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I lost a bet - dare

A few years ago, I won a bet with my girlfriend and as a result she had to do whatever I told her to do for 4 hours. We had already played exhibitionism games & dares anyway, so I made her walk the mall with almost nothing on (white button-down, no bra, short skirt, no panties….) and then flash the drive-up window guy at Wendy’s, but when I told her that she had to strip naked and lock her clothes in the trunk …. she refused … until I agreed to do whatever she wanted for a month, beginning that night. She didn’t think I would agree & I didn’t think she would lock her clothes in the trunk, even if I did agree, but she did and then I was stuck. I could not go back on the deal after she had done her part. So, we drove around town (with her naked) and several people saw her at stop lights and on the highway. Her time was ending about dusk, so I drove her to a not-so populated park and made her walk (unwillingly… BTW) across to the other side, where I picked her up again for the grand finale. She did everything I told her to do, like a champ, but became more and more vengeful (creative) all of the time. As soon as her time was up, she told me to strip down and trade my clothes for her clothes in the trunk. We were still at the park ….. so, that was not a problem. I did and then she got dressed and made me drive downtown and that was quite a rush. But it had gotten dark by then so there was not the same effect as when she was naked and in traffic. So she had me drive to a less populated area and told me to get out and masturbate in the lights in front of the car, but I could not cum. So I did …. nobody came by. Then she made me eat her pussy while she laid on the front seat and I was still outside. After she came, she had me take her home and she told me to stay in the car and not walk her in because she was afraid of her neighbors, and what they would think. But she said when I got back to my house, I could get my clothes from the trunk, but I could not cover up while I walked into my house. So I did.

The next 30 days were filled with her randomly having me do things that entertained her both in public and in private. We decided we liked it ……… I think she just liked the power, but it was a major turn on f for me to do what she told me to do & it was quite the rush, so it was a great trade-off. Even after the 30 days, she would tell me to pull my cock out at crazy-ass weird times (generally semi-private) and get it hard for her, then we would go shopping or something. Or she would just send me in for something “chocolate” because she could, and giggle at the bulge in my pants as she watched me walk in and out of the store.

One evening of great fun was when she put a collar around my balls and we went out. We walked through the mall and she tapped my balls on occasion to keep my cock bulging out. Then she had me drive her to a canyon in the mountains for a walk. Not too populated, but we could see the highway up the hill from the dirt road she had me drive down and there was a possibility of hikers as well. She told me to park the truck, get out and walk around to her side. I opened the door and she clipped a leash thru my fly to the collar around my balls, stepped out and pulled. So, I followed, of course. As we were walking, she told me to give her my shirt. I did and she hung it on a tree. She proceeded to take my clothes one article at a time, hanging each one on the nearest tree by the trail, while we walked until all I had on was my shoes ‘n socks. She let me keep them. We walked for about 20 more minutes and then she broke out the camera. She made me pose for her as she took some pics and made me keep my cock hard the whole time. When she hung my pants in the tree, she took my wallet and keys so they were not left behind & for the control. When the photo session was finished, we walked back down the hill, I got dressed as we walked, then we went home. However, she made me keep my cock out and hard the whole time.

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