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Adventures of Donna--Part 2 (Little girl swallow)

Adventures of Donna--Part 2 (Little girl swallow)

Donna could feel his large hands pulling her face down on his penis, forcing the huge member down her throat. She started choking and her natural reaction was to resist the f***e of his hands. There was nothing she could do to stop him, he was too strong. Besides Donna was gambling that the mystery man was determined to make her eat this entire length. He did not reduce the pressure on her head; either she managed her breathing and opened her throat, or choked on his hard fuck stick. Her breathing was clipped, but after 5 or 6 panicked seconds Donna was taking air in through her nose and her oral passage was clear. The monmouth cock entered her throat and Donna relaxed, slowly bobbing her head up and down, taking in about 7 or 8 inches of dark cock meat. The man eased up on Donna's head, realizing she had found her rhythm.

Donna moaned in oral ecstasy, completely stunned that such a monster was sliding in and out of her face. She opened her eyes and watched in amazement the length of prick disappear into her mouth and throat. What was even more amazing was the length not inside of her...she starred down at least 8 inches of black cock she couldn't manage to swallow. She brought her hands up and jerked on the rod below her lips, actually hitting herself on the up stroke. Donna's small fists barely had a grip on the cock, but the feeling of this hard flesh and thick veins was so good.

She noisily came up for air, releasing the monmouth dick from her mouth, along with a torrent of saliva. Donna continued rubbing his pipe furiously between her palms licking the head like an oversized lollipop, admiring the weight of it. Without warning she slammed her mouth down over the cock and f***ed it down about 10 inches; the girth was what prevented Donna from taking him all the way. Deep-throating a ten-inch fat cock, that was at least 15 inches long, was going to take some practice, but as she thought that the mystery man applied pressure to back of her head and Donna inhaled another 2 inches, almost splitting the corners of her mouth and making her gag. She came up and jerked on the penis with a greater intensity, tonguing and mouthing the massive knob. "Aarghh, you need to cum..." she grunted, "splash her spunk you fucker." Wham, she throated 12 inches, and came back up fast. "See that you bastard, your cock is mine! Arrgh, cum on me, cum on my face!" Wham, she impaled herself again, and throated him twice, taking down 14 inches of cock meat. "Arrgh, aargh, cm, cum, cum!" she screamed, fisting the dick between in hands. And the mystery man did not disappoint her. With the intensity of a firehose the massive cock f***ed an enormous flood of milky cum into her mouth. "Yes, yes, drown me in your juice!." And he kept cumming. Pushing her back on the bed, the man grabbed his cock and stroked it over her face, delivering another pump load of cum over her beautiful face and wide open mouth. Donna was drinking as much as possible. The man continued jerking on his pole and sent yet another stream onto her baby tits, completely coating them with hot sperm.

Without warning he flipped Donna on her stomach, and paused briefly to gaze at her perfectly rounded black woman's ass. He spread her butt cheeks with one hand and proceed to cram his gargantuan dick into her small asshole. "Oh, my god! Oh, my god! You can't do that! You can't make it fit!" The man didn't hear a word as he shot another jet of cum into her ass, and followed it in with his dick. The cum provided good lubrication, and he managed to fit about 7 inches of pipe into her rearend. Donna was moaning in pain and ecstasy, "Oh shit, you fucker...I can't take this...push it in harder!" He grabbed Donna's perfect hips and jammed in another 4 inches. She was on the verge of passing out when he abruptly yanked his cock out of her ass, and spun her around. Donna knew what he wanted and inhaled his massive pipe down to the root, taking him in lunges...15 inches down her throat, 15 inches out! On an up stroke, the man grabbed her chin with one hand, and jerked his cock with the other over her wide open mouth. "Yes, yes, make me drink it!" And he did...completely filling Donna's mouth with more cum, several tablespoons overflowing onto her cheeks and neck. She moved back, looked him right in the eyes and swallowed the load with an incredible innocent looking face, covered in cum.

As she savored the wonderful taste of his liquid, she began to recognize her fuck-man. It was Eric, the little boy she used to baby sit 15 years ago.

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