.

He stood slowly, carried the glass to the breakfront, and set it there
as he glanced at his watch. There was just enough time to get home, call
Mark and Coco, and set things up for that evening. He'd have to let them
know there would be a fourth to the party, and he wondered how the black
couple might react when they learned that the beautiful Karen Lindstrum
was not there willingly.

He chuckled to himself as he gazed into the full-length mirror in the
bathroom of his office. His body was short and lithe, and the streaks of
gray in his temples merely accentuated his mature handsomeness. He
smiled at his image and turned off the light, then locked his offices
and walked to his Mercedes coupe in the parking lot.

Chapter 2

Prinz lay back in the deep tub luxuriating in its soothing warmth as he
spoke into the telephone. "No, Mark ... I'd like you and Coco to be here
around seven-thirty. And I'll have a little surprise for you
tonight--her name is Karen ..."

There was a pause and the man on the other end of the line spoke slowly
as he told the psychoanalyst, "Ah, look--you know how Coco is, Doc ...
it took me a month to convince her it was okay to let her hair down in
front of you."

"If it's a question of money ..." Prinz supplied.

"Come on!" the man said emphatically, "We come to your place because we
dig it--and because we like you. The money comes in handy, Doc ... but
that's not the reason we dig you, and you know it!"

"Thank you, Mark--you're very considerate," he paused, then told the
man, "Listen--for your information, the young lady who will be here
tonight will not be aware of what's going on ... do you understand?"

There was a low laugh from the man on the other end, then he remarked,
"Doc, I swear--you are too fucking much! You gonna have her doped up?"

"Of course not, Mark--you know I don't go in for that sort of
thing--just a mild hypnotic trance ..."

"For a mild sex orgy, huh?" Mark said and laughed again.

"I assure you, she'll present no problem and she'll never know what took

"Okay, Doc ... I'll try to convince Coco of that--I might have to remind
her who it is who's putting me through medical school, though!"

Prinz smiled and thought of his investment in the bright young black
man. There were far too few black psychiatrists, and if Mark could make
the grade academically, he would have a bright future in the honored
profession. "Fine ... I'll be expecting you at seven-thirty," he said
and hung up.

Prinz finished bathing and slipped into a soft, togalike garment. He was
standing at the bar in the sunken living room of his sumptuous beach
house when he heard the car in the drive. He glanced at the wall clock
and smiled. It was exactly seven o'clock.

He walked quickly to the front door and opened it as Karen climbed out
of her car, a puzzled expression on her face. She had been motivated by
his post-hypnotic suggestion. But as she looked about her, she had no
earthly idea why she had driven to his Malibu home.

"Are you sl**py, Karen?" he asked as she approached him.

The woman's steps faltered and she wore a dazed expression as her eyes
glazed and her head sagged. Prinz walked down the wide steps and took
hold of her arm to lead her into the house. As he closed the door, he
lifted her lovely face and smiled.

"Karen ... you will not recall driving here from your own apartment. You
will have no memory of this evening ... do you understand me?"

"I understand ..." she said flatly and looked right through him.

"Fine, my dear ... you are going to sl**p for awhile, then you will
return home on my instruction--you will go directly to bed and sl**p the
night through. In the morning you will awaken and feel refreshed--but
you will have no memory of coming here ..." he said and stressed his
final words.

"No memory ..." she muttered.

"Fine ... that's just fine," he told her and guided her across the foyer
and into a guestroom. "For this evening, you are going to be a warm,
voluptuous courtesan. You are going to be obsessed with sex ... sex with
men, sex with women ... sex. Is that clear?"

"Yes ..." she replied flatly.

"You will comply with any wish, any command ... do you understand and

"I understand and agree ..." she said in a low monotone.

"Fine ... I want you to divorce yourself from the personality of Karen
Lindstrum for a few hours ... you will awaken as another woman ... a
sensual, sex-starved woman who wishes only to please those about you ...
your name is Electra ... you will become that person when I snap my

"Electra ..." she muttered and stood with her arms hanging loosely at
her sides.

