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Sex Education From Mom

My name is Mark and I am a 14 year old boy in my freshman year in high school. I was always looking at my mother as just my mommy, until I was half way through my sex education class when I start to look at my mother in a different way. I was starting to see her as a woman, a sexual object. I learned how to masturbate from my sex Ed class and I have been doing it quite often fantasying about my mom, but something just don’t feel right. How does it really feel like to be inside a woman? That was the question which had been in my head for a while. I did thought about going to my dad for a man to man talk, but I was always more close to my mom. So one afternoon after my mother came back from work, I openly asked my mother regarding my concerns about sex and what I have learned in my class. We were sitting on the sofa in the living room for a few minutes and suddenly I got the courage to ask my mother, “can I put my dick inside you?” The shocked look on her face I will never forget. “What are you talking about?” she answered. I paused for a second or two until I said, “I really wanted to feel what it would be like to be inside a woman, and you have always told me that I can come to you for anything.” She then answered, “Well, this is not something that mommy is appropriate to offer her help on honey and besides…” I cut in before she could finish talking and said “but you are a woman too, and you don’t want me to try it with another woman, would you?” And then I started doing my whining technique, “Come on mom, I am too embarrassed to ask another woman, and you said you would help me with any problems…” I went on and on basically repeating the same thing. I know I am starting to get to her. And when I saw the giving up look on her face, I knew I won. After much silence she finally answered, “Oh alright already, I hated when you do that. Well if you only wanted to feel your dick inside me I guess I can give you a quick try”. She then got up looking around the sofa and put out a sheet from the laundry basket onto the sofa where she was sitting and said, “I suppose we can just have a quick try on the sofa, did you get any condoms from your sex Ed class?” And then it don on me that I didn’t bother to get some condoms when they were passing those around. “Sorry mom, I guess I didn’t bring any back from class” I responded. “Your daddy and I don’t use condoms so we don’t have any in the house, and I can’t let you do this without one, it’s not safe and unprotected” said my mother. At this time in my life, I have already learned what a condom is, but I just didn’t get to the part about how a condom works or why it was so important to have one, after all, it is just my dick going inside my mother. I do recall that I did come out from the inside of my mother anyway; why on earth do we need protection. I spend a few minutes just thinking and wondering about that. Then she cut my thought saying “tomorrow is Friday and I am off, so I guess if you bring one back from school tomorrow we can give it a try.” I was so excited and whelmed with joy. “Sure mom, I will definitely remember, thanks mom”. As I got up from the sofa and ran with joy to my room upstairs, mom suddenly caught up to me and said to my ear, “remember, this is just between you and mommy, so don’t mention this to daddy, OK?” I quickly responded to her and said “of course mommy, this will be our secret. You know we already keep each other’s secrets since I was little”.

So the next afternoon, I rushed back home to my mother because I couldn’t wait to show her my condom. I ran into the kitchen because I knew she will be in there cooking my lunch. She always does that on Friday on her day off from work. I yelled while waving my right hand with the condom, “mom, see, I got the condom”. “That’s good honey, now just sit down, your lunch will be ready in a minute” said my mom. But I was too exciting to eat, I just couldn’t wait. So I said, “Can we just do this first mom?” She shake her head a little and then said “you are always like this, but I suppose we can do that first, since it wouldn’t take long anyways.” I jumped with joy and yelled, “My mom is the best”. Then after I calmed down a little I asked my mom, “should I put a sheet over the sofa like yesterday, mom?” She was thinking for a while and then she said, “No, maybe we shouldn’t do it on the sofa, the front door windows are too close, and I don’t want to be caught by anybody seeing through the window and saw what we were doing.” She stopped for a short moment and then said, “Maybe we should do this in me and daddy’s bedroom, and after all, bedrooms are for that sort of thing.” I didn’t get that part until I was a little older. “So let’s go to mommy’s room” said my mom. I didn’t say a word because I guess I was still thinking about what she said earlier, but I was definitely following her to her room upstairs. After we entered her room she went and sat down on her bed, while I was standing by the dresser not knowing what to do. “Come over to me son” she said. I rushed over to her and my mother asked, “Where is that condom?” “Oh, it’s right here in my hand” I answered. “Well, are you going to hold on to that the whole day or are you going to hand it to me so I can teach you how to use it” my mother asked. I couldn’t say a word but just handed her the condom. “Now honey, just take your pants off, and let me see if you are ready for the condom” said