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The Bathroom

Judy was relaxing in a lovely hot bath. There were candles burning and when Sue entered they both looked beautiful in the semi-darkeness of the candlelight. Sue's robe was open and Judy looked lovingly at her to see her curves. The outline of her breasts, her nipples that were so suckable and her tummy with its soft white skin. Faint traces of her bush could be seen and then Judy looked up to the intense look of concentration on Susie's face. She was staring at Judy to make out the movement of her fingers splashing gently against the surface of the water between her long smooth legs. Judy was lying back in the bath, just beginning to pleasure herself after a hard day at work. 'I really do deserve this' she was thinking 'I've spent virtually the whole day sorting out other people's problems. Now a little space for me and my needs.....'
Judy had not been expecting Sue back so early tonight, so her heart gave a little jump of excitement and began to pound in her chest. Thump thump, it went. How could it still be like this after more than six years together? Sue moved towards Judy and opened her robe a little, allowing her nakedness to be appreciated. Judy's hand which had been moving idly up and down her pussy lips began to move more purposefully....... Her eyes widened in appreciation and she nodded her head and smiled. As Sue bent down to kiss her mouth Judy's other hand went up to her breasts and began to fondle them gently. The nipples soon became erect and Sue's mouth wandered to Jenny's breasts and caressed them with her soft lips and tongue. Soon all their nipples were erect and tingling together in expectation. Sue's mouth then strayed down towards the brush of pubic hair she knew so well and Judy groaned and lifted her hips slightly from the water to push her clit up to be nuzzled and kissed. Judy's hand moved the robe aside and began to stroke Sue's belly and tangle in her pubic hair.
'Come on and get out of the bath and lie back here on this towel' said Sue. Judy stood up and Sue wrapped the big towel round her to dry her, before dropping it on the floor beside the robe. Both naked now, they lay down on the towel side by side and explored each other's curves and crevices. So gently and firmly they stroked and caressed each other, their whole bodies rubbing together, there were also fingers that strayed deep between their legs, stroking their lips down there. These fingers entered so easily because their cunts were both sopping wet now. Both of them smelled gorgeous, and took time to look tenderly into each other's sye and kiss passionately. Panting now with anticipation Judy lay on her back on the floor, while Susie turned herself, putting her pussy over Judy's moutn and began to admire and nuzzle Judy's pussy. By now Sue knew and loved every crevice and hillock. Clitoris was poking out and just as her tongue reached it Sue gasped because Judy had just taken her clitoris into her mouth and was sucking it gently but firmly, Fingers now inside and tongueing on the outside, both moved rapidly, making their partner groan with delight. Their hips could not keep still now. This just added to their pleasure, which built up and up, filling them both. Each responded to the other. Eventually it became too much and Sue turned and quickly slipped her legs over Judy's to press her cunt against Judy' wetness. Sue arched her back and their erect clitorises rubbed against each other to and fro. Both were breathing heavily now, moving backwards and forwards faster and faster. They both needed to cum now, and with gasps and moans they came together with f***eful uncontrollabe pelvic movements. Their wet cunts rubbed so smoothly now faster to and fro with spasms of delight...........eventually they shuddered to a stop, gasping for breath and laughing together at the sheer pleasure of being together.
Afterwards they lay together side by side on the floor smiling lovingly at each other and gently stroking and caressing each other's curves.

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