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The f****y Sucks A Lot ch1

Chapter 1

Tess pulled her mouth off her b*****r's pulsing cock.

"Mmmm, God," she grinned. "Is that good!"

"Just hurry up," Jeff panted. He clutched the back of her head and
pressed it closer to his glistening prick. He swiveled his hips upward,
trying to f***e his cock back into her mouth.

Tess swung her head to fling blonde hair out of her face.

"Just hold your horses!" she gasped. "I'm doing the best I can!"

She opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the bulbous prickhead.

Jeff raised his hips still higher, eager to feel her mouth encircle his
entire cockshaft. He pressed a little more firmly on the back of her
head at the same time, feeling his aching cock sink farther into his
s****r's mouth.

"Mmmm, yeah!" he whispered. "That's it! Suck as much of my cock in your
mouth as you can!"

He started to buck. His body quivered as he flexed his ass muscles.

Tess moaned and squealed as she felt his huge cockhead press into her

"That's the stuff," Jeff said. "That feels so good! I'm ready to shoot
any second! Pound my cock with your fist! Ooooo, yeah! You'll have my
cum any second now!"

He worked his hips in circles, feeling her tongue press against the
thick cum-chute on the underside of his cockshaft, throbbing and ready
to blast a load of creamy jism into her throat.

Tess bobbed her head up and down his cock with increasing vigor. The
thought of his cum splashing into her mouth excited her. Her pussy was
already damp, the deep interior of her cunt itching as it trickled with

As she tightened her grip around her b*****r's cock with one hand, she
reached into his crotch with the other. She clutched his balls. Her
fingers encircled the upper part of his low-hanging sac and pulled
downward. Then she fondled his meaty balls while her fingernails
sc****d over the tender flesh of his inner thigh.

She pulled more of his cock into her mouth. She worked her tongue
around the long prickshaft. Every now and then she lowered her face as
close to his crotch as she could, sniffing the heady aroma of manly
cock-hairs, sweaty balls and his cock slick with her spit.

She bobbed lower. The knob of his cock fucked deeper into her throat.
She gagged.

"Easy, Tess," Jeff said between rapid breaths. "Don't bite off more
than you can chew. You're doing just fine the way it is. Just pound my
cock harder. Apply more suction with your mouth." He rotated his hips
downward, easing his prick out of her throat. "Aaah, that's it. You
don't have to do that deep-throat stuff the first time. We can work up
to that later. For now, just keep sucking my cock with your tight
mouth. Mmmmmm, yeah!"

He rubbed the back of her head reassuringly, twining his fingers in her
long, wavy blonde hair. His ass was bouncing with increasing fervor as
he inched closer to shooting his wad in her mouth. Though his prick and
balls were aching for release, he didn't want to choke her and ruin her
first time at cock-sucking so she would never want to do it again.

Tess gripped his lower cockshaft tighter and pounded it all the harder.
She knew it would be just like when he pounded his cock himself, and
would probably cause his cum to shoot all the sooner. Her lips raced up
and down his prickshaft, her tongue tickling the tender spot just under
the giant cockhead and pressing more firmly against his prickshaft.

Soon Jeff's legs started to quiver. He arched his back and tried to
shove more of his cock into her mouth. Then just as quickly, when he
heard Tess gag again as his prickhead pressed into her throat, he sank
his ass into the mattress. His body jerked uncontrollably as he felt
the impending release of his cock and balls.

"Oh, yeah!" he gasped, squirming and panting.

His neck arched, his head pressing into the bed. He clutched his
s****r's head tightly and held it still. His crotch began slapping up
into her face fervently, his cock stabbing into her mouth as it

"Unh, unh, unh!" he panted. "Oh, yes, yes, yes! This is it! I'm coming!
Suck it, Tess! Suck my cock hard! Pound it, pound it, pound it!"

Tess bounced and jerked violently as she sucked as hard as she could on
her b*****r's erupting cock. Her one hand massaged his balls with great
speed and dexterity while the other raced up and down on his slick
prickshaft. Her eyes bugged out as she felt his cock pulse in her mouth
with every blast of his hot thick cum.

Jeff raised his head and stared through watery eyes at his crotch. He
watched with great joy as his cock disappeared over and over again into
his s****r's mouth. His chest heaved frantically as he pumped a mighty
load of his precious warm cum into her throat.

"Oh, god, yessss!" he wailed. "Suck it, Tess. Suck the cum right up
from my toes!"