my mother. I dropped my pants and boxer like never before seen. But then I looked up and saw my mother’s face when she was looking at my manhood. “Wow, I guess you are not a little boy anymore” my mother said. Then she said, “I need to get your dick harder for the condom, so mommy is just going to put my hand on it for a while and try to make it bigger, just don’t be afraid, ok honey.” I didn’t know what she meant at that time, so I was just curious on how that would get my dick harder. Then it’s just like a miracle, my mom is doing the exact same thing like when I masturbate, and my dick just get harder and bigger in front of me. She was just sitting on her bed very calm while doing this and while I was standing in front of her with my pants dropped. Of course, later on when I was older, I knew it was called a handjob. “You are ready now, let me show you how to put the condom on” said my mother. She took the condom out from the packaging, and put it over my dick, and just rolled it down. She got up and dropped down her panty and climb onto the bed lying down on her back with her legs spread. I on the other hand was just standing there like a log while she was doing all that. “Now son, just come on the bed in front of mommy” said my mom. I crawled up the bed with my pants on the floor in front of her. “Let me show you my vagina, I am sure you have seen it in your class, and that is where your dick will go in from” she said. I knew I have seen vaginas in the sex Ed videos, but those women were nothing near as good looking as my mother or with a gorgeous body as my mother. So after my long stare at my mother’s vagina, my mother said, “We have to get back to eating our lunch, so just move closer to your mother and have your dick near my vagina, ok son.” I crawled as fast as I could to her, and there I was having my dick at my mom’s vagina, but I was so scare on what it would feel like I was just still with my dick hard as a rock. After my mother looked at my face knowing that I have no idea, she grabbed my hard dick and just pushed her hips and vagina closer to my dick until the head was in her pussy hole. I quickly moaned out of pleasure on how good that felt. She then told me to push into her more, so I did just that until my dick was all the way inside of her, which then she moaned. I was unaware that she would feel anything, thinking that if a baby can come out of there, how on earth she can feel a thin thing like my dick. My dick felt so good being inside my mother’s pussy all warped around my dick. And just when I was so enjoying my dick being inside her, my mother broke my thoughts and said, “Ok now, you know how it feels like now, so we can go downstairs and have our lunch.”

And with that said she quickly move out of my dick and got off the bed to put her panty back on. “Don’t forget to take off that condom and throw it in the trash honey” said my mother and got out of her bedroom walking downstairs. I was disappointed at how fast that moment of pleasure lasted. I took out the condom and threw it in the bathroom in her room. I picked up my pants in my hands, my hard dick hanging out and rushed down the stairs to the kitchen. My mother was at the sink washing up some old dishes. I walked right behind her and said, “Mom, we didn’t do the whole thing. I wanted you to teach me about sex. I haven’t even ejaculated yet.” She turned her head around and saw me half naked with my hard dick still out. She got shocked, and said “why are you holding on your pants? Please put them on now, I don’t want you to walk around with your dick showing. What if your father comes home now and sees it, huh? How are you going to explain to him, that you are asking your mother to have sex with you as part your education?” Then she continued, “As far as I am concerned, I have already deflowered my son I don’t want to be caught dead having sex with my own son.” She turned her head from me and stopped the water from the sink, and started crying with her two hands on her face. I can feel that having that lesson in her room really upset her in some ways. But I was now too heat up to be sensitive, and I rushed up to her beautiful backside, reach up her skirt, pull down her panty, and try to guide my still hard dick into her pussy. After she felt her panty being pulled down to her knees, she quickly turned around and kept her skirt down and pushed me away. “Are you insane? I am your mother for heavens’ sake. You are not trying to **** your mother are you?” she said with anger, in a tone like a mother who is yelling at her son who did a naughty thing. Her eyes were a little red from the crying. “I don’t know what gotten into me. My dick is still hard and my body is heating up like I am having a fever.” I answered in a cracked voice. “I guess I got you on and now you just need to finish” she said. “We are just going to do this one time, and no more, you hear me young man” she continued. “Your father should be coming home in an hour or two, so let’s get this done quick, ok” said my mother in a finally calmed voice. She then said, “Let’s go up to my room again”. “Why don’t we just get it done here in the kitchen? We can eat our lunch after we are finish” I said. With that said my mother nodded her head, drops down her panty and just turned around to face the sink again. “Now slowly guide your dick into my pussy, don’t go too fast” said my mother. “Can I see you in your undies mom? I think seeing a real woman with undies beats masturbating to the Victoria