Prinz snapped his fingers and said, "Awaken unto the world, my lovely

Karen's head snapped up and she blinked. She looked about the room and
then to Prinz. A slow smile spread across her face and she placed her
hands on her hips, then ran them up to cup her own breasts as Prinz
looked on, smiling.

"God, but I feel beautiful!" she said in a husky voice.

The transition was complete and the clarity of her eyes told Prinz he
had achieved his purpose and had released the inside woman--the one who
dwelled deep inside the Karen Lindstrum who worked for him.

"Your gown is laid out, my dear ... we have guests coming," he told her
and turned from the room as she looked toward the bed.

Prinz returned to the bar and finished mixing the shaker of martinis. He
poured himself a double, then adjusted the rheostat that controlled the
lighting about the room. It softened, then dimmed, and as he turned the
stereo, he heard movement behind him and he turned to find the beautiful
blond woman standing at the top of the short staircase that led to the
sunken living room. She was wearing the wispy gown of ice-blue silk. It
was gossamer and hung from her body like a gentle fall of fog clinging
to her long, lovely limbs. He felt a twinge in his loins as he gazed
upon the darker flesh of her aureoles, then at the heavy thatch of blond
pubic hair above her cunt.

"Would you like a drink, Electra?" he asked and held out his hand to

Slowly, she glided down the steps, a hungry look in her eyes as she
looked at him as though he were some tasty morsel awaiting to be eaten.

"Yes ... I'd like that," she said huskily.

Prinz poured her a drink, and as their fingers touched and she accepted
the long-stemmed glass, he felt a spark of electricity pass between

Just then, there was the sound of another car, and he looked again at
the wall clock. He smiled inwardly as he thought about the handsome
young black couple and appreciated their punctuality.

The chimes rang and Prinz told Karen, "Be seated my dear ... you are not
to speak unless spoken to--our guests have arrived."

Obediently, the beautiful young woman swept her long blond hair over one
shoulder and seated herself on the curved love seat across the room. In
the dim light, she looked like some statuesque young goddess, and Prinz
was anxious to see Mark and Coco's response to his surprise.

As he opened the door, he stepped aside to smile at his young guests.
Mark stuck out his large hand and clasped the doctor's as he and his
wife entered. "Hey ... Doc! Good to see you again!" and he clasped the
older man by the shoulder as they shook hands.

Prinz turned to Coco then as he closed and locked the door. She stood
demurely aside as Mark took her long leather jacket from her shoulders
and hung it in the closet. Prinz took the girl by the arms and kissed
her gently on the mouth. She was unresponsive at first, then she
loosened as he licked out softly with his tongue.

"Damn you, Doc ..." she swore as their lips parted.

He laughed a bit nervously, then said, "Please, Coco ... indulge an old
man's fancy, won't you?"

She shook her head and smiled finally as she read the pleading
expression in his eyes. "On one condition--you go to Mark for analysis
as soon as he has his degree!" and the three of them laughed, breaking
the tense spell.

"Your things are laid out," he told them as they walked across the

Mark paused and looked into the dimly lit room. He saw Karen sitting
sedately on the low love seat, and a soft whistle escaped his lips.

"God, but she's beautiful!" Coco exclaimed as she followed her husband's
gaze to the lovely blond girl.

"You cannot conceive how beautiful she actually is," Prinz told them
both, then ran his hand beneath Coco's short skirt to feel her tight ass
cheeks through the sheer material of her panty hose. "Get changed and
we'll have a drink," he told them.

Mark and Coco changed into togalike garments that slipped over their
heads; the material was soft and filmy and totally see-through. Their
dark brown bodies were accentuated by the pale beige hue of the
garments. As they walked, the wispy material clung to their bodies to
outline each and every curve. The soft rise of Coco's belly was clearly
outlined, and her tits thrust against the soft material and bounced
invitingly as she walked. Beside her, Mark's muscular body moved like
some dark a****l, and the outline of his heavy prick was obvious beneath
the thin material of the robe he wore.

