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My First Cock As A Swinger

After I found my husband cheating on me I had told him I was becoming a swinger and was going to fuck as many guys as I wanted as his punishment, however I feel he didn’t think I actually would go along with it, so when I brought two young studs home from work with me his face was a picture, who are these he cried, these are going to be my lovers for the night meet Jason & Mark, this is my husband guys the cheater I told my love doves, you must be mad to cheat on such a fine woman Jason told my hubby, aww thank you baby as I kissed Jason and felt his crotch im going to enjoy riding your big dick I giggled at him, oh and your not allowed to watch or join in otherwise Mark will kick fuck out you I smiled, paybacks a bitch isn’t it I laughed as I lead my studs up stairs to my bedroom.

When we were in the bedroom the guys wasted no time in getting unchanged soon they were both naked waiting to fuck me, right guys lets do this I sighed as I got on the bed, already I had my skirt of so I was only left in my thongs and white top but I left those on as I like guys undressing me I loved it when I first met my husband but then all that stopped. The two hunks then got on the bed with me, wow this felt amazing; a hot married mother between two studs on my bed was just an awesome feeling. I immediately began stroking and playing with Mark’s big dick; his cock was way bigger than my husbands so it was a new toy to me. I hadn’t given a hand job for about 30 years so It took me a while to get back into the swing of things but I was soon back as a naughty 18 year old sucking and wanking Mark’s dick whilst Jason was now fingering my pussy and licking my clit, It felt amazing being in a doggystle position between two well hung cocks, I was really working Marks cock with my hand and mouth, that’s how big his cock was, I was loving it that much I was moaning loudly while having a cock stuffed in my mouth, Jason soon moved my white tongs to one side as pushed his cock deep in wet married pussy, I let out a huge cry of, Ohhhhhhh yeah, when I felt Jason’s cock slide in me, Jason placed his hands on my ass and rock me back and fourth with a quick pace already there was no slow starters with this hung stud, as I rocked back and fourth I was sucking Mark’s cock in time with the thrusts which felt great, I couldn’t stop moaning somehow loud cries of me mmmmmhhhhh, each time I sucked Mark’s big dick, Jason was being a teasing fucker now and kept pulling out his cock then pushing it back in, which I didn’t really mind it felt good, I then realised Jason didn’t have a condom on so I sat up and grabbed two durex from the shelf which I had brought just that day, I didn’t want random guys cumming in my pussy I already have k**s and don’t plan on having any more. I pulled the first condom free from the packet and placed it on Mark’s cock which just about fitted and they were x large condoms, damn I gasped you have a bigger cock than I first though, both guys laughed, Jason had already put his on for me, I then noticed Mark had cheekily pulled my tits out over my top which looked quite hot and slutty, I turned around now letting Mark push his big dick in my pussy which he wasted no time in doing as I began sucking on Jason’s hefty cock now. Mark was teasing me now rubbing his cock head along my clit, just put it in I snapped over craving his big dick, I let out a louder cry as I felt Mark’s dick enter me, oh fuck yeah I cried loud. Mark place one hand on my ass and started fucking me hard and deep as his balls slapped against my ass, oh yeah, fuck, yeah, ohhhh yeah, ohhhh ummmmm I cried as Mark fucked me good, ohhh yeah, ohhhh, ummmmm, ohhhh yeah, I still cried it felt good having a big dick fucking my pussy while sucking another big cock. Mark was fucking me that good I kept pulling my mouth free from Jason’s dick, I had to I had to moan and groan I was getting cock that good, but Jason soon grabbed my head and shoved it on to his cock make me suck him deep. I felt mark lean over and grab my hair as his cock deepened in my pussy, I could hear him panting for breath, as I moaned even louder, ohhh yeah, ohhh yeah, fuck, oh yeah. My husband must have heard me downstairs. My ass was slapping hard against mark’s balls the slapping sounded awesome, slap, slap,slap,slap with groans of me, I hadn’t heard these sounds for ages. Oh god I yelled as Mark pulled out his big dick free from my pussy, this gave me time to quickly wank Jason and suck him after I didn’t pay him to much attention due to the fact Mark had given my ass a good pounding. After a couple more minutes of me sucking Jason’s dick I let go and turned around now lying on my back as I opened my legs for Mark once more. He moved my thongs to one side and pushed his big dick back into my now soaking wet pussy as Jason got beside me and gave me his cock to suck once again. Mark once again started fucking me hard straight away making me pull my mouth away from Jason’s cock so I good breathe and moan at the same time. Jason was happy playing with my tits, Mark held my inner thighs as he began fucking me, he was groaning, oh yeah, oh yeah take it bitch, while I moaned with him, oh god, yeah, oh, oh, I now once again had Jason dick in my mouth, Mark placed his hands on my tits squeezing them and cupping them together whilst I wanked and sucked Jason at the same time, Ohhhh gooddd, oohhh gooddddd I started moaning for longer as Marks cock pounded me good and hard, as he suddenly pulled from my pussy it hurt his cock head had stretched me, oh fuck I loudly cried, I then lay still on my back whilst the studs removed there condoms and told me they were going to cum shot me, wow I had never these before after being married nearly 30 years I realised what I was missing, whilst Mark took of his condom I sucked Jason’s cock deep in my throat and wanked him, then taking it in turns wanking and sucking each studs big dick, I was knackered and couldn’t wake and suck both guys at the same time, my pussy was aching in muscle pain, both guys realised and started wanking there own cocks really fast whilst I played with my tits, Jason rubbed his cock on my tit as cum began shooting from his dick, he then moved it to try and get it in my mouth which he succeeded I moaned oh, yeah, oh yeah as I felt the cum touching my skin, Jason had fully cummed as I licked his dick clean, now it was big dick Mark’s turn which I was dreading I bet he cum loads. As mark wanked himself really quickly I played with his big balls, give it to me I sighed, give it to me, then Mark did as his cum started squirting from his cock head, first shot straight in my mouth, second shot, third shot all his shots went into my mouth, damn it felt good and even tasted nice, I then grabbed his dick and cleaned him up, I lay there covered in cum whilst Jason took a picture on his phone, this is going round work he laughed.

After the guys had finished and gotten back changed I thanked them for my best sex I had ever had since the age of 18. We walked downstairs, I was still covered in there cum dripping from my mouth and down my tits, the guys said bye to my husband who’s face was a picture, what the fuck happened to you he gasped, I sat on the sofa opposite it and showed him how sore and red my pussy was, that’s what iv been missing out on I gasped as I got up and walked back upstairs, this is just the beginning hubby I laughed………………………..

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