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Adventures of Donna--Part 3 (Drinking juice)

Adventures of Donna--Part 3 (Drinking juice)

"Hello Eric. I should have recognized you from your slab of cock," Donna said as she massaged the huge, slimy log with her two hands. She bent down and gently licked the streams of cum off his rod; rolling the heft across her cheeks and mouth. In fact, Eric was probably the one who was responsible for her big dick fixation.

She remembered baby sitting for him when he was 7 years ago, and she was 18. He would ask her to help him pee since he always caught his penis in the zipper. Donna would hold and aim Eric's penis while he stood in front of the toilet and peed. She had had very little experience with penis', and never really thought the little boy's penis she was holding in her hands was unusual in any way. It was only a year later when she started dating and fooling around that she wondered why all her boyfriends had small dicks; she just figured it was her bad luck. Eric's cock had set her level of expectation. If a 7 year old boy has an 8 inch long penis, that's 5 inches fat, shouldn't a 19 year old man have something much bigger? That had become her life's work, finding and sucking monster cocks. And now in her hands was the dick that had started it all.

"Well Eric, I don't know how you got here, but now I can do things to you I couldn't do when you were 7," she said still rubbing his softening pipe. "Remember you used to ask me to help you pee? I think I have a new way of doing it that you're going to love. Stand up." Eric did as he was commanded and stood at the side of the bed. Donna simply smiled as she looked at the way his massive member heavily drooped towards the floor. It was still semi-erect and stuck out from his body a good 12 inches, but the weight of his oversized dick head caused his length to slightly curve downward. Donna shifted off the bed onto her knees in front of Eric and grasp his cock with her two small hands. "Hmmm, this is absolutely amazing," she cooed as she started to gently jerk him off. The huge sack under his dick hung down about 7 inches, and Donna bent her head and tried to swallow his balls. Of course, that was impossible as each testicle was probably the size of a baseball. Nonetheless, she did take one hand and try to stuff the sack into her mouth, only managing one testicle, but loving the taste. "Fuck, I love sucking your balls!"

Eric's dick was starting on upward climb, having grown to about 13 stiffening inches. Donna noticed this and eased up on her tongue lapping and jerking; she wanted him hard, but not too hard for what she had in mind. "Now, little boy, this is your 18 year old baby-sitter talking to you. I'm on my knees in front of your big wee wee, and you asked me to help you pee," Donna said has peered into his dick slit while gently sliding her two hands up and down his pipe. "What's taking you so long? Maybe if I lick your dick head a bit it will make your pee come out. Hmm, you taste good. I bet your piss is just as yummy as your cum. Come on, pee on your baby-sitter's little titties. Please. I'll even open my mouth, and you can make believe my face is the toilet. Please piss on me..."

And with that, Eric blasted a hard, hot stream of piss straight into Donna's open face. "Arrg, in my mouth, my mouth..." Donna begged. And Eric grabbed his dick like a firehose and directed his hot piss right into her mouth. Donna swallowed hard trying to keep up with the stream. She reached up with both hands and grasped him by the hips, pulling his dick closer to her mouth. Donna let her mouth fill up and swallowed a second time, taking his sweet-acid milk into her stomach. But Eric wasn't finished. Donna pulled his hips even closer, taking his dick head between her lips and drank the juice from his cock like it was a water fountain. "Umm, umm," she managed to mumble before swallowing another mouth full. Donna grabbed Eric's huge shaft and directed it down at her small tits. The massive dick shot piss onto her baby chest as Donna massaged the liquid over her nipples and tits. "Oh yeah, baby, keep it coming. I want my tits to soak it up." Finally, Eric was down to a few trickles and Donna lifted the huge knob to her lips to lick the last drops. "Honey, that was delicious..." she cooed as she started to jerk his huge rod. 'Think you can feed me dessert now? Another mouthful of your sperm would go great with her piss juice. Come on baby, if I jerk real hard can you give your baby-sitter what she wants?"

Donna's innocent eyes starred up into Eric's face as she furiously yanked on his cock. Eric's impressive dick immediately began hardening from the pressure exerted by Donna's tiny fists. His prick was reaching it's full 16 inches in length, and the heavy weight was making Donna work hard. "Come on you big fucker!" Donna's hands were a blurred as they slid up and down Eric's piss slicked dick. "Ah, ah, ah," Eric yelled. "Yeah, yeah baby...give me what I deserve. Blast my face!" Donna moved her mouth back about 6 inches just as the monster cock shot a hard blast of white cum juice straight into her face. "Oh yeah, oh yeah! Hit my mouth, cum in my mouth!" she yelled at the cock as she spread her lips wide. Eric shot a well aimed stream straight into the back of her throat. "Umm", Donna said as she f***ed her mouth over his dick head, taking the next blast full f***e into her baby girl's face.

Eric fell back on the bed and Donna leapt on to him straddling the root of the cock between her legs against her pussy. She held his cock and bent her a head a bit to lick and suck the final drops of cum from his penis. "Umm, your cum is so good," she said as she looked up into Eric's exhausted face. "Thank you for feeding your baby-sitter, Eric."

"Well, you turned out to be just the man I've always wanted. You've fucked my face, drowned me in your cum, made me drink your piss, and torn my asshole apart with that fucking monster cock of yours. What else can we do?"

End of part 3

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