Tess's cheeks caved in from the pressure she was applying to his
exploding cock. She could feel the mighty spurts of his cum shoot
against the back wall of her throat as she pounded his cock
frantically. She tried to swallow as fast as she could, welcoming with
great glee the torrent of his salty, funky spunk.

When she felt the blasts of his cum slow a little, and the great
fullness of his cock stuffed in her mouth shrink, she pulled her head
back. His hands relaxed their pressure on her head and she was able to
pull back far enough so only the head of his great cock was in her
mouth. She sucked on his prick-knob as if on a giant soda straw, eager
to vacuum up every drop of his tasty cum.

The great spurts of his cum slowed to a few sprays, then oozed out his
cock in a thick, steady stream for a couple of seconds. She greeted the
gobs of cum on her tongue eagerly, then rolled the rich cream around in
her mouth, tasting the great male flavor. With hums of delight, she
swallowed happily, sending the gooey fluid down to join the rest in her

Jeff's body convulsed a few final times as his cock chucked up the last
of its load. He let his ass fall back to the bed while his s****r
sucked and licked his flagging cock dry. He stroked her pale blonde
hair gratefully, his chest heaving as he struggled for air.

Tess slurped her mouth off his prick, then sucked and kissed his
cockhead a few more times. Her fingers continued to play with his
balls, feeling the shriveled leathery sac grow long again after
producing his mighty load. She scratched his thighs and balls and gave
his cockhead a final sucking kiss as she laid his limp prick on his
hairy belly.

Then she raised her head.

"How'd I do?"

"Great," Jeff said between breaths. "Absolutely great. That was one
hell of a blow-job!"

"Thanks," she said, grinning. She tucked some loose strands of her
bright-yellow hair behind her ear and started to get up to leave.

Jeff grabbed her wrist. "Hey, where are you going?"

She scowled at him. "Well, that's what you wanted, isn't it? Wasn't
that our agreement?"

He gave her a lusty grin. "Well, yeah, but -"

"But what?"

"Don't you wanna get off, too? I mean, what were you playing with
yourself for if you didn't want to get off?"

She shifted her weight and tried to pull her wrist out of his grasp. "I
can take care of myself!"

He shrugged. "I can too, but it's better when someone else does it for

He released her arm to see what she would do. She pulled it away.

"Suit yourself," he said with a tone of finality in his voice, and
pretended to get up.

She stared at him. "Let me get this straight? Are you trying to tell me
you want to ..."

He clutched her wrist again and pulled her closer to the bed, this time
with very little resistance. "You just squat over my face and I'll show
you just exactly what I'm trying to tell you."

Tess leered at him. A soft grin wrinkled her lips. She rested one knee
on the bed and swung the other over his well-developed torso. She
continued to look down into her b*****r's handsome face, still not
believing what was about to happen.

Fifteen minutes before, when he had caught her playing with their
mother's dildo, she thought the shit was going to hit the fan for sure.
Tess had known for quite a while that their mother kept dildos,
vibrators and other sex toys in her nightstand. More than a few times,
when no one was home, she slipped in, borrowed one of the tantalizing
instruments of pleasure and fucked herself silly.

But this time, when Jeff caught her, he threatened to tell. She begged
him not to. She promised him she would do anything - if he promised not
to tell.

Although she had only sucked on one guy's cock before in her young
life, she had really gotten off on it. And she never thought she would
suck on her own b*****r's cock. But it was either that or get tattled
on. And when she was sucking his prick into her mouth and feeling his
cum shoot down her gullet, she never thought she would see the day when
he would be eating her pussy.

She slowly lowered her damp crotch to his face as he lifted his head
off the pillow. She could see his lips part and his wet pink tongue
slide out between his teeth - inching closer to her aching, pulsing
cunt. Slowly, inch by inch, the distance between his tongue and her
cunt narrowed, until finally she felt the flat of his tongue press
right against her moist yellow-fringed pussylips.

She flinched. Her heart thudded wildly. Her throat went suddenly dry.
She thought her pussy was going to explode right then and there.

Her hips jerked back and she yelped. Shivers of excitement raced
throughout her system. But Jeff's head persisted in closing the gap,
and in another second the tip of his tongue was tantalizing her pussy

Her ass sank closer to his chest, her pussy closing in on his mouth.
Jeff reached up and clutched both her asscheeks, raising and lowering
them as he snaked his tongue around the surface of her juicy cunt. He
scooted a little lower and pulled her crotch closer to his face.