Secrets catalog girls” I asked manly. She turned around to face me again and said, “Oh, son, I guess if we are going this far already we can do it your way.” “But remember, that this is going to happen once, and not a word to anyone afterward” she said with a strong motherly voice. “Now let’s get this done before your father get home, ok” she said while she was taking off her blouse and skirt. With her blouse and skirt off and on the kitchen floor, with her black heels still on, I got a really good look at her well curved body in that black laced lingerie which was just about covering up to where her pussy is, showing a great view of it with pubic hair. She out shined any of the Victoria Secrets girls. Her big round breasts were staring right at me. I can feel my dick grew harder pointing almost to the ceiling and I just couldn’t wait to go inside my mother again. She quickly turned around facing the sink again, with her two hands on the sink counter side for support to bend over after she thinks that I had seen enough of her, then she said, “Remember, like I said, go gently into me with your dick.” What a great view of my mother’s pearl skin ass and pantyless bare pussy. I threw my pants on the floor from my hands and rushed over behind her and guided the head of my dick right inside her, and then slowly pushed the rest of my manhood into my mother with my two hands now on her hips. After she moaned a little while I was entering her, she then said, “Now while your dick is in me son, pull out your dick half way and push it back into me again, and that is how sex is done.” So I gave it a try, and I moaned while doing so, and at the same time I could hear my mother starting to moan, but then she move her right hand away from the counter side to cover up her mouth to prevent her moaning sound getting out, big help that did her. “Why are you covering your mouth?” I asked curiously while pushing in and out of her pussy. While moaning harder as I fuck her harder, she said in a shivering voice, “I am your mother, and I can’t enjoy or get any pleasure out of this, since this is strictly educational.” I began to get a little bored at just thrusting my mother’s pussy, but don’t get me wrong, the pleasure was heavenly speechless. However, something is missing, that’s right, I wanted to feel a woman’s breasts. And as I am still thinking to myself, I slowly move my hands up from my mother’s hips to her breasts as I thrust my dick harder in and out. And as my two hands on her breasts were about to try and squeeze them, my mother took her hand from her mouth and slap both of my hands away from her breasts. “Don’t touch my breasts son, I am not your wife and you are not making love to me, I am your mother. This is just sex. So keep doing what you are doing right now” she said in a cracked shivering voice while moaning.

Her words were getting harder to understand under her moaning, but I still managed to hear every word. So I was disappointed but enjoying every moment of my fucking, so I kept my mind on it. At this point, neither my mother nor I realized that I didn’t have my condom on, and we have been fucking for over 15 minutes already. And suddenly I felt this pressure coming from my dick that was trying to explode. “I can feel your dick getting bigger. You must be about to cum” said my mother. Of course, at that moment I still have not gotten to know what cum was yet. But while I was thinking to myself in the background noise of my mother moaning through her hand, we both heard a familiar loud noise from the garage. And I was so scare, my dick exploded inside my mother, but she was so concerned about that noise she did not noticed my ejaculation. We both stopped to listen on what the noise was. She stretched her neck up as high as she could and leaning over the sink to look out the window while I was still inside her. “Oh my god, it’s father’s car pulling into the garage” she said in a panicking and shocked voice, while I was still inside her. In shocked, I pull out off her immediately after what she said, and damn I see this white juice oozing out of my mom’s pussy onto the kitchen floor, then she turned facing me while putting her hand on her pussy with a suspicious look on her face feeling on the white juice because she finally felt something oozing out of her pussy after she regain conscious from the garage door opening shock. “You cum inside me? How could this happen? Where is your condom?” she said with a stronger panicking with anger tone. “I threw it out in your bathroom” I answered in a soft scared boyish tone. But before she could continue to yell at me, there was no more time for this now, since we were both half naked, me with my still hard on dick covered with my mother’s pussy juice and my cum with no pants to cover the dick, and plus my mom in her sexy black lingerie, no panties, and pussy dripping out with my juice, this would be a difficult story to tell if daddy sees this when he walks into the kitchen from the garage. “Oh, there’s no time for this now, hand me my panties, quick” she said while putting back on her blouse. So I picked up her panties that she kicked aside and handed to her. But I can’t help but kept my eyes on her dripping pussy, and then I said, “Your pussy is dripping out with white juice, let me get you a towel to clean it.” But she then said with an annoyed tone, “That is why I need to put my panties back on to catch the ooze.” I quickly gripped my pants and boxer and rushed to the bathroom.

