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Everyone loves a good Jail story.

The darkness of the sack cloth and staggering into a cell, I fell to the floor and then was stood erect. Handcuffs come off and two guards grin at me. I knew their names. But for all the wrong reasons.

I'm quickly stripped naked by the two guards. They remain clothed, but do pull out their cocks, leaving me standing naked for a moment before my ass is slapped hard. They grab my hair, forcing me on my hands and knees, my hands are bound behind my back, and pull my hair so my head goes back. Slapping my face and spitting in my mouth. When the guard they call Bush pinches my nipples, I scream and I get slapped on the ass for it by Wulf. He then holds my head steady while Bush shoves his balls into my mouth and I have to roll them around with tongue and suck on them.

"That's right, Dogg, do it right and you won't get hurt."

They let me go and I fall to my chest, ass raised in the air. They take their truncheon, long thick black batons, and lick the end, Bush puts one in my mouth slowly and then roughly is pushed to the back of my throat, gagging me. The other truncheon is rubbed between my ass cheeks, back and forth and then Wulf grabs my balls and squeezes, it hurts but feels so good, I don't want him to stop. He yanks on my balls and taps them with the truncheon. A little harder and quicker, tap tap tapping, he lets my balls go. My balls hang there and Wulf swats at them with the truncheon, I grimace and bite down on the truncheon in my mouth, gagging as I do.

Wulf swings my ass back and forth, slapping my cheeks as he does so. My swollen testicles sway and then the guard gently bounces them in one hand, running his hand down my cock, squeezing on my head, pre-cum oozing a little. Wulf strokes my cock mightily for a few seconds before stopping, laughing, knowing I want him to continue. His baton now roaming my asshole. I can feel my sphincter aching to be touched. Ass in the air, my back aches, but there's no mercy as Bush puts my head sideways, then squats on my head, his balls squishing against my face, the black truncheon still deep in my mouth. Bush spreads my ass, gently massaging my cheeks for a moment before greedily ramming two fingers into my asshole. He goes to the knuckle, then withdraws.

Bush says, "Tsk tsk, I think you're not entirely clean, Bad Dogg." Bush withdraws the truncheon and f***es four fingers into my mouth, ramming in for a moment or two.

Wulf grabs a nearby hose with a nozzle and gently worms the head so the round nozzle is stretching my asshole.

"Let's clean you up, you little bitch."

And with that, he fires a blast of water in my ass, it quickly gurgles and flows out my hole and over my ass, down my balls, on the floor. He fires repeatedly. It stings.

"Relaxing time." Wulf laughs and takes his baton, places it on my hole and slides it in. It's wider than it looks and I grunt. "I thought you'd like that." Pushing it in as far it will go, Wulf withdraws and does it again. They both laugh.

"Enough of this", one of them says.

I get rolled over. Bush sits on my chest and grabs my ankles, yanking my legs back so my ass is exposed. He spreads my legs farther and farther, my balls and cock sliding to one side.

Wulf laughs, "I think his balls are trying to make a get-away." He grabs his handcuffs and wraps one link around the base of my balls, and the clicking as he tightens the cold metal, pinching my sac. "My, my, my, your lovely balls are getting red."

"no,", says Bush as he begins grinding his balls and cock on my chest. "More like a purple. I think I'll tit-fuck our little friend here." And with that he begins thrusting back and forth, back and forth on my chest, his nice round ass hitting me on the chin. It's hard to breathe but it gets easier as he lifts my ankles, forcing my ass higher.

Wulf grabs my balls and squeezes them, they're so filled with cum.

"Please," I beg. "Please jack me off, please..."

"No talking, Dogg." And Bush reaches back, forcing his asshole onto my mouth while writhing around his beautiful ass on my face. It's smooth and warm and I can't help but drive my tongue into his hole, licking and darting and even sucking juices.

Wulf is rubbing his cock against my legs and then leans over, squeezes my rigid penis till I'm ready to shoot, but he releases, leaving my cum filled balls, purple, throbbing. Anything for release. He can't take any more and slides his shaft into my ass, the tightness of the skin squeezing over his massive head and expanding as he relentlessly drives his cock all the way to the end. My eyes roll into my head and I want to pass out. He withdraws his cock only to slide it in again, groaning as he does it.

"Take that cock, do you like that fat cock in your ass."

Through the asshole, "Yes, please, more, more. Shove more in me." Wulf becomes a machine, his balls slapping against my ass.

Bush is growling, "You take that cock, take that nice fat cock. Harder, harder. Lick my hole, lick it."

Bush gets off me. I see my balls bouncing as Wulf repeatedly slams me. My testes are a dark purple, and the veins of my cock stand out. I need to cum so badly. They untie my hands and stand me up, switching places. I'm f***ed to stand, but bend my knees, hands on thighs, so Bush can fuck me from behind while the other stands in front of me. "Kiss me, cunt."
And Wulf drives his mouth to mine, surprisingly gentle, tongues and lips mesh, hot and wet, sliding and then Bush puts his cock into me. "Thats all right." He says as he grunts and groans, making my ass jiggle with each thrust.

Both guards are naked now and Wulf guides me to his armpit, which I like and suck and work my way to his nipples, sucking and biting gently, pulling then letting go. I go from nipple to nipple, listening to him moan.
"Okay." One says to the other. "I'm almost there."

The cock in my ass is driven so hard I can barely stand. I imagine Bush's fingers squishing the fleshy part of my ass as he rides me. Then he's out and comes around. Wulf f***es me to my knees, and I see two prisoners, probably in their 20's, watching from the next cell, stroking their cocks, pants on the floor. Their faces pressed up against the bars.

Both guards grab my head and they squish their hard cocks together, putting the two heads into my mouth. My head goes like a jackhammer up and down, "Ghkk, ghkk, ghkk, ghkk." The noise comes out of the back of my throat. Then I feel it, as one of the cocks erupts, sperm spewing in my mouth, Bush pulls out his cock, a long trail of cum falls across my chest and on my cock and balls. Wulf, now solo, grabs me with both hands, holds my head steady, and fucks my mouth with everything he's got. As he comes, he screams, arching his back, never stopping.

Bush smiles from one side, "Fuck that mouth, fuck that hole."

Spent, Wulf stumbles away, laughing. "now that's how you do it."

I swallow what's in my mouth and Bush reaches down, grabbing the free handcuff, yanking me to my feet with the cuff which encircles the base of my testicles. He leads me to the cage adjoining. "For being a good boy, we're giving you a treat."

Wulf laughs, "Yeah, the b*****rs here love cock."

Relieved, I think the cuff is coming off, but Bush merely slaps the free ringlet to the bar, and pushes me closer to the two young b*****rs. I can't get away. Not sure if I want to. But the guards ensure no escape, cuffing wrists to the bars so I'm standing in the shape of a T, my swollen balls and member exposed on the othre side of the cell. The b*****rs go to work on me, yanking my cock, forcing my body to bounce off the bars. Then they get on either side of my cock, their mouths running up and down, up and down. I can't take much more, I am moaning and squirming and loving every minute.

Bush stands behind me and f***es me right up against the bar as Wulf reaches up between my legs, inserts a key and releases the cuff. All the cum filing my balls rushes, and in two strokes, the b*****rs release a gyser of cum as I scream, slumping against Bush who holds me up. Cum pours over their faces and hands as I continually buck from orgasm.

Then it's quiet.

But only for a moment.

"I heard there was a party in here."

I look over my shoulder and three smiling guards stand in the doorway.

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