Prinz glanced up as the young black couple made their entrance. He
smiled as he watched the expression on Karen's face as they walked
seductively to the bar, then turned to face their host and his guest.

"Electra ... this is Mark and Coco ..." he said softly as the voluptuous
blonde stood and looked hungrily toward the black couple.

Mark smiled nervously as Coco stared at the beautiful woman. He nodded,
then asked Prinz, "She's really not aware of all this?"

Prinz smiled, "She is aware of everything that's going on, Mark--it's
simply that her own personality has been put to sl**p. She has assumed
the role I've outlined for her and she will have no memory of this night
once it's passed."

"Scary ..." Coco muttered as she gazed upon the woman's lovely body. She
felt a surge of excitement as she envisioned her husband having sex with
the blonde; then a new thrill went through her as she suddenly realized
that she, too, could have sex with her. She had not engaged in any
lesbian activities since she and Mark had married two years before, and
the thought of another woman's soft body excited her.

"She will obey any command--any request," Prinz told the attractive
black couple as he sipped his martini and sensed the sensual excitement
in them both. "Try her out if you wish ..."

Mark glanced at his wife and smiled nervously as though he was awaiting
some permission from her. They had shared sex with Prinz many times in
the past, but never with another woman and the idea was appealing to
him. He longed to see his wife in the arms of another woman, making love
with her as he watched--and then perhaps he would join in. He swallowed
thickly as she returned his questioning gaze.

"Electra ..." Prinz said softly, "What would you like to do with your
new friends?"

Slowly, Karen reached out and touched Coco's face with her fingertips.
"I would like to make love with them ..." she turned her face slightly
and looked into Mark's dark eyes, "Both of them--they're beautiful."

Coco chilled at the woman's touch and she swallowed dryly as the woman's
fingers moved lightly over her face, then played sensually over her
throat and ran down the front of her body. As they encountered her
breasts, Coco chilled again and noticed that her other hand had reached
out to take hold of Mark's prick through the gossamer material of the

"Get down on your knees, Electra ..." Coco said huskily and sensed her
husband's surprise as she uttered the command.

Karen dropped her eyes demurely and replied, "Yes, Mistress," and she
sank slowly to the floor before Coco's body.

"I want you to love me with your mouth ..." Coco told her and parted her
gown to stand with her hands on her hips, her naked body exposed to the
sight of all.

Karen reached out and ran both her hands over the black woman's
voluptuous hips as the two men watched excitedly. She leaned forward
then and kissed Coco's dark flesh as the black woman spread her legs
lewdly. Without hesitation, Karen lowered her mouth to Coco's
black-haired bush and began licking her obscenely.

"My clit ... do my clit, Electra ..." Coco told her as her breasts
heaved sensually and the woman opened her mouth wider to begin sucking
her pussy. Coco felt the tongue part the folds of soft flesh high in her
cunt and she shuddered as the turgid flesh was located and Karen licked
her warmly.

Mark looked on as the beautiful blonde sucked his wife's pussy, and he
longed to fall to the floor with her ... but the night was early and
there would be ample time for that later, he told himself as his prick
jerked stiffly and parted the folds of the thin garment he wore.

Prinz looked on in fascination as his secretary sucked the lovely black
woman's cunt. He saw the look of total rapture on Coco's beautiful face
and he walked around behind her to slip his hands beneath her gown to
cup her tits. He pressed his stiff prick between her widely splayed
legs. He lifted her gown so that he could feel her hot flesh against his
body, and as he did, his prick was insinuated between the folds of her
pussy, and Karen's tongue found it.

Prinz chilled at the touch of her mouth on his prick and he massaged
Coco's tits as her nipples grew stiff against his palms and she moaned.
He had recognized the woman's lust the moment she had looked upon the
beautiful Karen, and he knew that deep within her a marked bisexuality
lurked, just waiting to be freed.