My mom was finally done dressing and pulling up her panties, and then she rushed to open the kitchen door to the garage and welcome my daddy home. And while my dad was walking into the kitchen from the garage he noticed a puddle of white ooze near the sink. Mom quickly rushed and kneeled down next to the puddle acting like she was trying to clean it off. That is when I rushed back to the kitchen from the bathroom fully dressed and with a bath towel in my hand only to walk in to see my mother kneeling next to my puddle of cum and my dad standing behind her. So I yelled while walking towards them saying “I got the towel, mom.” Then I acted surprise to see dad and not knowing that he had come home, and said, “Oh dad, you’re home.” I kneeled down to the puddle across from mom and try to wipe the puddle with the towel I got which originally was meant to get for mom to clean the cum off her pussy. “What took you so long son? You know milk spills can’t wait that long to clean” said my mother with a shivering voice. Milk spill, I thought, that’s right, my milk. “Oh sorry mom, I couldn’t find a dirty one to clean the floor with” I answered back softly. While I was cleaning the spill, I can’t move my eyes away from my mother’s panties. Since she was kneeling down with her legs slightly open, I got a clear view of her soaking wet panties. Then my mother caught me looking and slaps my hand to signal me to stop the sexual stare. My mother got up and kiss dad on his cheek welcoming him home. After I cleaned up my mess, I went back up to my room leaving my parents alone in the kitchen. During dinner, my mother didn’t even look me in the eye at all. No matter how hard I tried, she kept avoiding my eye sight. After that silent dinner, I went back to my room. But after half an hour, my mother came into my room and closed the door behind her. I can tell that she took a bath to wash away the juice that I left in her. She was in a lacy robe that she had gotten from Victoria Secrets. I know because I saw the exact one in the catalog. She was so sexy. While she was walking towards me, all I can think about was whether she was naked under that robe or not. That thought quickly ended as she sat down on my bed near me. I knew from seeing her face that she was worried about what happened, but I just couldn’t get a ring on. “Son, you know what happened in the kitchen was supposed to be just sex, and with you cumming inside of me was not suppose to happen” she said with a worried tone. Then after a short pause, she continued and said, “I don’t know if you are aware of this son, but you could have impregnated me. I am your mother and I can’t carry my own son’s c***d. I have let this gone too far, and it was not your fault son. But if our i****t conceives a c***d I would never forgive myself.” She started to cry. Now that my horny devil side of me has been tamed down, my sensitive side quickly kicked in seeing my mother crying, I leaned over to her and tried to calm her down. “Mom, it wasn’t your fault. I got you into this mess. I guess I shouldn’t have been so curious about sex” I said in a soft calming voice. “Son, there was nothing wrong with you being curious about sex at your age especially when you are taking your sex Ed class in school” she said with her tears slightly soften. “And you are now a man, your daddy and I might have to treat you differently from now on. But now that you tried sex, your urges might be stronger now. I guess in the future if your sex urges arise again I will try to help your need, but sex with your mother again is out of the question. Let’s hope I can get out of this one and not get pregnant” she added. She kissed me on my forehead, said goodnight and left my room.

