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A Stepfather's Revenge part 4

He couldn’t make out anything at first and thought that he was too near to the hole. So he drew back a little to adjust his vision. Then he realized that he wasn’t looking at a whole body on the other side, but at a portion of one of the girl’s leg.

It was she who had been standing too close to his hole, that’s why he couldn’t see anything. He put back his eye to the hole and silently willed her to move further away so that he could view her better.

Just then, as if my magic, she stepped to the other side of the room and stretched to get something that was on top of the mirrored medicine cabinet, maybe a bottle of bubble bath liquid or something of the sort.

Oh my god . . .! Ned almost groaned out aloud.

He was presented with a view of the cutest piece of ass that he had ever seen in all his life. For just as the little slut reached up to get to whatever it is that she was getting at, he was rewarded with an uninterrupted view of everything that existed between her smooth creamy legs. There was the pussy in all its glory!

The suddenness of this erotic revelation caused Ned to abruptly and unexpected lose control; this was just too much for him to bear. He wasn’t touching his cock and yet it was bucking and blowing a huge load—all by itself.

He bit his lips in spasms of ecstasy and would have hollered out aloud were not for the situation at hand. He had no options but to retreat hastily to the comfort of the double bed a few feet away where he could freely take huge gulps of needed oxygen to calm him.

He had sufficiently recovered by the time the girl had finished showering. As soon as he heard the shower pipes stopped spraying water he knew that it was time to take up his spying position again for he knew that she would soon be stepping out of the bathtub onto the drying area and present him with another cheek show. He didn’t want to miss a minute of it.

This time he received an encore performance and more. Now wet and completely nude, she was standing straight and facing Ned’s hole. The little bitch was inspecting a minute mole on one side of her right breast. Her titties were young and firm, the brown areoles standing out. He wished that he could suck on those young ripe nipples.

Her belly flat, pubic mound neatly covered with faddishly trimmed dark hair, it was not bushy like her mom’s, hips and thighs sensuously curvy, tapering off into strong athletic legs and feet.

Ned felt the impact of her beauty exploding through him violently until he quivered in every muscle of his body and he felt himself growing rigid again against the linen of his trouser front.

This time he was prepared and able to hold himself. He reminded himself that there would be enough booty to conquer later when the mother came home. The show ended eventually and he rested up while he waited for the other girl to come home from school.

The older girl was the perfect replica of her mother except much younger. Ned knew then, what his wife looked like eons ago. Every part of the girl was bigger than her s****r’s; she had bigger and firmer tits with more protruding nipples that jiggled deliciously like a huge bunch of g****s every time she moved. She had a bushy sex front; furry almost as much as her mother’s and she had more matured, rounded thighs than the little s****r’s.

Ned was assessing her thus, when the plump wench suddenly turned her back to him, hoisted one of her feet up to rest it on the closed toilet bowl and started to do something with her front, maybe combing the bush, or inspecting her cunt or something . . ..

He couldn’t see what was happening, but by her turning, she presented him with a stunning back-way pussy and butt-hole view. Ned peered all the way up into the crack of her butt-hole, which he knew was clean.

He could see part of the pussy-tongue peeking out from between silky looking, glistening wet crotch hairs. The center of sugar land was a slightly pinkish colored slit. As the girl shifted and swayed while she concentrated on her pussy-grooming task, her puckered ass-hole squinted and winked directly at Ned peeking at it through his little hole in the wall.

By now his cock was over-powered, and was firing hard into a rag held tightly in one of his hand.

Incredibly, all his clandestine closet activity caused Ned’s libido to rocket though the roof, and he was banging his wife now almost every chance he could get. She was happy for all the personal attention and put it down to his being home and not working and thus needing to expend all that excess energy.

Sometimes while doing her he would imagine that he was actually whacking one of the girls with his man tool. Now he even wanted anal sex, to which she reluctantly agreed, and while sodomizing her Ned often thought of the one of the daughter’s pretty little asshole that he had discretely spied earlier through the peephole.

He found that if he made the bedroom completely dark so he couldn’t actually see the face and body of the older woman, he could realistically feel like he was fucking one of the daughters.

The same applies if he was reaming the asshole with his tongue or sucking the cunt. He would be eating out the big daughter’s bushy crotch or tonguing out the little one’s cute little ass-hole.

Now the apartment was fun to live in. He couldn’t care less if no one spoke to him or regarded him as some licking puppy. He was getting his just revenge. If only the fuckers could ever knew.

He felt like a man in control of three juicy pussies. Who wants to be king of any damn castle? He was king of this Harem. Now he hoped the bitches wouldn’t go away to college anytime soon. Ned was having the greatest time of his life!

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