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Big Dick, Small Chick

Everybody who reads my stories knows they are 100% true because they are actually the times I have had sex, blah blah blah u know the drill

I met this chick one day while she was walking down the street. She was a cute skinny white girl about 5ŗ with brown hair and a nice set of legs on her. Usually I wouldn't go for her type because she didn't have big tits and her ass didn't look big. It looked nice but not big. So anyway I happened to bag her number and call her. We started to talk and come to find out, she has been looking for basically a sex partner. She said she hasn't had sex in a while because she was new to the area and living with a roommate. She arranged for me to come over one day while her roommate was gone. I got there and she looks a lot better half naked then when I saw her on the street. She opened the door and was wearing just some tight panties and a tank top. Her ass was round and she had a tattoo on her thigh and her back. She led me upstairs and we went into her room. She closed the door and told me to take my pants off. She took her shirt off and I saw she probably had about a B cup. My dick was getting hard but not fully there yet so it was kind of just swinging. She looked at it and told me that she was going to need a bigger condom. She got a magnum condom from behind her bed and put it on my dick. She then got on her knees and started to suck my dick. She did a pretty decent job sucking my dick. She used her hand to slide up and down my dick while sucking it at the same time. After a while I got so hard I just wanted to fuck her. So I told her I was ready. She laid on the bed and pulled out some KY jelly and rubbed it on her pussy. She told me she knew it was going to be rough because I have the biggest dick she has ever had. So I slid my dick in and tried to go soft on her. Her pussy was tight and I felt her tensing up every time I thrusted my dick into her. Her pussy started to loosen up so I started to go harder. She was making quiet little grunting noises and not moaning. My favorite position is from behind so I had her roll over. she bent over and I went to town. I slid my dick in and grabbed her by the waist and started to fuck her. She started to lean forward and attempt to crawl away but I just got deeper and deeper. Finally she collapsed and told me she could not take it from the back anymore. She told me that she felt my dick inside her stomach and it hurt. So I rolled her back over and pounded her pussy in from on top. I came inside of her with the condom on and she told me she could feel my cock pulsating with cum. As soon as I pulled out, she sat up holding her stomach. She told me her stomach hurt because my dick was so big but the sex was good. I still know her up til this day and we still have sex at times and she still can't handle it from the back. But the funny thing is that a month later I fucker her roommate. That's my next story up so watch out for that one.

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