Jeff brought his hands up under her thighs and into her crotch. With
several fingers, he separated her damp cuntlips and lapped up the
entire slick crevice of her pussy. Her cunt was extremely wet, sweet,
and tasty, and he could feel his cock getting hard just from eating

When his tongue traveled higher and flicked into the area between her
upper pussylips, Tess flinched. He had touched that tender little
fleshy bubble of her clit. She shook and shuddered, her insides feeling
as though they were on fire.

"Unh, God, Jeff!" she panted. "Jeez, Louise! I can't believe it! That's
driving me nuts! I can't stop shaking!"

Jeff thought he must be hurting her. He feared he was doing something
wrong. He stopped licking her clit and pulled his head away from her

Tess panicked. She instantly spread her knees to f***e her pussy lower
to his face.

"Oh God, no, Jeff! Don't stop! Holy shit! Don't stop now! I'm quivering
all over! I've never been so worked up! Just keep licking my clit and
you'll have me shooting off in no time!"

She wriggled her ass and ground her pussy against his face. Jeff stuck
his tongue out again and this time it sank deep into her cunthole. He
darted his tongue in and out of the fleshy folds of her pussy, tasting
more of her sweet juices.

His face was wet already from her free-flowing cuntjuice. His nose
nuzzled into the upper crease of her cunt, jiggling against her clit as
he thrust his tongue deeper and harder into her flaming fuckhole. The
flesh on the underside of his tongue began to hurt and burn, as though
it were about to be ripped from its moorings.

But that didn't stop him. His rapidly revitalizing prick flip-flopped
on his lower belly as he devoured his s****r's delicious cunt. His
heart was beating frantically, his breathing speeding up.

Tess clutched her tits and started massaging them as her pussy heated
up in response to Jeff's tongue-bath. Her eyes closed automatically and
she was lost suddenly in a dream world. She floated and drifted,
feeling a long, drawn-out orgasm rising as Jeff continued to lick and
suck her cunt.

Her firm tits seemed to be screaming with a desperate hunger. She
pressed them into her chest, trying to relieve the deep aching. Her
tits hurt almost as though they had been bruised, and she needed to
knead and massage the pain away.

Then she tweaked and pinched her nipples. Her back arched, her mouth
hung open, and low moans rolled up from her throat as she inched closer
to her orgasm.

Jeff could tell she was nearing blasting off by the way her body arched
and shook uncontrollably. He fucked his tongue in and out of her pussy
all the more eagerly, dying to have her climax and shoot her sweet
cuntjuice in his mouth and all over his face. Then, just as quickly as
he had shoved his tongue into her cunthole, he pulled it out and worked
it over her clit again as she trembled and convulsed more rapidly.

He kneaded her asscheeks harder, feeling their firmness, their smooth
flesh. He slipped several fingers into the crack of her gorgeous ass
and pressed them against her asshole. Instantly Tess sputtered and

"Oh, God, Jeff!" she panted. "This is it! Christ! I'm coming! I'm
coming like never before! That's it! That's it! Flick your tongue over
my clit and I'm gone!"

Jeff's tongue fluttered over her clit. He clutched her hips with a
steely grip to hold her ass steady as she erupted. Her body was an
uncontrollable writhing mass of joy.

When he felt her pussyjuice start to drip on his chin, he stopped
flicking his tongue over her clit. He opened his mouth wide and wrapped
his lips completely around her puffy pussylips. His tongue flitted and
darted as he drank from the overflowing fountain of her cunt.

Tess squirmed and clutched her tits all the harder. She shook and
whimpered. Her mind was reeling in the greatest ecstasy she had ever
known as her b*****r continued to fuck her flooding pussy with his
long, stiff tongue.

She shook spasmodically and lurched forward. Her pussy came off Jeff's
face and her eyes opened. Jeff reached up and grabbed her, pulling her
wet, frantically heaving and contorting body down next to him.

Chapter 2

Tess lay curled up in a semi-fetal position, her whole body relaxed
like never before. She quivered slightly, feeling warm, her cunt almost
liquid. She hummed repeatedly, and grinned from ear to ear.

"Oh, God, Jeff," she said with a giggle. "That was absolutely
wonderful. God, I've never felt so good in my life. Mmmmmm!"

She uncurled her body and pressed it next to his. His cock, long and
stiff and throbbing against his lower belly, rubbed against her sweaty
thighs. She wriggled her hips to feel more of the steely hardness of
his prick press against her.

"Oooh, Jeffy," she said. "Mmm-mm-mm! How wonderful! Look at you!" She
reached between their bodies and snared his cock. "Oh, God! Eating
pussy must really get to you!"