That was a usual routine of her, so I was thinking that things will be back to normal now, except the whole fear of my mother’s chance of pregnancy from me. Well, I was getting ready for bed, but as a routine my dad would come in say goodnight to me as well. Finally after a while, my dad came into my room, however this time he was acting a bit strange. He close the door behind, which he usually doesn’t do, since he usually says goodnight and then leave. So I knew he wanted to talk to me about something. As my dad walked towards me, I was thinking to myself if he found out about me and mom, and as this thought cross my mind more, a panic look on my face started to grow. Dad sat on my bed next to me with this serious looking face and asked, “Is your mother acting a bit strange today? Have you seen any men running around the house today when you came home?” I can’t believe what I am hearing. My dad thinks that mom is cheating on him with another man. But technically she was having sex with another man; however I am not sure if having sex with his son counts as cheating. “Did you find evidence against mom? I am sure that mom loves you very much and will never cheat on you, dad” I answered with a convincing voice. However I guess I wasn’t convincing enough. He said, “I am going to ask your mother about this and see what she has to say.” He then got up and started walking out of my room. I see that he was holding something in his hand, but I have no idea what it could have been. So I followed him to his room. Dad did not shut the door all the way, so I can take a good peek at dad and mom and hear every word from their mouth. “How do you explain this condom that I found in the bathroom? It is still fresh like it was used not too long ago. But we both know that I don’t use condoms, and we don’t have any condoms in the house” dad questioning mom with those strong words. I can see the face on my mom that she couldn’t say a word back to dad, and is all because of me. Who could tell their husband that they have been having sex with their son? Dad rushed out from his room and down the stairs unable to stand my mother’s silence at this matter. I can hear my mother crying. Then not too long, mom rushed out of the room and down the stairs calling for my dad while trying to catch up to him, and I caught up to see the front door shut in my mom’s face by my dad.

With her two hands covering her face, she was really crying hard. I was still standing half way down the stairs when I saw mom walking to the kitchen. I heard the water running at the sink. She must be doing dishes again. She has a thing about doing the dishes when she is depressed. I ran down the stairs to my mom at the kitchen to see how she was doing. Coincidently, she was standing right at the same spot where I had sex with her. And she had on a similar black lingerie but sexier, and with no panties on now. Through my peeking experience, I knew my mother didn’t like to wear panties going to sl**p. I guess the better for my dad to make love to her with at night when he is in the mood. After a long stare at my mom’s fine half naked body, I wanted to walk up to comfort her. But then like a devil stroked, my sensitive side had vanished and out came this lust urge in me. A dirty thought was going through my mind. Then my dick was so hard in my pants aching to come out, I thought why not comfort mom with sex. After all, dad always say that sex always calm him down of the pressure from work. I quickly pulled down my pants and boxer and tossed them aside. I slowly approached my mom from behind, then putting my hand on her shoulder to pretend I was comforting her, and I said, “Mom, are you ok? Let me try to help you relax and calm down a little from this.” “Oh, this is all my fault. Your dad thinks I am cheating on him. How could he think that of me? The only other man who got into my pants was just his son…” I didn’t wait for her to finish, and I increase a bit of f***e on my hand that’s on her shoulder until she was u*********sly leaning towards the sink to just expose her pussy to where my hard dick was pointing at. Then I quickly moved forward guiding my dick into position close to her pussy with my other hand still on her shoulder, and with all my hopes that my thrust will be accurate, I shrive my dick into her as fast as I could, and mom just lost it and dropped the dish that was in her hands to the sink. I was sure that the dish was a goner considering the loud noise, but not enough to cover my mom’s moan when I shrived my dick in her. But I was too careless about that broken dish. Her hands are now on the counter top holding on for support as I started to pull in and out of her pussy. “Ohhhhhh youuuuu baddddd boyyyy…..” she said with a cracked moaning voice. “How could you? Stop it son, pull it back out!” she yelled after moaning a few more times. But my thrusting was just getting stronger on her; going in and out none stop. As her moaning got louder, I pulled down her lingerie straps and pushed the lingerie down to her hips. That thing slid like butter. And now that my mother’s gorgeous breasts were exposed, I quickly got a hold on them with my hands, one on each of them. I squeezed them before my mom could even say anything. And this time she couldn’t slap my hands off with her hand, because I was fucking her so hard pushing her against the counter with my every stroke she couldn’t let her hands loose from the counter edge. “I am your mother son, you can’t be making love to your mother like this” she said with a shivering voice. “I know you said we cannot have sex again, so I am making love to you for dad” I said with a devilish voice. I don’t know what had gotten into me, but I knew that it was definitely the lust urge talking. As I continued fucking my mom, I felt an ooze on my dick, so after I whispered that out to myself, my mother said while moaning loudly, “I am cumming, and it’s not right that I cum with my son. Stop it son, I can’t hold it much longer.” I can feel that she had exploded her juice on my dick. But not too long later, I couldn’t hold this exploding feeling in my dick too and I blasted in my mother’s pussy. Then after that I felt so weak I was collapsing down to the kitchen floor pulling down mom with me, and just laying on the floor while my dick was still inside her. I was too weak to even move an inch, and so was my mother. We were both gasping for air.

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