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Naughty Girlfriend Amy Sucks Black Guys Cock

Amy was out with her friends in the nightclub, d***k and dancing very sexy on the dance floor shaking her booty most of the night. Amy was looking stunning tonight also. She was wearing a light blue colour dress. The dress was backless with a short; lose fitting, skirt that ended well above her knees it was very small for a skirt. The top of the dress split into two pieces just above her navel. That formed a large "V" which somewhat loosely covered her small breasts. Thin straps that were tied together behind her neck held up Amy’s breasts. Her shapely, stocking covered, legs ended in black, low-healed shoes. There was a few guys sat at the bar watching the girls and when they came up to the bar Jemal one of the black guys asked Amy if she’d like a drink, Amy smiled at him “Vodka & Coke” please, Jemal then gave it her and they started chatting, whilst her other friends hit the dance floor with Jemal’s mate’s. You look good enough to eat Jemal cheekily told Amy who was d***k out of her head, grinning from ear to toe I hop so she replied, she seemed to find Jemal attractive, looking deep into his blue eyes, his muscle black body. After a while Jemal took her onto the dance floor were they began dancing to a number of R&B hits, Amy was grinding herself up and down Jemal’s big body, shaking her ass against his crotch. She must have found something she liked as she turned around and started massaging his cock through his Jean’s whilst smiling at him. Amy who had a boyfriend back at home was getting hot and turned on by this black hung stud. Jemal and Amy then headed outside for the exit holding hands. One of the girls noticed and nudged the other, they pulled a shocked face then started giggling to one another.

Outside Amy was smoking with Jemal who was between her legs now getting very close to cheating girlfriend Amy. He had his hand on her left leg and was rubbing it slowly each time creeping up closer to her pussy. As her friend Kayleigh came outside to find Amy she saw her and Jemal heading down to the beach, Kayleigh went back inside to tell the girls as they carried on partying on the dance floor. Back on the beach Amy stood against the cold brick wall, Jemal got between her legs again and they began kissing out of sight from anyone. Jemal wasted no time and had his right hand fingering cheating girlfriend Amy’s pussy whilst his left hand started rubbing her tit. Amy’s hands began unzipping Jemal’s jeans, before long Amy got to her knees and pulled down Jemal’s jeans and boxer shorts. She began stroking his huge black cock before running her tongue up and down his thick shaft each time she would take his big cock head into her tiny mouth, which she would suck on for a few minutes then she began sucking more and more of Jemal’s dick taking it deeper into her mouth which Jemal was liking, Amy then started wanking him with her hand with a quick pace, then she would quickly plop it back into her mouth which she repeated this for a good 10 minutes before finally Jemal couldn’t hold back and blew his load deep in the cheating girlfriends mouth, Ay had no choice but to swallow her lovers cum seed deep in her stomach. Jemal then stood up and pulled his jeans and boxers back up. They then both headed back into to the club were Amy’s friends all clapped and had a giggle about the cheating slut of a girlfriend…..

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