"I'll say," Jeff said with a lusty grin.

"Look at how hard your cock is." Giving his cock a gentle squeeze sent
shivers up her spine. "Your prick is just twitching with excitement."

"There's nothing like eating a nice juicy pussy to bring my cock back
to life. The flavor, the fragrance and the hot silky inner flesh of a
cunt really turns me on." He thrust his hips back and forth slightly to
pump his cock in and out of his s****r's fist.

"Well, well, well," she said stroking his wildly pulsing prick. "We
can't leave you like this. We're just going to have to take care of it,
I guess."

She pressed her tits into him and started rocking back and forth. Soon
she had him on his back, his lengthy prick still in her hand. She
straddled his hips, raised her ass, and with a quivering hand directed
the huge knob of his cock right at the gaping opening to her cunt.

As Tess worked her b*****r's giant cock-knob round in the steamy slit
of her pussy, she hummed and gasped. She had long admired Jeff's
athletic build, his handsome features. She was constantly sneaking
peeks at the bulge in the front of his tight jeans, or the bulge in his
skimpy swim trunks, wondering what his cock looked like, what it would
feel like sliding in and out of her pussy. But she never once thought
she would ever actually fuck her own b*****r. The realization that she
was about to made her mouth go dry.

Jeff worked his hips around and up and down, feeling his prickhead
getting slicked up from the abundant amount of fluids in the crevice of
his s****r's cunt. He had had visions of fucking his s****r, but never
imagined it would actually happen. Her perfect figure, her large tits
and gorgeous ass, and her pretty face framed by her long luxurious
light blonde hair caused him more than once to slip off and secretly
jerk his prick. She was a red-hot object of desire of all the guys he
hung out with.

But now, as his s****r clutched his aching cock and swiped it around
and up and down the length of her pussy, he realized a dream he had had
for years was about to come true. He reached up and clutched her huge
firm tits, making broad circles with the palms of his hands, then
started massaging them and played with her nipples.

Tess's breath was becoming more rapid. She still had her eyes locked
with her b*****r's. She grunted and chuckled playfully as she worked
his cockhead around in her dripping pussy.

When she had the knob of his huge prick slicked up with her warm
pussyjuice, she clutched his cockshaft tighter. Raising her ass up off
his legs a bit, she wiggled his cock-knob ever closer to her cunthole.
Then she lowered her hips slightly, feeling the bulbous head of his
prick penetrate her tiny pussy opening.

"Aaannnggghhh," she said, a look of awe and delight spreading over her
face. "Oh God! I can't believe it!"

She released her fist from around his cock and pulled her hips up a
fraction of an inch. Then, as if to convince herself she was actually
experiencing it and not dreaming it, she reversed the direction,
feeling his gigantic cock-knob fuck into her narrow pussy once more.

Jeff squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples a few more times, then
lowered his hands to her ass. He clutched one of her firm asscheeks in
each of his large hands and held her absolutely still. Before feeding
his cock all the way up her pussy, he raised and lowered her ass in
short, slow movements, feeling the grip her tight cunt had on his
flared cockhead.

The sensation was overpowering. His heart thundered. Flames of passion
shot up his cockshaft. He swallowed hard. He had never felt anything as
snug gripping his cock before in his life. The opening to her pussy was
like a rubber band wrapped around and around his cockhead a dozen
times. He thought he would shoot his load instantly.

Tess's mouth fell open as Jeff fucked his cockhead in and out her tiny
cunthole. She gasped as she felt the huge knot of his prick slip in and
out, stretching the tight elastic muscles of her pussy. She grunted,
her hips shaking in his strong hands, eager to feel more of his huge
cock fuck inside her.

The opening to her cunt was stuffed and stretched with his cock, and it
made her feel wonderful. But she ached deep down inside. The depths of
her pussy cried out for his cock to plunge inside and fill her. She
tried to f***e her hips lower to his, but his strong hands were too
much for her.

"Oh God yes, Jeff, yes!" she grunted. "I can't believe it! Your cock
feels so good inside me! But I need more! Shove your cock in me all the
way, Jeff, please!"

Jeff held his position, his cockhead just inside her pussy. He ground
his ass around, feeling the warmth and the snug grip her cunt had on
his cockhead.

"All in due time," he said, panting. "All in due time. Your pussy feels
so good gripping my cock like this. I could go on like this forever."

He was still bouncing her ass up and down in short, slow little jerks.
He could feel the great flared ridge of his cock being clutched and
stroked by her tight cunt every time he fucked into her or pulled his
cock back out.

