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F***ed at school

I was 14 and my girlfriend (Sammy) was the same age and we had been going out together for 2 years now and we were so in love that when ever we were together we could not keep our hands off each other.
I lived with Sammy because both my perents were dead and they took me in because I had no other f****y and they new how much we loved each other.
One day Sammy said to me that she wanted me to wear her underwear so that she will always be near to me and she would wear my underwear, I was not sure on the idea at first but I decided to agree with her.
So we went to school that day and I was wearing her white silk bra and nickers which turned me on so much and she was wearing my black boxer shorts.
It was a job to try and hide the underwear under my shirt but I had manadged it until it came to PE time and I was in the changingand everyone had left or so I thought and I started to get undressed when my teacher came walking in and just stood there staring at me in my girlfriends underwear.
He did not say anything at first but then he came walking towards me and said that I was inditention and I had to stay after school and then he told me to get dressed and go to his office and stay there until he came back.
At the same time Sammy was getting changed in the girls changing room when my techer went in to talk to her teacher and he saw her in my boxer shorts and no bra and said to her that he wanted to see her after school.

There was only 1/2 an hour left at school when Sammy came walking into the office and saw me there and she said he caught you too then and I just nodded at her.
Sammy then sat down beside me and we both waited until our teacher came in.
He had a strange look in his eyes that both me and Sammy noticed and were not sure on.
He told us to get up and follow him to 2 class rooms and the far end of the school that did not get used much and he took me into one and Sammy into another and told us to sit at a desk and to wright a letter telling him why we were wearing each other clothes, so we did this and he kept going from room to room checking on us and then I hered Sammy scream (it was very muffled) and I went to get up when sir came walking in and told me to sit down.
I asked him what it was and he just said nothing.
After a while he came walking over to me and took the letter and started reading it out loud which made feel realy imbarrased.
He was standing behind me when all of a sudded he put his hand (which had some sort of cloth on it) over my mouth and I fell u*********s.

I woke up an hour later in a different room (it was his house) and I looked over to see Sammy tied up on the floor just wearing my boxershorts.
She was still u*********s and I tried to wake her but she was out of it.

Then my teacher came walking in and said, you are awake at last slut, it is about time.

Then he grabbed me and took me up to his room and layed me down on my front and tied my arms and legs to each corner of his bed and he started to spank me whilst calling me a slut and many other names and he said -
So you like wearing girls underwear do you?

Me. No sir
Sir. that is the wrong answer.
Me. what do you mean?
Sir. you like being a girls dont you slut?
Me. no Sir
Sir. Yes you do slut and now you want to be fucked like a slut dont you?
Me. NO Sir I dont now please let me go.
Sir. It is too late for that, now get ready because I am going to fuck you like I slut.

He got on the bed inbetween my legs and I felt something wet on my ass and then I felt a sharp pain as he f***ed his cock into my Virgin ass and began to **** me.
I had never felt pain like it before in my life.
He fucked me hard for what felt like a lifetime but it was only 15 minutes and then he layed down on my back and put his hand under me and grabbed my nipples and said to me -

You have got some nice breasts slut.

And then he grabbed the hard and he f***ed his 9 inch cock all the way inside me and I then felt him cum inside me. It felt like a hose pipe spraying inside me and it did not seem to stop.
But after a while he pulled his cock out of me and grabbed a huge butt plug and f***ed it into my ass and then he spanked me a few more time and then left the room.

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