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New Car Smell

The hood of the car is hot from the sun. You feel the heat on your stomach when I come from behind and push you down on the hood. You feel the heat on your nipples when I untie your top and pull it away. You feel the heat of my breath and the warm wetness of my tongue as I begin kissing and licking the small of your back while pulling off your thong. You feel my tongue wandering down to your waiting anus. The tip of my tongue circles around the rim of your anus while my quivering fingers seek out your already wet pussy. My hand probes deep into your pussy becoming soaked with your juices while my tongue pushes as far as it can into your rectum. You slide back and forth in your sweat on the car's hood and suddenly you feel something new. My hard cock is poised at the flowery opening of your pussy, dripping with anticipation. My breathing is ragged as I thrust my cock gently at first but deeper and deeper faster faster harder harder harder until a thousand billion suns explode in our brains our bodies flailing and pounding on the hood of the car like crazed a****ls!! YES OH YES OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD YESSSS!!!!! Sighting, panting, murmuring sweet endearments our glistening bodies slowly slide off the car to the cool grass below - a pair of exhausted limp rag dolls....

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