Mark looked on at the erotic trio and he licked his lips as his wife
moaned with pleasure. He swallowed thickly and stroked his own prick as
the woman sucked his wife's pussy before him, and he longed to feel her
hot mouth on his stiff prick.

Coco glanced to her left and saw Mark fondling his own cock and she
touched Karen's head softly with her fingers. "Take hold of Mark's
prick, Electra," she told her.

Automatically, Karen raised her right hand and closed it about the
massive shaft that poked from the folds of Mark's garment. She pulled at
it softly, then ran her hand up and down his throbbing length as she
continued sucking the black woman's pussy.

"Ohhhh ..." Coco moaned loudly as Prinz kissed her neck and plied the
soft flesh of her tits, "Soooo gooood ... so good!" she said and
squirmed as she felt the doctor's prick pressing against her wide-spread
pussy lips and the woman's tongue licking both of them. "God ... I'm
going to make it ..." she said breathlessly and began to writhe in
sensual pleasure as her husband pressed his body close to hers and the
woman manipulated her hand along his pulsing black prick.

"Go ahead, baby ..." Mark said thickly, "Get your nuts ... come good
..." And he moved his hand up to touch her left tit as Prinz moved his
hands low on her writhing belly and hunched forward with his hips.

"Uhhhhnnn ... yes!" Coco sobbed, "God, yes ... I'm going to cum ... I'm
going to come, Daddy! I ... I ... oh, oh, Jesus ... Jesus ... I'm
COMMMMMMING!" And she stiffened as the orgasmic spasm burst over her
sensuous body and the mouth of her pussy sucked and licked her

Mark turned her face to his and thrust his tongue into her gasping mouth
as she orgasmed and her body shuddered in the depths of sensual

Finally the sensations passed, and Coco stood shaking against the
doctor's body. She shoved Karen's head away and swallowed thickly as she
looked down to find the beautiful blonde looking up at her expectantly.

"Did you enjoy that, Mistress?" Karen asked hopefully.

In answer, Coco disengaged herself from the two men and leaned down to
take hold of the woman's face in both her hands. She kissed her fully on
the mouth and sucked her tongue past her lips as she ran her hand down
Karen's throat to take hold of her ripe tit. She squeezed it gently,
then lifted her face as she felt the woman's hands on her tits. "God,
yes!" she exclaimed. "Now, suck Mark's prick for him the way you sucked
my pussy!"

Mark looked down, a bit dumbfounded as his wife ordered the lovely woman
to suck his prick. He was seeing another side of his beautiful wife, and
it excited him fully as she became aggressive with the other woman.

Karen moved to Mark and took hold of his thick shaft. She licked out
with her pink tongue and wrapped her hand around its heavy base, then
ovaled her lips and took the plumlike head into her mouth. Coco looked
down as the white girl sucked her husband's prick erotically, and she
told her, "Play with his balls, Electra ... he likes that!"

The woman raised her hand between Mark's legs and took hold of his heavy
balls. He sighed deeply as her warm fingers stroked the base of his
prick and she milked his balls gently with her other hand.

"All the way in!" Coco nearly shouted and pulled away from Prinz to fall
to the floor beside the woman as she stuffed Mark's long prick into her
mouth. "All the way, you white bitch! Take every inch of his black prick
down your throat ... all of it!"

Mark was startled by his wife's outburst and he looked questioningly at
Prinz as he moved closer, a sardonic smile on his face. Then, Mark
looked down as Karen tilted her head slightly and blinked as he watched
his long prick taken into the woman's wide-stretched mouth. He could not
believe his eyes as she took more and more of it into her mouth and he
felt his prick shoved tightly into her throat. She gave no indication
that it was causing her discomfort, and she slid it in easily as Coco
watched in fascination.

"Yes! All of it!" Coco shouted and reached around to take hold of
Karen's jutting tit with one hand while her other went beneath the loose
folds of her gown and groped for her pussy.

