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Lois and her neighbour's window encounter

'She lost it years ago', Lois said it with and air of resignation, 'Now she's a cock teaser and I dont know what to say or do'.
She was referring to her wayward daughter, now 15 and a constant 'Chat Room' girl, prowling for older men and fun.
To look at her you could be forgiven to think she was 18, she was tall and athletic, extremely beautiful and well developed, a typical girl whose hormones kicked-in at a very early age, developing and sculpturing her body and desires, triggering needs beyond her years, yes she really was a sexual dream for men with a taste for young flesh.
A piece of 'Dayjavou', old sins coming back to haunt you. Lois was no angel herself, indeed she and I were just as bad, when we were girls, so I suppose there was a lot of her in her daughter, a sexual spirit coursing through the female bl**d line, a gift to generations of men, past, current, and in time to come.
'Do you remember that time we were sunbathing in the back yard', I said to Lois, keen to remind her of her own exploits at her daughters age, 'Never forgot it', she laughed, suddenly realising she and her daughter were more alike as kindred spirits, especially when it came to feeling mens' penises.
Lois and I had been friends since secondary school, more to do with we were very similar in stature, physical build, very tomboyish, long limbed and long flowing locks, fair and blue-eyed.
That night I had stayed over at her parents flat and as we lay in bed, the light opposite came on, illuminating her room with a splash of light. 'He's back', she said excitedly, slipping of the bed and positioned herself in front of the illuminated window.
'Quick, come here', she beckoned me to sit low at the edge of the curtain, and watch the illuminated window, while she stood there in full view.
When I was positioned she turned her little window lamp on for a few seconds, then off again.
He had been doing the same as me, hiding out of view, waiting for her response, and with the momentary on-off of her lamp, he stepped into view, naked and erect, holding his manhood, seconds later his lamp went out, and she turned hers on and off.
He was there you could see that, dark and in the shadows, but his hand movements were obvious, 'The Fucker's jacking off', she said breathlessly, clearly agitated and sexually aroused.
Kneeling in my curtain corner, I also was aroused by his momentarily flashing, keen to see more, 'Get him to leave his light on', I said to her frustrated and scared he had done the business. I watched breathlessly as she lifted her nightdress up and over her head, then turned her lamp on again and as her naked form was completely illuminated, she drew her hands over her body, intimately touching herself, as he now bathed in her lamplight pumped furiously on his penis, and as suddenly as she had done it, she switched off again, and without warning turned and delved into her bedside drawer, rummaged for a moment, took something out and said, 'I am going to the bathroom', and left the room.
As the bathroom was through the adjoining wall, I clearly heard the familiar buzzing of a vibrator, she was bringing herself off, and as I was to learn later, this was something they did, unspoken off and in this manner, minimalistic and accidental, that way they both got what they wanted, without getting too deep, as he was three times her age.
I continued peering across and could momentarily see him in the shadows, making me very frustrated, so I got up and slipped-off my t-shirt and knickers and stood in full view, centred in the window frame, and turned the lamp back on.
My knees were shaking but I started to finger myself and pull on my nipple, suddenly his lamp came back on, and there we both stood, bathed in our lamps and masturbating without a care in the world.
I would stop momentarily to wave to him, blow him a kiss, and he would signal back, he wanted to fuck me, to which I shook my head in acknowledgement, before getting back to completing my masturbation.
Then he came, shooting sperm onto the glass, where it ran down and frigged like a girl possessed, and just before I came, he turned his lamp off and in the shadows I could see he was wiping his window clean.
'Fuck Fuck Fuck' went through my head in frustration, suddenly the toilet flushed and I dove back into bed, angry but still naked, I had forgotten to put my clothes back on, too late as Lois was back in the room and crawling back in beside me.
'M, your naked', she said. 'I was hot', I replied, but she had already sat up and pulled her nightdress off and cuddled up to me, putting he long leg between mine, forcing her thigh hard against my crotch, and slid on top off me, and in that position we started to grind ourselves against each other, giving more physical meaning to a schoolgirl crush.
We made love in this position, it felt warm and soft and when we kissed, it felt wonderful and natural, as did her insertion of her vibrator into me, and it was a mind blowing orgasm I had, clutching her naked body as I came.
Later I thought it better not to mention what I did in front of the window, making him think I was her, and his threat to fuck her, no I thought it better to let things unfold, besides I was sure when he did she would not object, and in another story, he did and I was there to add extra fun for all of us

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