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Glory hole lover

Went to one of my glory hole book store. So I went to the back of the store where the booths are and went in one. There was a guy jacking a nice about 6 or 7 inc thick cock. I pulled my jeans and shorts down and starting jacking myself. I put my finger threw the hole and he put his nice cock in the hole and I went down on my knees and started sucking his nice cock. It was thick and rock hard, and i was getting his cock nice and wet. After sucking his sweet cock for a few mintues I pulled off his cock and put my hard cock in the hole and he went to sucking my hard cock. I keep my cock and balls and my hole shaved like the way it feels. I put my cock and balls in the hole and his hot mouth was feeling so good on my cock. I pulled out of his hot mouth he was feeling so good I didn`t want to cum to fast. After I pulled out he put his nice cock back throw the hole thats when I went to sucking his cock hard and jacking him. After sucking him for a few mintues he was getting into to it his cock was really getting hard so I started jacking him as I sucked him. After jacking him for maybe 20 or 30 seconds his cock get real hard then he came hard in my mouth and I sucked him dry. He finshed coming he pulled his cock out of my mouth then he zipped up and left. He left and I was watching a hot looking shemale fuck this hot lady in her asshole I heard the door open next to my booth, and I was still jacking my hard cock. I put my hard cock threw the hole and I had a hot mouth on my cock and was feeling good. I could tell this guy knew how to suck cocks he was licking my balls while he jacked me off. After a few mintues of sucking me I had to pull out of his sweet mouth I didn`t want to cum to fast. When he put his cock threw the hole he had a fucking sweet cock about 8 inc thick as hell and he had a cock ring on. Then I went to sucking this sweet cock and his balls, licking it from the top to his balls. I went back up and tryed to suck all of his big cock but I couldn`t take it all in my mouth but I dam sure tryed. So I went sucking him and rubbing his nice balls, sucking him up and down like this sweet cock was mine. I know I sucked him a good 4 mintues because the vidoe I was watching went off, so I stoped sucking his sweet cock to put more money in so I could watch a hot shemale fuck a woman in her ass. I pit my cock back threw the hole and then he want to sucking on my again. It wouldn`t but a few mintues of him sucking me it was feeling so fucking good I had to cum in his hot mouth. He sucking on me I know about 3 or 4 mintues after I came hard in his mouth. I pulled up my jeans and put his sweet cock back threw the hole then I went to suck his sweet cock. His cock was much harder this time so I jacked him while I was sucking him. After a few minutes he starting fucking my hand and my mouth as his cock got harder I knew he was fixing to cum so I jacked him harder and he came real hard in my mouth and I sucked him dry and kissed the head of his sweet cock as he pulled out on my mouth.

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