Tess was turning to jelly in his hands. Her upper body was writhing and
twisting. Looks of great joy spread over her face, alternating with
looks of agony as she craved to feel more of his cock shoved inside her
screaming pussy. She tried again to bounce in his strong grip.

"My pussy is itching deep inside!" she panted, desperate. "You're
teasing me, Jeff! Stop it! Shove your cock in me! I need it - now!

Finally Jeff started fucking his cock into her cunt a little deeper
with each upward thrust. His hands let her ass bounce a little closer
to his thighs with each of his cock-stabs into her pussy.

She squealed with delight each time she felt another fraction of an
inch of his cock slip inside her hungering pussy. Soon, she knew, she
would have her pussy stuffed full of the delightful hunk of his cock,
and she would ride him and fuck him grandly. Her pussy was aching for
the feel of his stiff prick pumping her wildly to ecstasy.

Jeff relaxed his muscular arms a bit to allow her a slightly greater
range of motion. Tess immediately took advantage of the opportunity by
bouncing up and down frantically on as much of his cock as she could
swallow up in her cunt. Even then, he didn't have more than half his
lengthy prick fucking inside her. The sensation of his rock-hard cock
inside her was driving her nuts, and all she could think about was
getting more of his cock inside her ravenous pussy.

"Unh, Jeff!" she gasped, her face twisting and her mouth opening and
closing. "Jesus fuck! Ram your cock in me all the way!"

Jeff leered up at her pretty face. His eyes peered past her huge tits
bouncing on her chest. He smiled at the twisted look of agonizing
pleasure on her face. And he relaxed his elbows a bit more, allowing
her ass to bounce closer to his crotch.

Tess twisted and bounced wildly. She used every ounce of her energy to
try to f***e her pussy farther down on his invading cock. She used
every trick she knew to make it better for him. She squeezed her ass
muscles and her cunt muscles repeatedly to engulf his cock in a nice
tight grip.

Tess squealed with delight each time she felt another fraction of an
inch of his cock fuck inside her pussy. She was bouncing frantically,
sweat starting to form on her brow. Her knees were locked in pain at
his sides as she continued to f***e more of her begging pussy down his
long prick.

"I'm going nuts!" she cried out. "My cunt is itching! Now, goddamn it,
now! Fuck me wild!"

She bounced, finally feeling her blonde and soaked cuntbush tangle with
Jeff's coarser blonde cockhairs. She could feel her pubic bone come in
contact with his. She could feel her clit stimulated and excited as it
slammed into him.

And that set her off. She couldn't wait any longer. She had felt
herself starting to come the instant she had plugged Jeff's cock-knob
inside her waiting cunthole. And now, with his crotch stimulating her
clit, his cock fucking almost to its full length inside her, she was
trembling and moaning on the very brink of orgasm.

She craved the feeling of his crotch hammering against hers, but she
could not hold back any longer. With wildly frantic a****listic grunts
and near-violent bucking, she started riding his cock with all her

She squealed. She grunted. Her body quivered and jerked as she bounced
on his cock. She placed her hands on his broad, hairy chest and bucked
like a bronco, his cock still not fucking her pussy to its fullest

Jeff finally let go of her ass and reached up to grab her tits. Now she
had the chance to feel his cock fuck into her pussy all the way. He
flexed his ass muscles and raised his hips slowly off the bed as she
continued to fuck his stiff cock.

Wave after wave of orgasmic bliss flooded her system as she rode his
cock. She couldn't remember squealing and grunting and gasping with
such frenzy before. The bed creaked noisily, as if cheering them on.

Her body convulsed. She gasped. She shook and jerked again. Then she
collapsed like a rag doll to his chest.

Jeff wrapped his arms around her, rocked her sideways and flipped her

"Unh, oh God, Jeff!" she moaned, trying to wipe her wet bangs off her
forehead. "Jesus. Jesus fuck! Your cock's still hard! Holy shit! She
was surprised beyond belief when she felt her b*****r's long cock start
to pull out of her drenched pussy and slide back in. Automatically, she
spread her legs and raised her ass off the bed to welcome the next
magnificent thrust of his cock into her.

She grunted each time she felt her b*****r's prick slam into her cunt,
every time she felt his crotch crash mightily into hers. She arched her
back and slapped her crotch upward to meet every one of his f***eful

"Oh, God yes, Jeff!" she wailed. "That's it! More, more, more! Fuck me
harder! Faster, Jeff, please!"