Mark gasped as the woman contracted her throat muscles and his prick was
squeezed as it bent slightly in the restricting confines of her soft
throat. "God ... She's got it all in her mouth!" he exclaimed, as he
looked down to see her nose pressed against his thick mat of black pubic
hair. The contrast of her white skin with it excited him, and he was
further excited by the sight of his wife fondling her white tits and
fingerfucking her lewdly.

"Oh, baby ... I'm coming!" he said huskily. "I'm gonna come!"

"Yes ..." Coco hissed, "Shoot off in her mouth, baby--make her drink
your cum!" And she eased a second finger into Karen's cunt as she began
to writhe sensually with Mark's long prick stuffed down her throat.

"What a sight!" Prinz exclaimed as he knelt beside the lovely Coco and
fondled her tits and ran a hand over her full ass cheeks. He ran his
hand between her legs and felt the wetness of her cunt as she
fingerfucked his secretary obscenely.

Karen contracted her throat muscles as she felt the long prick begin to
spasm. She milked the man's balls and breathed shallowly through her
nose as she twisted her body to allow Coco better access to her seething
cunt. She wanted to cry out as she felt Mark's prick erupt in her
throat, but all she managed was a muffled sound that was drowned out by
his cry as he took hold of her beautiful blond head and bucked his hips
into her face.

"Fuck her baby ... fuck her mouth ... come in her mouth ... she's loving
it!" Coco shouted and stuck a third finger into the woman's pussy as she
rotated her hips in a tight circle and groaned lowly.

Prinz looked on in excitement as his own prick rubbed against Coco's
silken thigh. He wanted to stick his prick down her throat, but right
then, the sight of Mark dumping his load of cum into Karen's mouth had
him transfixed, and his breath came in sharp bursts as he began stroking
Coco's wet pussy with his fingertips.

Mark gasped as the contractions seemed to go on and on. The woman had
not drawn back once after she had swallowed his prick, and, as it gushed
hotly in her throat, the sensation was like no other he had ever
experienced. He shuddered violently as he watched his wife fingerfucking
the lovely blonde.

"Ohhhh ... Jesus ... so good ... so fucking good!" he mumbled as the
contractions passed finally and he took hold of the woman's head to draw
his glistening prick from her throat. He watched as her lips were drawn
over the flesh of his cock, and a thrill went through him as his prick
flopped out of her mouth. Coco turned the girl's face to kiss her fully
on the mouth as she pulled her hand from the girl's sopping pussy.

Prinz moved his hands away from Coco's body then as he saw Mark standing
there, a satisfied expression on his face. He stood and took hold of his
own prick to fondle it as the women kissed sensually, and he said,
"Well, Mark ... what do you think?"

"God, Doc ... ask me what I feel!" the handsome black replied as he
looked at his wife and the beautiful blonde.

"All right, then ... what do you feel?"

"Drained!" he said, and they both laughed as Coco looked up to find them

"This is unreal!" she said as she stood and gazed at the doctor's
rock-hard prick. "So is that ..." she added and took hold of his
throbbing flesh.

"Careful, you'll get a handful if you squeeze it too much!" Prinz told
the woman.

"I'd rather have a mouthful, Doc ... if you don't mind ..." she told him

"Be my guest, Coco ..." he told her and smiled as Mark helped Karen to
her feet.

Coco sank to her knees and took the swollen head of the man's prick into
her mouth. She laved him gently at first, then began twisting her head
about in frantic circles as his fingers closed in her thick hair. He
moaned lowly as he thrust forward with his hips and glanced toward Mark
as he gathered Karen into his arms to fondle her tits as they watched.

Prinz clutched the black woman's head and pulled his prick out to rub it
over her dark lips. She moaned and licked out with her pink tongue, then
ovaled her mouth again and took him fully. "Oh, yes!" he sobbed as the
woman's nose was pressed into his pubic hair and he felt the head of his
cock enter her constricting throat. He hunched forward to f***e himself
all the way into her mouth and he felt her lips clamp tightly about the
base of his prick. Her tongue moved along the underside of his cock and
sent chills up his spine as her hands took hold of his aching balls and
milked them gently.

