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How I Became A Swinger

How It All Began

I retuned home early from work than my husband expected I thought id surprise him, I opened the front door and strangely he wasn’t downstairs so I headed up stairs, when I got nearer the top I heard a bitch moaning loudly, Oh fuck, oh fuck yeah, yeah baby she cried, what the fuck I thought as I stood in the door way there was my husband fucking some big titty rock bird doggy style, I stood at the doorway in rage, I was shaking with anger seeing my husband cheating with some slut, my heart was beating ten to the dozen, all I kept thinking was slut, bitch, , I wanted to hit her. I slowly walked in my bedroom my heart pounding even faster as I got nearer my husband who didn’t have a clue his wife was behind him, the slut he was fucking was still moaning and making way to much noise, oh fuck oh fuck, yeah, right there, oh fuck she wailed out while my hubby fucked her hard on MY bed. I walked behind my husband and quickly grabbed his cock as hard as I could and pulled it free from the slut’s pussy, my husband was so fucking scared, stuttering he said hi honey, What the fuck are you doing you prick I screamed, what are you doing, you don’t fuck me in the ass, do you I cried out, I can explain please cried my husband, please let me explain he still cried, who the fuck is that, look at the state of her I wailed, get the fuck out my house you slut I screamed at her, get fucking out now, go on you tramp. The rock chick quickly grabbed her clothes pulling up her short tramppy skirt as she quickly left the house. You are fucked I looked my husband in the eyes and claimed, get your stuff and fuck off for a while. He didn’t argue and quickly left soon after his slut. I sat on my bed shaking thinking what do I do now, what can I do to get revenge, then It clicked, if he could fuck sluts, I was going to fuck studs. Big cock studs to make him jealous like he’s got me jealous. That’s it I though that’s what im going to do so when my husband returned I sat him down and explained the only way he was going to keep me and the house if he let me fuck studs when ever I wanted and even when he was in, im going to become a swinger I giggled, he ad no choice in the matter still scared and shaking he accepted.

This is how I got into the swinging scene and I have lots of stories about guys I have fucked and believe me I have taken advantage of this situation and im loving every minute of it so for all you women that find your hubby cheating I recommend you do exactly what I have. You will enjoy the experience and its such a turn on meeting new guys and your husband knows what your doing…………..

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