Jeff was pulling his cock all the way out to the very lips of her
slavering cunt and ramming it f***efully all the way back in. Soon he
was fucking his mighty cock into her welcoming cunt at full speed.

He lowered his cheek to her shoulder and reached down to grab both her
asscheeks. At the same time, she wrapped her legs around his ass,
changing their fuck angle just enough to welcome his cock all the
deeper into her pussy. She grunted with increasing fervor as he kneaded
her firm asscheeks and hammered his cock all the more rapidly into her
greedy cunt.

She could feel his breath hot and steamy on her shoulder as he puffed
for air. His grunts were half swallowed up by her shoulder, and she
could barely understand a word he said when he spoke, but she knew full
well that he was saying that he was coming.

"Unh, unh, unh, oh, Tess!" he grunted. "This is it! I'm cumming!"

They slapped their crotches so furiously against each other that Tess
was amazed they didn't break something. She felt another glorious
orgasm splash throughout her system as her b*****r unleashed a mighty
load of his spunk into her. She welcomed his f***eful cock-stabs into
her, and never wanted him to stop.

When he finally came to rest on top of her, breathing like he had just
run a marathon, all she could think was that she was glad now that he
had caught her playing with their mother's dildo, and hoped they would
fuck again - soon and often.

Chapter 3

Tess and Jeff fucked every chance they got, which wasn't too often.

One day their mother came home earlier than she had expected and heard
a commotion in Jeff's room. She tiptoed down the hallway and peered
past the open door.

"Jeff!" Dianne screamed when she saw her older son naked on his bed,
pounding his cock.

Their eyes met in a frozen stare. Dianne put her hands on her hips and
shook her head. She couldn't help but feel her pussy tingle with
delight as she gazed at her son's magnificent cock.

"Just what the hell ..."

Jeff tried to conceal his nakedness. He wriggled and squirmed in
embarrassment. His voice was high-pitched and shaky.

"Aw, Mom," he said. "What the hell are you -"

"Never mind that," she said. Her cunt quivered with the excitement of
what she saw. She had never felt so turned on before in her life. The
sight of her son's gorgeous body spread out on his bed, his tight firm
asscheeks now pointing in her direction, caused her pussy to heat up
and trickle with anxiety and desire. "See me in my room immediately!"

She turned and stalked out the door, her thighs warm and wet. She
quickly undressed and put on a nightie and sprawled on her bed. In a
matter of minutes, her son entered, clad in a white terry robe that
came to his knees.

Dianne's eyes lifted from the slight bulge in the front of his robe to
meet his. One leg slithered down the other as she lay half on her side.
Her lips parted sensuously.

"Look at me," she said to her son.

Jeff raised his head.

"Mom, look," he said. "I don't know what you're thinking, but, you
know, it's only natural. You know what I mean. I mean, I'm not a k**
anymore. I'm growing up. And I have certain needs, you know? I mean,
things build up. You know, pressure? It gets to the boiling point, and
you have to relieve yourself. All the guys do it. It's not like we're
doing anything wrong, you know?"

Dianne raised her eyebrows and let her top leg slide back, her negligee
parting and revealing her long tan thighs. She pulled her legs back far
enough to open up her crotch to her son, wisps of curly blonde cunthair
peeking out from her half-concealed pussy.

"Oh?" she asked, her voice shaky and sensuous. "I can't deny that. We
all have needs, Jeffy. Perhaps the only reason all your buddies beat
off is because they don't have any little girlfriends to do it for
them, or to suck them off - or to fuck."

She stared at him eagerly, trying to discern the reaction of her words
on him. His face twitched, his cock snapping to fuller attention,
tenting magnificently against the front of his robe. He cupped his
hands in front of his crotch to conceal the excited condition of his
pulsing prick.

He cleared his throat and shifted his weight from foot to foot.

"No need to try to hide things from me," she said. "Put your hands at
your sides when I'm talking to you."

"But Mom -"

"Do as I say!"

Jeff lowered his hands, his huge cock pressing into the thick material
of the robe and forcing it to part, his prick-knob coming into Dianne's

"Now come here," she said, and reached out a hand toward him. "Come on.
Come closer."

Jeff stepped timidly to the bed. Her hand slipped between the flaps of
his robe and snared his rapidly expanding cock.

"So what do you think?" Dianne asked. "Do you think that's why your
pals jack off so often? Because they don't have someone to fuck? What
about you, Jeff? Hmh? Do you have someone to fuck?"