"Ughhhnnn ... yes, Coco ... now! I'm coming ... God, I'm going to cum!"
Prinz gasped and pulled his prick almost all the way out of her mouth.

Coco took hold of his jerking prick in her right hand and opened her
mouth widely. She held her head back, and as the first hot glob of his
cum burst forth from the distended head of his prick, she felt it splash
on her tongue. She kept her mouth open as the psychiatrist's prick
erupted, and she caught his cum on her tongue without closing her mouth.

Prinz looked down as his fingers dug into the black woman's hair and he
thrilled as he watched his prick spurting into her widely stretched
mouth. "Ohhhh ... Jesus!" he said and shuddered as the orgasmic
contractions caused his legs to shake and his breath to come in sharp

Coco felt her mouth filling with his sticky cum and she swallowed
quickly. As she did, another glob of cum burst forth and splashed
against her closed mouth. Opening it again, she licked out with her
tongue to capture the dripping cum, then she took the length of his
prick into her mouth again to lave it hotly with her tongue.

Prinz shuddered as the black woman licked his prick, and the sensitivity
drove him wild as he sucked his breath and looked down at her beautiful
face as her lips were stretched about his twitching cock. Finally, Prinz
sighed and pulled his prick out of her mouth. It was the second time
that day he had shot his load into a woman's mouth, and he felt
completely drained, but as he helped Coco to her feet and kissed her
fully on the mouth, his throbbing prick nestled between her thighs and
he felt a new fire burning in his loins.

Glancing toward Mark and Karen, Prinz sighed deeply as he saw Mark's
dark flesh holding the lovely blonde's full breasts. The contrast was
fascinating and Prinz swallowed thickly as he ran his hands over Coco's
supple body and cupped her tits gently. "Electra ..." he said, "Bring
our guests a drink."

Slowly, the tall blond woman disengaged herself from Mark's strong arms
and smiled seductively at Coco as she walked across the room to the bar.
The three of them sat on deep pillows and lay back as they regained
their composure. Prinz glanced at Coco appraisingly and remarked, "There
seems to be a side of you I'd never seen before, my dear."

Coco stretched languidly and cut her eyes toward her husband as she
replied, "To tell you the truth, Doc ... I surprised myself when I saw
her sucking Mark's prick ... I got pretty excited."

Mark laughed and looked up as Karen approached bearing a tray of drinks.
"Yeah, well ... you surprised the shit out of me baby ... like the Doc
says, there's another side to your character ..." He reached over and
stroked her silken brown thigh and added, "And it seems to be a little

The three of them paused to accept drinks; Karen held hers, then set the
tray aside to sit between Mark and Coco. Prinz sipped his drink and
nodded approval, then he asked Coco, "We've never been into the subject,
my dear, but have you had lesbian encounters in the past?"

Again, Coco turned her eyes toward Mark. She sipped her drink with
downcast eyes and nodded silently. As she looked up, she found her
husband smiling at her and she relaxed a bit. "Yes, Doc ... as a matter
of fact, I have--in college." She laughed nervously and told them, "I
was afraid of being tagged 'gay' at the time and I kept it pretty well
hidden ... but I got off into it pretty deeply for awhile."

Prinz nodded and glanced at Mark--he sensed approval for what he was
about to do and he smiled warmly at Coco as he asked, "Would you like to
tell us about it, Coco?"

The black woman shrugged and smiled a bit nervously as she remarked,
"Why not?" She sipped her drink then and reached for a cigarette from a
silver box on the low table near her. She lit it and inhaled deeply as
she began: "I was pretty naive when I graduated from high school ...
then I worked for a year. I took a job in a boutique and it was there
that I became aware of other women ... and especially the lesbians." She
laughed, "But like cancer--it always happens to the other

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