Her robe had opened all the way, her crotch spread enough for Jeff to
ogle her amply fringed pussy mound.

Jeff cleared his throat. He struggled to keep his knees from shaking.
"Well, ah, occasionally. I mean, no. Not really. I mean -"

"What exactly do you mean?" She stroked the length of his cock with a
loose fist, her hand just skimming over the flesh of his prickshaft.
"Do you or don't you?"

"No, not regularly." Jeff's eyes flashed back and forth between her
eyes and her pussy. She was rubbing her thighs lightly together and
undulating her hips, thrusting them forward slightly in a very sexy and
stimulating way. Jeff thought he could see the moistness on her
pussyhair and smell the aroma of fresh cunt.

"Well, what about me?" Dianne asked, casting away what remained of her
precautionary approach. She squeezed his cock and tugged, pulling him a
little closer to the bed. "Did you ever want to fuck me?"

A great gust of air that had built up in Jeff's lungs suddenly burst
free as he sighed mightily. He tried to laugh, to relieve the tension
that had been mounting for the past several minutes. His cock twitched
with fury in her grip.

"Are you k**ding?" he said with a chuckle. "Half my life! I mean, ever
since I knew what - I mean, you're a real foxy lady, Mom, and sometimes
I can't help but think about you when I beat -"

"Well, then, what are you waiting for?" She released his cock and
placed both her hands on the insides of her thighs, spreading them
wide. She rotated her hips upward, thrusting her pussy right toward her
son's face.

Jeff removed his robe in a flash, standing before his mother with his
cock straight and hard and magnificent, the throbbing cock-knob
glistening with pre-cum.

"Oh, God, Mom!" he panted. "I can't believe it! I can't -"

"Well believe it," she said. As he stepped closer to the bed, she
stretched her head closer to him. Opening her mouth, she sucked the
great knob of his prick and half his cockshaft into her mouth.

She hummed as she sucked, her cheeks caving in from the pressure. Her
fingers drew up the creases between her puffed-up cuntlips and her
thighs, then trailed into the slick waiting crevice of her pussy

As she slipped one finger into her cunt, she grabbed Jeff's balls with
the other hand. She palmed his huge balls, her fingers scr****g and
tickling his thighs. She moved her head back and forth, sticking up the
entire shaft of his cock and pulling the prickhead into the opening to
her throat.

She hummed frantically, excitedly as her finger slipped further into
her pussyhole, and her mouth sucked back and forth on her son's
gigantic cock. She felt the floodgates of an early orgasm opening up
already. She had been so turned on by seeing her son pounding his cock,
by admiring his lean tanned athletic form, and by pulling his
magnificent cock into her mouth that she knew she would climax any
second. Just a few flicks of her finger over her clit and she would be
seeing stars.

Jeff's knees started to shake, his legs growing rubbery. His knees
moved forward, resting against the edge of the bed as his mother pulled
more of his engorged cock into her mouth. He had been so worked up from
beating his meat, so close to blasting off, that he knew he wouldn't
last long. His fingers snaked into the tresses of her blonde hair.

"Unh, God, Ma!" he wailed, pleading for her to finish him off. Her
mouth felt so good wrapped around his excited prickshaft that he never
wanted her to stop. His balls crowded up in his crotch, signaling the
impending blast of his jism right down her throat. "Jesus fuck! I'm
about to cum! I can't hold back, Mom! Look out! I'm about to fire a
load of cum right down your throat!"

Dianne worked her finger faster and more furiously into her flooding
cunthole and pressed the palm of her hand around her upper cunt,
stimulating her clit. Her insides shook with the imminent release of
her orgasm. She pulled Jeff's cock farther into her mouth and stroked
the lower part of his prickshaft with her tightly gripping thumb and
index finger, while her other fingers continued to fondle his weighty

Grunts of extreme excitement got caught in her throat as she raced
toward blasting off. Her cheeks dimpled as she sucked all the more
f***efully in an attempt to get his cock to fire its load into her
waiting mouth. Her ass started to bounce uncontrollably on the bed, her
crotch making slurpy fucking sounds as she fingered her pussy to the
brink of ecstasy.

Jeff bucked, his whole body now trembling as his knees practically
chattered against the side of the bed. His fingers stopped twining in
his mother's long golden hair. He clutched the sides of her head and
started fucking her face wildly as his cock erupted.

"Oh, God, Ma!" he panted, his voice hoarse and cracking. He coughed and
nearly choked as he tried desperately to spit out the announcement of
his orgasm. "Oh God, oh God, oh God! I'm coming like a fuckin' race

As his ass tightened and jerked, his pulsing prick unleashed a might
torrent of his creamy cum. He fucked his cock into his mother's eager
mouth hard as he fired off round after round of his funky jism. His
eyes closed and sweat formed on his forehead, his cock aching, feeling
like it was exploding as he filled Dianne's mouth with his precious

Dianne shook and bounced joyfully as his cock erupted his sweet, salty
cum into her mouth. His spunk blasted over her tongue, spraying against
the back of her throat. She swallowed greedily and happily, her own
orgasm raging out of control.

A thousand fireworks went off inside her system as she came. Her jaws
tightened as she tried to keep up with the massive spurts of his cum.
She pulled her finger from the depths of her pussy and flicked it
rapidly over her clit, tingling in the release of her own dynamic

When she felt the blasts of his cum slow to a trickle and his mighty
prick soften in her mouth, she pulled her head back a little. She
sucked in the shrinking knob of his cock while she squeezed and pulled
on the length of his prickshaft, milking out the remainder of his cum.
When she had sucked his balls dry, she pulled his cock out of her mouth
and licked and kissed it lovingly before letting it free to dangle
half-bloated and slick between his thighs.

She rubbed her hand around in her crotch as she lay back on the bed.
Her mouth fell open and her eyes closed dreamily, as though she
couldn't believe what had just happened. Her lips opened and closed,
her tongue licking them, savoring the remnants of her son's tasty jizz.
She arched her back and rotated her ass around on the bed.

Jeff stared hungrily down at his mother's sexy, undulating body - her
gorgeous tits rolling about on her chest, the nipples hard and long and
pointing at the ceiling. He ogled her long shapely limbs, her creamy
smooth thighs spread wide and her thick patch of downy cunthair peeking
out from behind the palm of her hand as she continued to finger her

When she clasped her thighs with both hands and spread her legs wider,
opening up the delights of her waiting cunt, Jeff knelt between her
knees. His head went down to the wet pink slit of her pussy. He inhaled
the heady aroma of cuntjuice and went wild.

Dianne thrust her hips upward at the first contact of his tongue on her
waiting pussy. An uncontrollable moan, like a sudden release of long-
held pent-up emotions and expectations, flowed from her mouth. Her
chest heaved grandly, her tits ballooning as though suddenly filled
with air. She freed her hands and put them to work gently caressing the
back of her son's head as his tongue worked into the fleshy folds of
her steamy cunt.

"God, Jeffy!" she gasped. "Oh my God! Take me higher, Jeffy, please!
Flick your tongue over my clit!

Her words crunched to a halt with an a****listic grunt when she felt
the immediate response to her request. The hot tip of her son's tongue
swished up over her clit, leaving her breathless and yearning for more.
Her body moved and swayed, rising and falling like waves on the sea as
she worked her pussy over Jeff's tongue.

Jeff teased her clit with soft, feather-light caresses of his tongue.
Each delicate flutter of his tongue on her fleshy clit brought a new
moan and a new slithery contortion of her body.

"Ooooh, Jeffy!" she gasped, her shoulder scrunching up. "Where did you
learn to eat pussy like that? I'm about to come already again. I love
it! Your tongue feels so good on my cunt!"

Jeff reached under her to clutch her ass. He had been secretly drooling
over his mother's gorgeous asscheeks for years, and clutched them half
in an attempt to stabilize her frantic undulations and half to satisfy
a deep-seated hunger he had had to squeeze the firm, ripe flesh. As he
lifted her ass off the bed, he wrapped his mouth around the entire area
of her pussy, trapping her sensitive clit between his teeth and
fluttering his tongue over it.

Dianne clasped her tits suddenly and pinched her nipples. They ached
deep inside, and she knew only a good hard tweak on them would ease the

"Unh, unh, unh, oh, Jeffy!" she moaned. "Oh God!"

She burst into magnificent flames as her orgasm consumed her. She
wriggled and sputtered, the mound of her pussy quivering under Jeff's
talented tongue. Without warning, her cuntjuice splashed generously
into his mouth.

Dianne squirmed in the throes of her climax for what seemed like hours.
She whimpered and cried, and when she could stand the ticklish teasing
of her son's mouth on her pussy no longer, she clutched the sides of
his head and pulled.

Pressing his wet face between her hands, she pulled his mouth to hers.
Laughter bubbling up from her throat, she thrust her tongue in his
mouth, then nearly choked when she felt his cock, long and solid and
throbbing desperately, slide between her slick thighs.

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